Egypt generals promise civilian rule

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brian-decree wrote:

Don’t blame the military! This is what we call austerity… The new debt Egypt has found itself in was created by money leant by the IMF, and the preconditions for these massive and fabricated loans are to ensure a ‘structured’ democracy.

This means there will be no democracy of the Egyptians choosing until there is a viable candidate to run Egypt the way the IMF wants Egypt to be run.

It was the same in Afghanistan and Iraq, and will be the same in Libya…

Western ‘Democracy’ is not the people’s right to choose.. it is the peoples right to choose WITHIN A SPECIFIC POLITICAL FRAMEWORK. (imbedded in the constitution)

And that framework ALWAYS revolves around $$$ MONEY $$$ !!!

The constitution is FAR more important that elections, it IS your democracy and elections are just the choosing of management, but sadly ‘democracy’ does not emphasize this…?

Nov 22, 2011 7:26am EST  --  Report as abuse
HAL.9000 wrote:

It’s hard to let go of power once you have it.

Nov 22, 2011 8:25am EST  --  Report as abuse
OmarMinyawi wrote:

Misunderstanding and miscommunication play a big role in what is happening now in Egypt. The silent majority is watching while factions with agendas are dominating the theater. Many groups and probably countries did not want voting to take place in fear of victory by Islamist factions

Nov 22, 2011 9:33am EST  --  Report as abuse
geesam47 wrote:

I heard a new Pharoah was running for offixce.

Nov 22, 2011 12:55pm EST  --  Report as abuse
geesam47 wrote:

I heard a new Pharoah was running for office.

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stambo2001 wrote:

See, that’s how you do things. American protesters get disbanded simply for not having enough porta-poties or by ‘inconveniencing’ local businesses. Can you imagine if the Egyptians suffered the same cowardice and lack of will as the American protesters?!? The people of the middle east are willing to be shot to death for their beliefs, but the Americans…well, they just do what they’re told like good sheep.

Nov 22, 2011 1:52pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Qeds wrote:

Well i wonder why nobody sends NATO planes to Egipt? Could the answer be that this military government is backed from outside? And all the abuse on civilians is taking place under a tacit consent of international powers? Where is the famous trio Hillary Sarkozy and Cameron now to ask these military dictators to step down from power?

Nov 22, 2011 3:45pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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