Healthcare law repeal clears hurdle in House

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coolwilly wrote:

the republicans want anything that would benifit the middle class taken away. There assault on the middle class will never end until they have shipped every job out of the country and the middle class can no longer fight. The tea party was created by the republicans becouse they know they will never see office again. Its time the american people dismantle this terrorist regine. Killing for oil is not ok

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crbob wrote:

“nonpartisan” Congressional Budget Office?…..give me a break these budget analysts are stoolies of the Obama administration promoting his policies, and are just attempting to confuse the American people with misinformation ie; lies…Boehner is correct in saying they are entitled to their opinion, but that is all it is, an opinion not based on fact……..repealing Obamacare will save billions in a debt we don’t need……..

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coolwilly wrote:

the republicans dont care if it cost the country trillons of dollors as long as it doesnt come off there bottom line of the corporations and health insurance companys that are calling there shots. thery want a publicly traded company telling you you cant have health ins

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coolwilly wrote:

you need to take a math class . repealling will in dept this country forever. the dept allready rung up by the replicans in 2 wars tax breaks for the rich. (still waiting for that trickle down affect) the tax break alone has allready destroyed america. The republicans hate the midle class. period

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USblues wrote:

Pay attention tea baggers you are about to get a lesson in flim flam from the republican party. Never mind what they said about deficit reduction, never mind what they said about job creation! This is going to be one big lesson on double talk and you are going to be hearing a lot of “well, but, what I really meant was…” This would be funny if it wasn’t plain sad. Watch the jobs vanish and the fat cats get fatter because Tea party = useful fools and the republican leadership will laugh all the way to the bank with your money saying “there’s a sucker born every minute, ah, yes!”

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coolwilly wrote:

the republicans can take no credit for my stocks making me rich again. if your failing in this new comeback you need to leave the country. the economy is coming back thanks to having a president with common sence. chimp bush had 8 of the worst years i have ever seen in my life. 2 wars the biggest shift in wealth from his tax breaks. which is how the first great depression started. medicaid dismantling not payed for. the country was attacked on his watch. let bin L murder 4000 americans and then let him go. the list goes on and on

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piratesmee wrote:

crbob: First, the Congressional Budget Office is not composed of a bunch of recent Obama appointees or hires — it is truly insulting to make accusations of bias without any knowledge of the people involved. Second, I’ve seen no facts — as opposed to unsupported opinion — from the opposition to healthcare reform supporting Boehner. By the way, take a look at today’s news from Blue Shield — a 59% rate hike effective March 1. The costs are devastating to the middle class.

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piratesmee wrote:

Congressional Budget Office: Created to provide nonpartisan budget advice to Congress. Composed of about 250 staffers: 2/3 hold advanced degrees in economics and related fields.

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newcritic wrote:

Since Boehner rejects the CBO, this is more than enough reason for the Senate to completely ignore the House; the Senate should not bring it up unless the House shows us how the deficit it adds to is going to be paid for by other cuts or, better yet, taxes. No compromise with h tea party under any circumstances.

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ecosopher wrote:

@crbob – I’m sure you would think the CBO was “nonpartisan” if Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and the White House, and there was an analysis that was in favor of some Republican proposal (as they did a number of times during Bush’s regime)… Can’t have it both ways! And as for Boehner saying the finding is just the CBO’s “opinion”, how typical of conservatives belittling the legitimacy of scientific research as “opinion”… the CBO doesn’t wake up in the morning asking “let’s see, how do we FEEL about Proposal X or Bill Y??”. No, they actually do economic-science based analyses (how mature of them…) of the proposals, and come to scientifically based recommendations… unlike most knee-jerk conservatives who wouldn’t know a proper scientific analysis from a hole in the ground. It’s just that kind of uneducated mindless drivel that’s steadily putting this country behind the rest of the developed world. (And, to be fair, @coolwilly above (despite being of similar mind to me on the subject at hand), above needs to sharpen his spelling skills)

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I see Rueters has quickly implemented it’s phase of the disingenuous slobbering liberal press release.

“…nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office”

Really? 1.2 trillion?

