West offers words, only, as Syria killing rages

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kolokot wrote:

“Moscow sees Assad as a buyer of arms and host to a Soviet-era naval base.” – …and conversely the west sees Syria as potential buyer of their arms, Syrian oil becoming theirs, etc. You don’t think so, I guess, You think that the west is concerned about implementing democracy in Syria. Ever wondered why the west does not implement it in the absolute medieval monarchies belonging to their gang?

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Bullington wrote:

I suggest someone set up The Syrian Defense Fund on the internet requesting donations to hire a mercenary to take out Assad, say $1,000,000 ? Spread the Idea.

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Boatie_bill wrote:

This article is designed to do no less than tug at the American heart strings while evoking strong emotions by casting disparaging remarks and negative characterizations of another nation’s prime leader. This is to be accepted as the new tolerance.

It also serves to detract the American population from an election which will have a direct impact on them for the next 4 years. BHO will get the nod because American voters are not good at learning and easily distracted. Not to mention they are ever hopeful.

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stosun wrote:

This is a strong message from Turkey ,So Mr Ergogan is doing somethinh and the nato and allies going into Syria will be during summer not at the moment due to bad weather in the region.In my opinion the west will go in suddenly from syria and jordan but by tha t time homes may be empty and many toer cities and planty reffugies scattered in lebenon turkey and jordan.and What wil l happen to mr Assad I dont know.The alawite community in that region has to think and have a question from me do we go with assad or have a change otehrwise they will get a sunnidemocratic power put by the west instead of assad and their time is running similar to mubarek and ghaddafi but russians dont want another ghaddafi in uns plate.Turkey is doing a lot of behind doors work on PKK and doing a lot of nagotiations and arrests on KCK (City worsion of PKK)and the rural PKK fighters during the cold weather Turkish army is doing a very sensitive work to make democratic peace in south east turkey and Mr Barzani said dialoge is better than arms and Turkish gowernment is doing both dialogue behind doors and fight insurgance with in turkey during cold winter.But in Uludere unforseen events occured where several young people got killed and their families want the people that done this to be put on trial rather than compensation and things are little hot in that region ,same time in City of Van Turkey has opened its dooes to earth quacken Kurdish region and helped to every one while same time turkish jets bombed Qandil mountains and entered to un manned region of border between Turkey iran and Iraq to fight with PKK .

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Free-Speech wrote:


Yea great idea, then the military will take over and have full justification to end the terrorist seige once and for all!

That’s all you guys are, a pack of terrorist and assasin sympathisers…

This isn’t reporting, this is news by design ‘Boatie_bill’, agreed.

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MJAC wrote:

Putin is like a tough guy who no one can beat. On the street he watches a gang kicking the living daylights out of a guy on the ground.

He tells everyone -”don’t take sides’ and while everyone would like to help, the guy is being kicked to death, and the victim dies. Except in this case 1000′s are dying.

Lets hope if Russia finds itself getting kicked to death somehow (natural or nuclear disaster or other) all won’t say-
“don’t take sides”.

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eco4matic wrote:

are armed activists any different from terrorist? both fight for a so called cause, try to proclaim their interests or rights by all means necessary, attack either government personnel or civilains, destroy property, act outside the law, etc etc.

for any soldier, when he’s assigned a task, either to go in and regain control or to defend a position…….and if during that process he faces resistance or fired upon……what do you expect him to do?…….he has every right to defend himself and retaliate……the objective is to complete the mission…..syrian soldiers like any others are not on an extermination mission as some may be implying with this propaganda……they are simply trying to regain control of homs……the moment the opposition lay downs their weapons, all this would be over in an instant……media is over exaggerating by taking the words of these armed activists a.k.a terrorists for granted.

seems like some corners don’t want a peaceful resolution on this…..preventing dialogue towards some truce……if a country proposes talks with the opposition, how could others reject it and say its unacceptable……what else is there beside that?

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AlfredReaud wrote:

“BHO will get the nod because American voters are not good at learning and easily distracted.”

Only because the Republican party can’t get it’s defecations into one basket. 9 months to go, and if you look at the vote so far, there looks the possibility that the electorate can’t make up its’ mind on the “right” side of the aisle. Maybe all three could be president on different days of the week? We would have the wise man, the manager, and the priest. The Republican party will give BHO the election at this rate.

