Democrats flee Wisconsin to protest union curbs

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micoz wrote:

Democrats just don’t respect representative government. Rather than lose a vote by elected representatives, they boycott the session and flea the state. What Republicans ought to do is this: Just let the pension fund go bankrupt.

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ziggyjig wrote:

An intelligent person would say: “Okay, we have a budget problem. We have to negotiate lowering pay, and the like, or we have to fire people.”
Introducing legislation to ban collective bargaining is counter productive, and insulting. I am not pro union, but telling people they are not allowed to collectively bargain, goes too far.

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Bubba311 wrote:

Apparently it is impossible to exaggerate the extent to which the Democratic Party is beholden to organized labor.

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robdaemon wrote:


Apparently it is impossible to exaggerate the extent to which the Republican Party is beholden to corporations.

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jimbobka wrote:

Everyone says “cut”, but when anyone “cuts”, everyone whines. Compare state worker benefits to private worker benefits. It is nuts and has to be done. Yes, I want to retire at 65, but that is stupid – we can’t afford it – move retirement age up 2-3 years. We still have a higher likelihood of several years or retirement than the last generation. When is America going to grow up? Our politicians reflect our spoiled nature – we always want someone else to pay for our indulgence.

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Maggy519 wrote:

Shirley: It is impossible to exaggerate the extent that Republicans are beholden to the richest 5% of our country, and other greedy folks including Wall Street, and the richest CEO’s.

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jimbobka wrote:

Everyone says “cut”, but when anyone “cuts”, everyone whines. Compare state worker benefits to private worker benefits. It is nuts and has to be done. Yes, I want to retire at 65, but that is stupid – we can’t afford it – move retirement age up 2-3 years. We still have a higher likelihood of several years or retirement than the last generation. When is America going to grow up? Our politicians reflect our spoiled nature – we always want someone else to pay for our indulgence.

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jimbobka wrote:

Everyone says “cut”, but when anyone “cuts”, everyone whines. Compare state worker benefits to private worker benefits. It is nuts and has to be done. Yes, I want to retire at 65, but that is stupid – we can’t afford it – move retirement age up 2-3 years. We still have a higher likelihood of several years or retirement than the last generation. When is America going to grow up? Our politicians reflect our spoiled nature – we always want someone else to pay for our indulgence.

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jwdoran wrote:

So what’s the issue. According to WI Constitution the legislature has a simple majority for a quorum. There are 96 Legislators and 33 Senators. A quorum would be 49 and 17 respectively. The Legislture has 56 Republicans and the Senate has 19 Republicans.
Call the question.

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venturen wrote:

I think you mean democrats are beholden to taking your tax money in large increments.

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Madisonhack wrote:

I’m proud to say that I was one of 50 people who blocked Senator Larsen’s door allowing him to escape. The Sgt of Arms was a nice young man and didn’t cause any trouble.

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jollypants wrote:

“We were left with no choice,” Democrat Sen. Jon Erpenbach said of the decision to leave Wisconsin rather than debate the plan in the legislature.

It’s called SUBVERSION OF DEMOCRACY. Imagine what the liberal news media would have said of the republicans in Washington if they had pull a stunt like this during the vote on Obamacare.

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kehvan wrote:

The people of these states voted for republicans, because democrats were not doing the job necessary to bring spending under control… democrats really are going against the will of the people.

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kahgehbeh wrote:

When the overtaxed middles class who already take care of a decent slice of society run out of money, where will the unions be? In both the public and private sector they are pricing themselves out of the market.
I just had to call a purchasing group, we outsourced to IBM, who outsourced it to India. Needless to say they were all jobs here at one time.

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This wide-spread protest in Wisconsin (& the actions of the Democratic Senators) is fueled not by the proposed increased costs being passed on to the employees. It is because of the ridiculous anti-union provisions proposed in this bill that will save the state not a dime.

