Americans "bombarded" with cancer sources: report

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crazyc133 wrote:

“Although as many as two-thirds of cancer cases are caused by lifestyle choices like smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise”
Who’s to say that those people didn’t get cancer from something else. I think smoking and diet may mask the true severity of cancer. Four men in my family have died from lung cancer and only one of them smoked. So the other three could have smoked but still would have gotten lung cancer from something else.

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Onemanvolt wrote:

Most of these naysayer scientists are paid reps for the chemical industry. They have a vested interest in fixing reports to downplay all the dangerous chemicals in our food, like aspartame.

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RichMurray wrote:

Formaldehyde is always quickly made by the body from methanol, 11% of aspartame, directly in the brain, liver, kidneys, retina, and breasts.

Search Google, and Wikipedia.

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You can start by getting the fluoride out of the water system. Next start taking vitamins and eat vegetables. Cancer is cured by prevention not by the medical industry that waits like a spider in a web for you to get ill so it can bleed you dry.

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Hodge wrote:

To crazyc133: The conclusions are based on large-scale studies. Within single families, there may be versions of genes that promote higher rates of particular types of cancer.
To Onemanvolt: Sorry, simply not true. The scientists who have done this work are usually funded by grants based on the merits of the application. If they were biased, this would quickly show up in the study design and results.
To corporatemedia: Vitamins such as folate are critical in preventing the kinds of DNA damage that cause cancer, but their effects on people who have already been diagnosed are unclear. In some cases certain vitamins appear to promote tumor growth by helping defective cells overcome the therapeutic effects of radiation or chemotherapy. How many doctors do you know? I work with scientists and researchers every day and the vast majority are motivated by a sincere desire to solve our major health problems. Please learn a little bit about research and the industry before issuing global condemnations of it!

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Hodge wrote:

As for the link – – eliminate the www. and it works. So the correct link is

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scientist11 wrote:

@corporatemedia, “cancer cured by prevention” That’s got to be one of the greatest oxymorons ever.

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UWOA wrote:

adults and kids are SICK today for one simple reason – nobody gets enough vitamin D every day. people think “immune system” and taking loads of vitamin C. yeah, ascorbic acid is important, but vitamin D is far more powerful. vitamin D boosts the immune system dramatically, and activates over 2,000 genes in the human body. only now, today, are people waking up to vitamin D. for example, vitamin D can completely prevent colon cancer, but nobody talks about it. vitamin D has 2 problems currently: you can’t possibly get enough from your diet no matter how “enriched” with D your food may be, it’s not enough. and, the federal government dramatically misstates the needed level by at least 10X. you need around 5,000 units minimum of D3 daily to be healthy. vitamin D3 helps with diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and overall health. the main reason nobody gets enough D today? doctors have scared everyone out of the sun, where your body will make 20,000 units of vitamin D daily on your skin, and technology makes life easier, so we spend more time indoors. oh, and sunscreens are a failure too, they block the UV rays that make vitamin D naturally, and allow the UV rays that cause cancer/melanoma THROUGH!!! sunscreens are the WORST thing you can do for your health. sunscreens have not only NOT prevented more skin cancer, skin cancer is actually on the rise with 25+ years of sunscreen use. face it – most people with diabetes, cancer, or other health problems DON’T spend hours a day in the sun, they sit on their butt indoors, right? if you sit on your butt indoors, you need 5,000 units of D3 daily from supplements. be wary of the government, they want you sick so you can get treatment, pay for meds, etc. health care is a big business, with lots of money to politicians for campaigns – the health care industry/doctors/pharmaceuticals don’t want you to have access to vitamins like vitamin D, that’s why there’s legislation currently to regulate vitamins americans have taken for decades. it’s an evil plot, regulating vitamins, thanks john mccain for wanting to regulate vitamins:
good info on vitamin D3:

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old409 wrote:

This report is nothing more than government creating a need for itself.

The government comes up with a problem and conveniently has a remedy. All it will cost you is another little piece of your liberty. And the fools all lineup and wait their turn.

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jrj90620 wrote:

Sure hope oil and gas prices rise so there are incentives to move to clean forms of energy.

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GforGoddessG wrote:

Well said, UWOA and I’d add to everything you’ve siad,

“And stop wearing sunglasses!” Your light sensors function via your eyes and in addition to doing yourself immense harm with sunscreens, you only confuse your body’s natural and highly effective defense system by wearing dark glasses.

