Illinois lawmakers pass big tax hike to aid budget

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chibucks wrote:

stupid corrupt illinois government… why don’t you curb some of your excessive spending instead of laying everything on the taxpayer? ugh… time to look for places in indiana.

Jan 12, 2011 11:35am EST  --  Report as abuse

Instead of starting with a smaller increase to ease every Illinois Tax payer into this horrible idea (slap on the wrist), they took the Slap in the face approach. Another reason why there was such a shift from Democrats to Republicans last election. Oh and do it before all of the republicans get into office. Just remember all you Democratic elected officials, what you are doing will be remember by every tax payer. Democrats and Republicans. You will kill job growth and turn away companies from calling Illinois home. WAY TO GO!!!!

Jan 12, 2011 12:09pm EST  --  Report as abuse

536 government employees will collect 68 Million in pension benefits. Do the math. Illinois is a democratic, sanctuary state. Everytime a new voter is born another dependent is created. Thank Mike Madigan and the machine for enacting this policy. Madigan has been in office the ENTIRE time the “problem” was created. Businesses will leave and income taxes will increase. And the best part is that Gov Quinn called it a “revenue increasing bill” versus calling it what it is… screwing the people of illinois for democratic control.

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wishy1670 wrote:

New York State is not far behind Illinois’ financial nightmare. One way New York State could cut the budget would be to eliminate free cell phones for Welfare recepients–the other, eliminate the furniture stipend Welfare recepients receive. From January 2010 through September 2010 I paid over $19,000 in payroll and property taxes–I work extra hours so that I can pay for my cell phone bill; new furniture, what’s that? Benjamin Franklin recommended that “to stop poverty, you stop making people comfortable in poverty.” Stop the Welfare State, Stop the legacy of Permanent Poverty by cutting the parasite away from the host. Only 50% of Americans pay taxes–the remaining 50% are takers/users/non-productive citizens whose lack of self-discipline and work ethic has turned Illinois–and soon the rest of America–into a Third World nation. I had one child when I was 31 years of age because I was then–and remain today–a professional woman. I am sick and tired of supporting the waste products known as Welfare families; get a job, support yourself or GO AWAY!

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