Atheist intellectual Christopher Hitchens dead at 62

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blancslate wrote:

That’s just awful. RIP Mr. Hitchens, you truly were a contributor to the non-belief movement and you will be missed.

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BajaArizona wrote:

He was NOT a polemic. He was truth seeker. He was courageous human until the very end.

I know you were right, but I hope you were wrong, Mr. Hitchens. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful thoughts which have touched my mind.

-a stranger

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MelloMe wrote:

Farewell Hitch…miss you already. :(

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stndspec wrote:

This man has inspired me for a lifetime and I will be forever grateful. There’s a hole in the world.

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Gall0wz wrote:

@ Reuters_12… I’m atheist and I’m not cynical or hateful. But funny you should say that about atheists right after saying hateful things….

Personally, I’m a true atheist. Not like some that practice atheism as if it were its own religion….

And I’m a pretty friendly guy to boot. I don’t shun others that choose to believe in God or some other higher power. That’s there right, and who am I to say they’re wrong? I just would rather get the same respect back sometimes.

Btw, you’ll get a lot farther convincing people your opinions are solid if you portray a bit less hypocrisy in your words.

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Sassan31 wrote:

What Christopher Hitchens meant to me cannot really be described in words. He was such an amazing human being and I cannot believe he is really gone. Over the past few months he had even exchanged emails me with me on a couple of occasions. He was truly a hero.

Christopher Hitchens was a man of courage and honor. Hitch always spoke his mind and took the fight to religious bigotry and was unapologetic about it. In addition, he was not a cultural relativist or an Islamic apologist like is the case with many atheists. He called Islamic ideology for what it truly was: totalitarianism and oppression. In addition, he was a great friend for freedom and democracy and although he was a leftist all his life, he stood and supported the Iraqi people for their quest for freedom – particularly the great Kurdish people. And as an Iranian, he was a great friend of the Iranian people and it is a shame that he was not able to see a free Iran in his lifetime. Most importantly: he was genuine and one of the most insightful and intelligent human beings I have ever heard whom possessed great insight and a realistic foresight of world problems.

He was truly a hero of mine and I don’t have any other heroes. He was someone that inspired me in ways that cannot be expressed. For the rest of my life, I will try to live with his ideals and inspiration as much as I can. To be honest, right now has become one of the gloomiest and darkest days, and my heart feels empty.

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Hypocrites wrote:

The man died. Anyone who hates, at this time, while his family are in tears, is at risk of being called a total hypocrite, imo. I’ve met just as many bitter, anti-social and cynical religious people as atheist people. It’s just really sad. People are people, but we have this incessant addiction with lumping everybody and everything in two or three categories.

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Wittgenstein wrote:

lmao @ Reuters_12

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sdlawrence wrote:

Well, Mr. Hitchens, if you are right, then by all means, Nonexist In Nothingness, as peace is an actual experience, and there will be nothing of you for you to even know such a thing.

My hope is that you Rest In Peace instead.

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ChrisClowes wrote:

I enjoyed his writing and humorous wit :)

@Reuters_12: You my dear are totally wrong. The most evil creation of man has been the humidification of a so called “God”, and the overwhelming majority of notable acts performed in her name.

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Discovery451 wrote:

Only a fool would support the invasion of Iraq, a country which never even threatened the USA. Now it is in Iran’s orbit, after losing over 100,000 people needlessly killed. The rest still don’t have electricity. He was a miserable fellow. When he came on TV, I changed the channel. I won’t have to do that any more.

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DakotaNM wrote:

Gosh, what can anyone say at a time like this.
I abhorre anyone who can’t at least wasit until his funeral is past and his family has had a chance to make it past the worst of their grieving.
Theres a point in that for Ruters_12. Is it very Christian like behavior to publically display such hate not 24 hours after the man’s passing. You may not have liked the man or what he had to say and thats fine. But there is a time to be graceful and not comdemn. This is one of those times.
Did you in your Christian Jesus is loving and people should strive to be more like him live up to the image?
You, my dear, are far more hateful which makes you much more the hypocrite hateful bitter cynic than anyone could ever claim Hitchens was.