Has anyone added up the cost of Obamacare to folks like us, who are barely hanging on – then we get notified of increased costs ($1200 more per year) for our plan.

Add it all up and Obamacare has COST Americans billions

Of course that information doesn’t fit in Rueter’s grand plan to print socialist-progressive propaganda.

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piratesmee wrote:

ruralascention: Read ecosopher above. Read me above. Google CBO. It is nonpartisan. Its 250 staffers are not replaced en masse by each new president. Please do not insult people’s integrity without at least having a concept who they are and what they do — for both parties.

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Trooth wrote:

The CBO information is definitely debatable. They are not infallable, however they may be correct that it will decrease some spending in their budget. However in my budget health care costs are going up and it will do so for everyone. You absolutely can not add 30 million new people to the insurance system, a chunk of which has very expensive pre-existing conditions that they didn’t bother to have insurance for from the start so they haven’t been contributing to insurance but want to force everyone else to pay their bills when they refused to pay for the people drawing before them, and not have prices rise. Prices will rise or health insurance companies will go under. The true plan is for insurance companies to go under, and then the government takes over healthcare completely.

Obamacare is not the healthcare that the left wing wanted, and it is definitely something the whole country was against. There is no public option, no competition across state lines, no tort reforms that cause such high practices and needless expensive tests, no we got a government mandate that we all have to be customer’s of private institutions that we don’t have much choice of getting insurance from, that or we get a fine. Unconstitutional and a direct assault on American freedom. At least give us the public option.

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drjj wrote:

The whole slant on this article again shows Reuters’ very left-leaning pro-Democratic bias, and also how out of touch they are with American zeitgeist. This piece would have the reader believe that the Republicans are just being obstructionist, flailing at this “signature legislative achievement” of Obama.
All the current publc opinion polls show that the majority of Americans are against this monstrosity of a bill, regarding it as expensive and heavy-handed intrusive government overreaching. The low numbers of those agreeing with the Health Care “Reform” legislation is rivalled only by the even lower satisfaction numbers when Americans are asked if they approve of the job Obama and his gang are doing.

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lazerous200 wrote:

drjj: You are the one that is off base. Polls show that 70% of Americans want Health Care. The fact is that most of the people wanted the public option included and controls on the insurance industries ability to raise the cost at their whim. The republicans are the ones that shot that part down in favor of the investors.
Also most of the CBO worked under the Bush administration. Don’t believe it? Look it up. They are completely non-partisian. And yes, the American voters will get a real lesson over the next two years, especially the tea partiers. Boehner is already starting to back water. The problem is, his tears will not get the job done.
As far as the health care reform goes, it does not kill jobs but helps to create jobs in more ways than one. Especially for small buisness that could not afford to provide healt care for their employees. In the past I have owned and operated three businesses and would have loved to be able to provide any type of health coverage for my employees. I am now semi retired and have medicare to fall back on. I have a condition called Mylo Desplastic Syndrome, in other words Pre Leukemia. No insurance company would even look at me, My coverage was dropped by one insurance company and no other would even take me, even under COBRA I would have had to pay more than my income just for basic coverage. There are many more Americans that are in the same boat as I was. So I am saying, LEAVE HEALTH CARE ALONE!!! Make it better, but don’t drop it.

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nieldevi wrote:

Boehner is a boner. A tricky-dicky stooge… complete with crocodile tears. He fits right in and that’s why he’s there. You all are just spinning your wheels here, year after year going back and forth (but never forward). And, gee, wasn’t that the problem in the first place? The reason that we voted for “Change”. The real problem seems to be that “The American People” don’t have the stomach for unity and hard work any more. Just a bunch of TV-fed marshmallow-fluff armchair quarterbacks that vicariously puff up their TalkRadio chests about a non-American-born President’s altruistic attempts to unify the national benefit instead of localised congressmen’s pork-barrel politics. Boehner, et al, is just a congressman looking out for his constituency, which is what he is supposed to do, but he’s doing it at the expense of the rest of the people in the country who are not in his constituency. (taxation without representation?) It’s time for the power brokers to step down and for all of us to think about the good of the entire Country. or, is that too Liberal bleeding-heart?