In the meantime, shells are falling is Homs neighborhoods. Why? Can anybody answer the why? Try to imagine in your suburbia of “Highlands Ranch” 155mm howitzer shells landing in the pool in the backyard, with the idea as to why. Maybe that will put it into a perspective that more will understand. For a second, put yourself aside, and think of others…

It’s not about taking sides, it’s about intervention as has been done in many, many places on the UN Mandate. It’s fish or cut bait time. Poop or get off the pot. Show us that Libya wasn’t all about oil, that it was actually about the humanity. Allow international press into Syria. Release satellite imagery of what is going on. Because one is either part of the problem or part of the solution…

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ayesee wrote:

Boatie, to the contrary, some Americans do learn and see truth of reality. That is why I no longer vote for the Masters of Deceit, propaganda and elitism, the Republican party. Example: let’s ignore the decreasing debt and increasing GDP under Bill Clinton. Likewise ignore that the housing price/mortgage bubble that popped and caused the financial implosion was engineered by largely Republican run Wall Street interests, and fueled by Republican voting social climbers going for the overpriced houses and ridiculous mortgages, to bolster their own social images.

Aside from that, who is naive enough to believe that Medvedev is in charge in Russia? He is of course the puppet of the gangster Putin, speaking Putin’s words while in fear of his own life if he strays from Putins’ commands.

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ayesee wrote:

China and Russia (Putin the gangster) are all about keeping your thumb of oppression on the masses, as is the U.S. Republican party. Why else do they not care that a religious faction leader is killing citizens who only want their personal freedom in a democracy, rather than being under the rule of one family, one religion?
Boatie Bill, your logic holds no water, but is sinking.

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ayesee wrote:

“…evoking strong emotions by casting disparaging remarks and negative characterizations of another nation’s prime leader.”

So Boatie Bill, we are to believe that the Syrian dictator, whose family has been the sole ruler of the country for 42 years, and who has his army shelling and killing his civilians, is being cast unfairly in a bad light? This, from the one who says that Americans are poor learners when it comes to voting, and you expect us to believe your utter nonsense? I agree with Alfred, it would be interesting, if not fun, to sit back and watch the Russian (not Howitzer) large bore shells land in your back yard and on your home, then see how much non-interference you agree with.

Look at which countries are calling for no interference: the ones that historically have the least personal freedom and the most brutality toward their own citizens. It was only 24 years ago that the Chinese were firing on their own citizens, who were doing the terrible thing of speaking out for their own personal freedom in Tiananmen Square.
Think Putin is a great humanitarian either?

The Boatie Bill’s of the world might care more when it is them and their own children being blown apart.

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HumanFriend wrote:

This news is, for the 22 millions of Syrians, a very good one and they pray for their brave national troops who are risking their lives, these days, to end, once for all, the horrible crimes committed, since more than 10 months, by thousands of terrorists planted among us in Syria. They were activated against the Syrians, civilians and troops, when Pr. Obama started commanding the Syrian People to get rid of their free liberal System under which they use to live all in total harmony and peace. Actually it was a US war declaration against Syria so he cannot do the same to the Chinese People for example.
Unfortunately, the masters of these terrorists have full control on the Western UN, NATO and the Arab League. Therefore there is always a possibility for these masters to invade Syria, under any fake pretext, to keep terror in it (see Iraq, Sudan, Egypt and Libya… etc).

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RobertFrost wrote:

M. Sarkozy joins Ms. Nuland, of the Department of State in the US, in ‘recommending’ and ‘demanding’ that the Russians agree to the Arab League Plan – which formed the core of the last Resolution at the UN Security Council, and which Russia and China vetoed!

One cannot escape the conclusion that even in politics a ‘state of denial’ occurs. Probably the entire Security Council session receded in the memories of those who all but had the bombers ready for their pulverizing sorties over Damascus.

If US and France desire to see peace in Syria, wouldn’t a change in plan be required. One that directs their side in the war in Syria to start a dialogue with the Syrian regime?

In the absence of that, we are treated to horrific photos of the injured and the dead. Worse, one is no longer certain who injured them or who killed them due to the gaping credibility gap in everything we read or see about Syria.

