China inspects electronics stores after fake Apple shops report

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RevItUp wrote:

Three weeks and let me guess what the Chinese government puppets will say, “We’ve looked into it and there isn’t any problem.” OR the alternative they will either jail or execute the chief executive’s assistant who independently made the evil decision – the one who isn’t supporting a communist official. So typical of China. They couldn’t find a unique inventive idea of their own without a Map and a corrupt democrat selling them the info.

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1WorldDone wrote:

Anyone living/working in China will understand this joke: Chinese law enforcement…

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hellomyman wrote:

Lets pay the chinese back their money we owe them…….. And use monopoly money to do so.

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paintcan wrote:

“said a worker with the city’s industrial and commercial department.”

This may be a minor point – but when did employees become “workers”.
What is it? Are there too many syllables in “employees”? “Workers” is showing up in more than articles about the PRC. Are the managers always an “authority” or “the authorities”?

Did those “workers” have “too much alcohol in their surrogates”?

But more to the point- if these fakes are discovered to be very faithful clones of the original Apple computers – or at least good substitutes like generic foods or medicines – would any Chinese consumer buy them anyway? Considering how easy it is to upgrade memory and drives in any brand of micro computer, is there really much difference between one brand name and another? I have upgraded my own with components that were not made by the manufacturer of the original components. There seem to be only two major operating systems; Apple and Windows, but the components “under the hood” seem to be interchangeable. The Chinese don’t have to be more inventive – they just have to have more confidence in their ability to make a brand name. The consumers don’t know. That’s for the pimps who market this stuff to establish. I suggest they go with cheap and reliable, that’s what they are good at. The prices have been dropping so rapidly on all the consumer electronics, that their problem may be trying to make enough profit on any of the stuff to justify making it at all.

The fact that the buyers didn’t get a warranty – mentioned in another article – should have warned those gullible shoppers. My sister – formerly in the business – considered all these small computers and gadgets “toys”. When Bell Telephone lost it exclusive right to build and sell the old land line telephones – the market was flooded with much cheaper dial and push button phones. That was a good thing. For all the hype – the PC is really only another form of telephone that has many more functions. Consumers tend to be sheep that can be swayed by any amount of phony marketing hype.

@RevItUp- The Chinese probably will shut the stores down. They signed on to the UN intellectual property rights treaty a few years ago. That treaty may be a good thing depending on how long, intractable or broadly defined property rights become? It might be time to see articles about the abuse of intellectual property rights. Are the “workers” ready for it? Will the “authorities” let them know?

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ChristoA wrote:


I want to correct just a small part of your post… In regards to whether the products themselves are actual Apple products or “high quality”, there’s no way to build a quality clone of Apple products. This isn’t to say you can’t build a very quality competitor to it, but while most of the components are similar to or the same as PC components, Apple computers have EFI which is specific to real Apple hardware. Unless the manufacturers of the fakes are using EFI chips (which would cause a big ordeal), then there’s no way you could put OS X on these devices and provide a level of functionality as an actual Mac. Yes, there is a huge hackintosh community, which I think is wonderful, but the community knows what it’s getting itself into. The average consumer buying products that s/he expects to be legit Macs, isn’t going to not notice if they have to deal with hackintosh/non-Apple software.


If these aren’t legit Apple products, customers will notice pretty quickly…

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kc10man wrote:

Hehehehehahaahhehehe哈哈哈哈呵呵呵! Too funny. I doubt anything will happen. Maybe they will choose a random owner of one of the thousands of fake apple dealerships to send to jail and then they will say problem solved.

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d3v wrote:

I hope they show the americans the finger and keep the stores open.

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