UPDATE 1-US Postal Service loses $3.5 bln in third quarter

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scoob wrote:

Duh, we all know that the US Postal Service is yet another bloated government run failed operation focused more on employing minorities than running efficiently.

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Lutzito wrote:

No problem! We’ll make it up in savings from the “healthcare bill” :)

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eeriemoon wrote:

A government run failure? I don’t believe it for a minute.

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Maildude wrote:

By their own numbers, discontinuing saturday delivery we save 3 billion dollars a year. This is a NO brainer, drop saturdays DUH! Or perhapes hold out your hand, and who ever has the highest bid wins. Wake up! and do the obvious you fools!

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AnnieP1 wrote:

Stop Saturday deliveries. This would be a no brainer if it was a privately run business, but when you throw the government and the unions in the mix, the whole thing gets run into the ground and becomes a dismal failure. My letter carrier actually gave me a lecture and told me to tell my friends to go out and mail something to keep the USPS in business. So I’m supposed to think up something to mail so he can keep his government union benefits? Man, what has this country come to?

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skitchpetty wrote:

Agree…Drop saturdays. They are not going to lose any buisness if they increase stamps by a considerable amount. It will still be cheaper than any other way to send mail. They should be charging more.

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ncpg wrote:

The USPS is a failed Social Engineering experiment.

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mailman23 wrote:

The Postal Service CANNOT stop Saturday delivery without Congressional approval.Unlike FedEx or UPS the Postal Service must go hat in hand to the smarmy, self centered world of Capitol Hill and ask permission to do what any other business could do simply because it makes good business sense.The politicians do not seem likely to give in to the Postal Service request( 5 day delivery week) for the simple fact that there are no votes to be gained, but many to be lost (labor unions). For the Postal Service to survive it must be unshackled and allowed to function as a business and not a bureaucracy.

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John97862 wrote:

How about a government bail out. After all, they’re too big to fail, right?

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dareisay wrote:

So, another government failure.

They also ripped off our S.S. to the tune of $2.5 trillion.

Dipped into the Medicare funds.

Fraud running rampant in all government programs.

Taxpayers are being raped each day by these elitist politicians.

If anyone thinks we are going to get quality health care after this health reform bill goes into effect…think again!

They will probably steal those new funds too!

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globeman wrote:

funny that they claim to have lost that much money, but it doesn’t stop them from installing gps tracking devices in carrier vehicles…and with all the talk about losing money, they never cut the management positions…the usps is a very top heavy company

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tommhan wrote:

They stop Saturday delivery and then on Monday the workers have so much to deliver it will take overtime to do it and still cost. Why not look at government pensions or high pay for unskilled workers? Why not price delivery to what is cost to actually send it? Common sense is gone.

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treeburner wrote:

Postal Workers have been retiring for decades now with 100% pay packages plus lifetime healthcare, as in primo the best!. How did they think they’d EVER be able to afford that 4 decades later. Sorry, you work for a bad comapny you get what comes down the pike. But, how much you want to bet they get a bailout too?
Only people not getting bailouts is us, the Joe&Janet sixpacks. We’re expected “by law” to pay their way. Something BIG is going to happen!! not sure what!! the massas’ got sumpthin’ cookin’ an it stinks! Maybe WWWIII. Then, they place all the blame for everything on the communists and the rotten politcian/lawyers get off scott free with their billions in stolen tax money.

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treeburner wrote:

Stopping Saturday delivery will do NOTHING. The money is going to the thousands that have retired with full pay and full benefits for themselves and their families “FOR LIFE”. These people have gone to Disneyland for good! This is uncontrolled spending by a stupid government that has no idea how to run a business. LET THEM FAIL>>>LET THEM ALL FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!It’s not our problem, we were taken for a ride by dishonest politicians. I say we file bankruptcy on our government, let the chips fall where they may, and start over. NO MORE RETIREMENT AND PENTIONS/HEALTHCARE FOR ANY GOV. EMPLOYEES.

