Israel rejects international inquiry into lethal raid

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srdiamond wrote:

Serious typo above: “Israeli officials have PROPOSED a foreign role in an Israeli inquiry.”

NO! You mean to say they have OPPOSED…

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BorneoBaby wrote:

“We are working urgently with Israel, the Palestinian Authority and other international partners to develop new procedures for delivering more goods and assistance to Gaza,” a spokesman for the White House National Security Council said.

“The current arrangements are unsustainable and must be changed.”

Well thank you for your pronouncement, Mr. President. This administration is so full of itself that it feels it has the power to foist it’s opinion on any nation it pleases, and the press picks it up and runs with it, if it suits their editorial purposes.

I don’t think our President has the authority to tell another government how to conduct it’s business – nor for that matter does the UN. Why the UN and the US government thinks they can arrogantly tell a country how to defend itself against a long term and proven threat is beyond comprehension. If the shoe was on the other foot, I doubt that Mr. Obama and Ban Ki Moon and his minions would be receptive to some nation’s attempt at arm twisting to change their internal policies regarding defense.

As far as the case of the Turkish ship goes, these people came looking to cause trouble and they received a generous portion of it, as they should have. By committing violence they got an appropriate measure in return.

Do you know what the difference between martyr and imbecile? The martry is not trying to actively acheive that status, the imbecile on the other hand seeks to be dealt the death card and their compatriots lie about the true nature of their participation in the incident.

The difference is clear cut – too bad these twits can’t see the folly of their own provocative actions.

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BorneoBaby wrote:

I believe the credibility gap is on the “peace activist’s” side rather than Israel’s. Everytime the organizations that support the Palestinians fabricates a story to cast Israel in a bad light they also downplay their long history of instigating conflicts with Israel and they cry wolf to the world. Unfortunately for the Palestinian people they get caught in the middle of something they usually don’t have an active part in just like the Israeli civilians do when they are subjected to attack after attack on their lives. When the IDF acts on behalf of the citizens of Israel they are condemned, however when the attacks are initiated by pro-palestinian forces the world and media ignores or minimizes the loss of life.

How can we rely on what the media reports to be the truth, untainted with politics? The answer, sadly, is that we can’t. When the media creates the news instead of reporting only the facts they engage in the conflict themselves by taking a stand on one side.

I have observed that Reuters is not a reliable source of news because of this very thing; they always get caught editorializing the news. Unfortunately most of the media also operates the same way, and it is dishonest and disrespects people as if they don’t have the intellect to judge the facts themselves.

True journalism died sometime in the 1960’s and has failed all attempts of resuscitation so far.

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AlitoRAF wrote:

So, everything Israel does in an attept to keep from being wiped off the face of the earth, is bad. Turkey, sending Islamic militants into Israeli waters, is doing good for the folks in Gaza. Why is Turkey holding the Kurdish leader, Ocalan in one of its disgusting prisons? Are they trying to protect Turkey? Hmmm…
Something seems rotten in Denmark, or iis it Turkey.

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MikeOz wrote:

borneobaby – isn’t israel doing what you criticise ? It’s saying what can and can’t happen to about 4 million Palestinians.

My grandmother was a survivor of the Warsaw ghetto.
She would be turning in her grave to see Israel killing aid workers trying to take food to a population which are imprisoned and suffering malnutrition.

And to those people who think Israel allows supplies into Gaza once they are unloaded off aid ships – even Israel admits that is not the case. No building materials (to repair houses) are allowed in, and only basic food is allowed in. Hundreds of items ranging from cinnamon to pasta are just confiscated and not passed on.

That has nothing to do with Israel’s security, but everything to do with race hatred.

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pziggs wrote:

Gaza was a shame in many respects, but with the world focused on the events in international waters I wonder how the land grab in the west bank is going.

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hmp49 wrote:

UN envoy accuses rights forum of turning blind eye
Fri Jun 4, 2010 12:59pm EDT

* Alston regrets Human Rights Council’s focus on Israel

* Says council ignored killings in Iran and Sri Lanka * Urges independent international investigation in Sri Lanka

GENEVA, June 4 (Reuters) – An independent United Nations expert accused the main U.N. rights forum on Friday of turning a blind eye to killings in much of the world while concentrating on alleged abuses by Israel.

Philip Alston, U.N. special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, said the 47-member-state Human Rights Council was losing credibility for mainly taking action against alleged violations in the Palestinian territories.

“I certainly regret the fact that the council itself has developed such a single-minded focus on violations in just one particular area while doing so little in almost any other area,” Alston told a final news conference after six years in the post.

“I don’t think it is sustainable. I think the council needs to improve its ability to have an impact on situations of human rights violations around the world.”

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hmp49 wrote:


You Grandmother is looking down and weeping to see you support those who celebrate the Muslim slaughter of Jews, as those on the flotilla did in this video:

“Gaza flotilla participants invoked killing of Jews”

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FuadRajeh wrote:

Can I ask a question Mr Ban..why should the U.S. be in the panel? Does this country affect all your decisions? please consider the representatives for the panel to do its job as wanted…..and to the lucky U.S. don’t forget Rachel Corrie..maybe Israel comes first for you..but at the end…crushing to death your citizen was a terrorist act…where is Bush? terror terror terror….

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dumpobama wrote:

Typical of the organization that has its head so far up its a** it cannot see the light of day. North Korea sinks a South Korean military ship without provocation, killing 40+ military personnel and the silence from the U.N. is deafening. Israel announces it plans to enforce a naval blockade and a group of activists provoke a confrontation. A few activists, committed to the elimination of the Jews population, get themselves killed and the U.N. wants to form a panel to investigate. This worthless organization and all of the wacko third world leaders that run it needs to go. Move the whole bunch to Bangkok and hopefully they will never be heard from again.

