Russia on collision course as Putin plots return

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Popsiq wrote:

This screed has to be for Russian consumption as the great US ship of state doesn’t care about collisions. Being the biggest, meanest, most well-armed S.O.B in the valley means never having to worry about running aground or smashing, accidentally, into a lighthouse.

When that kind of wreck happens, as it has in Iraq and Afghanistan, why you just ‘man up’ and act like a victim of something, or other. The lesson for the lesser nations of the earth, ‘Don’t tread on me.’ should be followed with ‘Or you’ll receive sustained humanitarian bombardment.’

If it wasn’t Russia, or China, North Korea, Cuba, Iran or any other of the world’s ‘shoals’ and backwaters, America would still be ‘under threat’ – an infectious Jewish disorder.

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walfourth wrote:

There are no mysteries here. Mr. Putin simply wishes to hold on to power as long as he possibly can. His backers have done quite well, as noted in the article. As for Russia in general, the results of his rule include a declining population and relatively high out migration. Those are not signs of social or economic health. The article’s author did note something else that I have not seen elsewhere, namely his fear of prosecution if he were forced out. Corruption and worse have increased during his reign. It would be hard to imagine Mr. Putin not having as least some involvement in it, even if not as deeply as some of his most vociferous opponents might have it.

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Jaws7 wrote:

What I read is a biased article on Putin. Without him Russia would not be returning as a power to be contended with but a country the West can run over. The Russians are fortunate to have such an able
person leading their country at this time. This article is just paid propaganda against a leader who has stood up to the West, out manuevered it in the the engergy sector and has been able to stop the aggresive acts of the West in the ME and Eurasia. Things that Russians need to understand that are important and will lead to a prosperous nation.

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FatherJames wrote:

…The United States has been lucky… In our history we have had some bad Presidents… Richard Nixon, etc… But our history, for all of its faults and sometimes shameful incidents… is nothing like Russia’s…

…We never had a leader like Stalin… or a President who could honestly boast (as Ivan the Terrible did) of having throttled more than 1000 men with his own hands…

…Putin is rather low key by comparison… Journalists and dissidents wind up dead home and abroad… Sometimes by Polonium poisoning (just so everybody knows who was ticked off…)

…He may be happy to continue on his current course… or he may, like Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe… “take the temple down with him…”

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NukerDoggie wrote:

Makes me wonder if Pooty Poot may be right about the West financing and otherwise supporting his opposition. The Reagan Doctrine, Act II, perhaps?

The West loves a weak Russia. Almost everyone loves a weak Russia. But this time the real story will be a weak West, getting weaker and more desperate by the day, and grasping at any lever to try to weaken and thwart its rivals (like Russia), because no return to global dominance for the West is in sight.

It’s not by any means a story about an impotent West. But it is a story of the accelerated, strategic decline of the West and the collective rise of the East and of the South. It’s 1989-1991 for western capitalism.

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