Fed officials push more help for housing

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chapapet wrote:

stimulus, stimulus and more stimulus, meanwhile for us, those homeowners who have paid the mortgage payments on-time have no recourse for our dramatic loss of property value…

What a difference it would make for homeowners to pay a mortgage based on current values; think about it…more disposable income, less foreclosure, families remain intact, less financial squabbling, where is common sense…

what is a better answer…whom shall we hear from first, the bank, the politician, the foreclosure letter, believe me there is a better answer but the backbone to make it happen is lacking…

so what do you think do they have the stomach to swallow the bullet for a better community, a better family, a better economy?

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txgadfly wrote:

Just great! House prices are collapsing because there is too much supply and not enough demand. Increasing supply will do nothing but take homeowner’s remaining equity and put it in the pockets of rich real estate developers!

Try stimulating good middle class jobs and slashing H1B visas. NO renewals for H1B’s! No new ones either! No green cards for H1B holders! Get them out of this country and fast!

Drive the dollar DOWN now! It is still too high though better than it was. It is too bad the rest of the world is habituated to our Government subsidizing it at the cost of US citizens. But if they drive the value of the dollar down, jobs return to America and houses sell because ordinary people are making money instead of investment bankers.

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sittingduck wrote:

The call for the Fed to purchase additional mortgage back securities is obscene. The Fed already presently has about $837,699,000,000 of mortgage back securities that it purchased from banks. That amount is the principal balance left on the mortgages. While they might be guaranteed by Fannie, Freddie, and Ginnie, it is very doubtful that they are worth that much.

Anyway, those purchases did nothing to “kick-start the housing sector” let alone help the economy. Future purchases of mortgage back securities would be nothing but a transfer of wealth to the banks who are selling the mortgages to the Fed.

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chapapet wrote:

sitting duck your points well taken but I am not looking to kick-start the housing sector “at this time!” and for the trillion worth 500b what more can be said about F, F & G which should be liquidated and those funds sent down to the banks determined by total ssets and the salaries of the ten highest paid executives within the bank which maybe a novel way for accountability…

until next time may the news be better…

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