Protesters mark Guantanamo prison's 10th anniversary

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911014ever wrote:

i hope these people don’t really think playing dress-up is going to make a difference. the intel coming out of the camp far outweighs them anyday!!!!!!!!

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Unchained wrote:

Obama was elected because he lied to the American people and said he would close Gitmo.
Americans want Gitmo closed because we are the good guys, remember?
The Catholics tortured people 500 years ago during the Crusades.
Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Cheney, and other homicidal sociopath dictators tortured people.
The USA does not belong in that group.

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jaham wrote:

Although it probably was not their intention, I did get a genuinely good laugh out of this article and picture.

“10 years of indefinite detention, 10 years of torture, 10 years of the violation of the rule of law”…they forgot the most important…10 years of relative peace and security in America, free from terrorist attacks. Lost on them is the reasoning why these individuals are being detained – it’s probably safe to say none of their family fell victim to 9/11 attacks.

Do these “human rights activists” not having anything more productive to address?

The world has a lot of problems, countless amounts of human rights atrocities are committed each day. There are about 47 (from my udnerstanding) detainees that will not stand trial or be let go from Gitmo at this point. I’d hope they have more valiant efforts to pursue than impersonating a detained terrorist.

…I’d venture to guess that they put their costumes away, they proceeded to the Keystone XL protest.

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My take on our guests at Guantanamo:

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soxin8 wrote:

Please also stand up and be counted for US rights by reading “New police weapon against homeless” on homeless forums and asking why media refuses to report police and FBI crimes. Bill Anderson

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telescope10 wrote:

They started it.let them rot in hell.

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k.mitchell wrote:

The United States should never have allowed indefinite detention without trial in the first place. We even tried the Nazis in court back when being American was something to be proud of. These protesters might not be very effective, but they represent an American ideal that should never have been forgotten. The same goes for assassinations of Americans, the NDAA, and the Patriot Act. These are atrocities, and while they might not currently be targeted against American citizens, you cannot judge the merit of a law by who it *currently* targets. You need to look at it from the ways it may be abused in the future. Patriotism goes hand-in-hand with distrust of government.

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