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Tarryho wrote:

You know… the whole “Republicans are the party of the rich” thing is really getting old. Do you realize, Maggy, that 90 percent of Wall Street voted Democrat? Do you realize that the Obama admin is filled with Wall street peeps. Geithner worked for Goldman sachs. His new chief of staff is a JP Morgan guy. The reality is that the Dem party is the party of the elites. The Republican party is the party of hard working taxpayers. They are the ones who pay their own way and don’t expect handouts. As for the protests in Wisconsin, what the Union controlled media is not telling you is that the main reason Walker wants to get rid of the collective bargaining is because it is going to save the small school districts money. Right now they have to have the Unions approve of everything. After this, if the schools find someone who will provide their insurance cheaper they can go that right. The teachers will not even be out that much money. They will have to pay 5.8 percent into their pensions. Up until now they have paid 0.2 percent. They will have to go from paying 4 to 6 percent of their premium to 12.6 percent. In many cases it will go from around $85 a month to $170. Now what the Union controlled state-run media hasn’t said is that by getting rid of the collective bargaining the teachers will no longer have to pay union dues and they will get back the pay raises they gave up the last two years. Essentially the teachers will break even. So, before you spill Union disseminated facts, find out the real facts. The Unions stand to lose a lot of money if this passes and that is what it is really all about!

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TruthinSF wrote:

Yes, it is an assault on Unions, and exactly the type that must occur if we are to restore fiscal sanity to our nation. Our “public servants” have become public masters, and they must be stopped!!

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Handel wrote:

It is about time that someone stand up to the Unions.

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ogre12 wrote:

time for unions to go. there was a time when they were pertinent but no longer. unions are the reason companies find a way to outsource to overseas entities. unions need to go away period.

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Hindu wrote:

quite interesting ? where did they go ? Illinois !

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jerdjon wrote:

Public unions are some of the most corrupt labor organizations on earth. I hope the Wisconsin governor is successful in toppling union power in the public domain, and thereby restoring fiscal sanity to the state budget. It is not surprising that President Obama supports the public unions in Wisconsin. They are an integral part of the New American communist movement that Obama endorses. He is also depending on the public union leadership to provide funding for his 2012 campaign. Getting rid of public unions throughout the nation would be a step in the right direction. It would be a beginning in putting our constitution republic back on a firm footing.

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I think they call this the “take my ball and go to Illinois” strategy. lol

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CalGal wrote:

What is nuts is that workers in large corporations numbly comply with reducions in pensions, 401k’s, wages and benefits, while the corporations sit on mountains of cash, not hiring or increasing benefits.
We are all beholden to organized labor: people used to have to work unlimited hours seven days a week, and had no benefits or rights. When they died, their families were left destitute. There was no OSHA, no benefits for on-the-job injuries.

“Oh, you don’t get me, I’m part of the union,
Part of the union,
Part of the union!
You don’t get me, I’m part of the union,
Union till the day I die!”

–from an old English folk song

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steve234 wrote:

Would Republicans like to make our country more like a dictatorship, where workers have no rights?

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alamodefender wrote:

what is nuts is allowing unions to “collectively bargain” for $50 an hour plus benefits i’ll never see plus paid vacations etc. for a $20 an hour job.that old union song is just that,19th century.

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1Aspect wrote:

The voters of Wisconsin have spoken. They’ve elected a Governor and a Legislature precisely so they will tackle these vital issues. The Democrats of Wisconsin are in disrepute, their policies have virtually bankrupted the State, and NOW what do they do? Run like cowards from their legal duty and from the will of their own State’s voters. How telling. How clearly indicative this is of the mindset of the influence-peddling, improvident, vote-buying demagogue. Having failed, they now only seek to do MORE damage like petulant children.

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paulflorez wrote:



I hope the PEOPLE don’t let those politicians get ONE OUNCE OF SLEEP. The PEOPLE should move into the capital and occupy it, IT IS THEIR CAPITAL.

It happened in EGYPT and now it’s happening in WISCONSIN.


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sensi wrote:

@ ogre12 & similar tools

FYI there is an union member in every German companies board, yet they are the first exporters worldwide. I wonder how it fits into your ignorant prejudices, pushed down your throat by corporate narrow and hypocritical interests.

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paulflorez wrote:

Public-sector employees compensated more?

One of the arguments Walker has made is that public-sector workers are compensated at a higher rate than those in the private sector. But according to the Economic Policy Institute, a nonprofit think tank in Washington, Wisconsin’s public sector workers get compensations that are 4.8 percent less than those for their counterparts in the private sector.

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STDBob wrote:

Elected LEADERS…and they run away.
Most definitely owned by the teachers union.
Absolutely disgusting.

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Any Labor Union in USA is a Ponzy Scheme, but instead of presenting fake money they just present fake labor and fake deffense of workers.
Its good for nobody except those sitting in offices of Union Halls.