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HumanFriend wrote:

Dear ayesee, I think you know that it was only 10 years when the White House was rewarded the Presidential Veto and his oil companies were saved from severe financial juridical cases hence facing bankruptcy (that is why Building 7 had to be destroyed too). Oh sorry, the US State Department said that the attacks were committed by genius/crazy terrorists and many hired actors, chosen with scary faces, have confirmed very well the story on our screens. Why not? Anywhere we meet criminals who are genius and idiot at the same time so they kill civilians for no gain but to celebrate their crimes and dance afterwards. Why not? Even a President of a great nation could anytime act like an idiot as it happened with Pr. Bush by having a clear doubt that the first crash was a terrorist attack and in his same speech he gave a national order to all US forces not to react in any way … so all America was put in halt waiting for the second plane to finish the attacks though it took more than 20 long minutes! By the way, after the second hit, ONLY 5 minutes were needed to fire a civil plane claiming being a part of the attacks). Have a nice day.

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People who defend a dictator who along with his alawite cronies oppress the syrian sunni population with violence are as bad as the people who supported the south african apartheid.

You racists make me sick.

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kommy wrote:

British and Qatari special forces are fighting in Homs. So much for uprising- the Israeli sources inform. Russians are outraged.

Read more: http://theeuropeanaffairs.blogspot.com/2012/02/british-and-qatari-special-operations.html

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ChangeWhat wrote:

See that guy crying in picture number 1? If he gets his hands on Assad it will be another Ghadafi and RIGHTFULLY SO!!!!

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prastagus wrote:

I seen videos of activists faked death scene for camera footages in Youtube. You really can’t believe everything Syria government as well as these activists/rebels/insurgents are saying too. Yet most western media reports views from these activists/rebels/insurgents with one liner on Syrian government views.
Misinformation and distorted information galore.

Truth is in the middle of everything people. Try to make up your mind instead following totally biased info coming from either side that are filtered by media

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prastagus wrote:

Bharain host a US base, went through a bit of Arab Spring trouble with its brutal crackdown, and lookie here, no regime change. Strange?

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Who cares how many Syrian civilians are killed by their own army? I mean, they’re only Syrians. What really matters is that we keep up the infantile and absolutely unprincipled bitching about the West. Now, there’s something that matters!

How many Syrians died while I typed this? The beauty of this situation is that … it doesn’t matter! Die, civilians, so that Assad can continue to own Syria!

I think RobertFrost and Free_Speech will agree with me, right guys?

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thatguy1919 wrote:

Seriously appaling how small minded some of you are. Please occupy yourself with the massacre going on in Homs instead of your silly conspiracy theories.

HumanFriend you must be a mukhabarat (Assad secret service). Assad and the alawite are some of the most bitter and brutal people I have ever met. They have no regard for human lives. Those who think this is a hoax or a western conspiracy please wake up. We are talking about butchers who routinely captured, tortured and eliminated oppositions. THEY KILLED/TORTURED kids! How can you be against an intervention ??

There is no credibilty gap, you either believe a bunch of thugs who ve been in power for far too long or you believe the truth

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HumanFriend wrote:

Dear VictorPurinton, I am afraid you look now like the dancers shown on the American’s screens while they were celebrating the horrible crimes on Sept 11. The difference is that they were just actors to give a ‘fake’ proof that the attacker’s heads were indeed savage (hence idiot) for killing thousands of innocent Americans for nothing in return (unless, in Western countries, ‘jealousy’ is a great reason to act like a real beast). Are you a mere actor or you are dancing now for real?
It seems you didn’t have the time to read my previous posts… Anyway, no matter how you are made to believe… Syrians stand with their free liberal System, their President and their national brave army. Why? You have to be personally in Syria (obviously not in Homs which was prepared as a military base for the well armed terrorists against the Syrian People). Who support these thousands of terrorists/beasts? The answer is very simple. Please look around and see those who are trying their best to send us bombs over our heads… as humanitarian aids :)
Have a nice day.

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simpletruth wrote:

Meanwhile yesterday in America roughly 6,677 people died and almost 2.4 million people died since last March. Statistics taken from CAI factbook and CDC website. Not trying to trivalize numbers, just trying to deglamorize them.
If you take up and arm yourself against the government and fight then you are really no longer a civilian, you are a rebel. To say that innocent civilians are dieing…well duh…the military is not killing itself.
We in America are not the world police. People hate us for us trying to be world police. So lets let countries deal with their own sovereign issues.

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RickCain wrote:

Where is Egypt? Tunisia? Libya?

Egypt’s air force has the most modern aircraft available, and could overwhelm Syria easily. So why hasn’t the “free” forces of the recently liberated nations taken up arms against Syria?

I’m sorry, the West can’t fix all the internal struggles of the arabs for them.

