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4 years ago
DIARY - Western European Corporate events from July 29
July 29, 2013 / 8:10 AM / 4 years ago

DIARY - Western European Corporate events from July 29

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Western European Corp Meetings       European hits & misses         
    Major European Co.'s earnings   Monthly S&P 500 earnings       
    Weekly non-S&P 500 earnings      Day ahead S&P 500 earnings     
    Weekly conference call/webcast   Weekly meetings                
    Global Company News Preview     Day ahead conference call      
    Weekly S&P 500 earnings              Central & East Europe earnings  
 ***PLEASE NOTE - We have split this diary into two separate diaries;
    Earnings, which will contain the following event types; Earnings, Trading, Sales, Traffic 
Figures, New Business, KPI's and others on merit. 
    Meetings, which will contain the following event types; Conference Calls, Meetings, 
Presentations, Analysts, Investor Conferences and others on merit. 
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     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                 ---------     ---------
      DATE   CO   GMT   COMPANY NAME                         EVENT          RIC 
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                 ---------     --------
     29-Jul  IT         AEFFE SPA                            Q2            
     29-Jul  CH   AMC   AGTA RECORD AG                       Q2 SALES      
     29-Jul  ES   6:30  ALMIRALL SA                          Q2            
     29-Jul  PT   AMC   BANCO COMERCIAL PORTUGUES SA         Q2            
     29-Jul  IT         BE THINK SOLVE EXECUTE SPA           Q2            
     29-Jul  FR   AMC   BIGBEN INTERACTIVE SA                Q1 SALES      
     29-Jul  DE   5:30  BAADER BANK AG                       Q2            
     29-Jul  FR   16:00 BURELLE SA                           Q2            
     29-Jul  FR         CREDIT AGRICOLE DU MORBIHAN SCOP     Q2            
     29-Jul  IT   8:00  CIR COMPAGNIE INDUSTRIALI RIUNITE    Q2            
     29-Jul  IT         COFIDE GRUPPO DE BENEDETTI SPA       Q2            
     29-Jul  FR   AMC   COHERIS SA                           Q2 SALES      
     29-Jul  GB   BMO   CRESTON PLC                          Q1 TRADE      
     29-Jul  GB   BMO   CRANSWICK PLC                        TRADING       
     29-Jul  GR   AMC   DANAOS CORP                          Q2            
     29-Jul  FR         DANONE SA                            H1            
     29-Jul  GR   BMO   DIANA CONTAINERSHIPS INC             Q2            
     29-Jul  FR         DELFINGEN INDUSTRY SA                Q2 SALES      
     29-Jul  ES   5:30  DISTRIBUIDORA INTERNACIONAL          Q2            
     29-Jul  FR   AMC   ACTEOS SA                            Q2 SALES      
     29-Jul  IT   9:30  MONRIF SPA                           Q2            
     29-Jul  IT         EDISON SPA                           Q2            
     29-Jul  FR         ERAMET SA                            H1            
     29-Jul  GB   BMO   FIDESSA GROUP PLC                    INTERIM       
     29-Jul  FR   BMO   FLAMEL TECHNOLOGIES SA               Q2            
     29-Jul  PT   BMO   GALP ENERGIA SGPS SA                 Q2            
     29-Jul  GB   6:00  GEM DIAMONDS LTD                     H1 TRADE      
     29-Jul  GB         HAMMERSON PLC                        H1            
     29-Jul  FR   BMO   HOLOGRAM INDUSTRIES SA               Q2            
     29-Jul  GB   BMO   HISCOX LTD                           H1            
     29-Jul  GB         INTERCEDE GROUP PLC                  TRADING       
     29-Jul  GB   6:00  INTERTEK GROUP PLC                   INTERIM       
     29-Jul  FR   5:00  JCDECAUX SA                          H1            
     29-Jul  GB   BMO   JKX OIL & GAS PLC                    INTERIM       
     29-Jul  GB   BMO   KELLER GROUP PLC                     INTERIM       
     29-Jul  GB         LMS CAPITAL PLC                      INTERIM       
     29-Jul  ES         NATRA SA                             Q2            
     29-Jul  GB         NATIONAL GRID PLC                    TRADING       
     29-Jul  GB         OPG POWER VENTURES PLC               TRADING       
     29-Jul  FR   AMC   AUSY SA                              Q2 SALES      
