Obama's 2010 strategy taking shape

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sdholly5 wrote:

I am so sick of the press playing up this president because he is black and a democrat. It seems that if someone is a Republican they are dirt and if they are a democrat that are the answer and miracle to all that ails this country. If president Bush was still pres. he would have been run out of office for some of the things Obama has done. I think the democrats are a bunch of hypocrites. I think the final part of their party is correct. They are a bunch of selfish RATS!! Oh, and I am an independent. Better watch out we are the ones the make the difference because we actually vote for whom we think is the best candidate not like many in the entertainment industry who are so liberal it make people want to throw up. Enough now lets really get back to our founding fathers good principles.

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When has POTUS ever tried working with Republicans? He is an ideologue. Just b/c he says he wants to work with R doesn’t mean he will (he never has in his actions (just words)). He only knows how to govern from the extreme left. This is the only place he still has any friends. All of the moderates and right have been told they are not needed by POTUS. When POTUS asks the Republicans to work with him, this is code for join the Democrat party and vote with us and NOT we will accept your ideas. This is more blame Bush. Last time I checked POTUS still has a majority in the House & Senate. Hey, what do you need Republicans for? To blame them when the idea crashes.

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ProudPrimate wrote:

“Last time I checked POTUS still has a majority in the House & Senate. Hey, what do you need Republicans for?”

Let me try to make this a simple as possible for you, dear. It’s called the “filibuster”. That requires 60 votes to “end debate”. In order to do the people’s work, the Senate needs an up or down vote. The GOP has blocked every single vote this year, forcing “cloture” votes of 60 required to do any business. They are totally shameless, as are you for writing the quote above.

Plus, Sen. Shelby from Deep Dixieland has put holds on not one, not two, not three, but ALL SEVENTY of Obama’s nominees to fill crucial offices in the government. The price to remove the holds? A huge chunk of pork for his state.

Do you understand now?

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smallguv wrote:

The president is a radical leftist. Why should republicans work with him? We need to stand firm.

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cntrRvoter wrote:

Some of us still remember POTUS tellng the Republicans early on that HE was the one who was voted POTUS. Translated; HE is the onw who makes policy, and we also remember what those policies are going to cost the US tax payer. Obstuctionist? yeah, somebody has to try to stop this runaway train called change. It is costing us tax payers TOO much money!

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DCmatt1776 wrote:

The republicans want to destroy this country.

Right when country needs congress to pull together, the GOP sent out memos
instructing their members to “delay and obstruct” any bill.

Leaders were pleading to GOP senators to “use any parlimentary tactic possible” to stall government.

The gop embraced lobbyiest with open arms, happily took their money

the gop senators put blanket holds on 70 appointees just for million dollar kick-backs to their home state

the GOP voted against the largest tax cut ever for the middle class

the GOP took the side of the terrorists after the christmas day almost attack

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dqd wrote:

The POTUS does not have a majority in the Senate that will vote for a health care package which includes a public option. The POTUS worked with republicans for the stimulus bill which included $250 billion in tax breaks. You say that the POTUS will not accept the republican’s ideas. Are you saying that the tax breaks in the stimulus were from the democrats? So they aren’t the tax and spend democrats then? The dirt comes when a republican says that the health care bill contains death panels. It never did. I read it and you should too. That way you know what is true and what is not. More dirt comes with the republicans say that all of the $780 billion of the stimulus was spent. It was not. About $125 billion was spent in the first year. The $250 billion in tax breaks are to be spread over 10 years as well as the remaining $400 billion. You can easily look that up. With last year’s $3.5 trillion budget, which means 3.5% of the budget went to stimulus projects. Of those projects, 40% were introduced by republicans. There’s the proof of working with the republicans.
As for the blame, you can’t blame obama for the economy tanking in 2008 and even the first few months in 2009. That rests squarely on the bush administration and his policies. 2006 and 2007 were boon years and bush can be given the credit for that but starting Jan. 2008, the economy took a nose dive and obama was a senator then who as most conservatives pointed out didn’t show for most of his votes so he can’t be blamed. Yet… this is what was tried by the conservatives last year. That is dirt.
As for returning to our founding fathers, look up the Constitution article I section 8 Powers of Congress. The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;
“Lay and collect taxes”… “provide for the common Defence and general welfare”. Sounds like tax and spend doesn’t it? Who better to do that than the tax and spend democrats.