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explorer08 wrote:

The Europeans and the Arab League should take care of the Syrian situation, not the US. The US should refocus its efforts on the Western Hemisphere. Let the Eastern Hemisphere take care of itself (or not). The US has ignored the Western Hemisphere long enough – - let’s work with our neighbors and not those half a planet away.

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explorer08 wrote:

The Europeans and the Arab League should take care of the Syrian situation, not the US. The US should refocus its efforts on the Western Hemisphere. Let the Eastern Hemisphere take care of itself (or not). The US has ignored the Western Hemisphere long enough – - let’s work with our neighbors and not those half a planet away.

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MSGATM wrote:

Take a good look at what’s going on in Libya right now and it will give you a good indication of what will happen in Syria once Assad has been deposed. Like Libya, the people of Syria have never had the opportunity to govern themselves. And like Libya the country will be tossed into a termoil that will take years, until another Assad rises to the top, to settle out. Until them it will be controlled by warlords and religious fanatics. And, like Libya, life will still not be good for the average person who just wants to get by in life. So sad.

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all one needs to do is read the arab league report to see what is really going on in syria. the report may have lacked full purpose, but it is the most in-depth, impartial review of the matter.

you cant promote peace by providing weapons to people. didnt the us government learn anything from fast and furious gun running scandal?

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thatguy1919 wrote:

Syria is nothing like Libya
It is a very different mozaique of religions and ethnicities and they have coexisted peacefully before the Assad regime. They were even united in their fight against the turk and french occupations.
The average Syrian is young, educated and ambitious. There is a large number of intellectuals who fled syria in search of prosperity in the US, Canada ect. The Assad regime protection for minority is nothing but propaganda. In fact, more than 2% out of the 10% christian minority left the country during his reign.

Syria will be much better off without Assad. They will open up the borders and trade. You will see an influx of Saudi investors and tourism will blossom once the situation is settled. The only loser will be the (elite) Alawite who will lose all the fortunes: cars, villas, security guards, boats ectt and will be rightfully prosecuted in court or killed on the spot.

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HumanFriend wrote:

Dear explorer08,
Your idea is great but Pr. Obama and Hillary Clinton got in them suddenly a very special love and care towards the Syrian People (I hope they know where Syria is on the map). So these two brave loving persons are ready to send their presents (much like bomber toys) to those Syrians even if they were on Mars and not on the Eastern Hemisphere :)
Please have a closer look. Syrians used to live in total peace and safety till Pr. Obama declared war on them (around March 2011) by commanding them to get rid of their free liberal System. He was very sure to win this war quickly because his CIA forces already planted among us thousands of well armed terrorists (call them as you like) while the international media like Al-Jazeera worked day and night presenting their horrible crimes as if there is a revolution or civil war in Syria. As you see, the situation here has nothing to do with either hemisphere :)

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thatguy1919 wrote:

HumanFriend you must be a paid agent by the mukhabarat. Keep repeating the same lies over and over again. How many terrorists did the US plant ?? enough for Bashar to bomb an entire city and kill and torture kids ? What about the years of backwardness and political assassations suffered at the hands of the Assads ? Was it Oboma’s doing all along ?

You sir are full of it. The Syrian revolution lives on and it is real because real people are behind and real blood is being spilled and has been for a long time. Keep supporting those rich murderers mafia regime and their legion of paid drones like yourself

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Shugdj wrote:

Syria is Iran’s top ally, and the only Arab state at this point openly partnered with Tehran. Why would anyone expect Obama to help these people anymore than he did the 1000′s who were getting mowed down in the streets of Tehran? I mean, look at who he gets his foreign policies from:
Rashad Hussain of Indian origin who is the American Ambassador to the 52 nation organization of Islamic countries.
Dalia Mogahed who writes his speech who comes from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. (The speech in which he told them he himself was a Muslim, and that he would never fight against Islam because it is a “heavenly religion.”
Then there’s Azizah al-Hibri, appointed in June, 2011 by Obama. She has has participated in a seminar sponsored by the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), which the Muslim Brotherhood says is a “like minded” organization.]
That’s what happens when people elect a foreign national into an American White House.

