New Hampshire Planned Parenthood stops providing birth control

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dianew wrote:

So Ray, I’ve met you and spoken with you, and you seemed like a genuine nice old guy, and that was say 10-15 years ago. Now not providing condoms may make you feel like you’ve saved the state and taxpayer a ton of money, but who’s tax dollar is going to have to pay when that little bundle of joy, thanks to the “party” you mentioned, shows up to a low-income mom? Personally, give the couple a condom – way cheaper!!

Jul 09, 2011 5:01pm EDT  --  Report as abuse

If you’re against abortion thats fine, you’ll never have to get one. Stopping others from doing what they want and need is overstepping your role and infringing on others’ rights.

You don’t want to pay for someone else’s “party” by cutting funding to planned parenthoods funding so they can’t even provide contraception. So instead peoples’ taxes will be paying for the welfare the mother will have to go on that your forced to keep an unwanted pregnancy, or the foster home the child is put into. How does that make any sense.

Freedom is the distance between church and state, you republican christian scum can’t seem to keep your archaic beliefs out of other peoples’ lives.

Jul 12, 2011 1:28pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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