Analysis: Libya may face civil war as Gaddafi's grip loosens

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NukerDoggie wrote:

Libya is on the verge of becoming a failed state – what fertile ground for Islamic radicalism and an al Queda terrorist base. Who in the West has the troops, the money and the will to take over nation-building in Libya once Muammar Cadaver falls? No matter, because the Libyan people won’t permit such foreign interference anyway. Libya is rushing headlong down a path similar to another failed state – Afghanistan. Libya is demonstrating the awful truth that, as horrendously bad and evil as autocratic rulers like Muammar Cadaver are, it can get a hell of a lot worse. The huge wave sweeping the Middle East is going to wash over and obliterate Western strategic interests in the entire region, and beyond. The West has been caught massively on its heels, and cannot hope to ride the crest of this wave. Instead, it’s being left to flounder in its wake.

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gordo365 wrote:

Nuker – I am curious what you think SS “caught massively on its heels” should have done/be doing differently?

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NukerDoggie wrote:

Tough question to answer AFTER you’ve fallen in a 20ft hole. But the U.S. should have seen this coming when the Soviet Union fell in 1989-1991. That demonstrated the fact that peoples will allow oppression only for just so long. So the West should have begun back then to privately put increasing pressure on the oil-rich autocratic regimes to democratize. If no progress was evident after several years of effort, then it should have quietly but steadily positioned itself to be able to ride the crest of this wave whenever it inevitably would occur, and thus be looked to by the region’s peoples as the true champion of their freedoms and rights, rather than an interfering power that propped up autocrats perpetually. But, having utterly failed to look ahead and plan for this, the U.S. is really without options at present. All it can do is play a limited role in trying to limit the bloodshed and hope that the region’s peoples won’t completely cast it and its strategic interests aside. Both Republican and Democratic administrations utterly failed us here – none looked ahead and planned ahead sufficiently. This is scandalous considering the fact that the West is still utterly dependent upon oil, and will be for at least two more decades. This is what happens in the medium-to-long term when your words and your actions don’t even come close to matching up. The U.S. has proclaimed “Democracy!” and “Freedom!” and “Human Rights!” while at the same time perpetually propping up insane, bloodthirsty dictators. The chickens have come home to roost.

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Neurochuck wrote:

NukerDoggie – agree.
I will add that a conjunction of “peak” oil, peak soil and river productivity, peak fishery harvest, peak population under 30, peak unemployment, peak responsible government, …
is a challenge to all ideologies and political systems.
Except those based on human suffering and magic gods.
(Now, as a 62 year old professional prematurely retired by global change in the IT industry, I will prepare for todays interview for unemployment benefits)

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Hannah2 wrote:

Who knows what’s going on in Libya…all we have are unverified facebook and twitter reports by demonstrators and supporters of demonstrators and our news media tells whatever they hear…they have no filter. They are so accustomed to taking press releases from the WH for their news, they have no idea how to obtain, verify or report news. Honestly, could our news media get any worse? Hard to imagine.

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