Obama: Americans must pay fair share to cut deficit

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KriegC wrote:

Hummm, why should I pay, I don’t recall spending trillions of dollars. Wastefull, shame shame. Time for new people to manage my cash!

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KriegC wrote:

Humm, why should I pay? I don’t remember spending trillions of dollars. Wastefull, shame shame! Time for all new people in Washington to manage my money. Monkeys pulling numbers out of a hat could do no worse.

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szore wrote:

Pay our ‘fair share’? Is he kidding me?

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CDouglas wrote:

Let’s see, I think my children are already paying for the last “Stimulus” bill. How much more do we need to pay to people who have a track record of being unable to manage resources effectively?

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Unmistakeable wrote:

What is fair? Is it fair that half the folks in our nation don’t pay any income tax? Is it fair that hard working americans have to pay while others sit around and collect from the government? You don’t know the meaning of fair Mr President.

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USAPragmatist wrote:

First @Unmistakeable, this whole 50% do not pay income tax argument is not being intellectually honest. One this 50% is not making much money and they have a VERY small % of the wealth. Two, ANYONE that works pays FICA, so they are paying taxes.

@CDouglas, let us see, the debt is about 14-15 TRILLION and the American Investment and Recovery Act was about 750 BILLION. So the ‘Stimulus’ is less then 7% of what ‘your kids’ are paying for. The rest is 90% from GOP policies, like wars, Medicare Part D, and unfunded tax cuts. The ‘Stimulus’ actually did some good, while the policies that cost the rest of the debt simply made America lose prestige. So you want to go back to the same people that got us in this mess? That defies logic.

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skifiSSS555 wrote:

I hate the “pay their fair share” line….to say higher income or super wealthy people need to pay more is one thing put saying the fair share thing implies that we dont’ already have the highest taxes in the world on upper income people.


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seattlesh wrote:

Most of Middle America has been paying its fair share Mr. President. I have the tax returns to prove it. Many of us did not ask for two unfunded wars that have cost us so far $1.4 trillion or to deregulate the Wall street Banks by eliminating Glass Steagal that has cost our economy inestimable trillions and resulted in 9% plus unemployment. Please get the money from the wealthiest 1% that now control 40% of the nations wealth. Please get it from the golden parachute boys and girls on Wall Street. Please end the two Bush black holes that are Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. Then we will sit down and talk about further sacrifice. For now, Middle America is tapped out.

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seattlesh wrote:

SkifiSSS555, were do you get that stuff? The wealthy here do not have the highest taxes in the world, far from it. Please back up your assertions.

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UnPartisan wrote:


FICA is not a tax. It is a retirement program, and a very poor one, that we are forced to pay into. Liberals tend to forget that FICA is 15.2%, 7.6% paid by the individual, and 7.6% paid by the employer. Now if you are self employed you get to pay the whole 15.2%. But already the “rich” corporations are paying half of the majority of the US FICA taxes.

Income tax taxes income, not wealth. If Democrats truly want to go after the wealthy, they have to do so through property taxes, sales taxes, and taxes on estates. Unfortunately the Wealthy in this country which is compromised of primarily Democrats have pulled the wool over everyones eyes. They have their money, the threat to them is someone else earning enough money to reach their status. That is why all you will ever hear out of the Kennedys, Kerrys, Rockefellers, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffets of the world is tax income, not wealth.


I didn’t ask for Obama’s unfunded stimulus bills of $1.4 trillion dollars over 3 years of his presidency. At least the unfunded wars that cost $1.4 trillion is over a 10 year period. Bush and Obama have destroyed the American budget, and hence the economy.

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UnPartisan wrote:


The federal debt was 5.769 trillion when Bush took office, it was 10.413 when he left. That is an additional 4.644 trillion dollars over eight years. It is well over 14.4 trillion now in only three years of Obama. How can Democrats say Bush was horrible, and blindly support Obama? 90% of the debt is not from Republican policies, that is either a misinformed emotion, or a lie.

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Sensibility wrote:

The individual taxpayers have been paying more than their “fair share” for a long time. Why don’t you try getting other areas to make do with less. Cut defense. Stop the two Bush wars and the one you started this year. Repeal the Affordable Care Act. Reform the tax code and abolish the IRS. Close tax loopholes for multinationals. Reform medicare and social security. Stop funding NPR and Planned Parenthood. Then again, stoking class warfare is simpler, and it might get you some more votes in 2012.

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Began wrote:

It would not take much of an investigation to determine that the money was not lost, it was stolen!!

Go after the money from those that stole it rather than bleed the victims to pay for the crimes that those supporting our ‘ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES’ and, in-cahoots, with these same ‘ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES’, allowed this to happen by doing the bidding of the lobbyists, rather than following their ‘oath of office’ and representing the people!

The corruption of our government is rampant!!

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hotmess wrote:

Obama knows this is going nowhere and wants it that way. When defeated, he can then blame Rebulicans for the economy and unemployment, and as Sensibility noted, create the class warfare that he needs to be reelected.

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hotmess wrote:

Sorry, but true. Skifi is correct. Would you consider yourself rich if you’re in the top 10% of wage earners? Well, if you’re household income is more than $113,799, congratulations. Based on the Summary of Federal Income Tax Data for 2008 (the most current available from the IRS), you are in the top 10% of taxpayers. The top 10% of wage earners represented 45.77% of the Total AGI and paid 69.94% of all personal income taxes collected by our government. According to the Tax Foundation, in no other Industrialized country does the top 10% of wage earners pay a greater share of the total taxes collected. Look for yourself.


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seattlesh wrote:

Hotmess, if I earned $113,799 a year I would consider myself financially a lucky man. Most of us live on considerably less.

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seattlesh wrote:

Hotmess, if I earned $113,799 a year I would consider myself financially a lucky man. Most of us live on considerably less.

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justinolcb wrote:

hes not a president hes an embarrassment

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