Obama's slogan: looking to replace Hope and Change

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djdjdj wrote:

President Obama promise of “Hope” and “Change”

I respectfully suggest that you issue their full pardon to all cannabis prisoners

Mr. President Obama, I am hereby respectfully requesting that your exercise your executive privilege as President of the United States and that you grant full pardons, vindication and subsequent removal of their felony convictions of all cannabis prisoners



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Psyllicon wrote:

Unfortunately, with the alternatives we see lining up to challenge him, all we can really ‘Hope’ for is that something will ‘Change’ — and we haven’t seen it happening, yet.

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ShiremaninDC wrote:

Obama should use the slogan from the old TV show “Hope & Faith”. Well if he can get Faith Ford & Kelly Ripa support.

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valwayne wrote:

Obama has already replaced “Hope and Change”, with “Decline and Despair”. No President has ever failed so miserably or done so much damage to our nation in such a short time. $5.6 Trillion in nation destroying debt in 4 years. If Obama is reelected he will destroy the Catholic Church in America, Drive Christianity into hiding, and the decline of the nation’s economy will accelerate until we are rioting in the streets like in Greece. Obama is the worst, most polarizing, most divisive President in our nation’s history. Obama has pushed our nation to the edge of the Grand Canyon, and he is working to push us over. Will we let him?

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VoireDire wrote:

How about “Debt and Dependency”….almost as catchy as Hope and Change and far more authentic

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speaker12 wrote:

He has replaced hope and change. Now we have poverty, frustration and debt. Phoney, we know your name.

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Harry079 wrote:

In the next few months the slogan could be:

“I glady pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”

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Chazz wrote:

LOL!!! I absolutely LOVE the names offered by “VoireDire” and “Harry079.”

Seriously though – a slogan is just a bunch of poetic words. Our President delivered his “Hope and Change” eloquently and got elected for it, but the reality is those words meant “I Hope I can get away with the MASSIVE SPENDING I have in mind and the CHANGES I want to make to then US Constitution.”

Sitting here almost four years later I’ve come to the conclusion that if we elect Obama for a second term the only change we’ll have will be a few nickels and dimes in our pockets. But at least we’ll ALL (Except politicians and Union Members) will have the same change because that’s what’s “fair.”

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presydent wrote:

My family, my friends and I HOPE there is a major CHANGE in the White House and Congress this coming November! BO has had 3 years to prove he’s an effective leader, uniter and President and has failed miserably in all aspects.

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Montana1 wrote:

President Obama: “I HOPE you CHANGE your mind about me!”

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Sensibility wrote:

Dope and lame?

Nope and same?

I’ve got it! “TROPE and BLAME!” Fits pretty much perfectly.

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hasefalke wrote:

Broke and Blame?

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Twister51 wrote:

Or “Hype and Hope alone don’t mean squat!”

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Twister51 wrote:

I’ll give you one for Romney: “Mitt Gets It!”, as in Mitt Romney clearly loves America, whereas the guy in the White House now doesn’t even understand America.

God help us….

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oneofthecrowd wrote:

I HOPE the government has some spare CHANGE left from all the Obama spending sprees.

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simon_tpd wrote:

How about “Ron Paul 2012″?
Works for me!

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limapie wrote:

This PA woman of Afro-American decent called into a talk radio show
and said she was voting Republican this Nov 2012, unlike ’08 when she voted without thinking for Obama. When asked if she thought if any other Afro-American women would vote similar, she
replied, “No, I’m probably the only one.”

The unemployment percentage during the Obama term decreased now to 8.3%.
Yet, this particular statistic doesn’t reveal the true fact:
——-Of the whole American population, only 63.7% are actually participating in the work force,
while the other 36.3% are NOT working———!

This non-working figure is the highest it’s been in the past THIRTY

While the traditional unemployment measure is going down,
the actual working/non-working numbers remain totally stubborn.

So, it isn’t surprising to note that a goodly portion of those 36.3% are of the Afro-American population! Obama hasn’t done
anything to ease the unemployment for Afro-Americans….oh, I can’t say anything.
His solution to Afro-American unemployment has been to mandate the using of America’s credit card connected to China’s banks (increasing the deficit)
to purchase ‘(?)health care’ that will stop their birth BEFORE they become unemployed.

“Here is change for ya–have a bunch of abortifacients for FREE!
What good is it to even start living, if all you’re ever gonna do is end up poor and unemployed?”

So WHY, oh WHY is it that this above mentioned woman is the only thinking Afro-American on this earth? Somehow the Obama-god didn’t blind her with his one-liner, catch phrases.

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WahWahWah wrote:

Obama needs a new sign on the back of his bus? How about “Don’t follow me, I’m lost!”

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CountryPride wrote:

How about

“A food stamp in every home”
“Energy prices will necessarily skyrocket”
“Taxpayer money to our personally selected soon to be bankrupt companies”
“An automatic rifle for every drug lord”
“We will sue if you enforce the law we refuse to enforce”
“Who needs id’s to vote”
“Look at all the jobs we created,,, in China”
“Let’s streamline visa’s for Chinese to get jobs, enter our universities and buy our land and businesses, this will help America”
“Who need’s congress to declare war”
“I will cut the deficit spending in half in my first term,,,, compared to what I may spend in my second term if reelected.”

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cmunit wrote:

Obama’s 2012 slogan … “Hopey Dopey”


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presydent wrote:

My family, friends and I are HOPING for a POSITIVE CHANGE – BO out-of-office as well as his cronies in Congress, and then we can get rid of all of his Czars and others that have bilked our country of all that stimulous money. November 2012 can’t come soon enough for the U.S.A.

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Go Green With Envy

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Stanley7746 wrote:

It is just like David Axelrod said, dome and gloom, and they think that is a winner? We will move past the whiners with winners, that is the American way.

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HairBrainman wrote:

Really funny conservative comments…sour grapes much? We all know he’s doing the best he can with the incredible mess left over from the stolen Bush years. How about OVERCOME–MINDFULLY.

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Wassup wrote:

As long as Americans support a cancer like we currently have as leadership in the Executive Office and in Congress, you will continue to suffer and see your once proud country travel down the road to perdition in perhaps as soon as a generation. The fate of this nation is in the hands of the voters in November, 2012. Exercise your right to vote while you still can and while it has not been cancelled by the present regime via mandate or hidden agenda.

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moonhill wrote:

@HairBrainman-Your moniker says it all.

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cybercore wrote:

Stop hoping and change it back http://youtu.be/8qHmXMMCrlI

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