We have been so effectively brainwashed by vested interests, who naturally have made millions out of conning us into thinking they are a must have fashion accessory.

I gaze directly at the sun regularly, even at high noon, and I’m still alive, don’t have cancer and can see very clearly.

But getting out in the sun and leaving the shades off isn’t going to cut it totally — there are toxins and contaminants all around us… And this is such a huge problem now, I could write a book on it…

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pointfish wrote:

Pesticides, “Round-up Ready” GMO foods, preservatives and additives, EMR from everything, GMO “natural” bioremediation — the list goes on and on.

Hello, we are playing loose and free with a delicate and complex biosphere, which is made up of systems that rely upon systems that rely upon systems.

When these systems are forced constantly to adjust radically in order to achieve ordinary homeostasis, trouble awaits for those organisms caught in the gears.

Every time that humanity has decided to create a panacea, it has turned out to be a Frankenstein that has inevitably returned to bite us. Still, we continue to allow commercial incentives rather than ethics to drive the direction of our research and its applications.

I understand your point, however, as Lyotard has ably demonstrated, regardless of the noble aspirations of some individuals, the larger institutional goals, the expectations and culture of research, are driven by forces that ultimately translate into social power, reinforced and sustained by resources (wealth).

Research funds are approved and distributed, not by researchers, but by those who have vested interests in seeing certain avenues of research sustained and others ignored. Researchers must research what they are given resources to research and in turn only receive approval as “truthful” or acknowledgment as “viable” when they are recognized by socially-sustained institutions.

That’s the way the “game” is played.
The “game,” however, desperately needs to change.

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Songbird wrote:

The government has allowed all those chemicals in our food, they make money off sick ppl. PHARMA and their stockholders. As for the sun that we need, start looking up, they block it with spraying chemicals on us. Don’t you notice how white and hazy the sky gets. It’s from them spraying with chemicals. Those planes aren’t just flying by with ppl.Research chem-trails, we are all in danger from these. They are polluting the air and us. INTENTIONALLY!!

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Mott wrote:

Interesting to note far higher cancer rates in developed nations compared to developing nations.

I wonder given both sides consume cigarettes, alcohol and if anying, developing nations living in degraded environment conditions (air/water quality and other), if food can be isolated as root-cause of the cancer incidence where – in the devloped nations, lot more processed food is consumed while the developing nations consume more of natural foods (though in the recent times, GM foods, corn-syrup and others are spreading in the developing nations as well).

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Frankel wrote:

Protecting us would mean regulating the market and regulating the market is the worst thing in the world. This is how American democracy works. You have to convince yourself that you actually have choices. Just tell yourself cancer is a gift. The market wants you to have cancer, so it must be a good thing right? Aah, precious little market. Is there anything we wouldn’t do for you?

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offpiste wrote:

This has been a long time coming.
We ingest, breath and apply to our skin large amounts of proven carcinogens. Then we wonder why the live time cancer risk is 50-60%.
We have to make a decision whether to accept the deaths and let evolution do its job or to prevent them.
There is also a systemic problem with toxins. The so called science is flawed. Just ask any researcher if they tested their product with the millions of natural and synthetic compounds we are exposed to. You see cross-reactions are rarely tested except perhaps things like aspirin. When a product is “scientifically” proven safe it is under strictly controlled lab conditions.
So what can an individual do?
You have to restrict your exposure to things of natural origin that our bodies have evovled to co-exist with.
Spray on sun tan lotion that contains nano-particles and chemicals is asking for trouble. You inhale and absorb the substance into your lungs and through the skin. It then permeates the cell barier as it is nano sized. Once inside it is free to interact with the delicate cellular machinery. It can slide between the base pairs in the dna.
Compare that with the effect of clean rain water.

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icare_dou wrote:

The California Air Resources Board’s December 15, 2009 report states:

“Nearly all homes (98%) had formaldehyde concentrations that exceeded guidelines for CANCER and chronic irritation…”

Researcher’s PowerPoint:

Unintended Consequences: Formaldehyde Exposure in Green Homes.

CA Energy Commission sets regulation with little input and/or concern about the negative impact on the occupants. During the CEC existence residential formaldehyde has gone from difficult to detect to 14 ppb, to 29 ppb, to 50 ppb to 100 ppb and asthma in children under 5 has increased.

