U.S. charges 111 in largest Medicare fraud crackdown

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ilaboo wrote:

cannot wait when the system starts to hit medicaid fraud–that my friend is where the big bucks are–dont believe it?–ask your physician–we deal with it every day

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ilaboo wrote:

cannot wait when the system starts to hit medicaid fraud–that my friend is where the big bucks are–dont believe it?–ask your physician–we deal with it every day

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OCTheo wrote:

Good job, Mr Holder. I thought Obama said to look forward, and forget the past.

When are you going to start prosecuting the oil and gas environmental polluters, the bank fraudsters, the lobbyists, the torturers at the Guantanamo Bay and Iraq, perjurers who lied to the congress and the UN to start the wars, etc? Or are those exempted?

You can’t prosecute some and exclude others. Equal justice under the law, or prosecution to those who couldn’t donate to the campaign?

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CPA1976 wrote:

More evidence that a hybrid medical system based on government subsidies to private practitioners is a hotbed of fraud. Who cares, it creates jobs right? People don’t die, right? I am sure those medicare patients receive top-notch treatment as their accounts are billed for services not rendered.

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PJW5552 wrote:

I think what should be asking is if Medicare/Medicaid fraud is so pervasive, why was nothing done about before this? I think we know the answer to that — business doesn’t need regulation and certainly not oversight. RIGHT!

I’ve heard Medicare/Medicaid fraud is about $70 billion/year, so this is a tiny speck on that iceberg. What is promising is this administration is aggressively attacking it. Deficit reduction is only possible if we cut waste and this is clearly one huge area of waste we can cut. I just wish the last administration was less accommodating to business and kept the problem from reaching this level of excess. It really makes reigning the problem in that much harder.

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c.w.g wrote:

I sure don’t want to sound like some kind of collaborator, however, you realize don’t you… That they are probably locking up doctors and hospital administrators who’s only real crime is trying to get medical treatment to those who are poor and who fall between the cracks of the system. Oh, and locking up the indigent patients who received the imaginative treatments. I exaggerate not, I am so afraid of where this society is headed.

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multikevin wrote:

I imagine the fraud amount to be around $1 trillion. I hope someone
focuses on Kaiser Permanente. They are big and they are corrupt. I am convinced they are killing people.

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stratrider wrote:

Excellent, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg.
Go to any ethnic neighborhood in NYC, e.g. Jackson Heights, Flushing, Brighton Beach, Corona, you can easily find 110 fraudsters in each of those areas. What’s really weird – I was checking out psychiatrists in Brooklyn who speak my dad’s language to watch over his Alzheimer’s syndrome and they make their living mostly off of the poor and/or elderly, meaning Medicaid and Medicare. Many of them live in $2-5 million dollar homes in a very nice seaside neighborhood, built on their Medicare Medicaid income. Yet when I checkeed their voting records, they all vote Republican. Are they stupid, these doctors, or are they so arrogant that they believe they can maintain the same standard of life should Medicare and Medicaid money dry up, thanks to their Republican friends?

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It’s about time we flush out and exterminate the Medicare parasites.

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topkitty27 wrote:

God Bless President Obama for his perseverance in the war on government corruption. Cleaning up vulnerable social programs would help get more assistance to those that need it. Political corruption is an issue on both side of the isle. For Democrats it’s social programs and with Republicans it’s corporate influence

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611Juniper wrote:

To c.w.g., you are so wrong! The people committing the fraud either aren’t providing any services at all (because they aren’t even medical professionals) or they are medical professionals billing for services never performed, many for bogus patients. I think it was “60 Minutes” or the CBS Evening News a few months ago that had a lengthy segment on this.

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CPA1976 wrote:

I understand your concern for the possible tyranny of the legal system but, I doubt that innocents being put into jail/tried for alleged crimes in this instance. Run a search on Dr. Chae Moon at Tenet Healthcare. The providers should be employed by the government just like police and firefighters instead of having maintain a profit marging to do their good works. The story at the link below is a true story where the actions of a corporation and it’s doctors destroyed many lives.

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Not-like-U wrote:

Not just doctors, also Creditors, including Equifax.com for supporting fraudulent creditors to report fraudulent charge on consumers account.

Equifax favor rip-off creditors over consumers. Even if they see the charge is false, they won’t do anything. They say the creditors have more power then they are which is not true.

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DrJJJJ wrote:

Nice going-now your talkin!! These criminals need to pay back every dime, plus interest and court costs!! Garnish their social security if ya have to! These are the worst of us-stealing from the least of us!

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jrj90620 wrote:

No surprise here.Just business as usual for big govt.I think most doctors and hospitals rip off govt programs.Why wouldn’t they?They’re not saints just because they’re in the healthcare industry and the money is there for the taking.The workers in govt that make the payments have every incentive to pay out as much as possible,no matter whether claims are legitimate, to grow the business.What a waste.

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5tudentT wrote:

People, besides being generous and industrious, are also greedy and quick to condemn/censure greediness–on the part of others.

Our government with it’s checks, balances, and limits of power was designed to obstruct our bad qualities (greed, hunger for power) or take advantage of them (we like to watchdog each other) while at the same time putting a protective fence around key rights. We need to update our government to cope with our 21st century ingenuity at being dishonest, and further, we need to incorporate the same principles into business regulations.

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