French weekly firebombed after it portrays Mohammad

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lallousx86 wrote:

It is bad news indeed.

One can think that Islam is bad on one hand, on the other hand one can think “what a propaganda is being played against Islam” and cannot keep but wondering what will happen next.

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Buelligan wrote:

“Danish cartoons in 2005 sparked protests in the Muslim world in which at least 50 people were killed.”

That isn’t erritated, (or is it irritated?), that is showing an irrational violent response to a non-violent form of expression. Political cartoons have made fun of many groups, the cartoon of Mohammed is the only one that has led to dozens of deaths.

When a policital cartoon uses the image of a donkey or elephant to mock a political party in America, do American’s riot and wind up with a death count?

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koza_dereza wrote:

Freedom of Speech trumps Islam.
Where are the Muslims denouncing this attack?

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aladdin_mp wrote:

Open a bank account where supporters of freedom of speech can make contributions to help the paper rebuild. If enough little people support the paper, maybe it can stay in business.

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Lexifer wrote:

The Middle East used to be known for brilliant artists, musicians and mathematicians, now it’s just a dark hole of religious oppression with people in funny hats and skirts trying to force everyone to be like them – following insane bronze age customs.

This type of behavior is like a small child throwing a tantrum over candy – and dooms this group to forever wallow in results of its own making: Welcome (back) to the bronze age.

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Cee454 wrote:

Very typical of the Muslim religion. They can dish it out but can’t take any criticisms.
Its important for mature, intelligent people to ask questions and challenge thought processes and philosophies. Its close minded, immature people who start “punching and kicking” people when their own view-points are challenged. (like young boys on a school playground)
Grow up and join the discussion like mature adults.

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greysave wrote:

@ gffacif That’s the point its freedom. I don’t have to agree with your point of view just as you dont of mine. There are many parodies out there of Jesus, but you don’t see everyone trying to firebomb every time there is a joke about God. You have no right to hurt others who disagree with you. This makes your religion look EVIL to many others. It’s a redicilous point of view, we can’t poke fun at things we dont understand, as far as muslims are concerned but they are allowed to kill for a belief? I can change my mind or take my words back, you can never give life back. No excuse can be made for the actions….The middle east is slipping farther and farther from reality. follow u or die aye?

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Copse wrote:

When will Muslims begin to understand that living in a Western liberal democracy opens them, and all other religions, to satire. This reaction only reinforces the very negative opinion that many in the West already have of Islam. Muslims have forgotten the fact that up until they were expelled from most of Europe, Islam was the most progressive extant society…and then they went retrograde and have remained there ever since. Perhaps these Muslims that are so offended by Western values should return to a country where they will be more comfortable, or perhaps the West should extend to Muslimes all of the same rights and freedoms available to Christians and other religions in Islamic countries.

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greysave wrote:

@ gffacif That’s the point its freedom. I don’t have to agree with your point of view just as you dont of mine. There are many parodies out there of Jesus, but you don’t see everyone trying to firebomb every time there is a joke about God. You have no right to hurt others who disagree with you. This makes your religion look EVIL to many others. It’s a redicilous point of view, we can’t poke fun at things we dont understand, as far as muslims are concerned but they are allowed to kill for a belief? I can change my mind or take my words back, you can never give life back. No excuse can be made for the actions….The middle east is slipping farther and farther from reality. follow u or die aye?

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TheTom wrote:

This reminds me of the joke:
Mohammad is talking to god and he says how come I got all the followers without a sense of humor?

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HungerIsRage wrote:

Trying to bully the entire world with the notion that if we depict muhammed in image is just another form of terrorism. Quit throwing tantrums over something that only matters to you. gffacif, if you believe that anyone who goes against your beliefs should be terrorized, you are wrong.

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joshTroop wrote:

these people give such a bad name to Islam and honestly need to be more harshly reprimanded by Muslims themselves because if outsiders do it they are seen as hateful. That being said if people want to make a cartoon of some 1000 year old war monger I shouldn’t think that my life is in danger which is most certainly want people to think. This is me drawing a cartoon of Muhammad giving every hateful Muslim the finger

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muslimbro wrote:

Bulligan, let me ask you this, can you freely write in any of your newspapers claiming that the holocaust never happened or anything questioning it for that matter? can someone in Britain draw the Queen with a pig face? where is freedom of expression when it comes to these issues? why is it so hard for you to understand that freedom of expression stops when you started invading other peoples rights? why is it so hard for you to understand that by doing you are just creating more hatred between Muslims and the west? why is it so hard for you to learn from past incidents?
you an example of a party in America, but of a person, you know what you can make even ridicule our countries as much as you want, and no one will raise anything against. but when it comes to our Prophet, and our religion thats where we draw red line. i dont necessarily support the violence, but people vary withtheir reactions, however i dont blame them. and let me tell you this, you keep insulting our Prophet, but know that there will always be someone somewhere who will be after you and you will never find a peace of mind, again i dont want resolve to violence but i would condemn so who do either. PEACE

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bobh5555 wrote:

“Leave Muslims in Peace” is a great idea, maybe they should think about leaving others in peace, and maybe leaving their own women in peace if they decide to walk out of the house without a hood over their heads. Any religion that enslaves half the population (women), and kills anyone who laughs at their “prophet” is not a religion by any sensible meaning of the word. It is a political movement headed by a bloodthirsty and power-hungry gang of leaders who will stop at nothing to expand their power, continue to enslave more of the people, and bring more misery and violence into the world to satisfy the power and blood lust of the leaders. Please don’t call it “culture”, “tradition”, “religion”, or anything similar. We should start calling the muslim movement what it is, and not let it hide behind the mask of religion or culture. What if the slaveowners of the U.S. southern states had created a “religion” that believed in slavery of black people, in 1810?? Would that have made slavery ok, and we would still be living with it today? The way that muslims treat their women is worse than the way slaves were treated in the US. At least a slave could leave the house without an escort, or pulling a bag over his or her head. And the selling of women into marriages is similar to buying and selling of slaves. If you look at the muslim “culture” in terms of what it actually does to people, it’s one of the most deadly and bloodthirsty movements in history, makes Hitler and Stalin look pretty weak in comparison to what the muslims have done and are planning to do………….. It’s not a “religion” and it’s the culture of “death or dismemberment to anyone who doesn’t bend to the will of the “prophet” ” . I really wish the rest of the world would wake up and start treating this movement for what it is, not what it claims to be. I’ll be happy to start respecting muslims when they start respecting others, including non-muslims, and the women who live under this beastly system.

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sbul wrote:

Three cheers for Charlie Hebdo!!! The muslim world wants the fruits of democracy and freedom without the consequences of freedom. Any religion that promotes and allows violence to be used for an insult is not compassionate, forgiving nor loving. So, don’t say Islam is a peaceful religion when it condones this type of behavior. The message that comes across to any thinking person is that “Islam is a peaceful religion” is an oxymoron.

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Peetza wrote:

gffacif…Freedom of speech is alive and well as you demonstrate with your own comment. I personally find your comment offensive and incite-full. Why would you write such anti-freedom words? Practice what you preach. Move to or remain in countries with similar views regarding freedom of speech. Don’t read or look at publications that do not restrict this freedom.

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Another case of having just enough religion to hate, but not enough religion to love. Do you think God is impressed with the violence committed in his name? Perhaps the test is to see whether or not your faith includes the idea that God, and his prophets who are supposed to be like him, are beyond the petty necessity of vengeful hatred and retribution. If we are to be like him, then we must put those things to rest, otherwise we are no better than the evil we say we despise.

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bp8137 wrote:

I propose that we start a fund and contribute money into to it to begin a systematic program to desensitize the extreme Muslim community to HUMOR! If we as people of the Earth, take the majority initiative and begin drawing cartoons and making other references every week of the year. There is no other religion in the world that will go to war with someone and kill people and fire bomb offices because of a joke other than the extreme Muslim community. The little “brats” of the religious communities.

If the extreme Muslim community wants to fight, I say, lets make it the fight of all fights and be done with it. If they want the world to respect them as a society and as a community they need to allow others to say what they want when they want. That is the only way, this is the way of the world. Civilized people do not kill over words… we kill over oil! (example of humor for the extremest)

Let us not forget that all religion is a fable and conjecture that cannot be proved in reality of scientific terms and this is why the crap on a stick called Scientology exists today because it is nonsensical and we don’t want to offend, not to mention that Mohamed is the banished child in the religious history, extremest are the ones that have never played well with others, why try anymore? Bombard them with publications and let them react, eventually the radicals will all be in prison or dead and the REAL Muslims will rise to rule their land in peace, finally, after hundreds of years.