Homes with sick occupants have had elevated formaldehyde. After controlling the formaldehyde, several parents report their children have been able to completely stop using inhalers and asthma medicines.

Large sources of residential exposure not mentioned are formaldehyde resin in: fiberglass wall insulation; laminate flooring; and MDF (interior doors and molding).

Most building materials have reached their long-term equilibrium by the time it reaches a job site. Formaldehyde continues to off gas forever. A tract home built in the early 1960’s carpet underlayment is still raising room air to 93 ppb.

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scientist11 wrote:

@offpiste, clean rain water gets into your cells more easily than these “nano” particles…it’s called osmosis. As for that sliding into base pair thing, research how UV light causes more damage by pyrimidine dimers. I would also strongly recommend GforGoddessG stop staring into the sun. Overstimulation of photoreceptors is not good.

It’s amazing how many people fear or antagonize science just because they don’t understand it.

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liberated wrote:

Speaking of chemicals, we should be concerned about
the worst chemical, CHEMO to “cure” cancer, that has been used for many years and doctors say. Even doctors say “Using Chemo we need to get the cancer before the Chemo gets the patient.” We need to push for better options for treatment! Of course we all need to eat better & take care of ourselves for prevention too.

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shameOnCorps wrote:

@all who feel the need to bash the last persons oppinion or own personal experience. Comments are for expressing ideas about the Article, and with a little effort we can all express our ideas and thoughts without being negative to someone else who commented, or without trying to make them sound uneducated, that’s not a good way to build one’s own self-esteem.
I personally found the article fascinating and am very excited that someone who has the President’s ear is working to help regulate and study the effects of all the chemicals we are now exposed to day in and day out. Things sure have changed since the discovery of oil and the industrial revolution! Cheers everyone, Have a great day. :)

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icare_dou wrote:

The California Air Resources Board’s December 15, 2009 report states:

“Nearly all homes (98%) had formaldehyde concentrations that exceeded guidelines for CANCER and chronic irritation…”

Researcher’s PowerPoint:

Unintended Consequences: Formaldehyde Exposure in Green Homes.

CA Energy Commission sets regulation with little input and/or concern about the negative impact on the occupants. During the CEC existence residential formaldehyde has gone from difficult to detect to 14 ppb, to 29 ppb, to 50 ppb to 100 ppb and asthma in children under 5 has increased.

Homes with sick occupants have had elevated formaldehyde. After controlling the formaldehyde, several parents report their children have been able to completely stop using inhalers and asthma medicines.

Large sources of residential exposure not mentioned are formaldehyde resin in: fiberglass wall insulation; laminate flooring; and MDF (interior doors and molding).

Most building materials have reached their long-term equilibrium by the time it reaches a job site. Formaldehyde continues to off gas forever. A tract home built in the early 1960’s carpet underlayment is still raising room air to 93 ppb.

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bone12 wrote:

UWOA: you are nuts. Participants in the health care industry don’t make money off sick people, they lose tremendous amounts of money. Insurance companies (who have the real lobby money) make money when healthy people pay premiums without using services.

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Zarkon wrote:

Since when did ‘concensus” make scientific fact?

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lukuj wrote:

I refuse to live in a world where the gevernment is trying to protect me from everything. I bet that, with enough exposure, almost everything can cause cancer or some other ailment – even vegetables. Let’s face it. We are all going to die of something one day. If it is not cancer, it will be something else. Our bodies are not constructed to live forever, even if we live in glass bubbles eating the health food crud and protected from every possible carcinogen.

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Zarkon wrote:

Using the test for carcinogins, Peanut Butter is one of the most carcinogenic compounds commonly available to the public.
And they feed this to our children in Schools????

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eagreenhalgh wrote:

The hypothesis would be proven by now ,Dr. Michael Thun, if good scientists weren’t blacklisted so industry wouldn’t have to pay for the clean up. The connection is shown on, especially in VTT ,the Viroid Thermodynamic Theory on the Origin of Life, which says diseases control evolution. Also peer presented was the statement that cancers and AIDS are special conditions/diseases which should not appear unless bad conditions exist. The down side of their appearance is that with pollution promoting cancer etc are other mechanisms exist creating NEW diseases for which mankind has no immunity and could cause man’s extinction in as little as 50 years. Speculation,NO! My past work has been more than vindicated, but black listing and suppression has prevented me from doing repeatable experiments to prove the same. The survival of mankind is more important than covering up fraud and protecting bad industrial practices.Society can no longer afford the luxury of sticking their heads in the sand .