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Shugdj wrote:

This ongoing scenario illustrates several important truths. Among them: How brutal life can be in this supposedly enlightened age. What a farce is the United Nations, and any concept of internationally enforced justice. How broken and feckless is America’s foreign policy. The entire Middle East has become a bloodbath in varying degrees.
The UN has now stopped estimating Syria’s death toll; it says confirming the data is just too difficult. Human rights groups place the total now dead around 7,000. UNICEF says that number includes at least 400 children, some of whom have been “arbitrarily arrested, tortured and sexually abused while in detention.” What’s Washington’s answer? After all the strength it has spent in vain—has decided that now is the time for a lighter approach.
Syria is Iran’s top ally, and the only Arab state at this point openly partnered with Tehran. But Bible prophesy says a divorce is coming between Iran and Syria. Syrian opposition chief Burhan Ghalioun has already pledged to cut military ties with Iran should he come to power.

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HumanFriend wrote:

Dear Thatguy1919.
So to you anyone looks for restoring the peace and safety in his country has to be an agent to some power.
Please, I beg you, let me know anything you saw it wrong on my posts. I am not a perfect man and it is always possible that I missed some facts while you didn’t.
By the way, which is bigger, an ENTIRE city as Homs or a little country known as iraq (small i)?
The brave US troops bombed, invaded and occupied Iraq. Also soon after and for too many years, many hundreds of Iraqi people (Muslim and Christian civilians of all sects) had to be killed or injured almost daily for one reason or another (based on tooth ferry stories on our screens).
Please try explaining to me why the national Syrian troops leave the Syrian people in the great cities living in peace?
Please try explaining to me why the millions of Syrians who know, exactly as you do, that some neighbourhoods in Homs are bombed and no one among them try saving those who fight their army? Don’t you know that they pray now for their brave troops to succeed in their mission in cleaning Homs once for all and as soon as possible from the imported beasts?
Most families around Syria have relatives in Homs and they were informed about the presence of well armed criminals (actually hired terrorists) who killed used to kill and terrorize many among them at random so that the media (mainly Al-Jazeera) can present their crimes against civilians and troops as if there were a revolution in Syria (which is the usual solid pretext to send humanitarian aids).
About 1982 in Hama, I personally knew a family on the side of who are known as Islamist brotherhood. Its big heads approved the killing of one young of them (he was newly married and had 2 little babies) because he refused to support their crimes at that time. So please remember, you are talking with a real Syrian who already knows all the good and the bad in his country.
By the way I am Christian and while I look always to know the full truth behind any scene, I never judge or accuse anyone. So in my life, I had no reason to fear, hate or fight any enemy in my life because sooner or later we will all pass away one after another no matter who is the winner :) It happens that I was born as a real human being and not like a survival one (guided by the survival of the strongest rule) like my dog for example.
Finally, would you please suggest me a better System than the actual one in Syria? I guess you are perfectly sure of your new System that it will be clean from any corruption (like it is the case now in Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, Egypt and Iraq… and the best example is the very clean System in USA… right?).

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broadcast wrote:

In a very rare move for me, I have to agree with Russians Putin and Lukashevich, the rest of the world should not have any involvement in the Syrian situation beyond sending humanitarian aid. It is a civil matter, and the rest of the world – including China, Russia and the United States should stay out of it. We should realize that there is a ’blow-back’ effect whenever we get involved in another country’s civil war. The US cannot continue in the role of world policemen, We should let that country decide its own fate. Wars are expensive – and even with the best of intentions – war crimes are committed. The USA desperately needs to stay in its own yard fixing its own infrastructure and care about its own people for a change. Mall 727.

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HumanFriend wrote:

Dear Shugdj.
Are you trying to say that the spread of the bloody chaos in Syria started suddenly because two countries (or more) are allied? To my knowledge Syria didn’t hurt other peoples more than countries said being civilized and democratic… etc. Iran didn’t invade and/or occupy any country as well. In fact, Iran was allied to the US White House in attacking Iraq for 10 years, in order to prepare it for the US invasion later. Please don’t think, even for a second, that it was for oil :)
Don’t you know that Iran helps since many years the US oil companies in keeping their oil price high (besides other great deals). The trick is very simple. Men on top claim they are on the edge of a war. This implies applying sanctions from both sides. Peoples in all sides have no choice but to work harder and pay more to their System (in America, to their banks and big companies owned by the Elite families). This trick was continuously adopted by the world’s leaders mainly in the last 10 years. That is why I wasn’t surprised seeing the gap between the majority in any country (starting from America) and their Elite group growing year after year. Perhaps I am wrong, but it seems that most men on power around the world have agreed to prepare their peoples for a global war. Now I wonder what has been prepared as a solid pretext to start the coming global war. Ten years ago, a few thousands of innocent Americans were sacrificed to create the series of “War on Terror” now the sacrifice must be much bigger to convince the Europeans and the Arabs to destroy each other. The role of the American people to join this war will come later as it was done in WW2.
You see, things are rather clear but there is no way to stop or even change any of what is already prepared by the world’s Elite for their ordinary peoples (in all sides, said in conflict).