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melrose7 wrote:

Laughable! The carriers do a good job. The government is clueless. Treeburner is right: OBSCENE retirement packages and lifetime healthcare will kill the post office. But does Obama care? No, he will always have personal delivery. But let’s blame Bush — that’s the easy liberal answer to all our problems.

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melrose7 wrote:

Treeburner is a genius!!! STOP all pension payments to government employees. They’ve been screwing us for decades — let them face the real world!!!

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MStapp wrote:

Call Kevin Costner, he’ll know what to do!

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sloopy wrote:

Beginning in the 70’s Congress has mandated that all new postal deliveries are to be centralized and also Cluster Box Units were developed so that Postmasters could offer them as an incentive to centralize existing deliveries. These CBU’s pay for themselves in 3 years when replacing door-to-door deliveries and in 9 years when replacing single curb-line deliveries. The units have the added advantage of making deliveries to paecel lockers possible. The problem is that postal employees will not do their job and as a result we have inefficient delivery routes, rampant mail theft, and loss of parcel delivery business. Postal customers like the locking boxes and, as a contractor, and by working with local goverments, homeowners, and developers I have personally installed hundreds of thousands of CBU’s while dragging the Postal Service along kicking and screaming. Those few cities now have the most cost effective offices. If you don’t implement cost saving measures you can only blame you.

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standard952 wrote:

Another government run organization based on affirmative action fails, shocking.

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SOTM wrote:

The Post Office is merely suffering the same consequences any Government agency with union Government workers does. Massive pensions and benefits, completely inefficient workers, lack of competition, and zero accountability. The workers do the bare minimum of work to just get by, and harass those workers that “work too hard”.
I am glad it is failing, and hope that it will completely fail. I go out of my way not to patronize them, pay bills online, use UPS/FedEx, and cancel any catalogs that I involuntarily get signed up for.
Any private company could stomp all over the USPSs perfromance, and everyone knows it.

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Chris1982 wrote:

While I am certainly not defending this poorly-run, bloated government bureaucracy, I must disagree with those of you who suggest that the Post Office simply go to 5 day a week service. I too thought that was an easy decision, until I realized that Saturday delivery is the only real advantage that USPS has over FEDEX/UPS and others. Take that away, and shippers have even less incentive to use the USPS. Letter mail is not where the money is at…it’s in packages.

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edw987 wrote:

To remain solvent, the Postal Service is also seeking Congressional approval to cut Saturday service, and has proposed price hikes for 2011
- – -
Hey! There’s a much saner way to do this! Cut salaries dummies! Cut benefits dummies! Cut pensions dummies!

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athosmr wrote:

I work for the Postal Service & we ARE losing money, but a lot of the losses are management’s fault. The whole system is severely bloated with so many layers of management that we can’t get anything done. We’re getting more & more regulations foisted upon us (Sarbanes-Oxley) & it’s getting tougher to do our jobs without management constantly looking over our shoulders. The unions also are to blame thanks to the insistence for things that the Postal Service shouldn’t have to do. We’re saddled with being a government agency instead of a privately run business & we’re not allowed to make a profit. The plain & simple fact is that the majority of people ARE going email & paying bills online & there isn’t a thing we can do about it. I do the same thing & my union buddies in our office are constantly saying “stop paying online & send them by mail!” The simple solution is to cut Saturday delivery (which the unions don’t want), but it really doesn’t hurt anything. The carriers just will work M-F like most everyone else.

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thisisamess wrote:

U.S. Postal service is quickly becoming irrelevant. The bulk of the mail that I get is either someone trying to sell me something or bills. I am using the internet more and more to pay bills and several of these companies are now emailing me statements. The U.S. Postal Service is going the way of land line phones. I shut ours down when the only phone calls that came in were from telemarketers. I was simply paying the monthly fee to give them access to me and my family. This is a dinosaur as well as another poorly run government program that quite frankly is marked for extinction.

