Huntsman, Santorum support up in New Hampshire

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akiha wrote:

And so it begins. The media led manipulation to prop up Huntsman. The same candidate who received 0.6% of the vote in the Iowa Caucus yet ABC NEWS on Saturday’s debate had the audacity to ask Ron Paul yet again about seeking a third party bid…

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JJ22 wrote:

This ARG poll is in ERROR. Huntsman is NOT in 2nd place. See here:

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JoeGennaro wrote:

Jon Huntman’s daughters made the bad video that was attributed to a Ron Paul supporter. First of all, how did some random person get such intimate footage of the huntsman family, unless the random person IS in Huntsman’s family? Second of all, Abby, the same daughter who was looking guilty on Fox News, mistakenly admitted it on the huntsman site forum (thinking it was a private thread when it was actually public lol.) and also . Thirdly, an independent web company investigated, came to the conclusion that the video was posted from Huntsman’s campaign servers, and then explained why pretty clearly. I actually can’t believe it. This is so slimy and underhanded. Well folks, this is the kind of person who is the status quo politician.

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Yamayoko wrote:

The video that purported to tarnish Jon Hunstman’s pro-china image just created the reverse effect. He wins more publicity and popularity. No voters would now say he is unheard of.

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robert9712000 wrote:

Sorry ,but the ARG poll has a Error on it,if you look at the likely voters percent and the unlikely youll see the error,They have Ron with 23% Likely and 8 % unlikely,Huntsman has 11% of likely and 24% unlikely.They Averaged those 2 percents as if they each represented 50% of the respondents,but if you look at the crosstab the likely percent represents 97% on respondents and unlikely represents 3% not 50/50.So sorry but that makes paul in 2nd

go see for yourself

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