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Sonnyjc9 wrote:

How can repealing a law that was unwanted by a majority of the American people, that forces one to buy health care costing billions of dollars we don’t have, cost billions of dollars? Something is rotten in Denmark (no offense Denmark)Why do we continue to elect people who do not represent us, and refuse to work for us? Stupid stupid stupid and only ourselves to blame.

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annecink wrote:

Let’s put that in real terms – repealing Obamacare means that $230 billion will not be deducted from the working class through new taxes and higher premiums in order to provide health insurance to 32 million people who, for a multitude of reasons, don’t/won’t buy it for themselves.
When the CBO talks about the “COSTS” of the new health care laws, they totally ignore the costs incurred directly by individual policy holders. My premium increased 35% in July. An accompanying letter kindly let me know that now my 26 year old children could be added to my plan and the lifetime ceiling had been lifted. The letter also promised that a similar increase in premiums could be expected nest year. I’m self-employed, on a fixed income and no longer have children living at home. Given a choice of my old plan or my new plan, I would definitely choose to keep my old plan, without the “improvements”, at 35% less a month.
Add in the billions that people like me are paying out of our own pockets and theCBO’s “debt factor” becomes a whole different story.

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Velmaa1 wrote:

Trooth keeps talking about the 30 million people added to the insurance rolls and those with pre-existing conditions are able to get insurance. The piece about the pre-existing conditions has not yet been implemented. What part of this are you not understanding? The 30 million are being given an opportunity to get health insurance at an affordable rate. They will be given a choice of insurance companies from which to buy the same as members of Congress get. Why is this a problem. The insurance had made buying insurance prohibitive for the working poor. This is why the health costs were through the roof, because these people had to use the emergency rooms as their doctors, since they could not afford to buy insurance. They will now be able to get insurance at a more affordable rate. As for those with pre-existing conditions, you have no idea why they had not insurance. Many were let go from jobs and when trying to get new insurance, they were denied because of a pre-existing conditions. Maybe you are just a heartless human being who could care less about people dying because they work every day and cannot afford health insurance. Maybe you should join the Governor in Arizona who has stood by and let people in need of a transplant die because the state decided to save money and not allow medicare or medicaid pay for transplants. The deaths cut across racial line. Those dying because of this policy are not just minorities. Many are white. Maybe you just care about yourself and not your fellow man. That is your right. I just wouldn’t want your karma!!!

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beliha wrote:

“Congressional Budget Office is entitled to their opinion,” Boehner told reporters. “When you look at it dollar by dollar, you can tell that the numbers just don’t add up.”
Yeah, just like the brain cells in Boehner’s head don’t add up.

CBO doesn’t produce opinions, it produces real projections, estimates, and reports! It is a NON-Partisan federal agency within the legislative branch of the government, created with the sole purpose of advising Congress on spending!

Why are Americans obsessed with putting bimbo’s in office?

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oi812 wrote:

The CBO was given bad assumption on cost and savings by the Dems in order to make this bill look like it would save money. The CBO can only rate what would happen if those faulty assumptions came about. The problems is not with the CBO but the assumptions given to them by the Dems. Obamacare will cost us billions long term but the Dems needed to cook the books to fool the people to get this bill passed.

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shawnp wrote:

It’s frightening how many of you know absolutely nothing about what you are talking about, you merely attack “republicans” because that is what you have been trained to do. The numbers given to the CBO, and which they were directed by the Democrat Party to use for their “analysis,” are absolutely bogus. They are based on cuts to Medicaid THAT DID NOT HAPPEN, and include an even more outright CRIMINAL trick…claiming that the bill would be “deficit neutral” by comparing 10 YEARS OF TAX COLLECTION to only 6 YEARS OF OBAMACARE SPENDING. Any accounting firm on Wall Street would go to jail for such fraud. The entire Obamacare presentation, top to bottom, is one big fraud. A simple question…do you REALLY think you can throw 30,000,000 new people into ANY health care system…LOSE up to 40% of your practicing physicians (40% said they would either retire or change professions due to Obamacare if passed, based on a poll taken during the misnamed “health care debate”), NOT add any new medical facilities (in point of fact, begin to LOSE facilities as a result of the bill, for example, doctor owned hospitals, with Physician Hospitals of America announcing last Tuesday they are stopping the construction of 45 new hospitals because the bill makes it ILLEGAL for them to build them), NOT add any new medical supplies or equipment…and cost of care will go DOWN while quality and availability will go up? Do you REALLY believe that? And if so, WHY DID CONGRESS REFUSE TO USE THE NEW SYSTEM THEMSELVES? The bill is a fraud and NEEDS to be repealed.