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hotovi wrote:

A few facts to pass on here. It’s not a coincidence the USPS has been posting quarterly losses since the passing of the Postal Reorganization Bill in 2007. That legislation requires the USPS to pre-fund retirees for the next 75 years by 2016 – these are employees who have not even been hired yet. No government entity has to fork over nearly $6 billion annually to fed coffers to pre-fund retirees like this. Secondly, the OPM has verified the USPS has overpaid civil service retiree funding since 1972 to the tune of $55-75 billion – monies which, to date, congress refuses to repay. In addition, the fed has been skimming postal profits for decades (the USPS cannot legally turn a profit)shoveling those monies into congressional budget coffers for whatever pet projects Joe Congressman sees fit.
In short, clear up the accounting atrocities generated by legislation and the USPS will be fine, thanks.
P.S. The USPS hasn’t used tax dollars to operate since the late 70’s-early 80’s. They’ve been self sufficient.

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Sgttkelly wrote:

“…due largely to higher workers’ compensation costs and retiree health benefits.”

I wonder what would have led to problem? Some one help me out here, it’s on the tip of my tongue.

Oh yea UNIONS!


Glad I work in a Right to Work State

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tommythecat wrote:

If this were the Titanic, the Affordable Mail Alliance’s Mr. Conway would be arranging the deck chairs very neatly, and crowing about what a good job he did. This ship is sinking, sir.

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I would pay 50 cents an ounce for first class mail, IF the people who fill my mail box with junk mail would pay half that price.

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daveca wrote:

This is REAL EASY.

Replace half the Pissed Office with Obamas CRIMINAL ALIENS from MExico. They do such good work cheap, dont they?

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daveca wrote:

“I work for the Postal Service & we ARE losing money, but a lot of the losses are management’s fault. ”

Everything is ALWAYS Managements fault, they are in charge..

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lukei4655 wrote:

I was recently informed that some school districts are considering dropping penmanship from their curriculum. It would seem wise for the USPS to lobby the Department of Education to teach this subject along with the skill of letter writing.

Because they have been run by the Government they don’t know how to compete. Part of competition is not only providing for needed services but also, and maybe more importantly, creating a client base. If schools drop penmanship then the USPS will shortly lose its private client base. This will translate to huge revenue loss.

They should also start an ad campaign to promote letter writing. Instead they want ready made clients. Sorry, that is not how the free market works.

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74LS08 wrote:


Lets privatize the postal service, so some big business can have a monopoly on mail service and price of postal stamps…

Think before you post you rubbish comments!

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JoeBoogles wrote:

Did you know that the United States Postal Service hire non-citizens? Go to any Bay Area post office and you’ll see it’s staffed with non-U.S. born Chinese & Filipinos. There are thousands of Americans out of work, and the corrupt postal service gives these jobs to non-citizens. That’s your tax dollars at work.

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stdav wrote:

Let me guess not one of the bloated government pigs took a pay cut or lost some of the gold plated benefits before they ran to the tax payers for another bail out?

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stdav wrote:

Most mail carriers earn $20+ per hour for a job any newspaper delivery boy would be over qualified for.

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I do not believe it. They are telling me that Obamacare payments are bankrupting a government agency! Can the USPS tell us why it takes 5 people to run one open clerk’s window at the local PO and it only takes one person to run a sub-station window at my grocery store?..And then maybe they will tell us why my mail box is filled with junk mail with cheap postage and I should carry the load with one letter. Keep up the good work guys. You are doing a great service for email and online banking bill pay. Higher taxes = less revenue…Higher postage = less revenue.

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pjgatorjg wrote:

usps is a loser,,, what r they waiting for
5 day work weeks–now!// close some of those post offices//–now!!,,

do all mailmen deliver in trucks//no walking[they need some exercise]
do we have to give them presents at holidays?[they do expect it]
their losing money—why no layoffs/
or cuts ???
oh lets just raise rates /fees

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ken72 wrote:

It’s time to privatize the postal service.

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LBlanks wrote:

USPS needs to invalidate that horrid union and the union mentality of it’s workers so they can get the job done.
Even if they had good management, the union contracts and mandates would hamper any positive approach to fixing the problems.