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MalcolmX wrote:

Zionists are out in force today it seems. It’s astounding how distorted your views are when it comes to Israel. To help you understand how the rest of the world sees things just imagine yourselves in the shoes of the Palestinians and honestly ask yourself what would you do if your land was stolen, you are chased out of your land into refugee camps, you are denied basic human rights and a dignified standard of living, your house is destroyed without recourse, your farms are destroyed, you are labelled as a terrorist for resisting occupation,you are not allowed to re-build your house after it was illegally destroyed by Israel, you are subjected to extreme military force etc. etc. etc.

A few rudimentary rockets falling mostly in open fields seems like a walk in the park compared to what you are subjecting the Palestinians to.

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MalcolmX wrote:

Zionists claim that others are they attack Palestinians because Palestinians want to destroy Israel. This reasoning is BS when you consider that Israel has not only expressed an intention to do so but have actually gone ahead and already systematically destroyed much of Palestine and the Palestinian people and continue to do so every day.

What about Palestinian’s rights to security, law, justice?

Or is it a case that Israeli’s have more rights than others?

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Suhaib wrote:

It wont give any impact on Gaza. The UN is just a puppet and tool used/controlled by US which been dictated by Zionist. I can even tell you whats the outcome

Those veto powers are real losers. W

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Suhaib wrote:

To dumpobama

Its still a 50-50 between North and South. The North Korea have denied any of such attack to that submarine. Compare to Zionist, its a done deal and action for years.

And about North Korea, I dont think the remote and poor country is willing to provoke with such act. ‘3rd party’ who wants to create unrest around the globe, while sitting on the sofa watching it on tv, and grab the opportunity arises is likely to me…binggo

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These discussions back and forth are not productive. At the end of the day (or maybe decade or century) the people who actually live in the area are going to have to move beyond the history. Otherwise one hundred years from now we will still be hearing about new killings, confiscation and the like. It is a primitive conflict – logic, reason or facts have no consequence, whoever can effectively yield the biggest stick prevails.

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Shadowe wrote:

Israel has not yet released the raw unedited video of the Flotilla incident, it has only released the heavily edited tapes with their own added twist. Not surprising at all seeing this Israeli propaganda.

No amount of UN intervention will help as US will just VETO it as it always does, hypocrisy at it’s extreme.

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hadenough2 wrote:

Well said MalcomX! An impartial UN investigation would be the best thing, I think that Turkey, Israel and the US should not be involved in it.

Israel still doesn’t get it, that you can’t continue doing what they’re doing and one day not reap the very thing that they’re afraid of.

My reasons for not trusting the US in any investigation…

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cranston wrote:

46 crewmen died aboard the South Korean corvette torpedoed by North Korea but Ban says nothing. Is his response about the Gaza raid kindly action or selective cowardice?

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Observer07 wrote:

and here you go!

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Amomani wrote:

Enough hypocrisy! Israel is not above the law and MUST be held responsible for its terrorism and piracy in international water! 19 innocent humanitarian were murdered by Israeli Commandos in cold blood!!!

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hadenough2 wrote:


Well spoken! Until the palestinians are treated humanely, problems will continue.

I fear that the Israelis are just too blinded to see that all their doing is ensuring their self-fulfilling fear of extinction. If they keep at it long enough, one day there’ll be a David & Goliath event; it won’t feature Israel as David either.

On another note…. reporters were on board the flotilla ship on Saturday reporting live. Why did the commandos cut the communications array? Did the communications array attack them?; Or maybe they were just camera shy. Why would they not want the world to see, live, their offer of flowers to the passengers being met with violence?

Stop the killing and treat people ALL people with respect!

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IWantPeace wrote:

I totally agree there should be an international panel. It should NOT consist of Israel Turkey OR the USA. None of these parties can be considered impartial.
Let’s come up with more choices of a panel!

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GOLUM wrote:

Ah,yes Israeli “investigations” are the most predictable process on the planet.
One might ask the American survivors of USS Liberty which was attacked by Israeli forces on June 8,1967. Israel claimed it was a mistake? Fog of war?
The crew would recall hours of aerial surveillence by an Israeli aircraft prior to unleashing the bloody attack.
Israel’s investigation would see no court martial or demotion in rank of any of it’s personell,but INF would brazely award medals to the crew of MTB 2O3. That Israeli tropedo boat inflicted the most damage on Liberty. Other boats would machine gun Liberty’s liferafts in water,according to American survivors.

34 US seamen were slaghtered in cold blood by Israeli forces and another 171 lay wounded.

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diaper wrote:

Here’s a very important video to watch about this subject.

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GOLUM wrote:

Last Gaza boat hijacked by Israel,Rachel Corrie was named after a young American activist runover in Gaza,2003 by an Israeli aromoured bulldozer,twice!
Israeli driver would put vehicle in reverse with blade down and runover Corrie’s body a second time.Claimed he did not see her in her orange vest.
Under US pressure there’s presently a Trial in Israel for the wrongful death of Rachel. Israel would agree kicking and screaming to the trial.
You see folks, Israel hadan “Investigation” already and the Israeli army was found not culpabale!!!
What A SURPRISE??????
Then Israel would try to bar the western witnesses to her death from entering the country to testify. The corner who autopsied the body was sucessfully barred from the trial by Israeli authorities.
A Palestinian doctor in Israel’s Gaza jail. 1.5 MILLION people are imprisoned in the largest open air jail in the world. Israeli land,sea and air blockade is allowing only the barest of supplies. This afer a devsastating Israeli attack on the poverty stricken strip in 2008 on it’s civillian population.
1400 were killed by the IDF as the world watched another Israeli slaughter.