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KalleO wrote:

Typical of Republicans. If the numbers aren’t to your liking, deny that they have validity. “CBO is entitled to their opinion” ignores the non-partisan nature of the analysis. Instead, Mr Boehner trots out figures from a partisan group that is funded by the big Pharma, big Medical people and lead to the conclusion he favors. So Republicans want to cut the deficit except where they don’t – because it helps their friends. It would be nice to be real and honest now that you have been charged with governance.

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z0rr0 wrote:

The Republicans should attack the Wellness Freebies first. Those drive costs upwards, not down (longer lives, more care, more pensions). Wellness is a slickly hidden promise of immortality.

Let each person pay for their own attainment of the impossible. It is not a societal responsibility.

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Fishrl wrote:

Republicans are happy with CBO numbers when it suits them. Hypocrites.

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jertho wrote:

I saw a little 19 month old boy turned away from a doctor visit when I took my daughter in for her checkup the other day, state insurance failed him. he came up to play with my daughter and was a well behaved adorable little boy. he left with his mother without seeing a doctor. My wife and I felt guilty for having good insurance through her job. I have seen many people, including my mother in law, a former high school principal, denied and shuffled around like cattle by insurance companies and hospitals. our system is cold and heartless, it reduces people to profit potentials, even innocent children who have no choice in the matter.
stop supporting massive corporation’s bottom line over humanity.
its surprising that such a mean and unfair system should be supported by a party who’s base is largely religious, last I checked, Jesus didnt ask for proof of insurance before he healed lepers.

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Eric.Klein wrote:

Republicans knowingly wasting time as they know that they can not repeal ObamaCare.

They need to get working on fixing the system to replace it with one that will work better, as what was before did not work at all.

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DrJJJJ wrote:

Lot’s of good ideas in Obamacare-let’s face it!! But, if it leads to more deficit spending and the gamble doesn’t work, it’ll damage our society like no other big government move has done in history! Our government has a long track rwecord of ineffeciency, what makes one think this will be any different?? Can we afford some sort of Madoof model of healthcre because we’d like to help more folks?? Fewer folks will get help and the suffering will spike if government dives in-just about a guarnatee of this occuring!! Look at the budgets of liberal spending/big government states and countries if ya doubt!!

Limit lawsuits, catastrophic coverage for all, increase interstate competition and medical cost will flatten and decline!KISS!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d love to help everyone with every need-we’re spending almost $5Billion in the red EVERY DAY IN FED DEFICIT!!! IMAGINE WHAT WE COULD COULD HAVE DONE WITH THIS MONEY!! How’s your state budget looking?? Ask what your country can do for you??

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Marketage wrote:

Isn’t there any morality left in American politics? How can you approve tax cut for the rich top 2% of the population at an avoidable cost of $700 billion to the economy and repeal the healthcare insurance for 32 million people who would not otherwise be covered and whose good health care in any case is an asset to the planned economic recovery as these people will also work for the rich 2%? The GOP may soon undo themselves long before 2012 with such nose-cutting for face-spiting legislative attempts!

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jrj90620 wrote:

Most Americans are short term greedy and long term stupid.I think they will take whatever they can get from govt in the short term and not be concerned with how to pay for it.Look for the Reps to fail on this one.The people just want “something for nothing”The real problem is too much demand for healthcare.Adding more insurance coverage only adds to demand,allowing more ripoff by doctors,hospitals,drug companies and everyone else at the trough.What we need is LESS insurance for minor problems and more coverage for major illnesses.Higher yearly deductibles are needed.

