Ohio panel votes to end union right to strike

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itmedic614 wrote:

Are you ready? The revolution will not be televised….

Going to go protest this hogwash in a little bit. Time to get out and take this country back from the invested corporate interests that have been buying our elections, and declaring war on working families. It’s time to take to the streets, and fight fight fight!!!

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They think eliminating the competition will disguise the iron fist. This has to be obvious to all but the moronic FOX followers.

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coriolana wrote:

End run around labour? Delightful. Go watch the American Experience: The Triangle Fire. Then talk about how evil unions are.

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minuteman wrote:

Hurrah! Another one bites the dust. Unions should not be in government. They pay the candidates who will support their corruption and expect pay back when they get elected. We are not France. Look at all the work stoppages there simply because unions (socialist) have taken over the government. The socialist experiment, supported by Obama, a socialist ideolog is a failure. Work is a prevelidge not a right. Get over it!

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Eideard wrote:

I’ve made it clear in posts and comments i’m prepared to help build a boycott of Wisconsin corporations advocating such reactionary politics.

I’m not certain I could think of anything made in Ohio worth boycotting. Har!

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Piornet wrote:

The targeting of unions is a misnomer. While unions aren’t fun for big corporations, they’re also not much of a threat to them. Outsourcing has made any threat they could pose irrelevant. This is a war, one that the Republicans declared on the Democrats after the health care reform bill was passed. Having a non-Republican president is simply intolerable for them (hence “Take Back America”, and so forth) – but a president that shakes up the status quo and threatens the bottom line of a major political power like the insurance industry makes their blood boil. Even though the Democrats are mostly weak and toothless, they still pose a threat to the Mega Corporations and the lobbyists and politicians that they own – so they’re going to eliminate the competition and remove any money or power they have left. That means taking down the unions. This isn’t about union busting, or balancing the budget, or saving states or jobs – this is an all-out war on the Democrats.

Love them or hate them, we need both liberals and conservatives in this country and in power for a checks & balances system. Balance and moderation is the only thing that has kept this country from imploding. I believe that eventually the Republicans will succeed, and the country will collapse soon after.

(tl;dr: This isn’t about the unions, it’s about defunding and depowering the Democrats.)

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mcendree2 wrote:

now that the legislature has gone after state worker unions they can go police the other huge union in the state. the chamber of commerce.
oh, hold on. they vote mainly republican. they’re safe. and if you feel they aren’t the same thing as a union, please remove your head from the sand.

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matt7678 wrote:

This is disgusting. How much more do the Republicans want from the working class? Where is the media…can’t they report on this and Wisconsin?

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BrilliantEcho wrote:

After decades of ineffectual governments, and complaints that politicians accomplish nothing meaningful, we have someone who has taken a stand and has stuck his neck out to solve a seriously huge problem.

It may not be what EVERYONE wants, but the MAJORITY elected this guy. Like HIM or not, he’s actually making the tough decisions that no one else would make. Now let the man do his job.

If you don’t like the outcome, then when the next election comes, vote for someone else. In the meantime, let the man do his job.

For those who dislike tax breaks for corporations, or for wealthy individuals (of which I am neither, nor do I represent either), since when is MAKING money in America anti-American? The nature of our COUNTRY is free-market enterprise! If someone is making millions, or billions, more power to them! For their imagination, or their hard work, or their foresight, more power to them!

For those of you who are in unions, and are dismayed at all the jobs leaving America for foreign shores, I’d like to see a show of hands from these same people who buy anything foreign made (or in particular, anything made and purchased from a foreign company).

When the chips were REALLY down for me, to the point of even living in my car, while trying to complete my college education, I asked for no hand-outs. I made it. Myself. I worked hard. Myself. I don’t have much, but I don’t complain that I need more, more, MORE! I work hard, and I am self-made (even with what little I do have).

I can live with private sector unions (though I don’t like them, either), but PUBLIC sector unions, whom I must support wth MY money, while they negotiate or strike on MY dime? Forget it.

I have defected from the Democratic party. So done with their misunderstanding of basic economics and double standards!