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philwoodman wrote:

Any international inquiry will either be totally anti-Israel or hopelessly deadlocked between pro- and anti-Israel factions. Many nations who seem to be neutral are anti-Israel and waited for some event like this to jump on them. The ships tried to run a blockade in a time of war. They are lucky they didn’t all have to swim home.

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boreal wrote:

Michael Oren, Israel’s ambassador to Washington, said “We are rejecting an international commission. We are discussing with the Obama administration a way in which our inquiry will take place…”

WELL! What else would you expect? It’s an automatic instinctive Israeli reflex reaction. The impudent pushy little bully is running again to his Big Brother for protection.

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Alisen wrote:

I would just like to point out that taking a stand for human rights in Palestine does not make one anti-Israel. Many of us take a nonviolent stand for human rights and dignity, regardless of nationality. It IS possible to both pro-Palestinian, and pro-Israeli. This is the only way to pursue peace.

Here is a video of an Israeli protest against the siege on Gaza and the flotilla attacks that the mainstream media refuses to cover:

A Jewish response to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

And here is a short, 10-minute documentary called “This Palestinian Life: Stories of Palestinian Nonviolent Resistance”:

And here is a link to a documentary about American Christian Zionism:

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crezo wrote:

it funny how everyone seems to have forgotten WHY Israel gets attacked from the Palestinians.

Yes they have the right to defend themselves in LEGAL ways, however seeing as they started the whole situation by killing innocent palestinian civilians and taking their homes by armed force, what do people expect the Palestinians to do?

If a load of french people came over here (French as an example as they are our nearest neighbor) heavily armed and decided they were going to take our homes and land and started to killing our kids, we would fight back with everything we had.

If they then started blocking access in or out of England and causing us all to starve in a completely bombed out land, I wouldn’t exactly call that a legal blockade! it would be all out war, the only problem with situation in Gaza is the lack of military power to use against Israel.

I’m not attacking the people of Israel, the problem is the people in power not the civilians of the country (well the majority of them anyway!).

I don’t see how they can not ‘accept’ an international UN led investigation like it’s up to them, the UN need to grow some b*lls and actually take action here, otherwise they are a completely useless entity.

We need a peacekeeping UN led world military for exactly for this sort of situation. To stop attacks on other countries from other states (and for this purpose ONLY!).

Who would have thought that a few different story books could have lead to all the worlds main problems!

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hadenough2 wrote:


I think that you got it wrong…. let me correct that for you…. an Israeli minister from the capital of the US, Tel Aviv, was in the secondary capital, Washington, to discuss strategy, in an effort to avoid a thorough investigation into the facts by neutral parties.

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FuadRajeh wrote:

Israel rejected a UN proposal and says it is discussing with Washington how an inquiry into the attack will take place..hmmm…Washington….what is the U.S. business in this? the killed were Turks and the terrorists and pirates were Jewish…the U.S. should not put its nose in this…right…Israelis kill people and discuss it with their sponsor… just to resolve it…..the world has independent organizations, not Washington, that have the right to look into incidents and cases…I think it is time to demand to activate all UN bodies….waw

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Tursas wrote:

These recent invaders we know as Khazars who now occupy the ancient lands of Phoenicians have no right to prevent any international inquiry. The incident happened on ineternational waters with plenty of foreign citizens involved.

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freetheenk wrote:

Fellow world citizens. This is the beginning of the end of the Lunatic State called Israel. The world will be a better place, a more peaceful place without them. It is a terror state that brands every other country around it terrorists and anti semites. But the world is right: Israel is the terror state that needs to be dissolved, and it will. It’s only a matter of time. The USS Cole, 911, etc were all Israeli state terrorism. This is why Israel needs so many organizations to protect them (ADL, SPLC, AIPAC, etc) to name a few. Basically all these orgs are protection agencies for the Israeli Crime Syndicate. And they are advising our President, calling foreign policy, calling economic policy, printing money at the Fed. This has got to stop.

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Helter wrote:

So, what’s new? Israel always reject international participation in any investigations into their behaviour. I mean, god forbid that a report would state that they were in any way less than pure and righteous. Any such report would be, what’s the term banded around? Oh yeah, anti-semitic. Much better then to show people links to IDF postings on YouTube. Of course IDF’s spokesperson will be completely unbiased, right? Talk about a country with state controlled opinion. They make China seem open and transparent by comparison.

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HANB wrote:

There is only one terrorist state in this world. She has strong Zionist ally USA that is doing her bidding. I am sorry the truths hurts

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libertadormg wrote:

Even Adolph Hitler went through the motion’s of negotiating the Munich Agreement. Netanyahu projects and image of being above his authority and decision’s being questioned.

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RBurton wrote:

The attack on a flotilla in the High Seas heightened a brewing international impatience with the 62 years of Israel’s troubled and troubling behavior. Publicly, it reached the level of revulsion in many countries in Europe, Asia and the Hispanic Continents. The process that led to it was not brief and sudden.

Leveling a major part of Beirut in 2006, that killed 1100 civilians. Showering Gaza cities in 2008 with White Phosphorous and killing 1300 women and children – assuming all the dead men were members of the group that fights Israel. Responding to stone throwers – mostly teenagers – with live ammunition and killing quite a few. Incarcerating more than 9000 Palestinians – without a charge- and molesting their visiting (female) relatives. Assassinations in the occupied territories and overseas.

All, of course, denied and a whole gamut of spin and PR, particularly in the US, worked in every instance, it seems, to explain a dastardly act by some fairy tale – like the initial Israeli reports about the ‘commandos’ being armed with ‘paint funs.’ All this eroded Israel’s credibility if only because of the rapid succession of betrayals of the image that is inculcated for decades in the minds of the peoples particularly in the US and in Europe.