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abkisa wrote:

The health reforms didn’t go far enough! We still need a national health program in the U.S. People can talk about the freedom to choose all they want, but the fact remains that most Americans live in fear of illness and disease because it can mean financial ruin and bankruptcy. Any Americans who don’t fear our health care system are naive and blind to the success of social programs in Canada and Europe. Repeal isn’t an answer, it is a way of avoiding the inevitable. Republicans and Democrats should look at expanding what appears to be a promising start to real reforms contained in current legislation.

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robert1234 wrote:

Once again the Democrats cut America’s throat. No surprise here, huh? Corporate policy still controls Congress. Under the Dems it was one batch of corporations, under Republicans, it’s just a different batch. Shame on Congress!

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jrj90620 wrote:

Rationing is coming.That is what every other country ends up with.There is no way the U.S. can afford to pay the outrageous amounts charged by hospitals,doctors and all the other greedy members of the healthcare industry.Everyone blames insurance companies and I admit they are profiting from all the money spent on healthcare,but they are mainly the messenger.The real ripoff is by the providers,due to so much being paid by 3rd parties,it allows this massive ripoff to happen.So.either we reduce demand or limit access.Higher yearly deductibles would reduce demand.Insurance should be for major,expensive,catastrophic problems.

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DrJJJJ wrote:

Jethro, did ya offer to help?

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zymurgy1 wrote:

Maybe if the whole medical reform bill was crafted by members of both parties, Democrats and Republicans, we wouldn’t be debating this now. Instead, it was put together without any regard to input given by the minority party at the time and we ended up with a law that did absolutely nothing to reduce the cost of medical care – the original goal that was supposed to help the populace. While there are good points in the new law, it is far outweighed by the bad.

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DrJJJJ wrote:

You can always tell a socialist, you just can’t tell them anything! $5 Billion in the red every day folks, doesn’t include your monster state deficit of unfunded monster entitlements that 80 million boomers will spike soon enough!! if it pays for itself, it’s in if not, let’s find the money by shrinking something else or it’s out!! A matter of priority!! Do we spend big money on the arts, space and studies of every kind or do we feed people and help them with basic medical care?? You can’t have it all and what we do with our money says everything about us-the rest is dangerous wishfull dreaming!

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randydutton wrote:

Blue Cross of California just announced a 59% rate increase because of the Health Care Law.

About 240 organizations so far have gotten exemptions from it.

I, and millions of others, will continue to pay out of pocket for health care, and will REFUSE to buy health insurance unless threatened with jail.

Canada’s health care system is broke, and lousy, based upon my personal experience of living in Canada for 2 years. My sister in law shattered her ankle in Canada, and when back in the US, her doctor had to re-break it because of the terrible way it was set in Canada.

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tonymo wrote:

Wow, another member of the administration “Information Ministry” repeating the lies. Early versions of Obamacare included a permanent “doc fix” that prevented automatic cuts to physician reimbursements under Medicare. But when Democrats couldn’t get the score to come out right with the doc fix included, they simply solved that problem by cutting it out of the legislation entirely. That was about $300 billion!

They double counted the Medicare cuts, that will very likely not happen, another $500 billion. They collect taxes for 10 years, but provide benefits for 6 (if it’s still around!). There were a couple of other false assumptions.

When the new Budget Committee chair, Paul Ryan asked the CBO to rescore using REAL assumptions they projected a $700+ billion deficit!
What the corrupt, dishonest Democrats did was not count their first 15 birthdays, then 40 years later claimed they were 25! It’s who they are!

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JH818 wrote:

Doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about the healthcare bill, this is a blatant misuse of time that could be spent finding solutions to other problems…

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ginchinchili wrote:

Because of the Republicans’ aversion toward helping the less fortuate the United States is now seen as an international disgrace, a nation of greed and materialism, the haves and the have nots, with the haves utilizing all of their considerable power to further repress the much larger majority, to drain what little money they have left to further fill the coffers of the rich.

