Analysis: New Internet rules will spawn battle for "dots"

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WebVixn wrote:

What a strange monopoly the ICANN has! Who are these people and where will all this money go? And I wonder what they’ll be looking for when hiring these “hundreds of consultants” who are to adjudicate the claims for the new suffixes…

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Stupidscript wrote:

“Aside from a fee of $185,000, applicants must prove claims to the domain names they wish to buy.”

“Aside from the application fee, Bourne said owners have to pay about $25,000 a year to maintain each registry and $50,000 to $75,000 a year for technical functions often outsourced to a registry operator.”

The facts that anyone who applies to manage a TLD (top-level domain) must first be approved as a root domain name service management company over the very long haul (can’t have DNS admins dropping out every few weeks), and then pay all of that money to their own team of maintenance and security people (to manage this new business these corporations find themselves in), in addition to the costs of requisitioning, rolling out and maintaining a DNS farm will do several things:

(1) There will be no “explosion” of TLDs, because there will be very few corporations that will be able to justify this expense and long-term commitment;

(2) Prevent every Tom, Dick and Harriet who wants to be a DNS manager from doing so; and

(3) Limit who can take advantage of these new rules to the very upper crust of the world’s businesses. Mom and Pop need not apply.

So we will see the further ghettoization of the Internet name space, soon to be dominated by giant companies at the expense of the little guy, and increasing fragmentation of the addressing system, which will further punish the little guys in favor of the big guys.

Nice way to completely abdicate your responsibilities to maintain a fair and open addressing system, ICANN. Once again, it comes down to those who have the bucks getting to make the landscape over in their image. Big fail.

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web2mon wrote:

A shell game. Which one is it under. The gap widens and is excluding the weak hands at all costs. Authority at every level is a sham impersonating legitimacy that is bought and paid for by the current have’s in culture. 4.6 million for a MM dress but everything is A-OK, right?

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