I’m an independent and do my civic duty of reading the bills prior to being passed and write my congress person stating my objections or giving my applause based on what I have read and researched of the Constitution.

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aok wrote:

obama has to keep the pressure on the republicans and some dems.lets see on national tv prime time voting on all bills before the senate-i think obama must keep up his presence and call these people out!make them offically put there vote in before the coutry.it was evedent when obama went before the republicans retreat they had little or nothing!call them out-we’ll decide

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Btok wrote:

These jobs will all be Government controlled snitch on your neighbor type of jobs in order to help Homeland Security,
spy on and regulate American citizens! None of these jobs will help the economy and foreigners will flock to fill them, that is why we have open borders! These foreigners will do whatever the Government tells them, they have never known freedom!

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This site is Pro Obama….I tried to reply 2 times now and it deletes everything before I can hit Submit.


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Wisdomwithage wrote:

Obama sure doesn’t get it, or he is not the messiah many of us were led to believe he was on the run-up to the 2008 election. Sure he’s a real slick dude. Sure he has learned how to read a teleprompter. The fact is, however, that hasn’t kept any of his promises so far. What an ego! Why should we the people believe him now? And here he is again – or should I say still – back in campaign mode.

Obama, how can we believe anything you say? Every promise you made on the campaign stump in 2008 has turned out to be a lie. And more than a year into your “reign” the country is in shambles, and more divisive than any time in our country’s history.

You’ve lost my trust and I suspect a large majority of the American people. You fooled me once! Not again!

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I have a great Idea…lets go back to the news is on the radio and not TV and no more media on the internet….should help all of out R/D/ or I

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I love this statement: We try not to publish comments that we think are offensive or appear to pass you off as another person, and we will be conservative if comments may be considered libelous. We may block or remove comments that use capital letters

In other words if we don’t like what you have to say we will not post it!

Talk about freedom of speech and our rights being under a microscope

Just as Obama has planned it…..scary world out here today!

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releggneh wrote:

This man makes me ill!!!! He keeps saying the repubs are blocking him & his socialist agenda out!! We do not want to be socialists & we do not like his policies.. How locked who out of the healthcare debate>> How said WE WON

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Dutra wrote:

Obama’s 2010 strategy sounds like more of the same bologna. It’s a winning strategy for the GOP.

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uofl1970 wrote:

The American people elected Obama President. The fools who constantly attack him and our government are anti american. If you hate the United States government, leave the country and join your terrorist friends who spout the same hate that you do.

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releggneh wrote:

Here is one reason why this health bill should be killed!! Obama lies & now he even admits it!!!!! http://dailycaller.com/2010/01/30/obama-admits-dems-snuck-in-health-care-provisions/

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releggneh wrote:


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aok wrote:

dems are more conservative than republicans-modern administrations stats show all dems lower deficits than republican administrations fact

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crbob wrote:

Obama wants Republicans to follow his policies just because he is the President, well it does not work that way you have to have sound policies which he does not. He only follows the lead of this Chicago mobster chief of staff and the other “suits” he has surrounded himself with. Don’t listen to anything this blowhard has to say.

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knightranger wrote:

wow! there is a bunch of angry people on this panel…

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codermyers wrote:

Wow, 20 comments on this one and not one of them is anything but ignorant partisan drivel. You people think government is like the super bowl or something, just mindlessly chanting for one team or the other. Don’t you realize that both teams are only in it for themselves? And all they have to do is promise you a tax cut, and you’re salivating all over the ballot boxes. Let’s keep voting like that, and when the whole country ends up like Colorado Springs, maybe some of us will wake up.

