Factory growth slows, casts shadow on economy

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economicgps wrote:

MBA rise correlates to US GDP fall (1981-2008). http://goo.gl/aszuD

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elgecko84 wrote:

This is what happens when you keep inefficient and independently unprofitable companies in business with stimulus plans. Bush is Hoover and Obama is Roosevelt; don’t expect the economy to recover anytime soon with the policies we’re implementing. We need to let bad businesses go out of business so that they aren’t tying up capital in unneeded ventures. Yes, it will be painful to go through. But it will be brief, rather than extended like it is now. The Depression of 1921 vs. the Great Depression have shown the truly effective methods of dealing with the economy: LET IT BE FREED.

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So why is the Canadian dollar down slightly? All things considered, one would expect it to play Australian and go up.
Is Canada in trouble?

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BCerentano wrote:

The good news is Corporate America’s profits are soaring and the Chinese factories are steaming along! Ignorant Americans meanwhile walk around oblivious to the pending crumbling of the “American way of life”.


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