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Buelligan wrote:

gffacif – without freedom of speech you wouldn’t be allowed to post your terrorist sympathizer opinions full of spelling and grammatical errors. Everything you post is either pro-Muslim or Anti-Israel. The same attitude every Muslim terrorist has. Its good that you have the freedom to post what you think. Makes it easy for DHS to keep an eye on you.

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BillDexter wrote:

Muslim intolerance of western culture – within western culture – supported by westerners who believe that western culture should gag itself in deference to Muslim haters of the west – is to me the most disturbing example of the mental illness that leftist self proclaimed ‘enlightened’ educators have wroth upon the free world. Shall we praise Allah at our local ‘occupy” protest?

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VarunAnand wrote:

When I joined a newspaper as a trainee, this is what my Editor told me: “Whatever you do, just don’t write anything to upset the Muslims.”

I wish other Editor’s too follow that principle.

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Buelligan wrote:

muslimbro, you have the same grammar problems as gffacif. And this is your first ever post. Could you be gffacif using a new name to make it seem like other people think the same way you do?

And yes, Holocaust deniers are free to say what they think, no matter how offended it may make others. Look up the story about Crockett Keller and his radio ad.

The price of being allowed to say whatever you want is having to put up with what others have to say.

“freedom of expression stops when you started invading other peoples rights?”
What rights of yours were invaded? Being offended doesn’t mean your rights were invaded, it means you need to lighten up. Responding with arson is criminal.

“why is it so hard for you to learn from past incidents?”
So you think because of the violent response in the past, people should stop making parodies of Mohammed? Its like you are saying if we don’t stop there will be even more violence…over a drawing.

“i dont necessarily support the violence, but people vary withtheir reactions, however i dont blame them.” “know that there will always be someone somewhere who will be after you and you will never find a peace of mind”

You can’t have it both ways, if you really don’t support the violence then you would realize that responding to a cartoon with arson is the behavior of a deranged individual.

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Buelligan wrote:

and muslimbro – “can you freely write in any of your newspapers claiming that the holocaust never happened or anything questioning it for that matter? can someone in Britain draw the Queen with a pig face?”

If either of those things ever happened it wouldn’t result in a single death in either America or England.

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onewire wrote:

Hey gffacif, I don’t know what Muslim country you came from, but
in the U.S. and other democratic countries we have freedom of
speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to worship as we choose.
A lot of brave soldiers have died to protect those rights.
We let you build Mosque’s in our countries, but we cannot build
church’s in most Muslim countries.
I would suggest to you if you don’t like our democratic traditions
and are unable to adapt and melt into our way of life, then you don’t belong here. Go back to where you came from.
It seems to me that a lot of you people just want to live in the west to get rich, but not join in our society. You live in you own enclaves,
don’t learn our history or language, and sometimes spawn Islamist terrorism.
Get off your high horse and join the human race!

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CaptRichie wrote:

I recently flipped through the Koran. Each page I accidently landed on was filled with commandments to hate, attack, deceive, and not befriend so-called infidels. The fire-bombers are simply practicing their religious beliefs. Most of Europe, and to a certain extent America, has let the fox into their chicken coop. Now we pay the price.

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thebruce wrote:

Don’t come to a country dedicated to freedom if you can’t accept everything that entails.
If you find something offensive–you have a voice, pen and paper as well, to speak out against it.
What justifies violence for something people all over the world find a simple humor in?
Not everybody accepts your god and religion as theirs, and there are frankly too many other religious options out there for you to think so selfishly of how the world should work.

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yahUserTom wrote:

Why do they even call him a prophet?? a self proclaimed prophet he is/was

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twodm wrote:

Mohammed was a child molester and some of his followers are terrorists… need a body count? go to thereligionofpeacedotcom

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yahUserTom wrote:

Doesn’t this show how ridiculously ridiculous these people are? the French were and still are a major force in overthrowing Gaddafi, helped and are helping Libya through it’s ordeal and yet, they are an enemy because a newspaper published a drawing of Mo!! you people need to take a look at yourselves and see the real picture, it’s not pretty.

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mohd_ali wrote:

I am a Muslim and I totally condemn the violence and extremism of some Muslims. France is a democratic country where freedom of speech is one of the fundamental rights. Those extremist Muslims that don’t like Western Democracy should go back home to their countries. France and the West offer Muslims freedoms, good quality of life and other protections they can’t get in their countries or most of the Islamic world for that matter. I urge the France do deal decisively and firmly with the violent extremist. Radical Muslims should not be allowed to treat France as Muslim country. So yes, fellow Muslims, if you don’t like what is going on in other peoples country, go back to yours. Don’t make things hard for the rest of us civilized Muslims. NO to radical Islam. Go back to your country if you don’t like it in the West!

