Cain's support dips after sex accusations: poll

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Intriped wrote:

What his opponents were hoping for.

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doggydaddy wrote:

“Republicans were less likely to believe they [the allegations] are true, with 39 percent thinking they are accurate.”
Proof that Republicans base their beliefs on whatever supports their ideology rather than the evidence. That is why they continue to dismiss global warming as a hoax even though the ice caps are melting and temperatures are warming. That’s why they dismiss the theory of evolution in favor of “creationism”. That’s why they choose to believe that Obama wasn’t really born in the US. We really shouldn’t allow these people to influence the direction of our nation, not if we care about our country’s future.

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Republican’s are less likely to believe anything that is true.

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sgreco1970 wrote:

this notion that only libs think this matter should not just be swept under the rug is disturbing. Conservatives value morality very highly. if there’s even a chance that he is a sexual predator, it should be investigated fully long before the election.

When it was just 1 woman, I could accept it. When it became 2 I had serious concerns. Now its 3 and we’re going to forget it? I don’t think so.

No christian man of values forces himself on women. He may try to make us forget this, but I certainly will not.

And look at his behavior. He barks at reporters and tries to intimidate them with high handed retorts and antics. Its just not a stretch to picture him doing that to women.

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anneshelby wrote:

Bye Bye Munster

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divinargant wrote:

A week from now he will have fallen another 15, and that’s being generous. Did anyone really believe that the GOP would abide in the chance to allow this man as the nominee and run a full blown campaign against Obama? Fundementally, the reason was pretty obvious…to me anyway.

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m126810 wrote:

Why even include the proportions if you can’t even support them mathematically? I don’t care either way what the political beliefs of these writers are, but please respect the responsibility bestowed on you as a journalist.

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Billybergh wrote:

Who cares about Cain? I care little about his sexual harrassment of women, but I’d love him to run for president because he’s the perfect representative of the Tea Party mentality and would serve as a good representative of it. He’s a Koch brothers “brother,” and he’s an ignoramus. The Tea Party is a creation of Corporate donors who use Tea Party members (gullible, ignorant people, un-educated, low information voters) to “democratically” enact their take-over of our country.

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sgreco1970 wrote:

A major conservative advocacy group, funded by Koch family oil interests, says it is reviewing its “financial dealings” with a Wisconsin charity headed by Herman Cain’s campaign manager, raising fresh questions about the source of tens of thousands of dollars in funds that were used to pay expenses for Cain’s presidential campaign.

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sgreco1970 wrote:

A major conservative advocacy group, funded by Koch family oil interests, says it is reviewing its “financial dealings” with a Wisconsin charity headed by Herman Cain’s campaign manager, raising fresh questions about the source of tens of thousands of dollars in funds that were used to pay expenses for Cain’s presidential campaign.

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PrimaryVoter wrote:

“Ipsos conducted the poll of 1,007 adults on Friday and Saturday by interviewing individuals via a U.S. online household panel.

Since it was an online poll, typical margins of error do not apply. Despite that, various recognized methods were used to select as representative a sample as possible and weigh the results.

If it were a traditional random survey, it would have a margin of error of between plus 4.4 percent and plus 5.1 percentage points. That figure varies because some participants dropped out of the video portion of the survey.”

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Cain, Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity tried to make it about race, this is how the right-wing plays the race card:

1. The primary victims of racism are white people.

2. The most vicious form of racism is when a white person is falsely accused of being a racist.

3. On rare occasions, a black person can be a victim of racism, but this only occurs when a prominent black conservative is criticized for, well, for pretty much anything. In that case, the criticism can only be motivated by the racism that liberals feel in their hearts, unlike conservatives, who all believe in the equality of all people.

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Cain, Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity tried to make this about race. This is how the right plays the race card:

1. The primary victims of racism are white people.

2. The most vicious form of racism is when a white person is falsely accused of being a racist.

3. On rare occasions, a black person can be a victim of racism, but this only occurs when a prominent black conservative is criticized for, well, for pretty much anything. In that case, the criticism can only be motivated by the racism that liberals feel in their hearts, unlike conservatives, who all believe in the equality of all people.

