Lone wolf in California inspires conservationist push

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BAWAbali wrote:

According to Genetic scientists from U.C. Davis, California who came to Bali and conducted extensive sampling and then genetic studies in their US laboratory have found that Bali’s average street dogs is the closest dog in the world to it’s ancestors, the wolf. Bali dogs are now also in danger of being killed off due to a mass panic of rabies and program of poisoning and killing dogs. Approximately 50% of Bali’s dogs have been culled in recent years.
Let’s stop the culling before we read about one more species that no longer exists. Bali should be proud of their dogs, how special they are, what amazing creatures. Let’s feed them, provide homes for them, learn about them, respect and care for them……..not cruelly kill them. -Bali Animal Welfare Association

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