Obama condemns Uganda anti-gay bill as "odious"

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One of the reasons Christians other morally conservative people get a bad rap is because they have a tendency to point fingers and judge others and display hate towards others who do not accept their values.

Putting people in jail or killing them because they are gay is wrong. Jesus called on us all to love everyone.

But it is also wrong to promote the gay life style as healthy and moral.

Before Jesus, God showed his wrath to people who did not live by his laws. After Jesus, God extends grace to those who accept Jesus as the Christ.

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planitz wrote:

“Silqworm” – Your comment is on the verge on being just a jumble of nonsense. Please attempt the comment again. This time with some sort of sentence structure. Perhaps a solid topic and a smidge of maturity.

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HilaryLo wrote:

Hopefully the ICC will catch up with the Ugandan legislators who passed this genocidal monstrosity of a law.

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planitz wrote:

Perhaps we should just leave this all God then. Let him be the judge once everyone gets to the pearly gates.

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CountryDoc wrote:

It’s the ECONOMY stupid!

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CountryDoc wrote:

Mr. President,
You sure have a lot of spare time on your hands considering we’re all going down the crapper. I think you should fly your entire staff to Uganda for a couple of months so you can teach them how to run their country better. While you’re at it why dont you just all move there!

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manning120 wrote:

Don’t forget that Obama and Clinton, by opposing same-sex marriage legalization, have contributed to homophobia. I detect a little hypocrisy.

What always remains unsaid by our enlightened leaders is that gay people are an important human resource. They shouldn’t just be tolerated. They should be enabled to lead full and productive lives, for the betterment of society. I think Uganda could use all the help it can get. Not to mention the U.S.

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vicoa2 wrote:

Oh the outrage. Oh the crocodile tears. Oh the hand wringing. Where is the apologetic Obama? Nearly every Islamic nation, those governed by Sharia, impose the death penalty on gays.

Gays in Islamic countries really don’t ask or…tell.

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groovers wrote:

i’m confused, i can’t seem to find Uganda on the map. it’s in Texas right?

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Wrong wrote:

Nice, sentence planitz.
“Perhaps we should just leave this all God then.”

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silqworm wrote:

We are finally at the tail end of Yankee aggression. This country hasn’t been itself since the Civil War. The carpetbagging mentality of Obama’s being the global though policeman demonstrates his materialistic greed. Why wasn’t Michelle digging victims out of the Haitian ruble instead of having a $100,000 birthday bash. Meanwhile, he takes the opportunity to reconquer the country for the nth time in our Nation’s history, hoping that the million new black immigrants who will vote for him at 95% rates will shore up his march to pure Marxism. He has no concept of the Separation of Powers, Limited Government, the Sovereignty of the Individual, State’s Rights, The Right to Life, Freedom of Religion to follow the Bible’s injunction against homosexuality in the Sovereignty of one’s Community. He is just a clever manipulator, a perfect soulless Harvard/CIA Manchurian Candidate, Osama, Obama, all a mind-control project. After 60-odd years of Nazi brainwashing, they are ready for their endgame, only a funny thing is happening, We the American People weren’t reduced to the unthinking beige blob Brzezinski promised his UN masters he would turn us into, we have just been playing possum until Obama would catalyze us back to life. We need to put Lincoln’s statue out on the mall where upon which the birds can finally rest.

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Vaughnland wrote:

You know, I bet that if we put a law like Uganda’s to a vote here in the US, the hoople heads would end up voting for it. Best case is that it would be a closer vote than any moral person would conceive.

BTW, I’m sure our government has the capability to address more than one thing at a time.

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franman wrote:

I really wanted to report silqworm but I couldn’t find the link for “report as crazed”

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JoeGumbus wrote:

Do you know why other countries hate us? Because we keep trying to impose our beliefs on other people. I thought President Obama would be different. I even regret campaigning for this LOSER. We need to stay out of other peoples business. I remember as a child being told to quit sticking my nose in other peoples business. President Obama stay focused on our problems and quit trying to solve other peoples problems.

