Malaria eradication no vague aspiration, says Gates

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jameswmartin wrote:

It is great to see the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation becoming involved with the eradication of malaria. Within Rotary International world-wide we have been very priviledged to have the Bill Gates join us on our quest to eradicate POLIO from the face of the earth, and we are very close to doing so with the disease now only present in 4 countries. Good luck with this quest #rotaryendpolio

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Tonybacon wrote:

When Rotary International started the immunisation campaign to eradicate POLIO back in 1979 many people believed that it was an impossible task. In the years since then polio cases have been reduced by more than 99% and we are “This Close” to seeing this vicious disease eradicated #rotaryendpolio. Rotary has needed many partners in this endeavour Including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Given similar vision and determination there is no reason why the same cannot be achieved with malaria

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Sandylu wrote:

There is enormous political prestige connected to the development of a malaria vaccine.

In the clinical trials the vaccine is compared with the rabies and meningococcal vaccines which are both extremely dangerous.

The results will be manipulated and the conclusion will be that the malaria vaccine is non-inferior when compared with the control vaccines.

Just because it will be declared non-inferior does not mean that it is a good vaccine. Clinical trials already have showed an extremely high degree of serious adverse events.

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I really hope that Bill Gates, the eugenicist, is sincere. Considering that during a speech he said that he would use vaccines to curb the human population, and that he is funding research to fuse disease fighting vaccines with fertility control vaccines, I can’t help but wonder what his true intentions are. Back in the 90s, tetanus vaccines laced with fertility vaccines and were given to the poor of the Phillippines, Nicaragua and other countries, causing long-term sterility in many unsuspecting recipients. I guess we should ask those suffering from the effects of those vaccines back in the 90s whether we should trust Bill Gates’ kind gesture to vaccinate the poor of Africa with these new vaccines. Something tells me that would tell us to run away, as fast as we can.

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