Anti-abortion "personhood" bill clears Oklahoma senate

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Jro65 wrote:

Guess Republicans didn’t learn any real science when they were taught creationism.
They should stop enacting their idiotic laws and just let “god” deal with it.

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Andy_Anderson wrote:

Unbelievable that this overwhelmingly male group of legislators thinks they have the right to dictate to females what they can and cannot do with their own bodies.

This isn’t pro-life, it’s anti-woman.

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LSKfromPA wrote:

It’s good that so many DO have an understanding of biology, and know that new DNA, and a new life is created, at conception. Each of us begins as a single cell. Without that first cell, there would be ‘person’. I agree that we should “let God deal with it” instead of legalizing the murder of 3500-4000 babies EVERY DAY in America alone by unnatural means. Our Declaration of Independence and the 14th Amendment of the Constitution acknowledge the right to life. I pray that Oklahoma’s Senate will serve as a role model for other states and send a message to Washington.

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amnot wrote:

So now day old embryos are up there with corporations, as “persons” who have more rights many of us – the homeless, the undocumented, the uninsured, victims of rape and domestic violence, not to mention the battered, neglected and unwanted children who will pay for this atrocity. These insane men are making insane laws just to promote an insane ideology that is completely devoid of reality. They say it is in the name of “pro-life” but we all know that is a farce. Once these babies are born, their lives will no longer matter.

These delusional wackos who are making our laws must be stopped, as well as the Catholic bishops who are at the heart of this. I know this sounds extreme, but remember, everything Hitler did was “legal.”

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SkaptoBathuno wrote:

Yes, everything Hitler did was “legal” he legally sanctioned the death of millions of innocent people because the German people would not open up their eyes to see what was really happening. We in America refuse to open our eye, or should I say selectively open our eyes. Right wingers point to abortion and fight for the life of the unborn, left wingers point to the neglected, forgotten, and abused and blame right wingers for not caring enough about that group. The problem is that we need to open our eyes and see that all life is valuable! The homeless man on the street has an eternal infinite value, the abused and raped women and men have an eternal, infinite value, and the unborn child, from the moment of conception, also shares this eternal, infinite value.
Our problem is not that we don’t care enough, its that we care selectively. its time to open our hearts and care for all people, the born and the unborn!

Feb 16, 2012 4:46pm EST  --  Report as abuse
NekoPanda wrote:

What about miscarriages? What about ectopic Pregnancy’s. So the mothers life is just a vessel? What about if a pregnancy continues it will kill the mother?

So it’s going to be manslaughter if a women has a miscarriage. Wow. So lets put more tax dollars to take care of “murders” who are already having a horrible time with pregnancy. OH and you can’t know when you conceive only around the time which is idiotic in my opinion. The sperm can live for a week in the woman’s body. and so you can’t know WHEN YOU CONCEIVE. what are they delisional?

If i had an ectopic pregnancy, And it would be murder to have an abortion, then I die, what is that? Is that my price for something I couldn’t control? What about a misscarriage? Do i deserve life in prison for something out of my control. After being miserable for losing a baby I wanted? After horrible heart ache, and horrible mental stress, and complete and utter saddness of losing it? This law is making women nothing more than a vessel. And I think any smart woman should move from there.

Maybe it is a life, but a life is only a life once it can survive on it’s own, when it can in reality, not need it’s mother for survival. You are a person when you can live without a host… When you can breathe on your own or with a machine, when you can grow stronger outside of the womb, what is it? LIke 23 weeks gestation? when the baby is safe, or relitively safe? When with help of doctors and machines it can survive. But before then it can not at all, What is a person? Just cells? i thought a person was someone with a will, with thoughts, with fears, with emotions, with love? An embrio is not a person, will never be a person, until that embrio can survive without being inside the mother. So I think they need to look at the facts of what a person is, and that a baby, as much as it is loved, is just a parisite till it can survive on it’s own. It’s a growth of you and someone else, ripening till the day it leaves the womb, and until that 23 week mark is made, it maybe your child, but its not a person, it’s not viable. it’s not anything. So tourchering women, when it’s not yet a human, is redicioulus. maybe count when it starts kicking, when you feel him/her… when it’s sure to be a human.
Some may disagree with me, but its part of the woman till it can surive with air in it’s lungs, and food in his/her tummy.
I hate you okalhoma, and i Wish there were something I could do… I wish maybe you’ll have to have a hard time with something, and watch your wife go to prision for having a misscarriage that almost killed her. I wish you watch the female population leave, one by one, day by day, till all that’s left are guys, with idiotic ideals, and only other men to have sex with, so there will be no issues of babies.

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sledge149 wrote:

Not all fertilized eggs implant in the uterus. If it is a person at conception, do we need to inspect all bodily discharges for signs of unimplanted fertilized eggs so that the police can conduct a criminal investigation?

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issk wrote:

Previous writers are correct. Every miscarriage will have to be investigated to make sure it was not intentional homicide. People can also be jailed for accidental or negligent homicide. Husbands and boyfriends will need to be investigated. Doctors and nurses will not want to treat pregnant women for fear of being charged with homicidal malpractice. Insurance companies will not cover homicide. Taxes will increase to cover the costs of more prosecutors and public defenders.

Further, the government will now tell people what God looks like. The logic is as simple as ABC. A) the person is created in the image and likeness of God (Genesis); B) personhood begins at conception; and C) the zygote will be the image and likeness of God.

Congratulations Oklahoma for creating legal and theological nightmares.

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Lesbakon wrote:

According to the dictates of The State, all women will be forced to carry ever pregnancy to full term unless The State determines otherwise.

What will be the just punishment for the women who is an accomplice to the first degree murder of the person she hosts in her body? Why would it be anything less than the sentence handed down for killing a 6 year old child or a 76 year-old adult.

It should be 25 to life.

A life is a life is a life, right? To justify a lesser sentence is to compromise the assertion that a human blastocyst is the same as any other person.

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Geenaweena13 wrote:

Dont include me in your “okahoma is a conservative pro-life state”!

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