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There’s something wrong here. Christians are barred from operating in Muslim countries, yet Muslims think they can do what they like in Christian countries. If Muslims want to be respected by Christians in Christian countries, then surely Christians should be respected by Muslims in Muslim countries.

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siddiqi147 wrote:

indeed its very typical modus operndi of the people who fear and spread racisim to use “freedon of speech” as to cast shadows and tease other people.
wonder when we talk about holocaust, where do all such people hide who claim freedom of expression is the ultimate right of every human being.
There must be a limit to this “freedon of expression” theory, unless you want all 7 billion people on this earth to tease each other till death.

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OmarSid wrote:

Wow !!!
On one hand people shout about FREEDOM OF SPEECH and then fire Vanessa Hesler for her “personal” comments on Gaddafi which were right though and here we cry about “THREAT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH” when the office is fire bombed. Two RULES?? That’s so saddening. Secondly, dont know why people out there mock Muslims and their prophets? Be it Denmark, France, Germany etc. What do people get by such actions? This just promotes hatred and violence. Ain’t there better things to do in life. Respect one’s religion and one’s feelings.
And then the question of open MOB RULE in UN when UNESCO is threatened with action because it followed the right path. When the whole world is with Palestine except few disillusioned one’s who make a JOKE of themselves through out the world. Wow!!!
I wonder how people live out there don’t they have a conscience and why are people in Europe so deeply hypocrite. What happened to the REAL Europe.
Thank God USA is much much better.

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Infidel714 wrote:

FRANCE IS NOT THE MIDDLE EAST. Muslims should stop infringing upon other peoples freedoms and rights. It always seems the way of muslims to resort to violence over things rational MODERN human beings would brush aside as nothing more that a stupid cartoon or article. Islam is the religion of hate and ignorance. Islam is not the friend of the civilized world or any domocracy. Islam is not willing to live and cooperate with the rest of world so why should we cater to their threats? Im sick of seeing these animals acting like we cant write say or draw whatever we want about their “religion”. They certainly dont show the same courtesy to anybody else.

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Itri wrote:

You said that you get a fire from muslims a little bottle of fire. But muslims get missiles, bombs, greanedes everyday. Their children, their young boys, girls killed every corner of the world by christian armies. Only in 20 years, almost 5 million muslims killed by Christian countries.
Are we warmongers?

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mohd_ali wrote:

The real threat to peace is radical Muslims and radical Islam. If you don’t like it in Europe or anywhere else go back to you homelands where you can easily get your head chopped-off, brutalized, jailed, and told to shut-up by the religious police. Go back to your hereditary zero personal freedom land.
It is shameless, dishonest and profoundly Hippocratic of some Muslims in the West, who enjoy freedoms they’d never dream of in their own homelands. Our own (Muslims) homelands are mostly intolerant, repressive, undemocratic, ruled by ignorant Mullah, dynastic families, and yet some of us have the guts to criticize the West for lack of freedom. If those Muslims that complain, moon, groan and condemn the West for not allowing Muslims to assault it fundamental freedoms, then, again go back to your glorious, full of human freedoms homeland. Yes, the West is a terrible place; we should all go back to our freedom havens in the Islamic countries. Yes, I am a Muslim, but a civilized one that believes in freedom of expression that values the freedoms he enjoys. In my decades in the West, I have never been confronted on any issue regarding my religion. If as a Muslim, you are that brave, that honest, that courageous, then go to most Muslim countries and try to exercise the same rights you enjoy in the West and see how fast they throw you’re a** in jail or even kill you. I have been to numerous Western countries and I find no oppression, no assault on my rights, unlike in repressive, chauvinistic Islamic countries. Leave the West alone, we have freedoms here to practice our religion how we see best, our female children can drive, are free to move around and free to express their views. So I say more power to the freedom loving West.

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mohd_ali wrote:

The shameless hypocrisy of Islamic radicals and Islamic countries and cultures is that they will quickly shut-down or even kill anyone attempting to setup a church in their countries. Muslims have built mosques all over the West, but the same cannot be said of Muslims allowing Christians, Jews and others to build their houses of worship. Why should the West allow us Muslims to build mosques in their countries and we Muslims would not allow them? Sissies and little girls have the gut to talk and criticize the West for freedoms they dare not talk about in their own homelands. Let there be freedom for all religions that do not preach or practice violence and repression.
Until Christians and other faiths are free to practice their religions and build Churches and places of worship openly with no fear or repression, I say to those Muslims who complain, shut-up! Enough already!

