U.S.: Gaddafi not target of allied military action

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coach3rdbase wrote:

Our president makes a statement that Gaddafi “must go”, we speak with the “rebels” and arms are sent in from Egypt. We don’t involve u.s. assets in violence in bahrain, syria, yemen, iran etc…but now we come to the aid in Libya. The reason being that they asked us….you mean that other “rebels” never asked for our help? Where was his anger, when scotland released the Pan Am bomber to the Libyan leader under the disguise of humanitarian reasons? It only solidify’s the argument that it’s all about the oil. We send 125 missiles, that cost over a million dollars each, into Libyan targets and we say that its not about regime change. We attack military forces with planes. Again, the u.s. is involved in another war in the mid-east and russia, china, and others sit it out while we expend defense assets and money, along with possible military lives. God protect our military in this endeavor.

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