Obama vows new ideas to bring jobs home from abroad

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moonhill wrote:

He said he would be “laser focused” on creating jobs before the last election, and we see how that went. He spent his entire first year on nothing but Obamacare, which has increased my premiums and caused my deductible to go from $500 to $5000. If he gets reelected, you can forget about any job creation. Trillion dollar a year deficits with nothing to show for it is all we will continue to get.

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nolimey wrote:

Too little, too late

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USAPragmatist wrote:

@moonhill, The PPACA, it is not ‘Obamacare’, did not cause your insurance rates to rise. What is more likely the cause for the rise is the insurance company making money off you and all the others, by not providing any service but moving money. The government can do this MUCH more efficiently and they do not have to make a profit.

Let me make a prediction though, the GOP will say NO! to any proposal Obama may make in this regard, even if it includes many of the ideas they have proposed in the past. I hope I am wrong.

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texoman wrote:

moonhill- Obama was elected because he promised to bring change to this country. That change basically was to stop or slow down all the Republican bull-sh!t that was destroying the middle-class. Healthcare costs were destroying us along with the Wall Street Thieves. We were fighting two unfunded wars that were based on lies by Bush and his cronies! I admit, Obama should have focused more on his promises, but never before in a time of a national emergency (that he inherited) has an opposing political party done so much to destroy a sitting President! The insurance companies are raping you, not President Obama or Obamacare! Most educated, independent economists agree that our government acted correctly to keep us from a DEEP DEPRESSION that would have destroyed us for years! The deficits are a result of both political parties, now get over it!

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crbob wrote:

Nothing like an idiot for a president, Obama supports Trumka, and all the other big union heads, gives them special incentives, bails the auto industry out with 720 billion of taxpayer funds, then courts business with keeping business in the states and not outsourcing them to foriegn countries while penalizing them if they do…..duh, the unions were the ones who forced jobs overseas because business and industry could not pay the extreme wages and benefits of union workers, what part of this does he not understand…..rank and file workers should demand that all 50 states have right to work laws so that jobs then could be brought back and put the unemployed to work….Obama must be voted out of office and put someone with intelligence in the office……..

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thinkers wrote:

Yes, too little too late , why has he waited so long? Another campaign promise. Mr president we need you OUT !!!!!!

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TomMariner wrote:

Well, we know one guy who was watching the Republican debates — our President. If he takes a few pages now from the GOP financial playbook, he has a real chance. If he had done exactly that in 2009 rather than concentrating on the Agenda, we wouldn’t be having this discussion and he would be clearly on his way to a second term.

I’ll reserve judgment until I see the actual wording.

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seterk wrote:

Saving hundreds of thousands of postal jobs might be good for the economy too, Mr. President.

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USAPragmatist wrote:

@crbob, to quote you “bails the auto industry out with 720 billion of taxpayer funds” Check your facts man, TARP itself (not instituted during the Obama Admin btw) was ~700 billion, and it was designed for the major banks. The auto ‘bailout’ (it was actually a loan that is being paid back), was on the order of 40-50 Billion from TARP funds. Also you say ‘Nothing like an idiot for a president’, I would bet $10,000 (and I only make $50K a year unlike Romney) that Obama’s IQ is 20 Pts. higher then yours.

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Congress needs to overhaul the entire tax system, not just the corporate one. With all its loopholes and special-interest deductions the tax code has become an unruly mess that is hampering the economy.

What’s worse is that when given the chance to reform the tax code using the Bowles-Simpson deficit-reduction plan both Democrats and Republicans balked.

The Bowles-Simpson plan closes special-interest loopholes and lowers every taxpayer’s tax rate. These changes will simplify the tax code, improve fairness, reduce the deficit, and spur economic growth. http://bit.ly/noTDPF

Special-interests have already left their mark on the current tax code, now it’s time for taxpayers to leave theirs. The Bowles-Simpson plan, which leaves no sacred cows untouched, is the best way to get our economy back on track.

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Brian57 wrote:

Obama may have a high IQ, but common sense, experience and knowledge as a President, he is totally LOST and CONFUSED! He is good at spending our money. 2012 expenses are higher than 2011!

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Sensibility wrote:

If the President is successful in doing this, it will be the first positive thing he’s done since being inaugurated. This could have and should have been his focus in early 2009. Think of all the jobs that have been outsourced, all the people that have been idled in the intervening time. It is my hope that this rhetoric turns into something and gains traction in Congress.

Still, it’s too little, too late to save one particular job – his.

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texoman wrote:

@crbob- your the idiot! Unions didn’t cause jobs to go overseas, our Tax Code, past Trade Agreements, government guarantees did that to us! Only 6.9 percent of the private sector jobs are Union. Fact: Big Business and Republicans declared Unions insignificant years ago because their numbers were so low. Union Labor could work for free and they would still not be able to compete! Our tax dollars are paying businesses to go off-shore!

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xxixpines wrote:

The country would rather hear plans and ideas of living within our income.

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blitz2020 wrote:

More Tax complexity… Joy.

This will further discourage non-GE sized companies to hire Americans.

Save money on lawyers, outsource!

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transamguy wrote:

Yeah and after you re-elect him he will make good on his word to bring the troops home in 16 months. You know that promise he made almost 38 months ago.

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JRudd wrote:

Obama is the worst President the US has ever had

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Wassup wrote:

I don’t know any Americans that have a better standard of living because of Obama’s plans…you know the ones that never come to fruition. Obama is a liar and a charlatan whose smoke and mirrors games with the electorate are well documented. God help America!

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