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DrJJJJ wrote:

“Democrats said this is unfair, since it gives the ultimate decision to the employer”
Welcome to the real world!

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jrbass wrote:

My Republican party has shown it’s true color. We were warned of Obama socialism and now they can have their aristocratic government. The masses need to learn their place in the greater picture of global economics. They work and the “ELITE” get the benefits.

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Patriot26 wrote:

Instead of government by the people, for the people and of the people, now its Big Government vs the people.

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Trooth wrote:

Where I am from the Unions have ruined the state. Union workers output less, and make more, and hold the company hostage. I wouldn’t call union members working class. I would call them overpaid at the cost of the rest of the industry in the state.

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Trooth wrote:


“(tl;dr: This isn’t about the unions, it’s about defunding and depowering the Democrats.)”

How is that any different than corporations giving to their favorite candidates? I will tell you the difference with government unions at least. They vote in Democrats, get pay raises and benefits, and Democrats get to stay in power and rub elbows with the corporate elites that also give them kickbacks. If you are against corporate interests in government, you must be against union interests in government, especially government worker unions. Otherwise you are just a political partisan hypocrite.

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MrCrash wrote:

Why should teachers, firefighter, police and other public sector workers have no rights while legislators can vote themselves pay increases and benefits galore? The Republican party is simply looking to break traditional Democratic supporters, the unions. This is pure politics at its worst and those who can least afford it are being punished. Those who deserve to be punished, the criminals on Wall St. who caused the financial crisis are sitting back and laughing while the Republicans put on their show. Unfortunately, Obama and many Democrats share responsibility for the free pass these criminals are getting. Until the American people wake up and reforms are made in Wall St., an awful lot of cash will sit on the sidelines because of the lack of confidence in our financial institutions. That cash, invested properly, could help re-ignite a new high tech boom in America. Of course, the Republicans would welcome another melt down because they figure that will allow them to take over in 2012. This misguided thinking will surely backfire. The American people will soon tire of this nonsense. It’s surprising they haven’t already. Maybe a good third party candidate is needed to stir things up a bit. Maybe Michael Bloomberg will run.

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Dallas112263 wrote:

I would just like to point out that the revocation of the right to strike does not, in and of itself, remove that threat. Similarly the removal of “rights” to collective bargaining only removes a structure for dealing with conflict, it does not restrict the right to, or the device of, collective action or provide a “tool” for the resolution of conflicts. In fact by destroying the social contract and the mechanism for social mobility it all but insures the escalation of future conflict to violence and beyond to fascism.

Read your history books, focus on Italy in 1921-22… Learn what happens when the Corporations take over the Government, that’s fascism… Oh, and Communism is when the Government takes over the Corporations… History tells us that a balance is required, that equity requires it.

And let this be a clear warning to those who would privatize our police and law enforcement, recently two judges were sentenced to prison for the crime of accepting kickbacks from a private juvenile detention facility in Penn. in exchange for providing the detention facility with “clients”, children railroaded to prison for minor offenses, for PROFIT!

The introduction of a naked profit motive into Law Enforcement is a perversion of our Republic and an invitation to chaos and rampant corruption.

Make no mistake, the plutocrats who have purchased our Government now wish to make it pay, and the People’s Rights be damned! They have shipped our private sector economy jobs overseas and now they’ve come for the teachers and nurses… The Yeoman and the Farmer will not be far behind, for the structure of the New Feudalism has no room for independent capitalism or individualism, soon we all must face the real effect of the economic policies of the last 30 years which has resulted in the largest disparity in the wealth of richest 2% and the other 98% in our nation’s modern history, up to and including the 1920’s. We have set the stage for massive unrest and begun our way down a spiral that our great-grandparent’s would quite familiar with.

Wisconsin is a test of our ability to preserve our Republic, as Mr. Franklin said when asked, upon emerging from the Constitutional Convention, “What sort of Government they had fashioned?”, he replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it…”


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buzsaw wrote:

The working people in Ohio make bad voting decisions. You can tell that by having elected “Weeping John” as their Senator. They are the architects of their own fate.

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