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SAC.PRIMO. wrote:

The 2012 Presidential Election , it has been less attention than 2007 . I believe candidates , haven’t been strong as Obama Domination for 2007 . the tree Favorite , No 1. Herman Cain . No. 2 Mitt Romney . And No. 3 Rick Perry . after all I still select No . 1 Herman Cain . it was a shame the sexual scandal to drop a none Political Strong Man . but I believe that every thing has a prize . Jerry Perry has no experience how to become the Leader of Unite States . Neither Mitt Romney , both need more strong and firm conclusions to address political issues . Mr. Cain could be the only one can deffite President Obama .

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AmyAnn wrote:

Cain’s handling of the situation was Very Poor. He was so intent on defending himself that he dismissed the impact his words had on the women in the settlement. They were spoken of very disrespectfully by some Cain supporters and treated as nonentities by others. Their lives and reputations are just as important to them as Cain’s is to him.

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Beachdudeca wrote:

If he wants to be the President he needs to allow all of this story to go public. He can not just keep taking the stance that it takes his conversation off topic and not allow this aspect of his character to be examined if he wants to be elected.

If he will not go public about this he does not deserve to be elected to any office, he does not get a free pass just because he is black.

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sgreco1970 wrote:

he can fight this story all he wants, it isnt going away. We want answers.

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joyfulhermit wrote:

I find it cleverly deceptive for the reporter in this piece to say “at least” three women have accused Cain…. Why not say “three”–but no, prefacing with “at least” cleverly and cruelly gives the suggestion to the brain of many more women. Then, the word “accused” needs to be taken for what it is: accusation.

See how the media–or any given journalist–can create in the reader’s mind a brainwashing?

The media has lost its journalistic credibility and has become nothing more than advertisers very clever at their game of indoctrinating and selling people on what the journalists implant in our brains.

This is treachery at the highest level. Reader beware.

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Tracie19 wrote:

I would like to know why all of a sudden after all these years are these women coming forward with their accusations? I am not saying it did not happen, but how convenient that the accused is now running for President and these women finally deem it important and necessary to bring these accusations to public attention. Really?

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dreamymiss wrote:

Nobody is brainwashed, hermit. Men might brush the issue off, but women are not about to forget about it, even if it were only 2. Herman was never a contender in my mind anyway, because I’ve viewed him as a liar for quite a while.

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Bilge wrote:

The accusations date from the 1990s, twenty years ago. Whenever women pop up like this, after all this time, I smell lawsuit and big settlement.

There is such a thing as sexual harassment. But it seems to me that asking a girl out to a movie or sharing an ice cream sundae does not qualify. And if she did something she regrets the next morning, maybe she ought to take a bath.

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anneshelby wrote:

The attacks on the press are a lot worse than the harassment accusations themselves. He sure did a lot of damage to the GOP in just one week. They better put a muzzle on that fool.

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anneshelby wrote:

Tea Party is Splitting from the GOP.

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Velmaa1 wrote:

From the beginning, it was hard to see why this man would garner so much support. Itis incredible to me that people would see the job of President of the US as only about the US economy and not be able to know anything about foreign policy. The fact the this idiot knew nothing about China and its nuclear weaponry was ridiculous and more ridiculous was his claim that it was unimportant to know the names of leaders of other countries. He is so unprepared and so ignorant of so many issues, it kept giving me pause as to why he had so much support. If it took this scandal of sexual inappropriateness to get people to see him for what he is, then good. Why there are some who are so willing to lower the bar of expectations of those who seek the highest office of this country is beyond me. Please give me someone who can look wisely at the issues and try to come up with solutions.
Go Obama!!!!!

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LostSok wrote:

The fact that ANY Republicans EVER thought this man was a serious candidate for president is horrifying and puts into question the intellectual capacity of each and every one of them. And he’s STILL consider “favorable” by over half? If I ever needed proof the the vacant nature of the right-wing thinking…the slam dunks even the infatuation with Palin.

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PHILIP2 wrote:

In TIME magazine this week, there is a map of the U.S. that shows the level of upward mobility in each state. The upward mobility statistic was calculated as a combination of investment in education, civic activity and the arts, and a couple other quality-of-life and economic factors. The worst states were Nevada and Mississippi (no surprise there, huh?). The next-worst states, about ten in number, form a PERFECT map of the confederacy, plus West Virginia, minus North Carolina and Virginia.

The media just won’t say it, but everyone except those about whom it is said know it well: Race- and religion-driven politics stem from ignorance…coupled strongly with regional history.

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derdutchman wrote:

If a woman signs a non-disclosure agreement and takes money for doing so, and subsequently discloses, how much of what a welsher-ergo-liar says should be believed?