     29-Jul  FR   AMC   PARROT SA                            Q2            
     29-Jul  IT         POLIGRAFICI EDITORIALE SPA           Q2            
     29-Jul  GB   6:00  RECKITT BENCKISER GROUP PLC          H1            
     29-Jul  IE         RYANAIR HOLDINGS PLC                 Q1            
     29-Jul  CH         SIKA AG                              H1            
     29-Jul  GB   BMO   SENIOR PLC                           INTERIM       
     29-Jul  CH         TEMENOS GROUP AG                     Q2            
     29-Jul  FR   5:30  GROUPE STERIA SCA                    INTERIM       
     29-Jul  NL   6:00  TNT EXPRESS NV                       Q2            
     29-Jul  GB   6:00  VERNALIS PLC                         INTERIM       
     29-Jul  IT         VIANINI LAVORI SPA                   Q2            
     29-Jul  ES         VOCENTO SA                           Q2            
     29-Jul  GB         XP POWER LTD                         INTERIM       
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     30-Jul  GB   6:00  AFRICAN BARRICK GOLD PLC             INTERIM       
     30-Jul  CH   5:00  ACINO HOLDING AG                     H1            
     30-Jul  FR   5:20  AIR LIQUIDE SA                       H1            
     30-Jul  FR         ALTRAN TECHNOLOGIES SA               Q2 SALES      
     30-Jul  FR         TURENNE INVESTISSEMENT SCA           Q2 SALES      
     30-Jul  FR   4:45  ALCATEL LUCENT SA                    Q2            
     30-Jul  ES   BMO   ACCIONA SA                           Q2            
     30-Jul  IT         ALERION CLEAN POWER SPA              Q2            
     30-Jul  FR   AMC   ASSYSTEM SA                          Q2 SALES      
     30-Jul  FR   AMC   AVANQUEST SOFTWARE SA                Q4 SALES      
     30-Jul  GB   6:00  BARCLAYS PLC                         INTERIM       
     30-Jul  ES         BARON DE LEY SA                      Q2            
     30-Jul  GB   6:00  BP PLC                               Q2            
     30-Jul  GB   BMO   BRAMMER PLC                          INTERIM       
     30-Jul  CH   5:00  BUCHER INDUSTRIES AG                 H1            
     30-Jul  IT         CALTAGIRONE SPA                      Q2            
     30-Jul  FR   AMC   CEGEDIM SA                           Q2 SALES      
     30-Jul  ES         CIE AUTOMOTIVE SA                    Q2            
     30-Jul  CH   5:00  CLARIANT AG                          H1            
     30-Jul  PT         CORTICEIRA AMORIM SGPS SA            Q2            
     30-Jul  IT         DADA SPA                             Q2            
     30-Jul  IT         DATALOGIC SPA                        Q2            
     30-Jul  DE   BMO   DEUTSCHE BANK AG                     Q2            
     30-Jul  GB   6:00  DOMINO'S PIZZA GROUP PLC             INTERIM       
     30-Jul  GB         DIPLOMA PLC                          TRADING       
     30-Jul  GB   BMO   DRAX GROUP PLC                       INTERIM       
     30-Jul  DK   6:00  DSV A/S                              Q2            
     30-Jul  GR   BMO   DIANA SHIPPING INC                   Q2            
     30-Jul  FR         ELECTRICITE DE FRANCE SA             Q2            
     30-Jul  IT         EI TOWERS SPA                        Q2            
     30-Jul  GB         ELEMENTIS PLC                        INTERIM       
     30-Jul  AT   5:30  ERSTE GROUP BANK AG                  Q2            
     30-Jul  GB   BMO   ENSCO PLC                            Q2            
     30-Jul  FR         EUTELSAT COMMUNICATIONS SA           FINAL         
     30-Jul  IT         FIAT SPA                             Q2            
     30-Jul  FI         FINNLINES OYJ                        Q2            
     30-Jul  DE         FRESENIUS MEDICAL CARE AG & CO KGAA  Q2            
     30-Jul  DE         FRESENIUS SE & CO KGAA               Q2            
     30-Jul  DE   5:30  GEA GROUP AG                         Q2            
     30-Jul  GB         GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP PLC             PRELIM        
     30-Jul  BE   AMC   GROUPE BRUXELLES LAMBERT SA          Q2            
     30-Jul  IT   AMC   GEOX SPA                             Q2            
     30-Jul  GB   BMO   GKN PLC                              INTERIM       
     30-Jul  IT         GTECH SPA                            H1            
