Apple to ship new iPhone in September: sources

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Wiseone wrote:

What good is a faster processor if the network is crawling or the command button always locks up. Now if Apple could use the human body for an antenna instead of having the users hand short out the antenna … progress may be coming?

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heaveho wrote:

This is a comment space to comment of the post/article above not go off on some disconnected rant because you yourself don’t know how to use your iPhone. Get real!

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Geek_News wrote:

Isn’t Reuters supposed to be a reputable news site and not a rumor mill. Why don’t we hold off the rumors and speculation until something can be confirmed. Heck it was just last week manufactures were confirming that they hadn’t received the development plans for the new iPhone yet. Now everyone has then out in a few months?

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forteinjeff wrote:

Yippee! Apple made me switch to the smart phone and I’ll never be without one again. Since the Apple 4 had so many glitches I didn’t upgrade but have been waiting most impatiently for the next generation to hit the market. Meanwhile Apple’s IPhone proved to me just how handy computing is hence I just got my IPad 2 which is another wonderful device. There stuff isn’t cheap, but gee they do know how to get it right. Now I just have to pray my wife won’t smack me with a frying pan once she hears I’ve ordered my latest must own phone!

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dvoros wrote:

I was really wishing and waiting to switch from AT&T to Verizon for a newlly designed iPhone 5. I hope they deliver a larger screen and other enhancements besides the faster processor.

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CarloR wrote:

Ah, the Apple haters always come out when there’s an article. How about this haters: Apple’s earnings just blew the roof off the dump about 30 minutes ago. Anyone with half a brain would have been buying shares all the way up when the iPhone came out (hey, I sure as hell did). And guess what? You don’t have to own an iPhone, Mac or even iPod. You can hate Apple. But if you hate making money because of it, well then you’re just an idiot.

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