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efpefp wrote:

have they identified themselves? exactly what is he accused of doing? I personally don’t like him, but????

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crbob wrote:

Liberal democrats still do not believe that Kennedy had famous women movie stars of the day sneake into the white house for his pleasure, or that Clinton dropped his pants for a bj in the oval office….they are in deniability on both of these events… they will either play the sexual harrasment or inexperience cards against Cain, forgetting that their idol in the white house had no experience whatsoever before he was inadvertently elected president…….

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Lanche wrote:

Yeah as usual convenient timing for the left to dig this story up. Whenever they feel threatened they start targeting the person they are scared of. Look what they did to Sarah Palin. Yet when it comes to the philandering Pres. Clinton they hold that adulterer in high esteem. They are hypocrites that need to be voted out. We have a President that has so many potential backdoor deals to pad his election coffers its disgusting.

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OleBamaDude wrote:

The Republican establishment backs Romney. The wealthy elite support Romney to protect their financial interests. The Republican race is over.

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TomMariner wrote:

What exactly did you expect when every “news” outfit in the US kept the ACCUSATIONS alive? Grow up if you don’t think the “independent press” will get their chosen candidate elected. This is nothing — we are ten months away from choosing a Republican candidate — when that happens, you’re going to see personal attacks of historic proportions.

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pauldia wrote:

Two points;
1) Herman Cain,in all likelihood was never going to be the ultimate nominee. Lack of experience and his shallow knowledge of the issues are salient.

2) The last week has exposed the media far more than damaging Herman Cain. Comparisons between the number of stories by all the major media on both Bill Clinton’s travails with Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broderick and the dearth of any coverage of Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers and Rev Wright have reinforced the public’s belief in ideological bias by the media. The discrepancy is quantifiable and while reflexive attacks defensive responses against this reality will occur,the truth is the truth. Future attacks against Conservatives by media organizations such as the Washington Post,Politico, Comcast’s MSNBC or NBC will be worn as a badge of courage and will benefit the candidate financially and sympathetically.If Obama loses it will be because of his epic policy and horrendous appointments, Herman Cain will be in the new Republican Administration. Perhaps Commerce or another business related post. The continued loss of trust by the major media is reflected in their loss of ad revenue and viewership. The next step is for Republican actually candidates,especially black, Hispanic or female Conservatives to actually benefit from perceived hit pieces against them.The Washington Post piece attacking Marco Rubio is illustrative. Spurious at best,gratuitous at worst. Finally,constituencies such as the Tea Party may invoke consumer politics and cancel Comcast for Verizon to make a point against NBC or MSNBC. The left has attacked FOX similarly. Cain is now a symbol of victory for the right,and illustrative of the fear the left has of a minority gaining traction with a message of empowerment vs dependency.

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AtlantaEd wrote:

To crbob: I’m a liberal democrat and you don’t have a clue about what I think. What you’ve done is created your image of what you think a liberal democrat is. Your view is worthless.

And the women didn’t just “come forward” now. A newspaper found out about it and released it. Then Cain dumped on them and one of them spoke up.

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widollar wrote:

The “Herminator” and his star are finally starting to lose its luster, and over time he will eventually become a non-event and the media will stoping covering his idiotic comments. Herman Cain is a good self promoter and little elese, period! Sure, his fees for motivation talks will increase and his book sales will increase somewhat, but who really cares?

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Kevin_W wrote:

The only way to beat the press in this game is to come clean. When fidelity questions arose with the Obama’s, both Barrack AND Michelle admitted to having had affairs in the past. Guess what? It went away and no one talks about it anymore. Love or hate the president, he was smart enough to know how to shut the press up. Cain is making a fool of himself by dragging it out, and it will only be a matter of weeks before he withdraws his bid.

All of you need to realize this isn’t a right or left thing, nor is it some conspiracy, nor is it something we haven’t seen a million times already. If you don’t want the whole world knowing your dirt, don’t run for major office. ALL persons of power have skeletons in their closet. They are human beings just like us, and are susceptible to the same shortfalls as we are.

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Menica wrote:

More alarming than the allegations is how poorly he reacts to them. He quickly angers, grows testy with and snaps at reporters and is generally argumentative, bossy and stubborn in his reactions. Although this may be normal human behavior to an “attack” what does this say about how he will handle diplomacy issues and negotiations?!
Do we want a president who angers easily, snaps at foreing leaders seriously risking relationships, and can’t keep his cool when facing unfavorable challenges??!!