     30-Jul  DE         HPI AG                               FINAL         
     30-Jul  FI   5:30  INNOFACTOR PLC                       Q2            
     30-Jul  DE         INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES AG             Q3            
     30-Jul  FR         IMERYS SA                            H1            
     30-Jul  GB         INFORMA PLC                          INTERIM       
     30-Jul  IT         ITALCEMENTI FABBRICHE RIUNITE        H1            
     30-Jul  GB         ITV PLC                              INTERIM       
     30-Jul  FR   BMO   LAFUMA SA                            Q3 SALES      
     30-Jul  DE   5:30  LINDE AG                             Q2            
     30-Jul  GB   BMO   LSL PROPERTY SERVICES PLC            INTERIM       
     30-Jul  IT         M&C SPA                              Q2            
     30-Jul  DE         MAN SE                               Q2            
     30-Jul  IT         MEDIOLANUM SPA                       H1            
     30-Jul  FR         MICROPOLE SA                         Q2 SALES      
     30-Jul  IT         ARNOLDO MONDADORI EDITORE SPA        Q2            
     30-Jul  IT         MITTEL SPA                           Q3            
     30-Jul  FR   AMC   NEURONES SA                          Q2 SALES      
     30-Jul  GB         NEXT PLC                             Q2 TRADE      
     30-Jul  ES   AMC   DEOLEO SA                            Q2            
     30-Jul  FI   9:00  ORION OYJ                            Q2            
     30-Jul  CH         PARGESA HOLDING SA                   H1            
     30-Jul  GB   6:00  PACE PLC                             INTERIM       
     30-Jul  BE   BMO   INTERVEST OFFICES & WAREHOUSES NV    Q2            
     30-Jul  PT   BMO   PORTUGAL TELECOM SGPS SA             TRADING       
     30-Jul  NL   20:00 QIAGEN NV                            Q2            
     30-Jul  FI         QPR SOFTWARE PLC                     Q2            
     30-Jul  IT         RATTI SPA                            Q2            
     30-Jul  FR   AMC   TELEPERFORMANCE SA                   Q2            
     30-Jul  FI   6:00  RAUTE OYJ                            Q2            
     30-Jul  ES         BANCO SANTANDER SA                   Q2            
     30-Jul  FR   AMC   VINCI SA                             H1            
     30-Jul  CH   5:30  SCHWEIZERISCHE NATIONALBANK          Q2            
     30-Jul  PT         SONAE CAPITAL SGPS SA                Q2            
     30-Jul  IT         SORIN SPA                            H1            
     30-Jul  IT         SAIPEM SPA                           Q2            
     30-Jul  GR   AMC   GR SARANTIS SA                       Q2            
     30-Jul  FR   AMC   SYSTAR SA                            Q4            
     30-Jul  DE         REPLY DEUTSCHLAND AG                 Q2            
     30-Jul  IT         TELECOM ITALIA MEDIA SPA             Q2            
     30-Jul  GB         TELECITY GROUP PLC                   Q2            
     30-Jul  GB   BMO   TULLETT PREBON PLC                   INTERIM       
     30-Jul  BE   15:45 TELENET GROUP HOLDING NV             H1            
     30-Jul  IE         TRINITY BIOTECH PLC                  Q2            
     30-Jul  DE   5:30  TAKKT AG                             Q2            
     30-Jul  CH   4:45  UBS AG                               Q2            
     30-Jul  BE   5:30  UMICORE SA                           H1            
     30-Jul  BE   BMO   VASTNED RETAIL BELGIUM NV            Q2            
     30-Jul  FR   BMO   VIEL ET CIE SA                       Q2 SALES      
     30-Jul  ES   AMC   VISCOFAN SA                          H1            
     30-Jul  FR   15:45 VALLOUREC SA                         H1            
     30-Jul  FR   BMO   VALEO SA                             H1            
     30-Jul  DE   5:15  WACKER CHEMIE AG                     Q2            
     30-Jul  GB   BMO   WEIR GROUP PLC                       INTERIM       
     30-Jul  GB         WOLFSON MICROELECTRONICS PLC         Q2            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     31-Jul  IT         A2A SPA                              Q2            
     31-Jul  BE         ANHEUSER BUSCH INBEV SA              Q2            
     31-Jul  IT         ACEA SPA                             H1            
