Iran says can hit U.S. interests worldwide if attacked

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Free-Speech wrote:

Didn’t we already know that?

They have long range submarines with cruise missiles don’t they…?

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GA_Chris wrote:

This report was sponsored by AIPAC

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cp61 wrote:

sure they do.
putin is such a throw back
in the the usa we call that sore loser.

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opuntia wrote:

Most of what Iran says is bluster. America will most likely prevail on a face-to-face confrontation with Iran–unless Russia and China intercede.

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YouDontKnowMe wrote:

So I guess since they can do a few military exercises and puff up their chest and talk smack, they’re ready to take on the biggest and most experienced military in the world…okay

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jroliver wrote:

Hey Iran, give it your best shot because if you fire on American troops you will be GONE GONE GONE.

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Fumer wrote:

War propaganda. Another gold for oil deal just like in Libya. ‘Humanitarian effort’ garbage they fed us opened the way for the militant insurgents there to target immigrant black people and hang them from meat hooks in the street.

In Libya they had a quality of life that surpassed the US and got bombed into the dark ages. Anyone who supports these disgusting actions are just as culpable in my book.

Ask yourself this, who’s antagonizing and interfering with who?

The west has become the bad guy in a big way. It’s deplorable.

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Redford wrote:

Ho Hum. And the U.S. has the ability to obliterate Iran in half an hour. Must be go back to the Cold War. Been there; seen that.

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kao wrote:

The US doesn’t need to attack Iran. With Rhetoric like that from a ‘Leader,’ Iranians will implode upon themselves; then appeal for US help.

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MetalHead8 wrote:

@ Free Speech, Any idea how many they have?

Am i the only one that likes to know the numbers? I feel think that should be included in this article.

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BCerentano wrote:

If they consider a lunatic with a bomb strapped to his chest a ‘military strike’ then, I’m sure they can. Other than that… yawn.

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Sassan31 wrote:

He is right, the Iranian people do have unity. Unity in being united against the fascist, totalitarian, and terrorist regime which has pillaged Iran through oppression, terror, and murders and supporting freedom and true secular democracy.

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Nullcorp wrote:

Hopefully Arab Spring 2.0 is imminent, and starts in Iran.

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Dhirajkunar wrote:

What the US says ‘all options are on the table’ or ‘no options are off the table’- THIS IS THE WORLD’S BIGGEST BLUFF. Who is fooling whom here ? How can US ‘win’ the war with Iran ? Did US win any war ? Vietnam, Iraq, afgan all were disastrous which made the US flee (soon from afgan) with enormous costs. One successful strike on any aircraft carrier by Iran will mean 6000 experiienced US lives plunging into the sea, forget about the scores of fighter aircrafts and collatral damage of billions of dollars. And you think Russia and China will sit quiet while all this goes on ? Will they strike at mainland US ?

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Dhirajkunar wrote:

In continuation with my above post, someone will say ‘huh ? strike a US aircraft carrier ? US will flatten Iran if that happens.’ Oh yeah really ? Flatten Iran ? What does ‘flatten’ mean by the way ? So the guy will say – we will flatten their infrastructure, buildings roads, railways, dams, bridges, agriculture, blah blah blah. So do you know what will become of Iran if you achieve these ‘feats’ ? Iranians will have nothing else to do than become world scale terrorists. Oil from ME could be history. They will get you or your children or their children, wherever they are. We return back to the same point – Attacking Iran is a big bluff.

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BobArmstrong wrote:

So once again Iran says it will defend itself and retaliate by every means it can muster against constantly threatened Israeli or USA aggression while refusing to be a second class citizen of the world in perpetuity .

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Logical123 wrote:

No country has the right to attack another country except in self defense. Therefore, if the US or Israel is stupid enough to attack Iran, they deserve everything that they get in return. And, the response will not be limited geographically. So, here is my advice to Obama: Shut your mouth and stop saying, “All options are on the table.”