What the events reveal is not a failure to plan or a vision in executing Israel’s clear desire to perpetuate its occupation of the West Bank and transfer the Palestinian population to pockets within that region, reminiscent with what it old but now defunct regime in South Africa tried in the last decade of its existence.

Underneath all this is a genuine feeling by Israel’s planners that they are owed the right to do what they do. That it is strange and sinister to view such acts to be in the least bit criminal, contrary to international norms, if not law, immoral or indecent. This attitude is the one that drove many Jews away from the idea of having a ‘state’ as Albert Einstein clearly articulated on several occasions, leading to his statement in his last book, Out of My Later Years:

“I should much rather see reasonable agreement with the Arabs on the basis of living together in peace than the creation of a Jewish state. Apart from the practical considerations, my awareness of the essential nature of Judaism resists the idea of a Jewish state with borders, an army, and a measure of temporal power no matter how modest. I am afraid of the inner damage Judaism will sustain — especially from the development of a narrow nationalism within our own ranks, against which we have already had to fight without a Jewish state.”

The gradual takeover of power by ultra-nationalists, mostly masquerading as ultra-religious Zionists, began since the failure of Israel to live to its own expectations, and its almost military defeat, in the Yom Kippur War, in 1973. It was strengthened by succession of actual defeats as in the undignified retreat from Lebanon in 2000, the failure to eliminate Hizbullah in 2006 and the two Palestinian groups in Gaza, Hamas and Jihad, in 2008.

The utterly foolish and lawless blockade – according to the UN Human Rights Commission – and the subsequent attacks on civilians from the air, on land and in the High Seas are measures of intolerable arrogance and conceit compounded by refusal to acknowledge the misdeed, and accompanied even with pathetic and racist cries by Israel’s President, Peres, “The World hates us!” while artists and audio engineers work out amateur films and recordings to divert the attention of the international community.
No Israeli Prime Minister was able to form a government that did not include these groups, and these groups in turn became pivotal in determining an almost self-destructive, irrational and almost suicidal state of mind reminiscent of Samson – although not many would like to end up under the rubble of the mythical temple brought down by the mythical giant.

What one witnesses today is exactly what Dr. Einstein forecast. But he was not alone. Whether Mr. Natanyahu likes it or not, the vision that he expressed, and many Palestinians today do, is the only way out. It will happen, and peace and harmony in that bereaved part of the world will return, but it seems not before the modern Zionists empty their dwindling quavers and their arrows spill more blood.

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Jahrules wrote:

RBurton, you’ve earned my bleeding heart. Peace at all cost is irrevocably worth pursuing. You wrote like a true visionary.

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l_rutherford wrote:

there should be an international inquiry into Turkey’s role in all of this. Using the activists as pawns to achieve their goal of regional dominance together with Iranian support for Hamas. Does Turkey really care about Gaza? No! they are just a reason to beat up on Israel and justify their hidden strategic intent.

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paintcan wrote:

How can any comment on this thread forget that the state of Israel would not exist at all were it not for the approval of the fledgling UN and the diplomatic recognition by many other countries?

That state doesn’t exist in a vacuum but they seemed bound and determined to create one for themselves.

It must stink, literally, being a resident of the Gaza strip. They have to live with damaged sewer mains and waste water treatment plants. Concrete and steel are very useful to have on hand for that kind of repair. Having the materials to rebuild not only homes, but hospitals, clinics and government buildings would help the Gazans and West Bank create that peaceful state. But I don’t truly believe that the State of Israel really ever wants a second state at all. That state would have the right to sue them for past deeds. They will have to treat that new state.

Everyday I learn to forget more and more the complaints I heard my whole life about the “nasty plane high-jacking Palestinians” and the praises for the “determined, valiant and suffering” Israeli’s.

The times have changed and obviously the roles have switched. Gaza is the new Warsaw Ghetto.

It was another eye-opener yesterday to learn that Israel has no fully written constitution – has a tenuous supreme court system that has decided to take over the process of legislative review on it’s own. And the fact that if the Israeli’s didn’t have the Iranians or Islamic fundamentalism to point a finger at, the world might very well be looking at their own internal religious extremists and their desire to establish Talmudic law as the basis of Israeli society, to totally annihilate or drive out any Palestinians in the only territories left to them by the Israelis, and to establish an Israel according to boundaries they claim existed over 2000 years ago.

The Palestinians appear to live in a legal and civil rights no man’s land where the annexation of the West Bank and the East Jerusalem doesn’t mean that the people are annexed, only the lands they sit on and the house they live. And even after several years of writing to comment blogs and attempting to find the answer to this question, no one has ever refuted my contention that all displacements of Palestinians, where ever they may be unfortunate enough to live, are done without compensation for their loss. Israel is beginning to appear as a thief and liar or has chosen for PR purposes never to mention the strategic ambiguity of the whole annexation process. And even papers like the International Herald Tribune or this one seem to collude with the cover up or are too ignorant of the matters themselves to ask these questions.

Those in the know fully appreciate how contrary to any principles of good governance, even something that might pass for fair dealing with the West Bank or Gaza, is really what is going on there. And the Israeli’s, because they have the upper hand, bear the greatest responsibility for the situation. They have the money, the knowledge and the power to fix the situation. It is obscene to expect the victim to bind his own wounds as the Israeli’s seem to expect while all the while they inflict new ones that are much deeper than few missiles into outpost towns.

Pot shots frr homemade missiles can be nothing more than minor irritant and a prick at some very swollen nationalist egos in Israel.

I also fail to understand why anyone who isn’t Jewish would loose a minute of sleep over whether Israel remains a “Jewish State”. How about a state called Israel that does not grant a right of return to anyone who claims they are Jewish. Most religions don’t seem to have a membership review process or to issue passports in it’s name. The US, Europe and rest of the Middle East must have better things to worry about than to spend fortunes on wars to defend the rights or one group of religious bigots against the threat of another?