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timedonkey wrote:

The Water Crisis, A Practical Solution

The Water crisis is the most serious problem humanity has ever faced. Water pollution has infused the entire food chain with neurotoxins, poisons and pharmaceuticals, all of which damage the health and survivability of man and planet. The cause is our modern, water based sewer system. We flush all of our disposables down the drain, into the sewer system where more chemicals are added and then finally pumped back into our water system. Water based sewer systems are the prime polluters and our use of them has proved to be full of unintended and unanticipated horrors. The use of water based sewer system wastes and contaminates the entire water supply with pollutants and nutrients that if captured and recycled, could provide sufficient agricultural nutrients to ensure a sustainable food supply.

One practical solution to the water shortage is to replace our centralized water based sewer system with on site, waterless toilets and recycle grey water. Grey water is the water from the kitchen and shower and can be recycled, on site and reused for landscaping. This will reduce our demand on the water source by 80 percent while simultaneously creating a sustainable, renewable, agricultural resource, namely, organic nitrogen.
No Mix toilets collect urine and feces in separate places, the toilet bowl has two drains, one, in the front for the urine and one in the back for the feces. The feces are dry composted and the urine is processed for agricultural purposes. Separating toilets protect the water supply and provide a renewable, safe, low cost source of nitrogen, enough to greatly reduce our dependence on foreign natural gas and oil. The important key is to separate the valuable, nitrogen rich urine, human urine is 18% organic nitrogen, at the source, before it is mixed with feces and before it is flushed into the water supply.

The economic potential of capturing human urine is stunning. Human urine is 18% organic nitrogen and has been used in agriculture for thousands of years. Sweden, Germany, Holland and many other countries have been using and processing human urine for agricultural purposes and to protect the environment from water based sewer systems. Human urine is the only renewable, sustainable and economically feasible source of nitrogen available to humanity and it is free.

What is the economic value of human urine? Here is how it works, the value of comparative petroleum derived fertilizer with the same 18% nitrogen content is approximately $10.00 a gallon and requires a massive polluting industry that is not renewable. The average person produces 2 liters of urine a day or roughly $5.00 worth of organic nitrogen. A city like Miami flushes down the drain 10 to 20 million dollars worth of nitrogen a day and spends another fortune to do it. Integrated Recycling is the future of our economy and could replace taxation in funding community services. The cities will become fertilizer factories and urban and suburban farming and food production could provide a sustainable, local food supply. Schools and churches could be nurseries and local gardening centers, hubs of city and urban agriculture and recycling. This could be a sustainable, local system that is a renewable doable foundation for local economies. Local food production is the basis of all economies and the missing component in modern cities.

This kind of integrated recycling is highly profitable and turns three life threatening problems, water shortage, water pollution and imported oil into one sustainable, environmentally positive and economically beneficial solution.
Water based sewer systems unnecessarily wastes and pollutes our most valuable resource, clean water. There is only one water supply for the entire earth. We share this single resource with 6.5 billion other humans and with all living organisms. Water should be regarded as our most important natural resource and shared birthright. Water is the first thing mankind must agree to share according to the highest collective principle. Water is the tie that binds us together, for better or for worse.
Water is the blood of the earth and a true sacrament, something we all share, something that is absolutely necessary for life. We should not pollute the water supply with chemicals, insecticides or human disposables that can and should be recycled to insure a healthy and sustainable future.

Modern, water based sewer systems could be the worst idea mankind has ever adopted. Common sense informs us not to defecate in the drinking water but that is exactly what we currently do in every city of the land. We do it without thinking. That is the problem. We are not thinking right. It is possible, conceivable, that the water crisis could be THE reason people begin to think of ourselves as truly united with everyone else on the planet, known and unknown, united in our fears, hopes and desires. 6.5 billion Separate destinies have become one destiny for us all …

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stwvad wrote:

All the vaccinations given to children and even adults all contain known carcinogens. Thimerosal isn’t the only harmful ingredient used yet no studies have ever been done on the safety of injecting these carcinogens into the body. Think about it, they are adding more and more vaccinations to the schedule which means more and more exposure and cancer rates are increasing.

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stwvad wrote:

@icare_dou…..formaldehyde is also an ingredient in certain vaccines.