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Actionman990 wrote:

The Moslem Brotherhood is getting what it dished out. Don’t look for sympathy.

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astero1d wrote:

Iam afraid words will not fix the problem in Syria. At this point it is either death or imprisonment for Assad. Assad thinks his life, and office are more important than the lives of his people. There is one way to stop it. First the rebels need arms. Small arms and anti tank capabilities, and hand held anti aircraft. Get them a food and medicine. Assad won’t stop until they are all dead, they need a way to defend themselves.

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supremacy wrote:

It’s amusing to see all of the conspiracy theories being thrown around on this site. The CIA must have the manpower of a small nation in order to pull off what you people claim they’re responsible for.

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mario719 wrote:

All brutal and oppressive governments need to just go away…

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nirvichara wrote:

it’s amusing to see how ‘arab spring’ ispired and provoked by US and Arab royalties brings more deaths and chaos than any ‘brutal’ regime ever did in Edypt, Lybia, Syria combined togetehr.
Hypocrisy at its worse. US/NATO are the real killers of arab people.

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HumanFriend wrote:

Dear astero1d, please if you didn’t know Syria in person don’t repeat what you are allowed to see and hear on your little screen. Today the CIA hit my city by another hi-tech perfect crime under their TERROR flag created just after their great success on Sept 11 by which ONLY the White House and the US oil companies took advantage of it (Please let me know other facts that may contradict what I am saying). I heard that to most Americans dancing after a crime against humanity is indeed a great benefit and there are no actors in the world who accept playing the role of idiot savages on the American screens anytime anywhere).
You see, if the Americans are made powerless till our days (by the Presidential Veto right over their necks) and most of them know their government has massacred thousands of them in NYC, it is natural that the CIA can keep massacring any other people (Spain, UK, Iraq and… etc… now Syria) by so-called suicide bombers (tooth ferry stories of any car full of explosives in which everything is controlled remotely exactly as saying a fire can melt huge towers in a couple of hours then scroll them completely in less than a minute ). So please, just for your knowledge, Syria has been attacked since mid-March 2011 (refer to Obama’s war declaration against the Syrian People) is attacked by the same beasts who celebrate with a cold blood their perfect crime on Ground Zero every year. May God protect the Americans, the Europeans and the Syrians as well. Have a nice day.

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HumanFriend wrote:

Dear supermacy.
It took them (I mean the Presidential intelligence special forces, PISF) 10 years to reach Syria. They were busy in controlling the American people then the European one first (to keep them accept all perfect crimes against their economy as being natural global crises, much like the story that idiot attackers have decided to prove they are beasts against humanity for nothing in return but to help the White House and their oil companies getting more power and billions of dollars). For about 10 years, I never talked about this because it was not my business. Now it is; PISF are playing, since mid-March 2011, on the ground of my country (today of my city) after getting the green light from Obama (actually from the US Elite families who made him President. Oh Sorry, I forgot that most Americans like thinking their voices elect their President. For instance what could be the differences between Obama and Bush besides their skin colour and the different words used in their speeches?).
For the world to have a policeman is a great idea unless this policeman is a very corrupted one then it becomes a nightmare :)
Have a nice day.

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HumanFriend wrote:

Dear mario719.
I guess you meant all governments accused being brutal and oppressive by a great power should be replaced. Isn’t it the same as Hitler did to France? Hitler was a great power and surely saw France being ruled by a corrupted System. As a gentleman, he saved the French people exactly as the US Elite saved the Iraqi people. The only difference is that Germany is owned (I mean controlled) by the US Elite since the end of WW2 (much like all Europe) hence its great power is history now (this applies to France and UK). But the US Elite after their great success on Sept 11 (though the sacrifice was huge) became even more powerful (as rulers and businessmen) than before 2001. So naturally they have the right to accuse anyone in the world being brutal if not terrorist (In American, they have the right of the Presidential Veto).
As you see, since they have the power to defy governments and Systems, it is natural that a boss working in the media would have to face real bad days if he refuses to join them in what they do… :)
Perhaps it is time to sing again… What a wonderful world :)

