Black nativity angers Italy's "White Xmas" party

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R_DeBeaux wrote:

This article proves beyond a doubt how absolutely insecure the race card is.
Everybody benefits off the sacrifices of Christ. Not just white skinned people.
Unfortunately some insecure idiot decided to put a prideful salve on his skin by place a racial epitaph on the baby Jesus.
How immature and wrong.
I personally am very proud of the life of Martin Luther King, but you don’t see anyone try to sell a white doll of Martin Luther King.
Baby Jesus was a white skinned baby. He died for everyone’s sins.
Even your pride. Get over it.

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cb1976 wrote:

Apparently you have been corrupted by a Euro-centric view of the Bible. Please check your facts. Jesus was not white. His parents took him to Egypt to hide after he was born. How is a white family going to hide in the midst of a group of dark skinned people. Look at the line of David, shown to be a dark skin tribe of Israel. Please oh please study your Bible!

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MichelleD0.1 wrote:

Let’s see if we can understand, Jesus Christ was born in an area where most people were not white skinned, so I assume he was neither, so don’t see why the controversy here.
The problem is what we have been raised with a baby Jesus with blue eyes and white skin, and I could be sure that if we could travel to his time we will not find a single caucasian man throughout Jerusalem. And finally the skin is unimportant because his legacy was far beyond of all earthly things.

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Ricardo123 wrote:

To create a Black nativity as a gesture of good will towards Blacks would be one thing but to suggest that the historical Jesus was black–when no shred of evidence backs this up–reveals this for what it is. A move by neurotics to use the holiday season to create anger and insecurity. If the same Bible which asks us to believe in the Virgin Birth could notopenly ask us to believe the Savior came in the firm of a Black man, I would be very surprised. Yet, no where is such a fact asserted. He was born among the Jews, who are a white people. And down through history it has been assumed he was white. That is not to say his whiteness was a necessary feature. He might equally well have been Black, but he wasn’t.

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dslovejoy wrote:

Jews aren’t “white”. They are dark skinned, with black hair and brown eyes.
Sorry folks, but the blond haired blue eyed figure you see in your church is just wrong.
The best news is that because he isn’t black, you don’t have to hate him. How about that!

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sdogood wrote:

The title of the article is most likely misleading. It implies a whole bunch of white folks are upset by a dark skinned nativity scene without giving specific details. I hope no one really cares about Jesus’ skin color because that really is not important.

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Roshin wrote:

Jesus being black or white is not important. What is disturbing is that a 100 years tradition of displaying the nativity scene in public places, is proposed to be stopped as to not offend the muslims. The muslims come in as refugees, illegal immigrants or on official legal channels to developed countries in search of a job and secure life for their family, but as their population increases, they start demanding that any display of the host nations religious beliefs in public is disturbing to their faith. This they do in many forms. They demand sharia laws for them, particularly for marriege etc. They have done this in many countries. But in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia etc, no other religion is absolutely tolerated. But no nation questions this. So the good heartenes of host countries is always taken advantage of. I am not a anti-muslim, and have friends also, but am disturbed by the fanatisam displayed once they get a majority. I am horrified by the clips in Youtube, of the ways the taliban justice is meted out on common people like women, men and child.

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queenvictoria wrote:

Society is really getting tired of trying to be politically correct. I want truth, and to retain my heritage and culture, and therefore get a little sick of trying to bend constantly to people that have taken my country as a host and visitors.

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Canuck wrote:
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s_c7 wrote:

“League proposals have ranged from separate buses and trains for immigrants to banning new mosques and forbidding the serving of Chinese food and kebabs in towns under its control.”

While I agree that not displaying the nativity scene would go against the host country’s rights, I feel that the above paragraph is a little extreme. Banning a religions right to worship? Forbidding the serving of foreign food? Phraseology like “towns under its control”? Are they following in Hitlers footsteps? Cause it seems awfully close to me….

Also, I agree. The color of Jesus and Mary and Josephs skin is inconsequential. The message that they left, the lessons they taught us, that’s what’s important.

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aster.gill wrote:

What difference does color make? I live in Utah. The LDS (Mormon) Church displays nativities from all over the globe on Temple Square, yet no visitor nor has any local complained that Jesus is portrayed as black or Japanese. Would he be less a Savior if he wasn’t Caucasian?

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AkhiBrass wrote:

Roshin just pretty much summed up the most INACCURATE picture of the situation in Europe. Um..most of these “immigrants” you speak of were BORN in their respective European homes.
AND in general Muslims are hardly demanding Sharia Law or asking folks to take down Nativity scenes. thats on of those anti-immigration bogey man they like to draw on to encourage the myth of “EurArabia”. And what do the laws of Saudi Arabia have to do with Muslims in general. Thats one country. Evangelicals routinely have concerts and stuff in nations like Morocco and most majority Muslim countries dont have laws against other religions.
And most of the original Muslims did not necessarily come looking for a “better” life. They were “invited” to come in order to replace Europes vastly depleted workplace cause by the violence and cargange Europeans showed each on other in WWII. They should be THANKING the Muslims for saving their economy.

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Based on where Jesus lived everyone should agree that he was not white skinned or caucasian. He had to have been any where from a dark olive color to a dark brown color. Revelations 1:14 states that Jesus had wooly hair and burnt brass (brown) colored skin, not to mention that his tribe (Judah) were and still are negro. Also for those who don’t know, the area that we call the “Middle East” is in fact a part of northern Africa. Anyone who dismisses these facts are simply asinine and ignorant.

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Black, white, yellow… Who cares?
Christmas has very little to do with the birth of Christ, any way you color it.
Christmas is a perversion of the ancient Pagan holiday “Yule”, which is a(was a), celebration of home, and the hearth, and the “return of the light”, when the days begin to get longer again. As history shows us, the imperialistic catholic church was unsuccessful at converting every last Pagan in its realm, so they gave new names and meanings to their heathen holidays. Easter(Esoter), is another example–
These Christian holy days are nothing more than renamed Pagan celebrations.
America, in modern times, has further perverted the essence of “Yuletide” as an advertising ploy– “It’s Jesus’ birthday so go out and spend a bunch of money that you don’t have, on stuff that you don’t need, and be as rude and apathetic as possible while doing it.”
Hate to be a “Scrooge”, but Christmas is about crapitalism.
And, furthermore, in a religious experience that I’ve had, Jesus(dark skin and all…), told me himself, that Christmas is the Devil:)

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mixedrace1 wrote:

Some people really do not care how an imaginary figure is portrayed.

Dec 19, 2009 6:37pm EST  --  Report as abuse

The indoeuropen peoples are not all white and not sall black. BUT They all have the same genetic structure which makes them different from other races. and YES, the semitic and Arab peoples are of the same racial pool. So stop the racism.

Dec 20, 2009 5:45pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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