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ohiobarowner wrote:

I’m not surprised at the American Cancer Society’s stance on this information. Who’s going to give them money for radon studies, food bans, etc. like big pHARMa has given them (through their profitable “non” profit Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) for smoking bans, alcohol and obesity studies, reports and in the end, LAWS? If there are other cancer causes, which OBVIOUSLY there are since there are and have been less smokers but there’s more and more cancer, why wouldn’t the American Cancer Society applaud this new information and put effort into pursuing these causes? Why? Because there’s no money in it for them. The ACS is all about the money and fundraising. Look to their 990s on line to see what LITTLE gets spent on cancer victims and their families compared to their massive salaries and benefits. According to this ACS link, they ONLY SPENT HALF of what they spent on salaries (benefits, payroll taxes) ($551,494,000) on Patient Services ($275,377,000). That’s an outrage. Remember “to find a cure in our lifetime”? Try to find that anywhere on their website. In fact, try to find TRUE cancer research that isn’t about studying our behaviors so they know how to get us to be the good little health soldiers they want us to be. THEY STUDY OUR BEHAVIORS! Is THAT what you donate money to them for?

Their Goal, from their website:

The goal of the American Cancer Society (ACS) is to prevent cancer, save lives, and diminish suffering from cancer.

See anything there about finding a cure?

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Patriotson wrote:

Oh boy! Lets give government another reason to get bigger by having an agency for cancer police. I would suspect the reason we are finding more cancers is the fact that we are screening people better as we become informed about the cancers that are killing us. I am sure the obama team will want to jump on this wagon since their admin. is a train wreck and will adopt all kinds of police agency’s to stop the many killers of humans in our society. Government is about to become the biggest killer of people due to the Obamacare package that is now law because there will be fewer tests; lower quality medicine; less doctors, they are leaving the ship by the hundreds and we just added 30 million to the roles.

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Fleetfoxxx wrote:

Haha I love you anti-government people who think everything is a reason to control everything you do, BUT then complain when people are allowed to park car bombs in Times Square. Sorry but you can’t have all that freedom and expect to be 100% protected at all times.

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WhoCaresFU wrote:

Living in the US will give you cancer (feminized fools!).

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nkirv wrote:

It is well quantified that Americans have higher cancer rates than in Asia or Europe, and that when, for example, Asian immigrants move to the U.S., they and their children show a marked increase in cancer rates compared to what is normal in their home country. My parents came from China, and I was born in the U.S. My grandparents all lived into their 90’s (and one is still going at 103). None of my grandparents got cancer — they just got old. My sister of aplastic anemia at age 19, and my mother died of multiple myeloma at age 72. The only known causes of these diseases are environmental toxins. I am angry that they had to die so early — we all ate healthily (mostly Chinese home cooking with lots of fruits and vegetables) and were thin and fit. Obviously my mother and sister were exposed to something. There is also a U.S. army compound where all the soldiers were drinking contaminated water. We need Home Depot to quit selling pesticides that homeowners abuse. We need building contractors to use non-toxic paints and varnishes. All this stuff gets in our air and water and food. I’d like to ask the American Chemical Society, what’s the point of making your customers die earlier?

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nkirv wrote:

Don’t forget the formaldehyde poisoning that the Hurricane Katrina victims were getting in their temporary trailers. It’s time to set strict standards to prevent toxic building materials, and to restrict pesticide sales off the shelf to any unknowing person. It’s time to make laws that require FULL DISCLOSURE about toxic substances in housing. We had a neighbor a few doors away who was always spraying pesticides in her yard — you could smell it blowing over. She died young of dementia, which is one the things caused by some pesticides.

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Piscopo wrote:

The smartest thing to say is ” I don’t know”.
Except for a few cancers, the cause is not known for sure. If it were known for sure they would not say, “so and so will increase your cancer risk”. They would say it WILL cause cancer.
So if you want to live life to its narrowest, limit everything, run at midnight and avoid humans/contagions. It’s your choice for now.

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Once again we’re supposed to count on the Nanny State to save us from ourselves. These sorts of “reports” from government sources are the precursor to draconian measures designed to force us into choices that the government makes on our behalf.

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WarTip wrote:

Americans are being “bombarded” with cancer-causing chemicals and radiation and the federal government must do far more to protect them, presidential cancer advisers said on Thursday.

More presidential advisers advocating more government intervention and control … kinda says it all no?