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HumanFriend wrote:

Dear nirvichara.
If you look around closer towards people in America, Canada, Europe… and obviously in the Arab world, you would see that all suffer the same way. Since 10 years and after creating the series by the well written scenario titled “War on Terror” of which most of us watched its first episode commented by fiction stories, it was possible creating also any sort of crises mainly in the economy of any people. If you remember well, these financial crises started seriously (after 2001) in America. Then they hit the economy of the European people (starting from UK which is better controlled by the US Elite). At last, they hit the Arab world, one country after another; but excluding the few Arab countries, as Qatar, which were given a role to play as it was given to Germany against Europe in WW2.
You and I can be at best just nice observers… no more no less :)

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HumanFriend wrote:

To those who are real observers, today the same scenario which is followed too many times in Iraq just after its occupation, started here, in my own city. A car equipped with the same explosive materials used in Iraq after its occupation and obviously with a dummy driver (to play the suicide bomber in the crime story) was sent remotely (as for the planes on Sept 11) targeting many young soldiers. I think who plot these crimes are genius besides being beasts. They have always some actors playing the role of terrorist (refer to the international perfect crime in 2001) to cover their crimes. And as it was done in Iraq, first of all, the attacks aim all young soldiers of the invaded country. Only then, it will be time to kill the civilians as well almost daily.
On the other side, the US Presidential Intelligence Forces have to think 100 times more than they used to do while playing their bloody games in Syria. I am sure they already knew what I mean and that is why Obama urges for the 10th time the Turkish government to move its army against the Syrian People but the Turkish army is no more the criminal one when it has been deceived in the past by some Western countries (as it is exactly the case now).

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moweddell wrote:

What’s the difference? No matter which side the USA takes, we are eventually always on the wrong side. Thus, these arab spring civil wars are a lose – lose situations for the USA. Remember, these middle east Arab, Islamic, Muslim countries have been ruled by kings, dictators, or clerical zealots for about a thousand of years. With over a 40% illetracy rate, that have little to no understanding of the responsibilities or duties of citizens within a democracy. The educated and others want freedom but always fall back on their religious brainwashing, elect Islamic clerics who, themselves create a religious dictatorial theoracy like Iran. Now they begin to live by the code of the feud, with each side blaming the other for its cause, while in the name of counter revolution, revenge, or in the name of Jihad, they begin to murder Christians, Jews, other religious sects, and educated women and children. The new rulers are usually little more than brute barbarians, and with the new dictatorship, new next group of oppressed minorities start their new civil war. Thus the same cycle begins all over again, etc. Always remember, their deep down misguided religious beliefs casts the USA and other western democracies as the demon cause of all of their problems. So, lets get realistic, these Islamic civil wars will continue until the basic nature of their misguided dogamatic religion changes. In the meantime lets stay out of the frey. Some of their entire countries are not worth the life of one more American soldier. However, if they cause war against us or our allies, we should simply bomb them back to the stone age and stomp out the ashes. Monty Weddell Dallas, TX

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Ed57 wrote:

Neither do we in the U.S. have the duty nor the capability to right every wrong that happens in this world. We are just one country and if we try to be the world’s policeman it will eventually bring down our whole country.

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference”

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sevon wrote:

Let Russia and China fix the problem in Syria. Lets take a back seat cause I’m tired of the good old USA being the World Police..

Feb 11, 2012 4:43pm EST  --  Report as abuse
sevon wrote:

Let Russia and China fix the problem in Syria. Lets take a back seat cause I’m tired of the good old USA being the World Police..

Feb 11, 2012 4:43pm EST  --  Report as abuse
LynCe wrote:

Everyone is so sick of the interminable blabfest at the UN, but hope springs — there was a feisty demonstration in front of the Russian embassy in Tel Aviv tonight. Let that wave roll around the world.