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johneverymann wrote:

Sorry Herman, I`m jumpin ship. 1 woman i might be able to accept. 2? Now 3? No way i could back you. This is the same reason i cant back Newt. For a christian man, This is hard. It seems Gingrich and Cain have no family values. I know it shouldn’t play a role, But i cant vote for Romney, Hes a Mormon. I liked Perry for about a month, Like everyone else, Until he started talking. Its like listening to GWB on crack. I might have to take my family`s advice and vote Ron Paul. He may be a little kooky. He has family values, He has a actual plan, Like Cain.

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reivers wrote:

I find it amazing that the number of homes without mirrors has proliferated to the extent apparent in this string of post. The number of posts viewing Republicans as a monolithic beam of humanity bound together by identical attitudes, opinions and standards only serves to obscure the true nature of the contest at hand. Have those of you claiming the flag of the Democratic Party completely forgotten the strident and hard fought primaries of your party in 2008, let alone the fact that Mr. Obama prevailed against Ms. Clinton by the thinnest of margins? Beginning with my first opportunity to cast a ballot for President in 1960 and continuing through the upcoming election in 2012 the Democratic Party has been unable to field a candidate I could support for that office; unfortunately this time neither party is having any success.

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crbob -

An online poll of all 15 liberal democrats still among the living, plus a representative cross-section of 928 liberal democrats interred in cemeteries in 33 states, DC and 1 territory (PR), found that all acknowledged sexual liaisons with JFK. In addition, all but 3 admitted to having crossed the aisle at least once for debauched encounters with Nelson Rockefeller. Citing Clintonian triangulation as straining the spirit of bipartisanship to the breaking point, none reported erotic experiences with President Clinton, with 86% reporting they had declined the opportunity, and the rest stating that they had never met Mr Clinton.

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xyz2055 wrote:

This is all much ado about nothing. So he tried to get laid by making suggestive comments to a few women. It’s not like he’s been accused of rape or groping any of these women. The real story about Cain’s rise to the top, Bachmann’s short tenure as the favorite, Perry’s short tenure as the favorite and Ron Paul winning a couple of straw polls is that Romney can’t convince a high enough percentage of Republican voters that he’s solidly the guy for the Republican nomination. As an Independent sitting back and watching this unfold it seems clear to me that it will eventually come down to Newt and Willard. After the rest of the circus clowns get their 15 minutes in the limelight. All of these bozo’s have peaked. None of these clowns have a viable plan that would be particularly helpful for the country or that would have a chance in hell of being passed by Congress anyway. Newt will win the nomination. Obama will beat Newt in the 2012 election. That’s my prediction.

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Treelover wrote:

Yay, press! Thank you for warning the citizens of our nation against this HORRIBLE, VERY, VERY SERIOUS THREAT TO OUR FREEDOM AND WAY OF LIFE!!!! We would hate to have some omni-competent, creative, productive person in the Oval Office! Gosh, he might even fix our economy, THEN what would we complain about!? Better to stay settled in the regions of mediocrity instead of the heights of excellence–there’s more oxygen down here, and we’re afraid of heights….

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derdutchman wrote:

If a woman signs a non-disclosure agreement and takes money for doing so, and subsequently discloses, how much of what a welsher-ergo-liar says should be believed?

In the situation you put forth that woman should be believed. But since Cain himself has personally divulged more fact about the case than any of these woman have you have no point to make.

None of the woman themselves have said a word about this or violated the secrecy clause they entered into, any more than Cain himself has already said publicly.

These woman have had their lawyers CAREFULLY speak for them so as not to violate the agreement they entered into, unlike Cain has. That tells me that these three woman have more integrity than Cain does.

Nov 06, 2011 10:26am EST  --  Report as abuse
sarrann wrote:

Is America going to believe this crap about Cain? AND, if this really happened why are these women now telling the world about it?

Nov 06, 2011 10:43am EST  --  Report as abuse
SingleMember wrote:

No wonder Cain supported TARP.

“Cain sat on the board of directors of American corporations that applied for and received millions of tax-dollars in stimulus money.
According to his personal financial disclosure form, Cain supplements his income by being a board member for several large corporations.
As a board member, Cain collected $202,500 from Agco Corporation, a farm products company, and $259,008 from Whirlpool Corporation (including options and a board salary).”