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I wish Obama would condemn the massacre of teens by police in Juarez. Sterling Greenwood/Aspen

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Dakotacountry wrote:

I know a couple people who have turned gay, their choice, but I still think it is not normal, if it was how would we all be here in the first place. I say if Uganda wants a ban on it and their people agree, then majority rules, far and simple..Mr Barack Hussein Obama can’t run is own country,so he should stay out of others business

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slongo wrote:

Life in prison or a death sentence for being gay? Plus requirements to ‘tell on them’ within a cerain period of time? How very reasonable and nazi-like.
Strictly in line with their own punitive practices these barbaric policy-makers (and those who agree with them)should all be immediately castrated or clitorectomized with infimbulation to modify unseemly preoccupations with the sex lives of others. How do you like that intrusion on your life and liberty?
When homophobes and/or those deeply troubled by their OWN sexuality are in charge, it seems they must control every consenting adult’s sexuality. How to explain such an overbearing attitude except a deep and abiding self-loathing?
And a special ‘Rat’s Ass’ to those who back up such rediculous drivel with Biblical references. The New Testament supersedes the Old Testament in the Christian religion so stop quoting ancient Hebrew religious text. Jesus never mentioned it so I don’t believe it is a particularily egregious sin that’s worse than any other.(Interestingly however, liars are specifically condemned by Jesus and have a special place in Hell just for them. Something to keep in mind.)
If our country can’t publicly call out some truely hideous, odious blather from those countries expecting millions in hand-outs and aid then we ought to just pull the damn plug.
Truely, why should we leave it all to God when we can jump in and interfere at will? Such fun!

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TexasMaggie wrote:

I agree with Dakotacountry that until Obama shows he can be good for our country, he should mind his own business. Our economy is such a mess – and please quit blaming Bush, take some responsibility. Cash for Clunkers – what a joke! Penalizing banking institutions, yet exempting some institutions (AIG,etc.). BTW, don’t guess he will ever understand that it is “WE the people” not I (Obama) the people.” His arrogance is embarrassing. Should learn to say WE the people, WE Democrats, We Americans, OUR administrations…after all, it is OUR country!

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BWilde wrote:


Really its bad enough trying to make gay people feel like second class citizens and not giving them full and equal rights in our country. But to imprison and or kill because of it is just scary. In my charity we rebuild schools in Africa, currently we are working in Rwanda to rebuild after the geonocide. We are definately not going to help Uganda until they realize hate based laws are the work of the devil. God created gays in his own image and as such we should love them as much as we love God himself.

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Harvester wrote:

Country Doc, I agree!! Applause!!

The Iranians should send all the US politicians into space inside their new satellites, instead of the rats and worms they put into them. It’s a pity BO scrapped that moon voyage, he needed the holiday and change!

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bradk wrote:

The point which no commenter seems to be aware of is that the proposed Uganda ‘kill the gays’ law was instigated by the same group which sponsors the ‘National Prayer Breakfast’ which Obama was attending and at which he made this statement. So it was precisely on point for Obama to remark about this. Try reading ‘The Family’ by Jeff Sharlatt for the full skinny on this secretive group which has been a powerful force in Washington for 30 years.

Of course, most facts don’t get in the way of most of the commenters I’ve rad above, so carry on!

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bradk wrote:

The point which no commenter seems to be aware of is that the proposed Uganda ‘kill the gays’ law was instigated by the same group which sponsors the ‘National Prayer Breakfast’ which Obama was attending and at which he made this statement. So it was precisely on point for Obama to remark about this. Try reading ‘The Family’ by Jeff Sharlatt for the full skinny on this secretive group which has been a powerful force in Washington for 30 years.

Of course, most facts don’t get in the way of most of the commenters I’ve read above, so carry on!

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okumephuna wrote:

The cradle of this problem is the ‘The Family’, the brains behind the National Breakfast Prayer. Can’t America leave us alone? Persuading us to kill our own brothers who are gays is obviously a message we would like to hear today but which would obviously come back to hunt America. By the time we finish killing our brothers and their blood has filled our eyes, we will turn to kill others; American may become the victims. The middle east and Islamic fundamentalism should have taught Americans that this message of hatred they are spreading may come back and haunt them.

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Meryaten wrote:


You don’t even realise what an ignorant (look up the definition of the word in the dictionary before you become apoplectic that I used it in reference to you) and hypocritical person you are, do you?

Being homosexual is not a lifestyle or a choice – it is a part of the fabric of who the person is. As such, it is neither immoral nor moral. And for a homosexual to repress that facet of themself would be extremely unhealthy, both mentally and (because mental health impacts physical well-being) physically as well.

How does the phrase go: judge not, let YE be judged.

@Gunslinger – think what you want. But in this opinion, you prove yourself a small-minded and ignorant bigot.

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byamukama wrote:

Gay people should back off, They do things which animals can not even do? Just importing yr culture to ur children.

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byamukama wrote:

Am disgusted by these gay people. Uganda for Jesus.
Shame upon Obama

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