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jaham wrote:

@Dhiraj…or we could just allow the Arab spring to do the job for us. All we need to do is aid the opposition by selling them weapons and ensuring the internet is available, the people of Iran will win the war in Iran – Syria is the beginning of this.

And no, China and Russia are not going to attack America, lay of the hyperbole. They just want oil supplies and to sell weapons in the area, respectively.

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jaham wrote:

@Logical123…what about a lunatic with a nuke, are we not allowed to preemptively protect ourselves?

What about a cop who arrives on the scene of a robbery in progress; robbers sees the cop and begins to reach for his gun – when is the cop allowed to shoot? Similarly, at what point are we allowed to attack Iran, when the nuke is already locked and launched at your home town?

You want Obama to shut his mouth – what about Iranian loons making these obnoxious statements? Preach on?

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HayabusaZA wrote:

The new trend of muslim keyboard warriors pretending to be americans with names like GA-Chris and Don and “jeff” is amusing. LMFAO Keep up the good work guys! Next time post as Bart Simpson or Barbie. That will be a real kicker.

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codeblue7 wrote:

There wont be a single shot fired . Iran will get tired of not being able to eat . The nuke isnt worth it . Isreal will never bomb Iran the US is trying to get out of the middle east war issue . Everyone wants free trade a war will put us all back into the cold war earra been there don that didnt work .

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jnv wrote:

The sanctions that have been put on Iran is a form of warfare (economic warfare) and has been justified because a country which is nuked up to the eyeballs itself (Israel) is paranoid about getting bombed. What would the world say if Iran, Russia or China suddenly got paranoid about Israel’s or America’s WMD’s and threatened them with military strike. These actions are hypocritical and a humiliation to mankind. How many times does a country have to deny false and misleading allegations from a country who has a reputation of invading countries on a premises that turns out to be false. If Iran was to ask America this question, America would reply ‘That depends on what and how much we want from you’

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NotWorried wrote:

The US doesn’t need to attack Iran. They will continue to sit outside Iran with their sanctions until the economy is completely gone. By then the citizens will be fighting with their government to comply so they can continue living.

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On one hand go Iran. You gotta stand up to the bully so he’ll leave you alone.
On the other hand Iran needs to chill out and continue to work with its allies like Russia to solve this whole mess peacefully.
Finally, this is what America gets for having 900 bases in hundreds of countries all over the world. Want to have innocent people living on bases in the middle east? this is what happens. Vote Ron Paul. America is more vulnerable and our national defense is down because of the military industrial complex that continues to murder innocent American citizens as well as civilians abroad

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Logical123 wrote:

jaham: The lunatic with nukes is Netanyahu. Iran has no nukes as both Panetta and Barak said fecently. So, what on earth are you talking about? Iran has made no threat against anyone, including pipsqueak and racist Israel. I hope you are that ignorant that you still believe in that “wipe out Israel” nonsense. On the other hand, the US and Israel threaten Iran almost every week with their stupid, “All options are on the table.” Obama is beginning to sound like an absolute moron.

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j0e815 wrote:

Good for them, not backing down and stay strong against the world’s richest bully.

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Ayatollah wrote:

Lmao, Iran is going to implode on itself or get bombed back to the stone age….either way I look forward to a big bowl of popcorn while enjoying the show…..

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yummy8755 wrote:

You are misjudging the American character and the
American war machine: Americans are surly from a depressed economy.
Attacking the infrastructure in a developed nation is what the US can do best. And as almost an aside, Obama can position himself as the leader he is not, with some major action.

Remember the nuclear weapons that were dropped in Japan, need not have been. It was just revenge.
Iran is foolishly stirring up a honest’s nest and hoping the USSR and China will back them to the hilt.

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MikeBee wrote:

What a shame we wasted all that blood and treaure in Iraq reaponding to the GOP lies about their WMDs. If there really is a threat, it is to Israel. So we should stay out of it.
Does anyone think our own national interests have been served by our slavish relationship to Israel? Their campaign money may have been very helpful to many of our politicians, but it has certainly been harmful to our national interests. Get the money out of politics!!!

Feb 13, 2012 8:02pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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