He was busy taking money from YOUR pockets to put in HIS!

And how about his stint with Aquila where lots of people lost their retirement savings?

At least Huntsman already has lots of money and is hopefully less likely to pull stunts like these! Huntsman 2012!!!

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russinmaine wrote:

An overall 5% drop after a week long attempt at media lynching?? Not bad I would say. Politico alone ran a total of 90 pieces on the story last week in a very clear attempted lynching by media. The majority of Americans can now see through the media like a plate of clear glass. I’ll guarantee you that in a week of talking about the issues and dismal policies of the current administration he will be back on top easily! Nice try Main Stream Media, but you will not manipulate the peoples choice no matter how much you may want to!

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NobodysFool wrote:

What saddens is me is this stubborn adherence to the Republican vs. Democrat nonsense. When will we the people wake up and pay attention to the important issues? I don’t care at this point if Herman Cain did or didn’t sexually harass these women. The fact that his first instinctive response to these charges coming forward was to lie, then to lie again, then to lie some more tells me all I need to know about his suitability for the office of president of the US. We have had enough of liars in the White House from both parties. And by the way, to those who like to paint all Republicans with the same brush: I am a registered Republican and have voted for the Republican candidates for president all my voting life. But I woke up after the last election. I will not be fooled again into voting for a slimey politician because we have to get the other side’s guy out ( or prevent him from getting in). This anyone but “you supply the name” has been used to persuade people from both parties to elect a series of disastrous presidents who have led this country into costly wars and devastated our economy. This time I will not vote for anyone who doesn’t have a long record of actually adhering to the Constitution.

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GJPinKS wrote:

Thank you Reuters for continuing this obviously racist attack on the next President of the United States. Why don’t you and your fellow traveling Klan members go back to your bonfires?

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BKennedy86 wrote:

So this is how low American journalism has sunk: An online opinion poll is used to assess how much support has dropped from a front-running presidential candidate based on nonspecific harassment charges utilizing anonymous sources, at least one of which has been given an opportunity to come forward and declined, preferring to speak through her attorney.

And they wonder why no one pays attention to them any more.

Nov 06, 2011 3:23pm EST  --  Report as abuse
chizzlinsam wrote:

like how he Finally drags his wife out of hiding…..
NO class and disrespectful to women…

Nov 06, 2011 4:49pm EST  --  Report as abuse
dXm wrote:

The (R)’s are surprised at the media attention? That it’s distracted from important issues?
This from the folks who brought us birthers, Our President the Muslim, Our President the Terrorist, Our President the Communist/Socialist(they don’t know the difference between the two).
And NOW they think the Media is going off-topic?

Nov 06, 2011 5:01pm EST  --  Report as abuse
TJensen wrote:

Wow… I can’t believe the “Republicans value morals highly when it was one woman it was alright” comment. What is he saying? A man should get away with the first instance of sexual harassment? Or perhaps he’s suggesting that accusations by women must be collaborated because women are mostly liars. Either way, it says far more about his, and Republican, “morals” then they’d like us to know.

Republicans were once decent and respectable. These days they are hate-filled, bullying thugs who have little idea about actual decency.
And that’s one of the reasons that I will never vote republican again, though I did often in the past. Today’s republican dogma makes me sorry I ever did…

Nov 06, 2011 6:06pm EST  --  Report as abuse
doggydaddy wrote:

Good post, dXm. The right’s selective vision just amazes me. There’s a word for that: hypocrisy.

Nov 06, 2011 6:09pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Bretfox wrote:

How can this poll be true? I have voted over 20 times for Herman Cain using different accounts of course. Something must be wrong.

Nov 06, 2011 6:12pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Bretfox wrote:

Either a long time delay or my comments are being censored.

Nov 06, 2011 6:17pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Bretfox wrote:

The Cain campaign is again setting records. Iowa is looking very good.

Nov 06, 2011 6:19pm EST  --  Report as abuse
doggydaddy wrote:

Bretfox: The guy didn’t even know that China has nuclear weapons. How in god’s name can you seriously consider him for the Presidency of the United States? Please, let that be a litmus test. If a person doesn’t know that China has nuclear weapons then that disqualifies them from being President. We have to live here, too, you know. We would like to see our nation survive, if not thrive.

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DougT7 wrote:

Meanwhile another poll says Mr. Cain is tied with Mitt Romney. Another hack job of reporting by Reuters.