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britbrit wrote:

You must be American….your arguments are terrible and not thought out at all. It’s like turning the TV on and hearing exactly what the far-right winged politicians are preaching on CNN. Do you have any ideas of your own??

First and foremost it’s called a hijab not a hood. When you travel to the Middle East, where Judaism, Christianity and Islam all originated, you will see many women wearing these “head scarf’s” including Christians. It’s a form of respect or a vow to one’s religion. It’s somewhat comparable to the outfits Catholic nuns wear. It has nothing to do with oppression. Women choose whether or not to wear the hijab. A Muslim friend told me that one could think of the hijab as symbolizing the degree of one’s religiousness. For example, my friend who told me this does not wear the hijab because she’s not a very strict Muslim.

“Any religion that enslaves half the population (women), and kills anyone who laughs at their “prophet” is not a religion by any sensible meaning of the word”

Remember a little old thing called the Witch hunt? How about the Crusades? Christians have been killing and oppressing women and people who are different than them longer than Islam. Today Catholic priests are still molesting little boys, and other sects of Christianity still preform exorcisms on some people. They claim that gay people have demons inside of them that need to be banished. Christians are HUGE oppressors of women. When was the last time you saw a female Pope? 90% of all forms of media are produced by men. Practically everything that I see, read or hear is through the point of view of a man, most likely a fat, white, Christian man. Christianity also does not support Women’s rights such a right to birth control and therefore the right to choose when to have a baby, nor does it support abortions. Christianity has its own MAJOR flaws and so does Islam, to discredit one and praise the other is simply nonsense.

So please, do not discredit Islam for the mistakes they have made in the past. We are all trying here!!!!

If I screwed up any of the info in the paragraph about hijabs, please correct me.

Nov 02, 2011 4:43pm EDT  --  Report as abuse

Let’s see. Jeffrey Dalmer was an American and he performed horrific acts. Therefore, all Americans perform horrific acts and they should be accountable. Let’s see, Adolf Hitler was German. Therefore, all Germans are guilty of genocide. Let’s see, some Catholic priests are guilty of child abuse. Therefore, all Catholic Priests are child abusers, No, I’m sorry, all Christians are child abusers…

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Peetza wrote:

The God I worship forbids murder. Their god (?) demands it.

Nov 02, 2011 10:14pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Pedro07 wrote:

And who owns Liberation? Édouard de Rothschild

Nov 03, 2011 1:41am EDT  --  Report as abuse
Pedro07 wrote:

“In any case, giving ground to the Islamists is out of the question. We will continue,” Charbonnier said.
Though it is not clear what Charbonnier means by “islamists” what is clear for me it that this Charbonnier guy is an idiot. It is this sort of pointless provocations that increase the hatred of moderate Muslims towards the west and therefore the power of Muslim extremists.

Nov 03, 2011 1:44am EDT  --  Report as abuse
Pedro07 wrote:

There is a huge lack of understanding of other cultures. It is sad.

Nov 03, 2011 2:54am EDT  --  Report as abuse
everyone wrote:

Religious zombies creeping around in the shadows. Such a waste of humanity.

Nov 03, 2011 7:20am EDT  --  Report as abuse
surad1960 wrote:

When over 1.5 million people protest against the improper use of their spiritual figure’s image, i think they should be heard and respected not that they are more valued than the rest of the world population, but it is that you cant keep calling someone a nickname that they dont like and muslims dont like the portrayal of Muhammad who is their prophet. people these days are confused with the definition of freedom of speech. i denounce any acts of violence and who ever commits them is a criminal and must be tried and punished for it by the rule of law, but i also think that some Western and European personalities are taking advantage of the current sensitivity and are trying to get popularity and sympathy from the right wing functions. Muslim dont disrespect Jesus nor make jokes about the Cross.

Nov 03, 2011 10:04am EDT  --  Report as abuse
Buelligan wrote:

“Muslim dont disrespect Jesus nor make jokes about the Cross.”

They burn the American flag and celebrated 9/11 in the streets all over the Middle East. Its that double edged sword again. You can’t feel free to offend others with your actions and expect others to behave differently towards you.

Nov 03, 2011 11:34am EDT  --  Report as abuse
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