Is it really necessary in a modern world that has a concern for human rights to defend the claims of a minority to control a land and to help them displace another population so they can dominate it in the name of their own religious parochialism?

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paintcan wrote:

One can’t unlearn bigotry from bigotry.

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AlexKr wrote:

People, why won’t you check some actual facts and then express your opinions on this matter.
4M Palestinians suffering? You should check out the life that those not under Hammas reign lead. They have a higher quality of life than most of the Arab countries in that area.
Those who chose Hammas now suffering because of what they did.
An Israeli intelligence agency had released information today, according to which 5 of the people on that Turkish boat were international terror activists. Guess it’s not very surprising that things wound up the way they did.
Look at the Reuters photos of the Israeli troops. What kind of a peace activist does that?

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ZPT wrote:

Srdiamond, that might not have been a typo. I think the article meant that Israeli opposition leaders (ie, Kadima and co) have proposed an international role, or even that the Likud party has, but wants (justifiably, based on past insanity by the UN) foreign involvement in an Israeli investigation, rather than a foreign-run investigation. However, the article could be more clear.

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GOLUM wrote:

The idea of Zionism is militancy in itself. Non Jews do not have the same rights as Jews. It’s an enterprise of displacement of non Jewish Palestinians.In order to do this armed conflict must always be taking place.Civillian populations are always targetted inorder to get them off their lands and out of their homes. That is the crux of the mideast problem that Israeli PR spin has always managed to obscure.The Israelis have gotten used to killing Palestinian Christians and Muslims.They have shown that they will move to kill anyone.Much worst than Former South African Apartheid. These radicals are driven by beleif that G-D sanctions their killings.

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dugganlady wrote:

Israel has EVERY RIGHT to defend herself as the sovereign nation that she is! The so-called “peace activists” were not so peaceful, were they, armed with clubs, knives…? Israel is a nation with rights that every other nation has and the U.N. and all other dissenters need to get over it. Israel will be a nation when many of their opponents cease to be nations.

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hadenough2 wrote:

I’m still waiting, a crime was committed on the open sea. The Israeli’s say it was the peace activists, the peace activists say it was the Israelis. There was live reporting on the ship which was boarded. Why did the Commandos cut the communications array, especially since it would have shown the commandos innocence live? I don’t believe the array attacked them, and I don’t believe they were camera shy.

Regarding refusing an International Inquiry, WHY ARE THEY SO AFRAID OF A NEUTRAL INTERNATIONAL INQUIRY? As we’re always told here when more draconian laws are put into effect and we object; what are you so afraid of if you’ve got nothing to hide?

And in other news, the fox, after having done an investigation into the matter, claimed he was sitting innocently minding his business when the hens climbed into his mouth and began to assail him, he said he had no choice but to defend himself by chewing and swallowing.

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nevermore wrote:

Mike Oz
Were you born yesterday? Has history not taught you enough of a lesson of the sinister ways of politics and world domination, i.e. fundamentalist Moslems. You actually believe that the “poor” Palestinians of Gaza are in terrible need? Rather look at the political game that is played, Hamas doing Iran’s bidding ( just like Hezballah in Lebanon) and now the new right wing Turkish Moslem government cosying up to Iran by sending a bunch of crazed fundamentalists to provoke Israel. The Palestinians and alas Israel too, are just surrogates in the larger battle the Moslem hemisphere is waging against the West. They want back the glory days of Abdalusia and Israel will do for now, as a lightening rod for their plans. It is a good conduit to the US as you can blame them both in tandem. So far the Europeans are engaged in their traditional appeasement role – Chamberline is the role model.
Wake up and confront the scary and undeniable reality.
We are not facing peace loving humanitarians, but wolves ( no pun intended – the grey wolves of Turkey) in sheep’s pelts!

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GOLUM wrote:

Israel has attacked UN installations and personell throughout it’s history. Most recently food depots in Gaza 2008 and Qanna refugee centers in Lebanon
several times.
Israel’s Stern Gang assasinated UN Mediator Count Folke Bernadotte in 1940’s. The young Israel government despite it’s excellent intelligence servises would not able to find the culprits.Future PM Yitsach Shamir would boast years later about about his participation in the Murder. Shamir would have a hand in the murder of Lord Moyne, British high commissioner in Cairo as a chieftain in Stern terror Gang.
Israel has attacked US ships as the USS Liberty in international waters.
What we have here is a ROGUE STATE.

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melpol wrote:

Compassion not hypocrisy is needed by Egypt, they are capable of assimilating one and a half Gazians into their population of 77 million. Costs of the emigration can be provided by sale of the Gaza strip to land developers. The strip can be gentrified and turned into one of the worlds leading resorts instead of a leading garbage dump. Those opposing this idea are the forces of evil that prefer war to peace.

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Joeycitizen wrote:

Gee, what a surprise… Israel is a rogue nation deserving every sanction the UN can throw @it. Israel will also bring down our great nation if we allow it. They’re a selfish, evil people. Let them face their neighbors alone. Cut off their welfare NOW.

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hadenough2 wrote:


Even easier, Israel could abide by the UN resolutions passed thus far. The Palestinians would have their long promised state and there would be no reason for Hamas or Hezbola to exist anymore. Peace would finally come to the Middle East and anyone that broke it, would have to answer before the world court (and military if needed).

The only potential problem I see of the above statement is that Israel is truly on a land grab, which we hear about so often, and doesn’t truly want peace until it’s finished grabbing.

Oh, and about the garbage dump; I think it’s because Israel controls all access to any materials coming into the country and there’s a limit as to what anyone can do with only sand to work with.