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Oldskewl wrote:

So, this GOP “Governator” tries to rail road “Union Busting” legislation and the people revolt. Democratic lawmakers split. What did the governor expect? Why would any logical lawmaker expect when you attack the working class, the bread and butter bread winning folks who do the dirty work and make our economy run. What did he expect? As for the Unions being the bad guys, this country invented the Unions who today represent a whopping 12% of this countries workforce. While Corporations, Independent Contractors and Small Business owners represent the other 86%. So why would we not raise taxes on corporations instead? After all, corporations are outsourcing all of their jobs overseas, making obscene profits, hoarding their cash while paying less than their fare share of taxes. I believe that the GOP is not serious about creating jobs, and not serious about governing. But very serious about putting teachers, fire fighters, police and government workers on the street, to keep their feathery beds with corporate America stuffed with American greenbacks. What was this moron of a governor thinking? That people are stupid? Surprise!

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sensi wrote:

“Democrats flee Wisconsin”

Is Reuters turning into a news corp entity? Yellow journalism must be Jeff Mayers conception of journalism ethics…

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cvan wrote:

Speaking from New York state, our teacher pension system is 103% funded. It is mostly funded by teacher contributions. Our districts have been contributing less than 10% for years, since when the stock market is humming, district contributions move close to zero. District contributions have been less than 10% for over 20 years. The average pension is 39k. Over 80% of teachers stay in NY when they retire, pumping the 39k back into the economy. Give the money, via tax breaks to the rich, and they mostly offshore your job. They may as well. Once they’ve broken the American middle class / unions, who’s going to be able to buy the gadgets they produce? Not unemployed American workers. Just a few facts to add to the mix.

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1Aspect wrote:

CalGal, the conditions you so abhor are not and have never been relevant to public-sector employment.

Once upon a time, it was an honor and a privilege to serve the public. Pay was decent. Benefits were consistently good, and job security excellent. Now, it’s a gravy train, with pay, benefits and retirement unequaled (and impossible to equal) in the private sector. All because the feedback-loop of public unions and their direct (and grossly improper) influence upon politicians. The most cynical and improvident of the politicos sell their souls to the unions in exchange for their electoral support; and betray the taxpayers to whom they owe their true duty. It’s grown so severe that in many states and at the Federal level they’ve promised practically our entire financial future away to the unions’ insatiable demands. The time has COME to reverse this insanity. OUT with the unions!

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alamodefender wrote:

democrats have nerve saying republicans want to take us back to bad old days when unions represent some of the worst of the old corrupt days and ways,i guess thats why they love them.peas in a pod.

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johndavis_one wrote:

Sooner or later reality sets in that you can’t go around with an “entitlement addiction” without some kind of crash… sad thing is we’ve had our crash and people are still looking for the next fix… It seems like people would rather run from reality than deal with it. Maybe these democrats need to be put on a 12 step program. That’s not to say some republicans won’t need it too…

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alic wrote:

Republican loyalists (bernanke, paulson and geithner) bailed out wall street to the tune of trillons and you are hammering the little people about pension?? wall street and bankers know how to spin this now that they have our $$, its called divide and conquer – let the dogs fight over the scraps. wake up middle class america! don’t fall asleep – its too important. its a revolution.

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spray_gal wrote:

All the democrats left?

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Tarryho wrote:

The reason he is getting rid of the collective bargaining is to help the small schools in Wisconsin. Many of them want to look for cheaper insurance and other ways to reduce costs but with the collective bargaining everything has to go through the Unions and the Unions will not work with the schools. He wants them to put 5.8 percent into their pensions, up from 0.2 percent. He also wants them to go from 4 to 6 percent of premium (around $85) to 12.6. (around $170 a month) The state employees will still be paying half of what the private sector pays. And don’t let them tell you they are under paid. The average teacher salary in Wisconsin is $47k… and they have 4 months a year off! So… go walker!

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Tarryho wrote:

I love how people always say that Republicans are the party of the rich… while 90 percent of wall Street voted for Dems and the Obama admin is filled with them!

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STDBob wrote:

Paid by tax payers and they don’t show up for work.
Try that with any real job and see what happens.
I bet they charges us for mileage.

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IllusiveMan wrote:

The problem is that Wisconsin has a budget surplus and these attacks are nothing more but an attempt to bust the unions.

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alic wrote:

to 1Aspect: I believe you are referring to politicians, not public service employees. There is no gravy train, I serve at-will, I am required to fund my retirement and I was required to take mandatory time off for the past 2 years of 2 weeks each year – unpaid. I don’ know what decade you are remembering but it isn’t now. I do not intend to retire until I am 68 or forced to, and I have never considered my pay unequaled to private. I don’t get paid enough for the work I do, but I love my job and I do it well. Perhaps you should consider volunteering your time to the unions – they can use all the help they can get.