Nov 06, 2011 6:53pm EST  --  Report as abuse
sojithesoulja wrote:

How about we stop talking about it… it’s fairly obvious he did a no no, which should discourage people from supporting him. How about we talk about something like how Cain didn’t know that China had nukes; much more relevant.

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From_Mars wrote:

Is it me, or has there been a coordinated Political and Media hit placed on this Cain guy for the past month?

I don’t know if I support him yet or not, but it just seems like a repeat Judge Clarence Thomas to me. A low blow.

It seems as if the political apparatchiki doesn’t like a certain outsider or un-trusted fellow, they will go to no ends to terminate his or hers chances of making a popular voice count.

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RosAnders wrote:

I donated to him only after he was accused because it’s obvious that they’re doing a hatchet job on him … including the RINOs he’s running against. This thing was settled 10 to 15 years ago.

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josephdupont wrote:

Dear Reuters,
Is it not strange that Soros,or any other supporter of Obama have not yet made a deal to financially back the women who have signed non-disclosure agreements relating to their misgivings with Mr. Cain? Anyone who had a price for silence could be bought to brake that silence if they had any true conviction regarding their alleged trespasses against them. At worse they would have to pay back what they sold out for. If I were Soros, I’d double or triple it just for fun. Or are these damsels holding out for the real big bucks? Should the public be told at what price these women were bought for if they actually come forward? If so who is lacking character and believability? I want to know the truth, but today allegations of sexual harassment are a dime a dozen. Real sexual harassment happens too much to be sure, but then again some come down to he said, she said and some are just set ups. (Remember Al Gore?) But as of right now the silence is deafening!

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Beachdudeca wrote:

The bigger question is why is not Ron Paul winning the Illinois Straw Poll , with 52% of the vote getting more press then all of those that are trailing him in all the key polls .

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user8192 wrote:

Who cares what you think, Reuters? Contributions have been flooding into Cain’s campaign for the last week at a record rate. The Lame Street Press no longer matters, since it sold us out in 2008, allowing Obama to get elected.

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McClarinJ wrote:

@ doggydaddy, I’m not a Republican but I rise here (somewhat) to their defense.

Republicans are skeptical because most of the media is liberal Democrat and they’re suspicious of trumped-up smear campaigns over things any Democrat would get a pass on.

They also know that the “remedies” for “human caused” global warming consist of long cherished projects of the left that the leftist media is all to happy to advance, thus they are more willing to consider the opinion of a growing body of Science that says the claims of man-caused global warming are not born out by the evidence.

I agree regarding evolution, probably most but not all Republicans’ objections are raised out of religious belief. I personally question human evolution by strictly Darwinian natural selection. I think it may have had a helping hand due to some very unlikely chromosomal arrangements that distinguish us from other higher primates. The same might be true for domestic livestock and crop species.

On to the “birther” charge, it doesn’t help that Obama’s past is so unusual or that the philosophy of his associates is so radical. Where are the stories about him from his classmates and childhood friends? Nevertheless, I doubt that the majority of Republicans “believe” that the circumstances of the president’s birth disqualify him from office. It is quite natural for them to wonder about it though.

If Republicans should be barred from influencing our nation’s future, what can be said of Democrats, many of whom (along with some Republicans) seem determined to push us into the direction of European socialism that is now destroying the European Union? Such lemming-like myopia cannot be allowed at our nation’s helm.

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toledofan wrote:

So, what are the charges again, what did he do? Oh that’s right we still don’t know. Amazing isn’t it, the double standard. Look at the guys like Spitzer, Clinton, etc., and the media provides them cover. We don’t even know what the Cain said or did. If this isn’t a hatchet job, I don’t what what would be one. Pathetic.

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JL4 wrote:

I was sexually harassed and was given the option of a settlement with cash. The company had a ton of money to pay lawyers to fight with. I had none so I took the money and moved on.

I haven’t contacted the press about it because no one would care – it isn’t newsworthy, and the future of this country isn’t at stake because of it.

BUT, and this is key, IF the jerk who harassed me announced he was running for President, I would speak up. I would owe it to my fellow Americans to do so.

This isn’t a “lynching”, this is disclosure, and Cain can’t hide behind a non-disclosure agreement.

And if the tables were turned, and the candidate were a Democrat, wouldn’t Republicans go batsh*t happy? Of course they would.

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