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kturnp wrote:

Get rid of the UNION! Most businesses will downsize at a loss of revenue. The USPS is not allow to. Their union won’t even allow them to transfer individual to spots that are short handed. Stop Saturday delivery and somehow get the union out!

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shawnp wrote:

Health Care, NEXT! Because running a health care system is SO much easier than delivering mail, right? You go, Dems. Your party is just SO much smarter than the other half of the country. Continue on your merry way; stay true to your religion; never let those pesky facts and messy realities interfere with your opinions. Maybe the Post Office can start giving vaccinations for extra income? All in the family, yeah? One big happy government?

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obfan wrote:

Drop Saturday if it will help but I doubt it. The only answer is to allow competition. Judge Green ruled that competitors of ATT could use their wires to our houses. The same should apply to mail boxes.

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ChuckShire wrote:

That outfit is over compensated from the top down so what do you expect? Everyone from the Postmaster General Down needs their pay cut. They don’t pay into Social Security like we do, they pay into the Public Employee Retirement System and that is 10 times better than what we get at retirement.

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clayrunnels wrote:

It’s time to privatize the USPS. Sell it off piece by piece or all at once. I bet FedEx or UPS or DHL could find a way to make it profitable.

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BHOlied wrote:

5.5 BILLION in pre-paid retirement benefits. Thanks SEIU, keep up the good work!

‘Nough said

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lyntwo wrote:

Yes, let us dismantle the postal service, sell it piece by piece so that the insiders of the free enterprise system of of future meso america can profit personally.

Why is the government in the business of mail anyway?

And why should not the USPS have to prefund the costs of employee health benefits when we all know that the USPS is going to fail. Better to get the money while the money is there to be got..

Yes. A large part of postage goes to paying postal service employee health benefits of the future.

It is obscene in this age of deprivation that the retirement pay of the postal workers and postal worker retirees has not been adjusted to fit the new economic realities.

The old Post Office Department ran great when the Post Office workers were paid enough in the Northern States to qualify for welfare assistance. Let us return to those golden years.

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silverlock5 wrote:

Actually, They should keep Saturday Delivery and do away with a day during the work week. Saturday delivery is something that is hard to find with the other carriers.

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nylac100 wrote:

Did anyone check to see if any postal workers simply hid the $3.5 billion in the closet with the mail they don’t want to deliver?

Aug 06, 2010 10:10am EDT  --  Report as abuse
PINCPN wrote:

drop saturdays and save 3 billion. oh wait, the union wont stand for that. what happenned to Pres Obama pledge: “I will go line by line through the fed gov to find waste and fraud” well here you go. DO SOMETHING BESIDES GROW GOVERMENT. He is a sayer, not a doer. VOTE ALL OUT IN NOV, TAKE BACK GOV

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dispatcher wrote:

OK…..why don’t they try what FEDEX does. Keep Saturday service, but chrge extra for it. They already fly their overnight mail on FEDEX jets, perhaps FEDEX should just run them. Remember, FEDEX pays their employees well, and through the recession never laid off an employee and turned a profit every quarter. Ah, and yes, we are not union and fighting to keep it that way. Though UPS is lobbying to change that. See brownbailout.com

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DigiVest wrote:

The USPS can be profitable if they:
1) Close all their windows and allowed third parties to handle the sale of stamps and other postage. (Check out stamps.com as an example)
2) Close and sell (if they own the property) the local post offices. The savings on leasing these buildings would make the USPS profitable.
3) Strategically set-up kiosks or use smaller property locations for rental postal boxes.
4) Set up workable and efficient distribution centers (looking at UPS and FedEx as examples).
5) Eliminate Sat. regular service delivery, which does require government approval.
6) Deliver bulk mail only on Saturday with incentives for mailperson to deliver based on volume of mail.
There are many more ideas that could be implemented the USPS to save billions. But, I seriously doubt that the unions are going to allow the USPS to make these changes and thus another example of how inefficient our government and their projects work!