I think the current president is a breath of fresh air compared to the previous one, and I wish him good luck over the next 3 or 7 years. I would do the same for Congress, but it won’t help them. The “D vs. R” spectacle has removed any possibility of change, progress, justice, or anything except endless bickering and refusal to compromise.

I see this is one of those news outlets that refreshes the page every 30 seconds or so, preventing any well thought out comments from being entered. A word to the wise, use a different program to type your longer comments out and cut and paste them into the websites. Please don’t post them more than once, though, that makes you seem childish.

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jambok wrote:


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HilaryLo wrote:

Turn LEFT Obama. Do something to help the working-class, not just the banks!

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zigster10 wrote:

We should be asking more from our government their immature and sometimes corrupt behavior is unacceptable. The american people elected Obama and the congress should in good faith work with the president.

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zigster10 wrote:

I don’t know about Reuters, but I could do without rebelnflorida’s ignorant and abusive comments

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HilaryLo wrote:

RebelInFlorida – Do you think you’re the “voice of the People”?

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paintcan wrote:

How is it possible that all 435 House seats are up for election? The Constitution provides that only a third of the House can face election every two years.

Was there a big die off of Representatives that somehow escaped the media’s attention? Did someone forget to consult the Constitution?

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knightranger wrote:

We should not be surprised with the lack of movement in Washington. We elected a President that has zero business experience and very little governing experience. He was a fresh face for the far left to put before the people. Pres Obama seems like a nice guy, a great father and husband. I just can’t stand the policies he is pushing. They are not what is best for the country. They might not be the worst thing but we should except nothing but the best of country. Mediocre wont cut it.

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barbhop wrote:

Obama is in nothing but campaign mode. He rehired his campaign manager and staff and they are telling him what to do. He is not a true leader but more of a dictator. If you do not go along with him you are an obstructionist. Well I thank God for obstructionists to curtail the overspending and bankrupting in our country. It was a bad mistake putting this so called GOD in office. I pray things will turn around next November!!!

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knightranger wrote:

@ paintcan

nobody has been consulting the constitution for a while now….

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paintcan wrote:

“Mindful that independent voters want to see bipartisanship and are disenchanted with Obama, Republicans are under pressure to prove they can join in governing, ahead of elections in which more than a third of the 100 Senate seats and all 435 House seats are at stake.”

How is it possible that all 435 House seats are up for election? The Constitution provides that only a third of the House can face election every two years.

Was there a big die off of Representatives that somehow escaped the media’s attention? Did someone forget to consult the Constitution?

Reuters- Your editors must have made a big mistake here.

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barbhop wrote:

to dqd that does not mean The Democrats can spend us into oblivion and bankrupt the country!!!! It also does not mean they can use taxpayer dollars for their frivoulous lifestyles – example Nancy Pelosi – come on so you read the Constitution – the Constitution is to make our country strong – not be run into the ground like it is being done today!!!

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Tarese wrote:

BO says he got it when Scott Brown was elected Senator from MA, however BO DOES NOT get it. He keeps pushing and pushing his own agenda. Hey BO, you were elected to lead and serve the people. You did not elect the American people. You have failed miserably in leading and serving. You need to be IMPEACHED. What does it take to get this guy out of office. The American people DESERVE and NEED more than what he has, and right now all we are getting is a bunch of cr@p being rolled out to us. He will destroy this country and it is well on it’s way if the American people do not take the steps NOW to stop this guy. Ugh…

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RUKidding wrote:

The unrestrained hubris that dominated Obama’s first year has fully revealed him as the arrogant and ideologically driven social democrat that he is. Nothing that he can EVER say or do will negate that fact and little that he might do can hide it long enough for him to get reelected.