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HumanFriend wrote:

Dear moweddell,
Your analysis is right in general. But, just for your knowledge, I am afraid it doesn’t apply on the Syrian People unless you have a personal experience with some of them directly (I wish to hear of it from you). Any tourist visiting Syria before Pr. Obama has started, since mid-March 2011, declaring the terror war against the Syrian People, was surprised how its people live in total harmony and peace and most of all in a very safe environment, day and night.
I guess you didn’t read any of my previous post on Syria and you didn’t hear clearly how Obama defied the free will of more than 22 million Syrians by commanding them to get rid of their free liberal System. Please imagine Obama asking the Chinese People to get rid of their President!!! I know he can never do it because it is a clear declaration of war. So, in reality, not on your little screen, there is no revolution or civil war in Syria. There is just a real war between Syrians (both civilians and troops) against well armed terrorists planted among them by the US Presidential Intelligence Forces who do their best, since then, to win their declared war against Syria exactly as they won their war against the Iraqi People. I guess, you cannot believe that before mid-March 2011, Syrians used to live free and safe much more than if they were in America, mainly after the great success of the White House in their Hollywood perfect crime on Sept 11 by which all Americans have lost gradually their political freedom and their democracy became history till these days. It doesn’t matter now if the Americans know or not the truth of what really happened on that tragic day because about 90% of them are made powerless and the remained 10% still gain from this crime (Do I need mentioning the US oil companies for example?).
I am a Christian Syrian. I personally live the unconditional love towards all others; friends and enemies. So the image of Allah (or alike in other religions) that may ask, in some situations, to fight some enemies, cannot exist in my reality. So, my Muslim friends used to say: “We are very sorry for you. You have to go to Hell after you die while we will be in Heaven. We will miss you there.” Do you think this can happen in any other Muslim country than Syria? I guess not. But who already massacred thousands of their own citizens for power and money and keep celebrating, with a cold blood, their perfect crime yearly at Ground Zero, won’t find hard bombarding any foreign people. On the other hand, I have the feeling that the Holy Spirit is protecting Syria during the last 10 months despite the billions of dollars invested in both the well armed terrorist groups (local and imported from abroad in thousands) and the international media (mainly Al-Jazeera in Qatar) for the sole mission… destroying the land of peace and love… Syria. I wonder how long the US Elite will take to know that Syria is not Iraq or Libya and its destruction will stimulate real revolutions against them in America and Europe in which they will have no way to keep hiding themselves behind … the famous conspiracy theory.
Have a nice day.

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HumanFriend wrote:

Dear Ed57,
What you said comes usually from a wise man but in Politics wisdom has no place. In Politics, power and money matter only and at any cost (best example, the Hollywood perfect crime on Sept 11; a huge sacrifice for a huge profit in term of power and money till our days).
That is why I can never work in Politics. Instead, I use to work for my daily bread only. To me, being famous or rich is my last worry. And while I live this way, I don’t need creating lies continuously and keep remembering them always…just in case :)

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HumanFriend wrote:

Dear sevon,
It is always good having a policeman around but if he becomes corrupted then his presence would be a nightmare :)

Feb 12, 2012 1:07am EST  --  Report as abuse
HumanFriend wrote:

Dear LynCe,
Do you mean you are looking for a job as a terrorist in Syria? I am just kidding. You know, in Syria, civilians and troops are facing since more than 10 months thousands of well armed terrorists planted among us. They were activated when Pr. Obama declared war against the Syrian People. I guess, you didn’t hear yet Pr. Obama commanding the Syrian People to get rid of their free liberal System under which they used to live all in total harmony and peace. In fact, Syria before the actual US attacks was among the safest countries in the world. Oh sorry, I forgot to say that the attacks follow now the new method adopted by the CIA after the great success of the White House in their Hollywood perfect crime on Sept 11 which is by spreading terror inside a country. How? There are two preferred scenarios; attacks by hired terrorists so-called radical Islamist and by suicide bombers (even a kid knows that there is no need for any person to drive a car or trigger a bomb; everything can be controlled remotely). Even in the past, when there were real individual suicide bombers, mainly in Israel, they were usually sent to any serious gathering asking for peace with Palestinians. This was possible by the collaboration of both intelligences; Palestinian and Israeli so that the Israeli people can be kept always in a state of alert. Why? It is no more a secret that Israel is just another US military base under the direct control of the US Elite families (via some Jewish leaders of course). As you know, the US Elite defeated the great Iraqi army in about one week but keep looking for peace talks with some Palestinians fighters since 60 years. In brief, the art of Politics is to know how to divide people in order to better control them all and I cannot convince myself that the men on power are naive in creating real conflicts with their counterparts around the world for the good of any people. Now the US and Iranian governments play a war game on our screens so that oil prices can stay high and the sales of weapons flourish. Before Iran, it was Iraq. Before Iraq it was Afghanistan. Could you know which was before the latter?… you are right… Communism… and so on.

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