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getinshape wrote:

They don’t have a say in the situation, they stand alone in their oppressive, racist predjudice of humanity.

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flyingg wrote:

Soon Iran will get the bomb and Israel will no longer be the bully in the neighboorhood…Apartheid is alive and well in Israel.If an Arab country had done this to a convoy bringing aid to Jews being blockaded it would’ve caused WW3!When Iran drops the bomb then Israel should expect no pity from the world as they don’t give a rat’s ass about public opinion.

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mrevent wrote:

When Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, the first two images I remember watching on TV were:
-Palestinians burning and demolishing greenhouses
-Rockets flying from Gaza to Israel

Here is an excerpt from a 2001 World Net Daily column written by Joseph Farah:

‘Arabs outnumber Jews in the Middle East by a factor of about 100 to one. But how many of those hundreds of millions of Arabs are actually Palestinians? Not very many.

The Arab population of Palestine was historically extremely low — prior to the Jews’ renewed interest in the area beginning in the early 1900s.

For instance, a travel guide to Palestine and Syria, published in 1906 by Karl Baedeker, illustrates the fact that, even when the Islamic Ottoman Empire ruled the region, the Muslim population in Jerusalem was minimal.

The book estimates the total population of the city at 60,000, of whom 7,000 were Muslims, 13,000 were Christians and 40,000 were Jews.

“The number of Jews has greatly risen in the last few decades, in spite of the fact that they are forbidden to immigrate or to possess landed property,” the book states.

Even though the Jews were persecuted, still they came to Jerusalem and represented the overwhelming majority of the population as early as 1906.

Why was the Muslim population so low? After all, we’re told that Jerusalem is the third holiest city in Islam. Surely, if this were a widely held belief in 1906, more of the devout would have settled there.

The truth is that the Jewish presence in Jerusalem and throughout the Holy Land persisted throughout its bloody history, as is documented in Joan Peters’ milestone history on the origins of the Arab-Jewish conflict in the region, “From Time Immemorial.”

It is also true that the Arab population increased following Jewish immigration into the region. The Arabs came because of economic activity. And, believe it or not, they came because there was more freedom and more opportunity in Israel than in their own homelands.

What is a Palestinian? If any Arabs have legitimate claims on property in Israel, it must be those who were illegally deprived of their land and homes after 1948. Arafat has no such claim. And few if any of those shooting, bombing and terrorizing Israelis today do either.’

Like most others, I want to live in a peaceful, harmonious world, free from prejudice & bigotry. It’s easy to point fingers, make slurs and keep the pot of hatred boiling. It’s also easy to root for the group that seems to be the underdog, and automatically call anyone on the Israeli side a ‘bad guy’ and anyone on the Palestinian side a ‘good guy’. Israel did not create the Gaza that we know today. If Jews are so smart, why would Israel give Gaza to Palestinians just so they could launch rockets right back at Israel? Israel gave those in Gaza a place to live. Thank Hamas for turning what could have been a pretty nice place to live into what we have today.

The Gaza flotilla incident is not evidence of Israeli injustice, another example of a rouge nation doing whatever it wants, or part of some Zionist ‘plot’. If you feel for the Palestinians and want to help them, fine. But don’t condemn a country for looking out for its safety when a line of ships approaches its borders. Put the responsibility on the ships. If they were truly peace-loving, they would have accepted the offer to unload in and Israeli port, and done everything to ensure that their mission remained peaceful.

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Jahrules wrote:

You can detect the awful mindset of the Jews lurking in these forums. Their comments are demonic and devoid of human emotion. You should let these people exist in their horrible reality alone. Nothing good ever arise from these people all through known history. A good Jew will never align with Israel or the Zionist. Hurt them where it matters cut all economic ties. Don’t buy their product, don’t use their services, and avoid them as acquaintances. They are evil. They will cheat you out of your soul. Every Jew in America is a double agent for Israel. Senator Lieberman is an agent of the Israeli secret service regularly divulging U.S national secrets to them. U.S. is completely castrated by Jews. What they hope to achieve with their inherent stupidity, as was recently confirmed with their actions, no one knows. They are truly stupid, idiotic, fit for nothing people. And, Bill Maher and Jon Stewart are Jew hypocrites.

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DavidWil wrote:

US, Israel, or any other supporter has no business from this point onwards criticizing what despots like Iran or Venezuela do to there populations when there people riot on the street: at least we expect those morons to shoot the civilians. Iran killed a 100 in a month’s worth of protests against the elections. Israel did so in a single night.

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Jahrules wrote:

mrevent! What cavity did you crawl of? …Typical Zionist jargon, attempting to rewrite history. What drugs are you on? The world is no longer buying your lies, try another angle. My question to you is how could an alleged six million of your people face imminent demise with little concern of an entire sub-continent? …Because of the kind of insensitivity and emotions that you are inciting in the world population again. Once again, the seas will turn red with Jewish blood! Idiot! FYI, a few years ago, I would have agreed with you …Israel is the good guy in the Middle East. Now, when I hear the word Israel, or had to listen to or read another Jewish propaganda, I really vomit. Your actions are almost comical, like a little child attempting to manipulate and deceive adults. You know, like if I can’t see them because I pulled my but over my face, they will think that I am invincible! Truly idiotic! Israel’s with her current stance have a date with destiny, and her days are numbered …1,000, 999, 998, …1, 0.

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mpman wrote:

Most of the world’s population want the mid-east fixed, by giving the Palestinians their own state and ending Israel’s occupation.

And we are all frustrated by our own governments (especially the the US government) being so scared of the pro-Israel lobby in the US that no progress is ever made in that direction.

The way for ordinary people to help get the conflict settled is to use tactics like those used against Apartheid South Africa in the 1980’s.

