As consumer power goes viral, company branding quakes

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starbet wrote:

It should also be noted that in addition to Molly’s petition, thousands of Verizon customers called and complained about the fee which allowed t he company to see what an unwise move they had made.

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JL4 wrote:

The real power of the people is their dollar. When we realize that, and are willing to go through minor inconvenience, like changing banks, then we will restore company-to-customer fairness and (dare I dream) good CUSTOMER SERVICE.

The only way we will change the unscrupulous ways so many corporations do business is if we change the way we buy.

I don’t mind big business. For example, I’m a huge fan of Amazon because of their flawless customer service and competitive prices. They also give “the little guy” a chance to sell through their site. I have the option of buying product used and new. If I have a problem, they solve it to my satisfaction every time. (I’m not an Amazon employee).

Bank of America? They’ll not get my money for a million years. Neither will Wells Fargo because they both have miserable customer service practices, and try at every opportunity to stick it to their customers.

I look forward to the day when consumers have more control over their cell phones. I maintain hope…

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William78 wrote:

Fantastic story. It is so encouraging to see this story getting coverage by Reuters.

I hear so many people claim that the continued success of the American Middle Class is inherintly intertwined with the success of Corporate America. How wrong those people are.

The success of the American Middle Class depends on the success of educated, informed, accountable, and responsible consumers like this.

Corporate America will succeed independent of the Middle Class reguardless of any percieved restrictions by the American People (via the US Government). That is what Corporations do. They spend money to figure out how to make money, and as long as they are shown what consumers want, and don’t want, they will have a clear path to success.

Most Americans need to wake up and realize the impact of their everyday decision. Whether it’s throwing away their votes due to feelings of disenfranchisment, or submitting to the fees imposed upon them by their Banks and Creditors because “there’s nothing that can be done.”

The American People have the power to form the world via Democracy, even moreso today thanks to Socail Media. Democracy will win out so long as we keep factors of wealth out of the equation. “Citizen’s United” must be reigned in.

Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike who wish to make a difference in this country, GET RID OF YOUR BANK AND JOIN A CREDIT UNION.

GOOGLE “find a credit union” to learn more or just cut out the middle man and go to to make a REAL difference

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anarcurt wrote:

Bank of America is forever ahead of the curve in alienating it’s customers. It only seems to get new customers by swallowing other banks.

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Eideard wrote:

Absurd to allocate so much publicity to just one blogger of hundred – if not thousands – who built a quick, cumulative movement against Verizon.

That’s not a criticism of Molly. Just journalists who don’t understand how the Web works.

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donnadale wrote:

I signed both petitions Molly started; they were readily available,and it was the right thing to do. People like Molly do make a difference.

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William78 wrote:

Abusurd for any American to attempt to demean or undermine a story highlighting the potential of intelligent consumer activism as if it’s not worth the web-space.

It just highlights said poster’s apathy of consumer rights and a lack of understanding of how social media works.

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This is just how it should be. The big corporations should be falling all over themselves to please the consumers, not the other way around. I signed both her petitions, by the way.

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fred5407 wrote:

Ya know, it has been great fun for Corporate America to buy up the competition while the government regulators of business sat on their hands and collected their spif for saying the mergers would be great. Now, when there is no competitor, what is the customer supposed to do. For many of us there is no alternative, like buying gasoline, to the high prices. Call it what you like, our government has given away our jobs, taken away competition, and the Senators, Congressmen, and Agency heads have taken the bribe money. It will be hard to fix these problems, and the only way may be to dismantle the government we have and start over.

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Nullcorp wrote:

Like all technologies, the internet can be used for good and for evil. It’s always nice to read about the former.

I do agree with the other comment that it might be wrong to create a minor celebrity out of one person who started a petition. It’s an old-school mindset, to think that some_one_ has to be behind such a thing, but it’s really the anonymous thousands who got these companies to backpedal. On the other hand, it’s impossible to say how many people did call Verizon or BoA as a result of the general buzz that the petition had. You can bet that everyone who signed that petition also made sure that all their friends and family signed it.

Also, this does work the other way. Hoaxes and half-truths (or even outright lies) propagate at the same speed. See the latest Facebook Timeline scam, for example.

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SteveWasTaken wrote:

Anyone notice that she was using an iphone? Isn’t that Sprint?… Reminds me of my HOA being pissed about a goofy-looking pink flamingo in my lawn. Props to her for creating a loud voice… but there’s plenty of other battles involving more than $2 to pay attention to… Verizon is just too money-hungry. It obviously affects their day-to-day operations all the way down to their customer support and sales people. We should have been quiet about the fee, and quietly switched providers. Like I did. (years ago) Companies with that much ignorance shouldn’t get my business even if they retract their bad ideas. It’s a reflection of their ethics, and they shouldn’t have the repeated second chances. They should fail and make spaces for a company with better ethics. Not like the Board members will step down as a result of this decision, lol…

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