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pipsqueak wrote:

I and my wife are appalled that it has come to this. We hope that those protesting this maneuver by the GOP here and in other states voted democrat during the last midterm. Unfortunately, we think many did not. Now all of us have to pay the price for those that did not vote to keep the dreaded GOP out. At least we can say that we voted democrat during the last midterm.

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Public unions force public workers to pay dues. Then they use that money to elect Democrats, who in turn raise taxes higher to pay higher salaries and benefits to government workers. There is no marketplace. There is no competition. And our country is going broke. A teacher recently explained to me that it is unreasonable that she should suffer a wage freeze and possibly contribute more toward her own defined benefit pension costs and/or health care. Her reason – we were promised when we became teachers that our salaries would increase every year and that our pensions and health care would be paid for. When I asked if it was fair that out of work folks would have to pay higher property or income taxes to cover her salary increase – she asked – “Why would they have to raise taxes to pay higher salaries?” That woman is educating our children. Government workers allowed to bargain collectively has led to corruption and out of control pensions, etc. at the state level. It must end. Unions once played an important role in this country, but as a person who has to pay the salary of a bunch of entitled government workers who apparently got paid not to show up today I’m going to quote Obama – “Everybody’s got to have some skin in the game.” Well, public workers, it’s time to put your skin in the game. Last I checked, we taxpayers are your employers and we can’t afford your cushy deals anymore.

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cvan wrote:

Can anyone cite a study that shows that union people make more than private? There are none. All the studies show that the public sector lags behind the private. Times are tough economically now. When private-sector workers were getting bonuses and double-digit raises, say before the tech bubble burst, did anyone say “let’s share the wealth with the public sector”? No. But today it’s “Since the private sector deregulated and ran itself into the ground, let’s share the pain with the public sector.” The public sector didn’t sink the banks or the auto industry. By the way, CEO pay as a function of average worker pay has gone from 25 times worker pay in 1965 to 262 time worker pay in 2005 ( So “America can’t compete” not because of unions but because of the super-rich CEOs. Maybe CEOs could get patriotic, sell a few dozen summer homes, and stop asking for continued tax breaks.

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OrionsGambit wrote:

@Tarryo: If only you weren’t wrong. The school districts regardless of size have no problems dealing with the teacher’s unions, which is why the district’s boards themselves are universally opposing Walkers measures. Likewise all public employees (the measures include corrections officers, teachers, construction workers, and a myriad of other middle class occupations) even with their pay and benefits make less than their private-sector counter-parts (in the state of Wisconsin).

@anyone in general: The reductions in pay and benefits aren’t even what people are protesting, nor do the protesters have a problem with it (please pay attention if you want to have an opinion). It’s the removal of their civil rights which is the problem. Likewise despite the name of the bill, it has nothing to do with helping the budget. The majority of the bill in question has to do with removing elected offices (such as the Attorney General, DNR chief, and other positions) and replacing them with individuals appointed by Walker. There is even a section to separate UW Madison from the rest of the UW College system, fire it’s current board, and replace them with people Walker wishes to appoint to the position (they are currently elected).

What we’re seeing from Walker is right out of the playbooks of other classic fascist takeovers such as Hitler and Mussolini. I applaud the actions of my Wisconsin Senate democrats (I’m a libertarian independent btw) and will fully back them and anyone else up in fighting this would-be dictator.

Also, I totally think I forgot to vote in November >_>

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ARJTurgot2 wrote:

The Republicans are doing everything they can to energize their opponents for 2012.

Feb 17, 2011 10:22pm EST  --  Report as abuse
OrionsGambit wrote:

On a side note; since when did teachers, corrections officers, garbage men, snow removal workers, and all the rest of the public-employees suddenly stop paying taxes? I must have missed this memo while watching one-third of my pay check going to pay for taxes (I’m a wisconsin corrections officer btw).

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OrionsGambit wrote:

@opinionatedjen: Btw, all teachers who took off today and previous days, did so without pay, so you in fact didn’t pay for anything.

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ebm5025 wrote:

@STDBob I take it you haven’t seen the schedule that the the Republican controlled House created?

Every time you see ‘Constituent Work Week’ is a week they gave themselves off. Who isn’t showing up for work again?

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gburgess07 wrote:

I am praying for that the protesters & their Democrats stay strong & prevail as well as for Gov. Walker’s recall.