BOYCOTT all Israeli goods and services, and ask others to do the same, until Israel agrees to 2 things:
- recognise the right of a Palestinian state to exist; and
- renounce their use of violence in continuing the occupation of the West Bank and the blockade of Gaza.

Unreasonable ? No. It’s only the same as what Israel always demands of the Palestinians.

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mrevent wrote:

jahrules – I totally respect your right to agree or disagree.

Your question to me was, ‘How could an alleged six million of your people face imminent demise with little concern of an entire sub-continent?’ Exactly what sort of ‘my people’ are you referring to? You don’t know my age, skin color, religion, gender, height, weight or country of origin. You don’t know if I’m rich or poor or where I live. Come to think about it, you know nothing about me. I know nothing about you except that you accused me of trying to rewrite history, attempting to deceive and manipulate, using drugs, being insensitive, that you occasionally vomit, can count backwards from 1000, and seem to have strong negative feelings about Jewish people. We clearly disagree. You had the opportunity to continue a dialogue with peaceful words and educate me on your position, yet you chose to attack and belittle. I quoted a columnist with Syrian and Lebanese ancestry, and stated what I saw on the news. You fired rockets. Is this how one creates understanding and builds a framework for peace?

BTW, The ‘typical Zionist jargon’ came from columnist Joseph Farah (Farah comes from an Arabic word meaning transitory joy).

Here’s a question: Why did the Turkish ship ignore instructions, and why were its passengers armed? The Irish ship had no problems on Saturday. One more question: China has been terrorizing Tibet (yeah, monks in robes) since 1951. The Dalai Lama is in exile. In 1989, Chinese troops killed 2000 unarmed students and other peaceful protesters. Have you put the same effort into supporting the people of Tibet, working for Chinese victims and boycotting Chinese products as you have toward Israel, or is this just another let’s jump on the anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, anti-semetic thing?

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Eric.Klein wrote:

Turkey’s relations with Israel, once a close ally, have soured badly since Erdogan came to power.

He has taken secular Muslim Turkey and started to add it to the Axis of Evil.

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Jahrules wrote:

Mrevent, I really and deeply apologize for my comments directed towards you …with profound sincerity. Israelis and their Jewish cohorts around the world are truly lords of propagandas, at a level that is unparalleled in recent history. It’s like they have this delusion that the rest of the world communities are dumb and stupid. Gullible morons to the point of such easy manipulation and control! You can search back through recorded history and uncover fewer liars than Israeli Jews.

And, I, too, totally respect your right to agree ‘and’ disagree. But you have to admit that Israel’s issues are the sought that drive unparalleled passion among people, as confirmed by respondents in these forums. Just think, why such venomous emotions? I can tell you that the undeniable tenet behind these universal impressions is Israel’s untruthfulness. Christ …just open your eyes, can you really buy any of Israel’s version of events? And why do they always think that no one can objectively make determination concerning their actions other than themselves? They want us to rally and unite the entire world’s community against Iran, through the UN, but will not conform or subscribe to any UN mandates directed at them. What other nation can escape international rebuke for killing UN peacekeepers, UN aid workers, UN security officials, American journalists, American Peace activists, American aid workers and American soldiers, with impunity, let alone other innocent nationalities around the world from the Middle East through much of North Africa and Arabian peninsula!

Heck we attacked foreign sovereign nations for much less reasons …Afghanistan for failing to produce Osama Bin Laden, Iraq for undetermined weapons …all-in-all, mostly, for the security and in the name of Israel, driven by Jewish legislators and their powerful lobbies. To what nation do these people hold their allegiance? Now they want us to attack Iran, and for what. It’s like they imagine all these people are some disposable animals that we can just kill for our pleasure just because we can. One has to be completely brain dead to justify Israel’s actions. Israeli officials, most of whom are Brooklyn thugs and gangsters, are quick to kill and humiliate and insult our very devoted citizens to their causes, including our President, Vice President, Secretary of State, Middle East envoy, etc , to name a few. They make no compromise to assist us in our struggles other than make things even more unbearable. What a friend! Will you honor a friend that gets in trouble at every opportunity just because he knows you’ll bail him out every time? If this friend rapes and killed your daughter, will you still call him a friend? What sacrifice had Israel made for the U.S?

Israeli security officials molest, harass and humiliate Palestinian women, including such debilitating crimes like rapes by Israeli soldiers, all the time, but do you ever read reports about these demoralizing actions? Israel bombed Syria, Sudan, Iraq and Lebanon …destroyed vital infrastructures and social institutions, but how often do you read about these actions in the Western Media, but as footnotes that’s often blamed on their victims?

No mate! This is as bad a people as referenced in the darkest times in human history. No, you can’t imagine the inhuman and humiliating action of the people. Just think, someone described Gaza as some sought of garbage that only Israel can gentrify. Forgetting that it is this same Israel that completely carpet bombed over $5 Billion worth of Palestinian infrastructures and public institutions paid for by international contributions, including a substantial portion of which came from the U.S. and European nations, as a precursor to establishing an independent self actualize Palestinian State! All in the name of capturing Arafat! Just think what a respectable army achieves from poisoning drinking water, uprooting decades old olive growths, running bulldozers and tanks through people’s kitchens, unless they want this people to starve to death! …Destroying Cheese factory and claiming it is a weapons factory? …Destroying UN Food warehouse, unless they want to really inflict slow and painful death on the Palestinian population. Trust me, whatever your stance, there is no greater evil!
Regarding your question: “Why did the Turkish ship ignore instructions, and why were its passengers armed?”

