Israel can't defeat Hezbollah: Israeli expert

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anonym0us wrote:

There’s no way for Israel to win a war against Hezbollah or Hamas in a conventional sense of it. When states are at war against each other it usually takes to inflict on the enemy damage beyond acceptable to win. Not so with non-state entities. To them, it’s enough to keep the proverbial last man standing to declare a victory. In 2006 the infrastructure of Hezbollah-controlled areas was reduced to rubble, so that Israel ran out of targets worth bombing or shelling. Israeli planes owned the air. Israeli tanks didn’t move on to Beirut only because there was no order to do so – the road was open. The losses of Lebanon were orders of magnitude greater than that Hezbollah managed to inflict on Israel. In other words, it was more lopsided than losses of Germany in 1945. Back then, even Hitler, the most disrespectful leader of all times, had the decency to commit suicide and thus open the way for his successors to surrender. Not so Hezbollah leadership. When Israel stopped their offense – mostly because of the stink raised by so-called world opinion – they crawled from under the rubble and declared victory, simply because they survived the punishing blows, and thus achieved their strategic goal. Surprisingly Israeli public opinion also saw the outcome as a defeat – simply because there was nothing to show for all the losses. The strategic goal of eliminating Hezbollah was missed. It could be only achieved with inflicting much more damage on Lebanon, including collateral damage on its civilian population, that, while technically feasible, was morally unacceptable.
In any future conflict Israel would have to either utterly destroy Lebanon, and then be condemned by the world public opinion. Or to keep themselves restrained into another defeat, and still be condemned. Because in that court of world public opinion Israel is presumed guilty, even if proven otherwise beyond any reasonable doubt, for there always will be the unreasonable doubt tilting the scale against Israel.

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