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DakotaNM wrote:

Hitchen’s suffering is finally over.
So, thank you Hitch for the brain food which made me truly think in a rational manner. Thank you for relieving all the guilt trips instilled by the church I grew up attending. Thank you for making the good in me something I can take credit for, rather than giving credit to a business organization.Thank you for removing after death fears. Lights out works just fine for me. In fact I’m a better person now that I realize there is no ever after and this is but one chapter. Every moment of life is more precious than ever before. Thank you for helping me to get my priorities straight.
I give more to charity now because I’m a member of society. Its called social conscience. I’m kinder because I realize life is indeed short, for everyone. They all deserve kindness during their brief term on earth.
So, cheers to you Hitch and to your family, my deepest condolences on your loss. He is a man who will be missed arounf the world for the mark he left in his wake.

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scythe wrote:

@ Reuters_12 – food for thought

@ Hitchens – food for worms, memento mori

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Outtascope wrote:

@Reuters_12 – Religion is an outlet for hatred? I think that position would meet with Mr. Hitchens’ approval.

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Dcaroll wrote:

As an employee of “organized religion,” and as someone who disagreed with many of Mr. Hitchens’ political pronouncements, it makes no sense on the surface of things that I really liked this man. I always wondered if we had met whether he would have been able to see in me what I saw in him -someone who was intensely human. The inability to “suffer fools gladly” is not always a sign of mere crankiness. Sometimes it is a desire for things to be more than they are, or at least not sell ones self short on what is ideal.

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cas15 wrote:

I’d say “Requiescat in pace” to Mr. Hitchens but since he was an atheist he wouldn’t believe in any “resting in peace” just the oblivion of non-existence.

I always pitied him for his littleness of spirit. He may have been convinced that religion was the main source of hatred in the world but that didn’t explain his own hatred for people who differed from him. A sad end to a sad life.

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ARJTurgot2 wrote:

@cas15, well said. Mr. Hitchens exemplified the core problem of atheism – the condition of being unable to conceive of something greater than yourself.

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plubber wrote:

‘Heavy smoker and Drinker’ – enough said. God, please have mercy on his soul.

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CASTnIRON wrote:

@ARJTurgot2 Completely wrong, we atheist don’t believe in magic that’s all, measuring the greatness of an imaginary friend is left to religion.

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DanHess wrote:

Funny, Hitchens’ beloved Marxism is responsible for 100 million deaths so far, vastly more than any religious faith. And yes, he did pull for the other team during the Cold War, as his brother Peter has confirmed. Gee I wonder how that would have turned out.

And the killing continues.

The real answer is not a banishment of religion as Hitchens advocated, which involves widespread death everywhere it was tried, but religious freedom and tolerance of differing views. Ironically, the societies Hitchens spent most of his time criticizing were the world’s most free and tolerant societies.

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KnS wrote:

I am a believer, but this is still a loss to society. Thinkers like this are important to challenge us all. My sincerest condolences to his family,friends and admirers.

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BruceBanner wrote:

“Blasphemy is a victimless crime.”

Christopher will live on in his writings, in people’s memories, in his friend’s hearts. Heaven/hell fantasies embraced by weak, brainwashed minds had no more credibility to Hitchens than the Elysian Fields or the River Styx.

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USslide wrote:

I hope for his sake he was right. The alternative view ….it is appointed once for man to die and then judgement. I fear his soul is in God’s hands now.

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gordo365 wrote:

I really enjoyed his writing and hearing him speak. What a great mind. He fought hard against religion fueled intolerance (e.g. Taliban, Al Qaeda, etc) I don’t agree with all his conclusions. But he got me thinking objectively. Thank you.

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Foolsaeon wrote:

Help his soul!

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gregbrew56 wrote:

Never forget:

With Science, when evidence is contrary to theory, the theory is revised.

With Religion, when evidence is contrary to dogma, the evidence is revised.

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NobleKin wrote:

Dear Mr. Hitchens,

It is easy to understand your passionate angst against and opposition to all religion and the acidity with which you voiced it.

You were correct about Saddam, but not about the war or its justification.

You are correct in your view of religion, but not in how best to manage it; as violent intolerance from an atheist perspective is no less vile than violent intolerance from a religious one.

Your courage to stand tall amidst anglo societies repleat with religion inspired hate and fear of atheism is worthy of applause.

I think you knew most people are closet atheists.

I think you believed most people are either shackled by the contraints of societal norms and fear voicing their true beliefs in order to fit in (like sheep), or they fully embrace the norms to capitalize on the power over others these religious norms bring (politicians, wealthy pastors like wolves. The first group lives with fear, the second capitalizes on it.

