Greek sovereignty to be massively limited: Juncker

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1progressive wrote:

Faced with a choice between forcing the aristocracy to pay their fair share of the country’s debt by enforcing its existing tax laws, or sticking the bill to the working class, Greece’s so-called Socialist government has overwhelmingly sided with the IMF and its “Shock Doctrine” policies.

The fiscally irresponsible conservative government that ran Greece until recently ran up this massive debt by essentially giving the money to the bankers; and now the country is going to sell off its assets to pay the debt. If history is any guide, the assets will be sold at pennies on the dollar, relative to their actual value as measured by future earnings potential. It’s a total rip-off for the people, but a fantastic bargain for the sovereign wealth funds that can afford to step in and snap up those assets at fire-sale prices.

This is the conservative agenda, people: bankrupt the government and essentially give away its assets to a few well-positioned rich people. They’re trying to do it in America, too. Most of the commenters on Reuters seem to want this to happen.

Why do conservatives hate America? I think it’s because conservatives don’t believe in either freedom for the individual, or equality under the law. Happy Fourth of July.

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