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USAfolks wrote:

As a member of the middle class who pays a chunk in taxes and still has to balance MY checkbook, I see nothing wrong with states finally understanding that if you overspend, the money runs out. Everybody wants cuts that don’t affect them. Kudos to Walker, only wish it would carry over to the White House!!!

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NobleKin wrote:

The Republicans are working to destroy the last remaining block that can act as a counterweight to their corporate backed financial dominance in elections.

The Carl Rove organizations, which are backed by the wealthiest individuals and corporations in America, were seven of the top ten spenders in the 2010 elections. Union organizations moved well down the list. If Republicans can bust unions, they will remove the most challenging opposition they face in state and federal elections.

This is a move to bust union influence (aka strength for working class Americans) and dominate every future election in America. It has little to do with the state budget of Wisconsin.

Rachel Maddow raised the flag on this last night and it makes perfect sense.

The recent laws protecting the identity corporate donors in elections was another brick in the wall the uber rich are working to erect against the average American. They are working to expand their control of our nation and if this is not recognized before it is too late, the American Democracy will become a Corporatist’s dream.

WAKE UP and understand what is at stake.

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paulgoyette wrote:

Leaders of California public sector employee unions should take note. The longstanding assumption, especially in public safety, that the public will support them is misplaced and in many cases flat out wrong. California’s public sector employee organizations need to disregard the same old stale arguments they have been making for years for this simple reason: the private sector taxpaying public no longer cares. California’s public sector employee organizations need to be progressive, forwarding thinking, and creative. They should focus on telling their story as an indispensable service to California. The strategy of public employee unions in California over the next year will be critical as to whether California faces a similar effort to eliminate collective bargaining rights for public sector employees, which will likely come in the form of a ballot initiative.

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dtolesl wrote:

people have died for the right the union workers are fighting for, the middle class bailing out america again the rich laying back and enjoying our pain.

Feb 19, 2011 12:59am EST  --  Report as abuse
dtolesl wrote:

What people are forgetting is the trickle down affect will accure thousands of people are protesting yes, but if this bill should pass it’s going to hurt like all getout not only the people, but the businesses those very business owners that are saying take away their money and their benefits yes. if they do, those very business will suffer to, will suffer even more than the people losing their life giving jobs. I hope someone reads this and try to get it. The Reps say they want to save money, they don’t want to tax the rich, they don’t want the middle class to work,and make a fair wage, they also want the middle class to pay all the taxes. The rich are not creating jobs, the jobs are in other countries the rich loyalities are not for america its for the pocket books, when this country figures out it can not run on not taxes the rick maybe just maybe AMERICA WILL SERVIVE.

Feb 19, 2011 11:32pm EST  --  Report as abuse
dtolesl wrote:

Tarryho: that was pretty nonsense you were talking, but the union did not put our cities in the fix there in, it was our law makers and corporate america they invested in the market with money that was not there’s and the maket crashed, so now the middle class has to come to the rescue yet again, but it’s about to stop because the middle is being squeezed out and layed off, what’s wrong with a decent place to work and not being afraid to speak in the work place, I know the Reps don’t want equality as usual.

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boris1421 wrote:

Why doesn’t Walker give up half of his 250 thousand dollar a year salary as a sign of good faith. And while he is at it how about giving up his perks, like lifetime health care benifits. Also, if he wants the unions to give up their collective bargaining rights, he should give up his right to be able to vote for his own pay increase. It’s rediculous that a governing official who is suppose to be a public servant, has the right to name his own salary.

Feb 20, 2011 1:32pm EST  --  Report as abuse
boris1421 wrote:

In regards to micoz; Democrats don’t respect representative government?
How about the 98 Republican filibusters during the last Congress. Or do you even know what a filibuster is? Boehner said when the Republicans took over Congress “We are not going to negotiate with the Democrats” This is the stupidist statement a lawman can make since negotiating is his job. The Republicans set the mood for non-negotiation long ago. Now their upset because the Democrats won’t take it anymore ?

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fooddude wrote:

Oh here we go! Just leave when we think we can’t win! How adult. Get back to Wisconsin and do your JOB! The voters stated their piece in November, and you need to go back and vote. You Democtats are acting foolish. What would you have said if all the Republicans left Washington when the Health Care bill came up last year? Or the military said we don’t like the job we have to do so… or police, fire,….. Get back and do your job. If it is not what the voters want, it’ll get straighten out next cycle.

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CPA1976 wrote:

The lack of accountability in the governments within the United States is disgusting.

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