We are the only industrialized country who doesn’t care enough about its people to make sure they all have affordable healthcare. All other industrialized nations feel it’s not only a moral responsibility, but simply the best thing to do for their country. All except the United States, thanks to the Republicans. The rest of the world must be on to something because our healthcare system covers the smallest percentage of the population while still costing more per capita than any other healthcare system in the world. And this is what the Republicans are defending, and claim that they are right. Covering fewer people and costing everyone more. That’s obviously not good, but the Republicans claim it is. It’s insane.

And for Republicans to turn around and project themselves as the party that represents Christian morals, it only shows them to be nothing but a hypocritical, money-grubbing farce. As if Jesus would embrace their ideology. Please. Sadly, their leadership in this country will bring the wrath of God and the rest of the world crashing down around all of our heads. It’s time to consider a revolution, and I don’t a tea party.

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DVM wrote:

The CBO forecasts based on the information provided to them and direction of the author. To no fault of their own, if the author does not include all information or includes innacurate data that would affect the outcome, the CBO forecasts will be innaccurate. Why can’t Boehner just state something along those lines as opposed to “they can have their own opinion?”

In any event, PPACA does nothing to tackle the multifactorial issues attributable to the USA’s higher cost of healthcare spending in relation to other countries. Why do we spend so much on healthcare with essentially marginal outcomes? Shouldn’t we, as a wealthy nation be healthier overall based on how much more we spend on healthcare? Yet, were not. There’s a question you won’t hear politicians trying to find the answer to. A gov’t takeover is not the solution by the way.

Regardless of your politics, the bill should be scrapped. Repubs…since you now have some level of power, keep attempting to hit the reset button however many times it takes and take a deep breath. We need to start over on this to the benefit of every American regardless of socioeconomic status.

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Shingtal wrote:

You can sit here and spout rhetoric about evil Republicans, blah blah blah, but it doesn’t change basic facts. CBO IS non-partisan, but that doesn’t mean their numbers are right, and it has nothing to do with their competence. The CBO projections are modeled and based STRICTLY on the inputs given by the requestors. Garbage in, garbage out. The CBO does NOT say whether or not the assumptions they are given are BS or not, they just compute based on what they are given. Obamacare was sold as deficit reducing because the CBO scores were done with assumptions like cutting Medicare, and reducing doctor reimbursements by 23% (which they keep stopping with a “doc fix” every year). So in the latest CBO report, their models may say it will increase the deficit by repealing Obamacare, but it would be best to look at what assumptions accompanied that scoring.

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Shingtal wrote:

Complain all you like about insurance companies, but frankly, costs and premiums are out of control due to government regulations (barring competition across state lines, mandating specific terms of coverage, and cost shifting of Medicaid/Medicare reimbursements for paying providers below market rates for services). The health insurance industry has a 3.5% profit margin which is vastly lower than most industries out there. I will take the efficiency of a company that has to make a profit over government services that never have to adhere to performance benchmarks since they can just snag more capital through taxes.

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ginchinchili wrote:

DVM: Republicans have no interest in redoing healthcare. They want the status quo because that’s what their benefactors want. To say we have to scrap this and start over is the same as just saying we have to scrap this and do nothing. Unfortunately, it’s a choice between the way our healthcare was before this new legislation, and the way it is now. They are not good alternatives, but the new legislation does have some good things in it, so it’s better than nothing.

Republicans love your argument, though. Yes, let’s scrap this and start over. And then watch nothing happen except more safeguards for the pharmaceutical companies, the insurance industry, and the rest of the healthcare industry. Is it not obvious to you YET that the Republicans don’t care about the American people? Good god, we’re the only industrialized nation that doesn’t have healthcare access to all and it’s because of the Republicans.

The truth is, we won’t have a government that truly serves us until we get rid of lobbyists and have publicly financed elections. Then, and only then, will our elected representatives, both Democrats and Republicans, represent us instead of the special interests that fund their campaigns. That’s the only way.

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Shingtal wrote:

Ginchinchili, interesting viewpoint considering that on average, Conservatives have given 2-3 times more to charity than liberals. Yes, John Kerry cares so much for the unfortunate that he tried to shelter taxes on his boat by registering it in another state, while only giving .02% of his income to charity. See liberal democrats believe in helping the poor, just not with their own money. Ohhhhh….and you tried to play the Christian card too??? Wow…”Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s….”.

