Last chance to save Kyoto deal at climate talks

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Dragos111 wrote:

This story starts out with “Almost 200 nations began global climate change talks…” That is totally incorrect. There might have been people from 200 nations, but they sure did not “represent” those nations. Someone from the US at that meeting has no power or authority to make deals obligating the US to anything.

Before we do anything where we obligate ourselves to paying billions, even trillions, of dollars for global warming we need three basic things. First, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is actually a problem. Temperatures change over time. They go up and they go down. Just 20 years ago all these climatatologists thought we were headed for an ice age. For that they wanted billions. Now we are headed the other way. Again they want billions. We need to be sure this is not just multi-decade cycles, etc.

Second, if there is actually a problem we need to know that manmade CO2 emissions are the culprit. CO2 is a TRACE gas in the atmosphere. It is not likely that CO2 is “the problem”. Further, man’s contribution to the amount of CO2 in the air is negligable.

Third, if there is a problem and it can actually be tied back to mankind, I really want proof that the hugely expensive system they are discussing has any chance at all of solving a problem. It seems like they are discussing a very expensive, very complex, very inefficient plan.

Basically, at this point they are hoping someone will cough up a few billion dollars. Their biggest arguments are about who will receive those payments. They are all in it for the money and it should simply not be done at all.

Nov 28, 2011 8:12am EST  --  Report as abuse

Is there one important world leader who will stake his/her political future on saving the future the public really doesn’t care about — talk about “yes” but take action to save “no”; at least not until homes and jobs are destroyed due to constant destructive weather caused by the wrecking ball of irreversible climate change and by which time it is too late to do anything meaningful.

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