I think Mr. Hitchens despised both because they continue to erode our evolutionary potential for curiosity and rational thought.

Thanks Mr. Hitchens for provoking chewable thoughts for sheep and poking fearless verbal sticks at the wolves.

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It is a sad day when any human ceases to exist. But we can all agree that he left a legacy. Why? He brought forth ideas and conversation topics that are a cause of serious discussions.
By the way, where is “Reuters_12″? I have read comments for and against him/her, and supposedly, this poster posted before 5:09 am on the 16th.Is this poster an elaborate hoax on the part of the posters, or a poster who’s post has been deleted for admin reasons?From the evidence there is no Reuters_12. Or should I put trust on what the other posters have written?

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ConstFundie wrote:

A brave and honest humanist and seeker of truth and rationality is gone from the world. Our loss is great.

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IntoTheTardis wrote:

I didn’t always agree with his politics, but his critiques of religion were spot on.

As one who does not believe there is such a thing as a soul that lives on after the body is dead (just how would that work anyhow?) I know that Hitch has ceased to be. His fate is our fate. It holds no fear for me. Thank you for that gift, Hitch.

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JSeagram wrote:

Great writer, completely wrong on so many issues (especially his support of the Iraq war), but always worth reading even when sadly misguided.

His family is in our prayers.

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fred5407 wrote:

I cannot judge a man for what he said, because each of us is responsible for hearing and believing what he or she chooses to believe. I think it is foolish to believe that this planet just appeared out of somewhere and that everything is all per chance. I think that religion, when tainted with humans propensity to control, can get out of hand and can ruin many lives. Remember, nobody gets out of here alive.

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Randy549 wrote:

@Reader — the post by Reuters_12 was apparently removed from this discussion, but you can still view it (as with all a person’s postings, both removed and not removed) by going to (or clicking on any poster’s name in the discussion area).

I never knew of Christopher Hitchens but from reading the comments by others, I probably should have.

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ARJTurgot2 wrote:


Ah well, there you go, I’ll take the magic of imagining friends over the hubris of imagining I understand the universe.

Dec 16, 2011 2:37pm EST  --  Report as abuse

Just one question for you, “Where Did You Go?” May your story not end here!

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PilotMtnGirl wrote:

I wonder what his last words were or his last thoughts? God only knows.

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FaisalAlMutar wrote:

God is Not great but Christopher Hitchens is definitely is,one of my greatest authors ever , I Love you Christopher,I seriously do,He wouldn’t thank me for RIP, with it’s implication of an afterlife, so instead I’ll say I’m sorry he’s gone but I’m glad that he lived.

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KnS wrote:

Believers or non-believers. Using a man’s death as a sounding board for your own agenda is weak and definitely not in this man’s spirit. I disagreed with him on a personal level because as a Christian I never hated anyone because of religion or lack of. I agreed with him on many levels regarding free thought, even when he attacked my beliefs. In conversation, he agreed to my right to believe and I agreed to his right to not believe (his opinion based on philosophy, mine based on the bible). He made me challenge my beliefs and actually helped confirm them.
Off track — a man is dead. I you have a religious belief than present his virtue before your god, if you don’t than let him pass. If nothing else, do not make a mockery of the man by bickering like children.

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KnS wrote:

does anyone else get bothered when someone says “you are a hypocrite because blah, blah… and you said blah, blah” and then makes the makes the same generalizations. Hitchens did.

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mrdede wrote:

If there is a God, as I believe there is, this pompous, albeit very talented writer will be in the glory of heaven with Blessed Mother Teresa watching over him offering him mercy for his mental disorder guised in political beleif.

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MarcyKY wrote:

. . . what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. ~Romans 1:19

After a lifetime spent obsessed with God and vain attempts to disprove His existence, Mr. Hitchens now knows the truth. How horribly tragic for him.

May God somehow be glorified in this.

Dec 17, 2011 2:27am EST  --  Report as abuse
TheWarAngel wrote:

I’m grateful for his life as it gave me the courage to live mine without being chained to dogmas that that are yet still unsubstantiated. I am still just a beginner on my path as an atheist but thanks to him I don’t have to be afraid to never look back. There is a level of extension provided with any given definition of a thing. The only improvable things in this universe are things that do not exist to be proven in the first place. To call God improvable by extension is a form of admission of his improbability. I have less and less reason to doubt linear reason because of men like this… Thank you.

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stepcousin wrote:

He’s not an atheist anymore.

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