Industry split emerges over biofuels' indirect impact

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blmarquis wrote:

The propaganda wars over biofuels are being fought with “studies” done by academics, who are not paid well and subject to influence by lobbyists.
The lobbyists in Europe are basically farm interests for the pro and oil interests for the contra side.
The studies on indirect land use come up so the EU has to deal with them. Although in Europe the concept is absurd, to insult the academics would cause them to sulk.
Planting rapeseed in Europe for biofuels does not cause starving in Africa. The argument is bogus. We have just gotten rid of food dumping of European farm surpluses (by diverting surpluses to fuel production) which was ruining African agriculture.
Biofuels in Europe help European farmers, they reduce farm subsidies and they remove the curse of dumping from African agriculture. As far as rain forests go, they have nothing to do with European biofuels, Brazil maybe.

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