Lawsuits fly in BP's Gulf spill blame game

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eco4matic wrote:

Transocean should be equally whereas Halliburton should be partially held responsible for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Both companies were somewhat directly or indirectly involved.
Why is it okay for someone to sue a automaker if the car breaks down during leasing or a mechanic for not doing his job rightfully and yet it’s not okay for BP to sue Transocean from whom they were leasing the rig or Haliburton for not finishing the job as per the standards?

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Zookiem wrote:

Finally someone has taken Haliburton to task, and at a price that will, hopefully, defang, declaw, neuter, and render completely helpless that monster. I hope BP will prevail!!

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MRMIB1947 wrote:

Isn’t this, in the truest sense of the words, “A Falling Out Among Thieves?”
Imagine for a moment if the SEC or some other federal enforcement agency had actually cracked down on Halliburton. The callout over the bullhorns before the raid would have been, “This is the Government. I know I am in there. If I don’t come out with my hands up, I am coming in after me!”
At least the lawyers stay employed.

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AdamLS1 wrote:

A real gusher for the lawyers bank accounts.

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adam_jab wrote:

Now lets see consumer gas prices sky rocket. Its not like Haliburton’s execs wont get their bonuses or take any cost savings to compensate. they are going to hike up prices to pay for this. once its paid the prices will remain and they will splurge even more.

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ChangeWhat wrote:

“The litigation is expected to last for years.”

Perfect example of why our Judicial system is backwards and counter productive.

Very simple, all companies involved from whomever created the hardware to BP pumping away are at fault and should be shutdown in the United States. The American companies should be shutdown and the foreigners should not be allowed to do business in the United States but of course that will never happen since these companies are politically connected. Instead the tax payers will fit the bill for big corporations as usual.

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Soothsayer wrote:

Barack Hussein Obama visits the governors of the Gulf States, returns to DC, and announces a $20B cap (indemnification, though he insists it’s not) on BP before the spill is stopped and the scope and costs of the damage are entirely unknown. Then Barack Hussein Obama puts Feinberg in charge of the claims process for BP to ensure for BP that less than $20B is paid out. Then, BP sues partners for multiples of the indemnification amount. Prediction: BP will pay less than $10B (being less than half of the Obama indemnification) in claims to affected persons, will settle out of court with their partners, and make more money than they paid out on the whole deal.

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LAMO1213 wrote:

Trickle down economics?
When will this do the people in the Gulf any good?

Apr 21, 2011 2:06pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
younoitroll wrote:

We should just let BP of the hook its not their fault we need oil for our cars and businesses.

Apr 21, 2011 4:57pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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