Test for Komen charity looms at next Race for the Cure

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TomMariner wrote:

Komen will be diminished, then gone. Yes, they immensely helped women’s health with skillful fund raising and passionate giving. But they ran into politics and that is fatal. Thousands of women will die without their help, but that pales in comparison to the politics of division and making sure “your” candidate wins.

I’m not sure that meets my definition of courage where one will die for one’s convictions — If you will die while I win, it is more like cowardice and partisanship. But it will be powerful visuals of tombstones inscribed with “killed by an election campaign”.

When are we going to have enough of the fanatics?

Feb 11, 2012 3:26pm EST  --  Report as abuse
realtruth1 wrote:

The whole thing is a shake down! The money that does make it to organizations are only given after money has been given to the higher ups at komen. There is no race for the cure it is more like the race for you money!

Feb 12, 2012 4:08pm EST  --  Report as abuse
ancientWisdom wrote:

Read Pink Ribbons, Inc., the expose that connects the dots between SGK’s dead silence on cancer causes and the huge donations it gets from chemical and energy corporations, the possible sources of breast cancer.

Feb 13, 2012 3:36am EST  --  Report as abuse
wildbiker wrote:

I did not see a fact finding article or piece on what exactly Planned Parenthood did directly concerning breast cancer services. Also, Komen has represented itself (locally anyway) as a breast cancer research fund raiser. Yet this flap is over breast cancer services. So, unless Komen tightens up its act to be what it was first intended to be, I suspect it will be significantly diminished by this. This particular article doesn’t hang together. It is a sloppy piece, trying to subtly support the Komen-PP alliance. It’s ‘objectivity’ is laughable.

Feb 13, 2012 9:49am EST  --  Report as abuse
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