Aug 06, 2010 11:29am EDT  --  Report as abuse

OK. I was a Postal Carrier for nearly 20 years. Two biggest problems with the Post Office. Not necessarily in this order. 1) Hiring of incompetent managers-biggest requirement to be a Postmaster or a Supervisor: willingness to do the job…no special skills. Anyone can be a boss if they are willing to sell their soul and lie, cheat or steal to make the numbers the Post Office requires them to meet. I do admit they have to deal with a workforce that is not motivated to work quickly and efficiently because of Union pressure.

2) The Unions-It is common practice for the Union to ask members to work a little slower and deliberate. Grievances are filed everyday concerning a bad worker or safety issues. These safety issues, I mean the really absurd ones, slow down production and more man hours are required. The Postal Union are some of the most corrupt people I’ve ever known. They constantly seek to discredit management, while management is constantly trying to “fire” certain workers. In many cases the workers should be fired. I’m talking about workers who steal, intentional work slow, hit pedestrians(Yes, true), and the UNion defends every member as if the dues depend on it….oh yeah…they do.

Today I make less than half the money but I’m 10 times more happy to be out of this depressing industry of greed, lies and corruption.

Thank you for letting me vent.

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Whosiwhatzit wrote:

How much money has the US Postal Service spent on TV advertising? Every time I turn around they’re peddling some flat rate mailing service deal. Those national advertising campaigns on TV are NOT CHEAP.

Let’s face it, the US post service is becoming increasingly irrelevant. UPS and FedEx are much more efficient and reliable for packages. Ordinary letters are less and less necessary in the electronic communication age. It’s time to do some radical scaling back in the USPS. Make them live within a budget just like any ordinary business does – or fail like any ordinary business that cannot compete must do. No more bailouts of bloated, inefficient government agencies! It’s time to turn this ship around.

Aug 06, 2010 11:44am EDT  --  Report as abuse

By the way, stopping Saturday delivery is a bad idea. Tuesday is the best day because it is the slowest mail day of the week. And raising rates to the point that would keep them out of debt will not work. The USPS depends on lower prices to compete with the more efficient companies like UPS and Fed Ex. With equal pricing, the USPS would simply cease to be able to compete.

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starinova wrote:

The post office used to ship letters and parcels rated at the service provided. Now, the post office ships a feather for the same rate as a 10lb brick – flat rate boxes. FedEx and UPS can’t do it. DHL (owned by the German Post Office) couldn’t do it and shut down domestic parcel delivery in the US. Just like Obamacare – the Post Office can make up its own rules without regard to the true cost of anything or…who pays for it. And the pool of taxpayers to pay for this insanity gets smaller each and every day…. You want this to stop? Vote out any incumbent politician who supports parasitic programs.

Aug 06, 2010 11:50am EDT  --  Report as abuse
mailishell wrote:

where do i start…. I’ve been a postman since 1985 and I do pay social security along with a 401k. Those hired prior to 1985 are with the govt pension plan and did pay into system over their careers. They will pay for health care and other bennies once retired. If they have enough quarters of social security and try to collect they are penalized via reduced pension payments. one has to work 30 years and be of age 55 to qualify. Most who retire receive about 42-48% of base pay and have to pay for those extras additionally. So no real golden parachute for us as some of you have claimed. The reasons for the P.O. ’s demise is many fold. We are a dinosaur: with e-mail, our volumes are way down. Because we are a govt agency, we are bogged down with so many regulations and red tape. we cannot adapt to changing markets as can private companies. We are management heavy. Too many watchers, data hounds, and policy pushers that those who actually handle any piece of mail. The further up the chain of command the worse it gets. So much money is wasted on pet projects or new implementations. By the time they get to fruition it’s way too late. The harassment and hostility towards its employees compares to no other place I am aware of. Plus this insane prepayment of benefits for future employees is bankrupting us now. We might at least break even if was abolished.
As for our union, I have a love-hate relationship with them. For ten years I was not a member. But management became so poor I rejoined. I don’t like being paid the same as someone who does less work. I don’t like having to be at work while others abuse leave and get a slap on the wrist. The union has to protect them as they do me. I don’t like it, but that is the way it is. Besides management has the documentation and cause to discipline these folks but it takes effort, and by and large, management is lazy or incompetent. It is far easier to threaten and/or intimidate all of us than punish the actual persons. If they wanted to get rid of the bad ones, they could.
Our union is a lot like our management. Our local stewards try to do their best, but the leaders of our union are more worried about the democratic agenda and collecting dues. They are paid well but have seemed to lost the will to fight. As long as they are fat and happy…. Our union is a paper tiger; we can’t strike because we are govt employees. all roar and no bite. The only time they seem to awaken from their slumber is around contract time.
For the last 5 plus years we have been mandated to work overtime. Our workforce age by looking at seniority lists is around late 40’s early 50’s. some stations a little younger but most have older workers. It is expected of us to carry mail as if we are in our twenties. The routes are longer, more physical, and are counted down to the piece. If you’re not meeting your numbers, discipline awaits. As for those who think this job is easy, please volunteer. Constantly being watched, terrible weather conditions, hazards of all kinds on the route, demoralized before you begin work and exhausted at the end of the day. Please come to work for us. We need fresh legs. But wait, you can’t. The P.O. has lost approximately 15%
of it’s workforce and won’t be hiring. So more 10 hour days for me! WE are tired are weary and stuck. The P.O. knows it and union can’t do anything about it. Welcome to my world.

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RalphCramden wrote:

Do us all a favor. Do away with bulk mail rates. It’s the least profitable mail they handle, it’s junk we all have to throw away, and less for the post office to process and the postman to carry.

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John555 wrote:

The USPS should simply be abolished and our taxes reduced. Private enterprise became able to take over the postal system with equal service and better rates a long time ago. It should be remembered that although the Constitution gives the government the authority to deliver mail, it does NOT say no one can compete with them. But, since that time our masters in Washington have written into the law to give the postal service a monopoly. That’s why UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc. can only deliver “parcels” not mail. The USPS is a dinosaur who’s time has passed.

Aug 06, 2010 1:46pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
SDSteve wrote:

Shut it down. Let FedEx, UPS etc. compete to deliver mail. (You would choose a company just like you pick a cell phone carrier.) Some people might not need or want mail service at all. Businesses would contract for delivery of hard copy advertising, but only to those people who wanted it. At enormous cost, a huge quantity of advertising mail is delivered every day only to be tossed out by the recipient unread. We could keep some part of the Postal Service infrastructure as an emergency back-up system in case of an Internet failure. The problem is that 4th class advertising mail is subsidized by 1st class postage payments. However, 1st class is disappearing as people use e-mail for communication and pay bills on line, so the system as it is will always be insolvent. The Postal Service is a massively expensive dinosaur still using 19th century methods and it should be allowed to go extinct.

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jambrose28 wrote:

What needs to happen is the P.O. needs to hire more efficient people rather than more people to offset the inefficiencies… I always have to wait for something simple, only to be served by someone that doesn’t know his/her job, nor care that they don’t know. It’s pretty sad.

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Pangaea7 wrote:

If the Postal UNION goes on strike for more $$$$ Isn’t that the Tail wagging the Dog.!!! Why not Privatize the Postal system, get rid of the Unions, Lower the Cost’s Make all inner-city delivery vehicles SOLAR rechargable and COMPETE for your customers like the rest of us must do. ??? it’s your Pensions and Unions that are Ruining YOU !!!

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drdoof wrote:

I’m amazed what the usps can do for 44 cents. This Affordable Mail Alliance sounds like they might be the people who send the stuff I use to line the birdcage. Stop crying.

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ogottogo wrote:

Hey! I have an idea…

Helicopter Ben can just start printing money with adhesive on one side. Then we can just slap a dollar bill on the envelope before we drop it in the mailbox…

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