Burger King agrees to $3.3 billion sale to 3G Capital

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bossmeh19 wrote:

Put the knife down and leave the English language alone. T-H-E-I-R

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graceracer wrote:

Classic example of private equity sucking a company dry and then under-capitalizing it when it went public.

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bdkennedy1 wrote:

Burger King only fits a niche business, catering to people that don’t care what they eat, but that only lasts so long.

Most of Burger King’s menu is the unhealthiest you can find anywhere. I haven’t been able to walk into one in almost 10 years.

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Hmmm; I’m not entirely sure about that…for one thing they flame broil, which tends to omit a lot of the grease that one would get at a comparable restaurant like Wendy’s…Th one thing they could use is a slightly bigger menu, and albeit, better, signature dishes. I’m 42 and have never had a weight issue. But how beef is prepared has often determined if and when I eat beef. Nowadays, I hardly have it all, but a whopper is always one of the first I consider if the mood should strike for a burger.

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GA_Chris wrote:

I hate to say it but i rarely eat fast food, but when i do Burger King is way ahead of McDonald’s, mainly due to the fact that it tasts way better…

however, when you drive past a McD’s 9like every mile0 there are always minivans and SUVs (families) vs BK which tends to attract Trucks and older coupes (workers and students, young people).
From my naive market research, i would say 3G could do well if the economy rebounds and there are more day workers around, whereas McD’s could actually loose as families feeling better off would go up a level, to Chilli’s or applebee’s or similar.
Maybe seems pricey now but good potential

Sep 02, 2010 5:08pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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