Rather than the FDR or LBJ model that he had hoped to emulate to finally bring full fledged Euro-Social Democracy to America, his arrogance has rendered him the Jimmy (Misery Index) Carter of the 21st century, while bringing America to it’s economic knees in the process.

Worse, rather than helping the poor and middle class he ostensibly ran to serve, his unrelenting push to enact socialized medicine and pay off his political cronies has totally distracted him and his party from the essential task of alleviating the 17% unemployment that hits these groups the hardest, in the process proving once again that the arrogance of power well and truly blinds those who lust after it.

Moreover, his Social Democrat Party’s big government, tax, borrow, & spend socialist motivations were stripped bare and revealed for all to see in the process. The massive deficits as far as the eye can see revealed that dumping crippling debt on future generations was just par for the course for the newly empowered Social Democrats.

Hereafter, they can only appropriately be referred to as the Social Democrat Party, however fervently they try to run away from their socialist roots.

It took the extreme political consequence of the Massachusetts Massacre for America to get through to the Social Democrats that they were dragging America to change no one can believe in.

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barbhop wrote:

Totaly agree Tarese!!

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barbhop wrote:

Also to tqd the Constitution does not say that the President can hire law breaking employees to run our government than turn around an arrest American people if they do the same thing!!! I would take a venture that the majority in Congress have broken laws in their powerful positions and get away with it. None of this is in our Constitution!!!

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President Obama needs to make Medicare the #l prority, if this hardle is achieved the other things can fall into place. Spreading the costs across the general population like we have in Canada is better than personal hardship. We had bankruptcy problems but it wasn’t because of medical expenses. I hope the Republicans and Demoncrats can get even a basic medicare framework in place.

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bushworlda wrote:

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maddie wrote:

bring on TERM LIMITS:

Feb 07, 2010 11:39pm EST  --  Report as abuse
maddie wrote:


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Benny_Acosta wrote:

The republican party needs to stop its nonsense. On the one hand they say they won’t “abandon their commitment” to the American people. But then on the other hand they vote in line with corporate interests. In the health care issue they sided with insurance companies which most people simply hate because of their practices.

If the republicans were committed to the people then why did it take a democrat president to propose ending the discriminatory practices of insurance companies? Even now the republicans only support business interests. They do not serve the people. If they served small business owners that would be something. But they only vote in favor of fake corporate citizens. When republicans say they are committed to the American people they’re talking about corporate “people”, not real citizens.

Granted the republicans have some good points on finances, but it was their policies that allowed this mess to continue on unchecked. A politician can blame anyone for starting a problem. The real test is if they offer solutions that favor the citizenry. Obama is trying to work for the citizenry. The republican party is working for the corporate citizenry. This is why their message is garbled. The speak of supporting our interests out of one side of their mouths and then vote for corporate benefits through the other.

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uc8tcme wrote:

My godly hope is Obama is not re-elected and give this country back to it’s founding fathers (KKK). Watch them blame Obama for the “Last 4 Years” and by 2015, we’ll be destroyed.

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fred5407 wrote:

More balony by the press and the politicians. I have worked with people who always wanted to talk about things because they were concerned. Only problem was they could not do the job. Same as our politicos, both Democrat and Republican

