Senators launch new push for cybersecurity bill

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Samcomments wrote:

Fantastic. Another big government bill to create another ‘task force’ to oversee yet another ‘problem.’ And imagine that – it has bipartisan support!!

Senators: don’t you think Google, and Lockheed Martin, etc. already are doing their best to avoid getting hacked into?? IT people luuuuv to catch hackers and put everyone on security alert.

Let those of us who are actually in the programming and networking world clue you in: Common practices do not HELP security. They only help hackers. An analogy: If everyone used the exact same set of locks on their house doors, don’t you think it would be easier for robbers to pick locks?

CLUELESS as always. That’s our Congress.

oh, if you need something to do – we do have a deficit right now. Work on that.

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