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caseyinaustin wrote:

“My Safe Chemicals Act will require testing of all chemicals, and take substances off the market if the manufacturer cannot prove they are safe.”

aka: guilty until proven innocent.

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worddust wrote:

This is more scare tactic nonsense to enable more government control over our lives. If Chemicals are so bad for us how is it that life expectancy has risen to 78 years since 1900 when the average death occurred at age 47 and ONLY 1 out of 25 lived to be 60. It is because of better living through chemistry baby! Not just medical advances but healthier and more abundant foods because of fertilizers and pesticides, less disease because of disinfectants and pesticides, not to mention all the CHEMICAL MEDICATIONS. This is just horseshit ladies and gentlemen, use your heads and THINK for a change. All the things that extend our lives are the results of oil, coal, and ELECTRICITY. Does it mean we should not be concerned about pollution, of course not, but try to put things in perspective, MOST CANCER IS GENETIC! More people die from cancer simply because we live so much longer and many cancers appear in the 60’s 70’s and up. Get some balls and LIVE without fear. This is Yellow Journalism and Big Brother Crap.

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gleyrer wrote:

I’ve had about all the protection from the government that I can stand. Any more, and I’ll be dead.

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jnsesq wrote:

You know, I don’t disagree that we are indeed being “bombarded” by an array of carcinogens. But as great a concern to me is the government using this as an excuse (”Never let a good crisis go to waste” — Rahm Emanuel) to take more and more control of our lives away from us and unto itself “for the greater good.” Then again, that is the credo of this administration and the Demmunist puppets who accommodate rather than think through the consequences of their actions.

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RODOM wrote:

The same kind of narrow mind that believes that God created the world in seven days and that evolution is a hoax, is similarly at work when one downplays the workings of free markets. Just as those religious zealots fail to understand evolution, the big government types fail to understand capitalism.

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cecilio093 wrote:

corporate media – yes, we have GOT to get flouride out of our nation’s drinking water. This flouride is literally scraped out of smokestacks and sold to municipalites (check out the Stuff You Should Know podcast on this topic). The harm this flouride does to the human brain is so well documented. We already have the good pharmaceutical grade flouride in our toothpaste.

Other than that, it is up to us to make good decisions. If you’re worried about chemicals in your food, shop at Trader Joe’s. If all you’ve got is a Kroger, get products from brands like Spectrum and Muir Glen, if you gotta get fast food do things like order Papa John’s (all-natural hand-tossed product save for some necessary silicates in the diced cheese) instead of the other big three, stay out of tanning beds, don’t keep your cell phone in your pocket and talk on it as little as possible, get grass fed meat from your local butcher, not the feed lot supermarket stuff. Use wonderful (and effective) household products like those made by Method.

These things may sound silly or preachy, but the cumulative effect on the nation’s people is steadily decling rates of cancer. Going through life eating at McDonald’s and shopping at Wal-mart may be cheap and easy, but you pay when you are sick and old (not only you, but the rest of the country who must pay your medical bills).

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batfly wrote:

Look at the Monsanto corporation… They have systematically changed the food supply and this is causing obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

They have patented most seeds and now hold Farmers hostage…

The New World Order has us by the throat and we now are just becoming aware.

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gsteinum wrote:

the report downplays nothing. neither is it speculative, as the article suggests. i found the section on what you can do now to be most helpful, but i’d encourage anyone to take the time to read it in it’s entirity. the article’s editor seems interested in appealing to some popular myths.

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BB1978 wrote:

Is this really news? Anyone with an ounce of common sense could figure out that the brew of chemicals we come into contact with everyday will have an impact somewhere down the line.

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stonehillady wrote:

Our Government, our Chemical, our Drug Companies & our Argi-food companies are BIG Business & support each other….We are soo overwelmed with Chemical compounds & GMO Foods it isn’t surprisng that we can even reproduce any more. as millions really can’t. STAY away from Buying Big Agri-food Stuffs, Floridated water, sun-screens, bug & weed Killers & eat less hormonal induced meats..Don’t get hooked on Prescription Drugs, there are hundreds of NATURAL herbs & Medicines that can CURE you & Homeopathic Dr.s that can set you straight to GOOD health not, mask your problems, actual cures highBlood-pressure & Prevent you from getting Diabetes in the first place…DETOX your liver is MOST important & homepathic Drs. have the right herbs to Clean your Butts out…& YES, Vit. D is critical along with a balanced PH system…which if your too acidic you will eventually get some kind of Cancer.