Really, are these passengers really armed or are you just buying the Israeli army’s version of events. Boarding a protest ship with commando tactics, what arrogance? Listen, mate, I am seriously losing it again. Just think, majority of the people of the world after these last six decades will not miss Israel if it were to disappear of the face of the earth, like yesterday! Not even law abiding Jews. They really should hurry and join their God, wherever he may be. I think that as his chosen people, he should prepare a place for them next to him, in his ‘heaven’.

And for your other question: “China has been terrorizing Tibet (yeah, monks in robes) since 1951. The Dalai Lama is in exile. In 1989, Chinese troops killed 2000 unarmed students and other peaceful protesters. Have you put the same effort into supporting the people of Tibet, working for Chinese victims and boycotting Chinese products as you have toward Israel, or is this just another let’s jump on the anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic thing?”

None of these actions are excusable, but at least, these nations own up to their atrocities. They don’t deny them like the Israelis, nor pretend that we are all dumb and try to feed us propaganda …that ‘the blood drenched dagger in their hands and the blood soaked clothing on their body belongs to their dead victim lying on the floor’. No, mate, Israel stands alone in her wickedness and evil. Even the Nazis are filled with admiration and envy. Wake up and open your eyes! Israel will destroy America, without so much as losing a beat!

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Jahrules wrote:

Eric.Klein: You don’t really believe what you write, do you? So, all those who oppose Israel’s demonic agenda are all terrorists and evil. Wake up monster; last I checked the demon looks awful lot like an Israeli Jew. And that’s putting it lightly!

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Pedro07 wrote:

Just look at the authors’ names:

(Additional reporting by Philip Barbara in Washington, Ari Rabinovitch in Jerusalem and Dublin, Istanbul and Paris bureaux; Editing by Charles Dick)

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hadenough2 wrote:


Yeah, I suppose it’s Israel that’s shouting that they want a NEUTRAL INTERNATIONAL INQUIRY into the flotilla assault while Turkey doesn’t.


Turkey axis of evil my as*. Turkey behaved responsibly! They pressed their grievance at the UN and Nato like a truly civilized country! Compare that with Israeli actions.

Wake up! People don’t hate Jews, they hate what a small militant number of them (the Jewish Fundamentalists) are doing to others and the world. The UN is the place to work out a country’s differences with others. That is the hope of all members, so why not abide by it’s resolutions and truly have peace. Oh and stop shouting “Axis of Evil”, it just makes you sound like the pot calling the kettle black!

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SCM wrote:

The United Nations would do well to organize together with America and EU supply of essential goods to the famished Palestinians in Gaza which they badly need, rather than ordering enquiries into the tragic accident. It is a strange situation ! Hamas is recognized as a terrorist organization by America, EU and the United Nations which is ruling in Gaza, a territory formerly ruled by the PLO but separated by violence. Unlike the PLO which is now ruling in West Bank Hamas even questions the right of Israel to exit, as Iran does ! Hamas terrorists have been intermittently firing rockets against Israel which are smuggled through the network of cross-border tunnels along the Egyptian border. These rockets as well as other lethal weapons are supplied by some of the Arab countries and Iran but Egypt has failed to stop this smuggling. Rather than adding fuel to the fire these countries should try to unite West Bank and Gaza, to be ruled by the PLO, as before. It is also surprising that poverty and destitution to which the Palestinians in Gaza have been subjected due to Israel controlling the supply of essential goods through its port and territory has not led to formation of a group within Gaza itself opposed to Hamas, holding it responsible for their plight ! Indeed, the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza should be the concern of every civilized nation committed to upholding human rights but there are peaceful ways to rush supplies. Let the Quartet undertake it . The ships calling at the Israeli port may be inspected by the United Nations inspectors to ensure that lethal weapons, missiles and trouble-making activists are not allowed to enter Gaza. What is also surprising is the role of Turkey by leading the flotilla. Turkey which had friendly relations with Israel and has been a strictly secular country had jumped on the anti-Israel bandwagon!

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hadenough2 wrote:

ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. The world awaits Israels response.

By the way, supplies not allowed into Gaza I take it, are returned to the donars, yes?

If Israel is allowed to flout the will of the International community, then let’s close down the UN and Nato, save the money, scrap all peace treaties and let the law-of-the-west rule the day.

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Isn’t funny that whenever it suits Israel, or the US for that matter, they cry foul and parade dozens of laws that were originally formulated to protect all of the worlds citizens rights, not just their own?

Yet tens thousands of people in Pakistan, Iraq, and Gaza are seen by these two bullies not to have any rights at all…?

In many places in the world ordinary people live in terror… Abductions, sanctioned killings and ‘aggressive interrogations’ (to name but a few of their practices) happen all the time…

The two largest terrorist organisations in the world at present are the US military and the IDF… with the US supplying weapons to and in part funding the IDF… Why is it not surprising then that whenever Israel gets into trouble it runs to the US for protection? It learnt a long time ago from its benefactor that if you deflect real outrage with indifference, arrogance and denial for long enough, most times it goes away…

Israel is a rouge state… with nuclear capabilities to boot! Their arrogant and aggressive attitude is not unlike the old South African Nationalist Government.

The time has come to bring Israel in check! Its time for the world to apply sanctions against them, boycott their products and restrict their freedom. Its time for the US to start applying some of the same laws it loves to force on everyone else, to it itself… Time to stop protecting Israel. Time to start leading by proper and decent example.

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Sakmay2010 wrote:

I really don’t understand! What is the role between the US and the UN? Who responsible for the Israeli Administration?

With the latest attacked raided on the aid ship is clear enough of the discrimination. Or only raising the word terrorist can attack those innocent people.

If Obama’s administration fall bias to Israel, his administration will discriminative to those islamism surround the world. Terrorsts are to be fought, absolutely, but not the islamism.

I am in Cambodia. I am a Buddhist but not discriminative to all ethnics who act on their dignitive right to live.

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