And while we’re at it, let’s talk about all the industrialized nations with their socialized medicine who can only outrank on mortality rates when looking at total numbers that are counted differently in every country. When you compare actual treatments for specific ailments, we have higher success and survival rates than any other country in the world. Yes…UK healthcare is so good, they are proposing more cuts to it because it is bankrupting them. Canadian healthcare is so good, their people who actually need surgery try to get it done in the U.S. and their government is trying to walk it back and let private care back in because, yes, it’s bankrupting them!

The government can not fix every issue for every person in this nation.

BTW: Every other industrialized nation in the world has a lower corporate tax rate than we do, i don’t see you advocating for those evil heartless Democrats to lower the burden on our corporations. If i paid a combined state/federal tax rate of over 50% on my profits, i’d move my business overseas too.

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Trooth wrote:


The problem with the people with pre-existing injuries (and this is not all, but a large percentage of them), it is like waiting to get car insurance until after you totalled your car and expect the insurance company to pay for it even though you never paid into insurance. That is why companies did not cover pre-existing conditions, that and they can’t afford to cover the people who haven’t paid $10,000 into the system but expect $2,000,000 in benefits.

To truly get healthcare costs down you have to attack the current system of suing the crap out of doctors. That is tort reform, Obama was all for it until the Democrats told him that the immoral lawyers are all ambulance chasing Democrats. The health care reform is designed to break the system that was already bending, and to bring in a full on government run healthcare system. They know it can not work, that is why they had to twist the arms of other Democrats just to get it passed. We need reform, Republicans and Democrats both have known that for many years, just like with social security they can’t agree on how to do it. The reform we got now is horrible and it WILL break the system.

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Shingtal wrote:

Ginchinchili: If big pharma and insurance companies are the only ones who make out under the old system, then why would they advocate and back Obamacare?? You slop alot of rhetoric around about how Republicans don’t care about Americans. Well guess what, Republicans could do NOTHING to stop a single payor, government dominated public health system. Do you understand the concept of Democrats having super majorities when this all happened?? The only thing keeping the U.S. from being a completely socialist nightmare of a healthcare system like the rest of the world instead of the mostly socialized system we got with this crappy law were other DEMOCRATS who broke rank and wouldn’t support a single payor system. Conservatives believe in teaching a man to fish and then telling him to go fish, liberals believe in just giving the man the fish, but then telling him how much of that fish he can eat daily, how much of that fish he needs to give to someone else, and the whole time they took the fish in the first place from the fisherman who actually caught it.

I’ll take my chances of failure along with my chances of success, because it is a hell of a lot better than relying on the government if i fail and getting drained dry if i succeed. We have a responsibility as individuals not to be boat anchors around the necks of our neighbors.

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g55rumpy wrote:

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DVM wrote:


The few good things about the bill, such as covering all those with pre-existing conditions in 2014 cannot exist unless we address the rising costs of healthcare services in this country.

My friend and fellow American, please understand you cannot give affordable and accessible health care to Americans without addressing the rising costs of healthcare. This bill does not address that in any way.

Scratch it and start over with a bill that addresses those issues. If the Repubs fail to do that, it’s their own fault. That is what the people want by majority.

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oi812 wrote:

This really does show how bad the media is-Most informed people understand the tricks used by the Dems to have this bill appear to be saving money when in fact it blows a huge hole in the Fed. budget. And still we have the lame stream media trying to tell people what is basically a lie. No in depth reporting unless it opposes a GOP point of view. Without an open and none bias press this country is in trouble. Think how many people vote while buying the lies

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PatientType wrote:

Symbolic political action in the Congress is costly and time-wasting. Obama got it right when he agreed to the Bush tax extension. He didn’t have the votes to stop it so, rather than do a lot of empty posturing, he got on with the business of government.
Wherever you are on the political spectrum. Paying Congressmen and their staffs to futz around on DOA legislation is counter productive.

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coolwilly wrote:

republicans want to raise taxes on the middle class and they want a tax break for themselves.

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