UPDATE 9-BofA profit drops as foreclosure delays hurt bank

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WarriorWolf wrote:

UPDATE 4-BofA profit drops; foreclosure delays hurt bank:

What does that tell you People????

IT’s Big Business in Forclosing on American’s TO GET – TAXPAYERS MONEY:

and Most of the Forclosures are and were not – HUD-FHA Fannie-Freddy – Gine-May

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ufgator2 wrote:

Agree with the previous comment.
I’m not any of the above and have been in hell with BOA-BAC.
I admit to us making a stupid mistake, but we’ve been trying to fix the issue for a year and a half now. We were a part of the Country Wide buy it and it appears they just red flagged us and any mistake landed us in this mess.
BOA constantly asks us to fill out paperwork. We send it in and they come up with an excuse for why it couldn’t be processed and ask us to start all over again. Though I should mention they had no problem cashing the check with the first set of paperwork. The latest was the best. We resubmitted loan modification paper work again. Called twice a week asking if they had everything. They said yes. Then on a Friday at 12:34pm they called our home phone and left no message. With no answer (as we’re working in the middle of the day), someone walked a Saturday delivery fed-ex to the mail with a form letter stating they’ve been trying to reach us because they needed more documentation. We called on a Monday and they said we had to start paperwork all over again b/c they couldn’t ‘reach’ us after one try. I have all the documentation to prove it. BAC is scamming. I’m trying to rectify and give them money and they want no part of it. There is something very wrong with this picture. Someone should be looking into this.

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