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People you need to wake up. This country is not on a downward spiral because of Obama. It is on a downward spiral because of the Congress. Go back to school, read a factual book on structure of the U.S. Government or look it up on line. Very simple, the President does not have the authority to write legislation, pass legislation, spend 1 dime of taxpayer money or change/eliminate any of the rights guaranteed to us by our constitution. Only the Congress can do those things. In addition, the president (regardless of whom is holding that position) has no control over congress (separation of powers). He can hold all the meeting he wants, try and faciliate coorporation between the two parties in Congress but in the end they can simply ignore him. There is a well thought out political game that is being played by all parties (Dems and Repubs in the Congress and the President) involved. The simple truth is that current deficit for 2010 is not a reflection of any spending bill that Congress has provided to Obama for signature. But rather by the irresponsible actions of Congress. Legislation enacted long before Obama was sworn in that includes entitlements, money guaranteed for other countries every year, the senior drug program, the continuing cost of two wars of which none were paid for (finding offsetting cost savings or tax increases), the financial meltdown that started in 2007 that created massive unemployment and thus less tax revenues for the government and the continuing failure to address rising Medicare and Health Care cost or address regulation problems with or financial institutions (risky, unregulated investments) or the outlandish commodity trading policies (oil speculation, for one) are the reason we are where we are. Congress does what’s best for the lobbyists of those companies that they are owing to for campaign funding. Throw out any congressman that has been in office for 10 years or more. Because they have clearly failed to serve the average American. They are either not effective or corrupt by virtue of uncontrolled spending that has jeopardized our as well as our children’s future and because of their inability to get together (without politics) to solve our countries problems. Massachusetts started the revolution. Let’s help them finish it.

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Benny_Acosta wrote:


You are quite correct. Congress loves to blame the sitting president when they themselves can’t manage to get anything done.

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know_it_all wrote:

If you want peace in the Mid-East, dump Israel and make peace with Islam. US aid to Isreal provoked 911. get rid of them.

Feb 08, 2010 12:04pm EST  --  Report as abuse

Wonderful. “No” is not a long term success strategy. Worst case? Piddling progress on centrist ideas. Best case? Accountability come November – not for getting re-elected, but for balancing the needs of your *nation* and your district.

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Benny_Acosta wrote:

Centrist thinking is what is needed. But all we have are extremists in government. It has to be all republican ideas or all democrat ideas.

How about actually solving problems? We already have reality tv if we want to watch drama unfold. Congress needs to live up to its responsibility of working for the people.

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President Obama should stop making excuses and remember the voters that voted him in. He should not forget that he promised them health care and could have gotten it by ramming in reconciliation in the Senate via his peers. But he did not. He chose not to care.

He can okay his nominations immediately. But yet again he chose not to.

This is all a political game that he is playing. He is putting his re-election first, Americans later…


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BillNG wrote:


Feb 08, 2010 1:25pm EST  --  Report as abuse

The president could be a card carrying Nazi who was a former head of the KKK, advocates world domination and wants to spend $2T busing to solve reduce energy costs. None of that gets done unless the Congress authorizes it. Quite putting so much stock in the president. He is the “talking head” of our country. Congress controls all the real power including getting rid of the pres if they want.

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BillNG wrote:

The best way to rescue our nation is to review all trade packs with other nations, particularly with China. If we can cut the free trade agreement with China, the country will regain its power, its job creation machine, its savings, and much more for future generations

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Streetfighter wrote:

“Republicans will not blindly abandon our commitment to the American people and throw out our principles,” said the top Republican in the House of Representatives, John Boehner.

One question Rep. Boehner “Why did you blindly abandon your commitment to the American people and throw out your principles during the previous administration?”

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DVM wrote:

Congress controls the budget, not the White House. The Dems controlled Congress starting in 2007 and controlled the budget process for fiscal yr. 2008, 2009, now for 2010 and 2011. Obama was a member of that same Congress who passed all of these massive spending bills and he signed the omnibus for fiscal year 2009 as president. He didn’t inherit the deficit from Bush. He inherited the deficits he voted four and on Jan 20th voted to expand the deficit four fold.

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Waldo31 wrote:

Yes, Publicans need to co-operate
with Obama, as long as their agree
with all of is proposals

Feb 08, 2010 3:52pm EST  --  Report as abuse
DwightF wrote:

It took Bush a few years to mess up this country and its economy. Why do we expect President Obama to fix it in one year…give him time.

Feb 08, 2010 4:46pm EST  --  Report as abuse

DVM..you forgot to mention that Obama voted against the unnecessary war in Iraq.

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