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stonehillady wrote:

Don’t put anything on your skin if can’t eat it from make-up to deodorant..don’t eat anything if it’s made from major corporation…only buy real wood furniture…. don’t store your food in anything plastic…don’t use a microwave..almost all plastic leaches into food cooked or none cooked…use glass containers,….stay away from cleaning with phosphates…& never use bug & weed Killers…& never let a Dr. give you any hormones nor steroids.. Bug & weed Killers are actually hormones that speed up the death process in minutes & hours…FACT.

May 07, 2010 4:59pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Patriotson wrote:

Here is a typical reaction by radical elements in the Obama Admin., to make over statements about pollutants that make the planet uninhabitable. Crying that “the sky is falling,” is a total over reaction by an angency that has neither the scientific data to support the false cry and to say that we must be in a clean; sanitary environment or we will die is beyond laughable. Why are not these incompetents being fired instead of being promoted in government positions?

May 07, 2010 5:46pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
BajaK wrote:

To talk about “smoking” and cancer without including the fact that most cigarettes are contaminated with residues of any of some 450 pesticides registered for tobacco is to blame the unwitting, unprotected, secretly-poisoned victims.
And that is not to mention the carcinogenic levels of radiation (PO-210) from the still-legal use of certain phosphate fertilizers, and the high levels of dioxin from the also still-legal used of chlorine pesticides and chlorine-bleached paper.

To blame the tobacco plant, or those who think and are repeatedly told that cigarettes are just “tobacco”, is scientifically and medically fraudulent and, depending on circumstances, a possibly criminal evasion of regulatory duties and industrial liabilities.

May 07, 2010 6:01pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
BajaK wrote:

Sunday, May 9, is Mothers’ Day…a day being co-opted by the breast cancer “cure” industry to raise money for research and administration. The promoters of these “pink” programs have no interest whatever in preventing exposures of women, children or fetuses to industrial carcinogens be they in foods, smoking products, water, air, food containers, home cleaning products, plastics, building products, fabrics or anywhere.
Look up “Breast Cancer Action” for one national group opposing this “pinkwashing” campaign.
Also, look up “Cancer Prevention Coalition” for plenty of info on the top government and NGO cancer organizations…all swimming in influence and staffing from the cancer-causing industries.

May 07, 2010 6:24pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
crazyc133 wrote:

@ hodge
You, just as everyone else, are entitled to
your opinion. Coming on here trying to tell everyone that they are wrong just shows that YOU have been mislead to the point of devotion. Which is never a good thing unless it’s a god. Try having an opinion instead of quoting already spoken lies.
We used to think change was good. Now we get upset if football is 5 minutes late.
Stephen Hawking

May 07, 2010 8:12pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
crazyc133 wrote:

How about don’t eat anything you can’t grow or raise.
Don’t put anything in your body that you can’t grow or raise.
Don’t put anything in your body that you can’t grow or raise.
Tobacco is not bad for you. The crap they put in it is. A human being could survive quite well on dandelion flowers and leaves. Yet we spend billions on poison just to get rid of them so we can look at GRASS without flowers.

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Sciguybm wrote:

Technically, 2/3 of all cancers are environmental; eating, smoking, lifestyle are “smoke-screens” meant to avert attention form the real culprits: agricultural chemicals, plastic products and grandfather-clause dumping of toxic industrial manufacturing waste products into the air, water and onto the ground.
So, when you get cancer remember: it was your “lifestyle” choices that gave you that cancer; not God or man, you.

May 07, 2010 8:17pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Mindfloat wrote:

Alcoholic beverages contains carcinogens but let not discuss that!!!

May 07, 2010 10:11pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
scoville wrote:

” This report is nothing more than government creating a need for itself.

The government comes up with a problem and conveniently has a remedy. All it will cost you is another little piece of your liberty. And the fools all lineup and wait their turn.”

This is so true, and applies to most of what we hear about in the “news”.
old409, its good to know there are still people out there like you who think for themselves.

Chris Scoville

May 07, 2010 10:16pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Schmuck281 wrote:

Ahhhh!! We’re all gonna die!!!!

May 07, 2010 11:37pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
SilverCat wrote:

The increase in the use of plastics is directly proportional to the rise in cancer incidents. Not a surprise really. Cut out plastics and you’ll probably live longer while saving the planet at the same time.

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