Many U.S. employers to drop health benefits: McKinsey

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marvinone wrote:

one of the benefits that may come from the government taking some of the healthcare pressure off employers is that companies may take a chance on hiring older workers. there are many health problems that could sink a small company and cripple a bigger company if they had to stand the expense of treatment, so it is easier to just not hire the senior citizen in the first place, even though their work ethic is probably better than the young workers that get the jobs.

Jun 07, 2011 2:57pm EDT  --  Report as abuse wrote:

Not sure who McKinsey interviewed but if my employer dropped health care I’d be sending out resumes the day it was announced. I think businesses that stop offering health care to their employees will see a drop in the quality of new applicants.

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AnneC wrote:

People don’t mind where they get their health care as long as they can have access to an affordable policy. Sometimes employer-sponsored health insurance plans are a lot more expensive than applying for health insurance on your own. But in the absence of health care benefits, there should be some other compensation.

Anne C
NY Health Insurer

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Marvin8 wrote:

Employers can drop insurance coverage tomorrow if they want to. What’s keeping them from doing so? It’s because they want to retain employees. If employers drop coverage, forcing employees into private or state plans, it will only make employees more mobile, which businesses HATE. I say this is one big bluff by business, and even if it isn’t, the pressure will force us one step closer to a single payer system, which is where we should be in the first place. It’s the ONLY solution.

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