Teacher suspended over "lazy whiners" blog post is reinstated

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RussD wrote:

This proves that the “liberal”"educationist” fascists aren’t as rational as they pretend, or there’d be no problem with her return considering that her comments about her students are irrefutable fact about most government school kids (and “teachers”!) in the US where tested PhDs have been shown to be UNABLE to pass college ENTRANCE exams from the 18th century. And they’re teaching our kids?! When these clowns try to pretend they’re more knowledgeable than our Founders they should be laughed to scorn.

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krullkk wrote:

You know if the truth hurts then feel the pain. I have seen the biggest change in our youth since I was in High School 15 years ago. They are so disrespectful and they all think that they are owed something from everyone. They have not had to work for anything in thier lives. Everything is given to them. It will all change when this nation defaults and it will be more expensive to keep on living thei way some do. I would like to see the parents of those kids get up in front of them and give a period of instruction and see how the children really are. It might be just a little bit enlightening.

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WhatsNextNow wrote:

Does that school have an attorney? I’m surprised that she hasn’t sued the district… There’s something in the country called “free speech” and denying it [although it happens everyday] is a violation of the law. I am glad that she got an early vacation from the wining parents and kids. The comments she made is shared by countless teachers. Unfortunately, the media would rather focus their coverage on urban schools where comments as “disengaged”, “lazy”, “rude” would be received as “typical” – works for stereotypes and elevating oneself.

There’s a problem in American schools, and it starts at home…

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phramer wrote:

While I can’t pretend to know her students personally, given my experience with privileged children of a similar age (including may of my own nieces and nephews), I think “rude, disengaged, lazy whiners” is right on the mark!

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filc wrote:

WhatsNextNow wrote:

“There’s a problem in American schools, and it starts at home…”

Bingo! Thank You!

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