     31-Jul  IE   6:00  AER LINGUS GROUP PLC                 INTERIM       
     31-Jul  IT         AUTOGRILL SPA                        Q2            
     31-Jul  GB         ANTOFAGASTA PLC                      Q2            
     31-Jul  LU   AMC   APERAM SA                            Q2            
     31-Jul  CH         APG SGA SA                           INTERIM       
     31-Jul  NL         ARCADIS NV                           Q2            
     31-Jul  GB         WS ATKINS PLC                        Q1 TRADE      
     31-Jul  IT         D'AMICO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING SA    Q2            
     31-Jul  GB         BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO PLC         INTERIM       
     31-Jul  DE   5:30  BAYER AG                             Q2            
     31-Jul  ES         BANCO BILBAO VIZCAYA ARGENTARIA S.A. Q2            
     31-Jul  IT         BASIC NET SPA                        Q2            
     31-Jul  NL   5:00  BE SEMICONDUCTOR INDUSTRIES NV       Q2            
     31-Jul  FR   5:00  BNP PARIBAS SA                       Q2            
     31-Jul  DE   5:30  HUGO BOSS AG                         Q2            
     31-Jul  IT   7:00  FRENI BREMBO SPA                     Q2            
     31-Jul  GB         BREWIN DOLPHIN HOLDINGS PLC          TRADING       
     31-Jul  FR         AFFINE SA                            H1            
     31-Jul  FR   15:35 BUSINESS & DECISION SA               Q2 SALES      
     31-Jul  FR         CREDIT INDUSTRIEL ET COMMERCIAL SA   Q2            
     31-Jul  GB   6:00  CENTRICA PLC                         INTERIM       
     31-Jul  NL   BMO   CNH GLOBAL NV                        Q2            
     31-Jul  BE         COFINIMMO SA                         Q2            
     31-Jul  ES         INMOBILIARIA COLONIAL SA             Q2            
     31-Jul  BE   15:45 ETABLISSEMENTEN FR COLRUYT NV        Q1 SALES      
     31-Jul  IT   5:00  COSMO PHARMACEUTICALS SPA            H1            
     31-Jul  ES   BMO   CAMPOFRIO FOOD GROUP SA              Q2            
     31-Jul  GR         CAPITAL PRODUCT PARTNERS LP          Q2            
     31-Jul  GB   6:00  DIAGEO PLC                           PRELIM        
     31-Jul  GB   6:00  DIGNITY PLC                          INTERIM       
     31-Jul  CH         DUFRY AG                             H1            
     31-Jul  GB   BMO   DEVRO PLC                            INTERIM       
     31-Jul  DE         ELEXXION AG                          FINAL         
     31-Jul  IT         ENEL GREEN POWER SPA                 H1            
     31-Jul  ES   BMO   ENDESA SA                            H1            
     31-Jul  GB   6:00  ESSENTRA PLC                         H1            
     31-Jul  FR   AMC   INFOTEL SA                           Q2 SALES      
     31-Jul  NL         EXACT HOLDING NV                     H1            
     31-Jul  GB         F&C ASSET MANAGEMENT PLC             INTERIM       
     31-Jul  IT         FIAT INDUSTRIAL SPA                  Q2            
     31-Jul  FR   BMO   BOURSORAMA SA                        Q2            
     31-Jul  GB         4IMPRINT GROUP PLC                   INTERIM       
     31-Jul  IT         FULLSIX SPA                          Q2            
     31-Jul  IT         GABETTI PROPERTY SOLUTIONS SPA       Q2            
     31-Jul  FR   15:35 GENERALE DE SANTE SA                 Q2            
     31-Jul  FR   BMO   GFI INFORMATIQUE SA                  Q2            
     31-Jul  FR   AMC   GROUPE FLO SA                        Q2            
     31-Jul  IE   6:00  GREENCORE GROUP PLC                  TRADING       
     31-Jul  ES   BMO   GRIFOLS SA                           Q2            
     31-Jul  FR   AMC   HUBWOO SA                            Q2 SALES      
     31-Jul  DE         HEIDELBERGCEMENT AG                  Q2            
     31-Jul  GB   BMO   HYDRODEC GROUP PLC                   INTERIM       
     31-Jul  FI         INCAP OYJ                            Q2            
     31-Jul  FR   AMC   ALTAREA SCA                          Q2            
     31-Jul  PT   5:15  JERONIMO MARTINS SGPS SA             Q2            
     31-Jul  DE         JOST AG                              Q2            
     31-Jul  GB         MECOM GROUP PLC                      H1            
     31-Jul  FR   BMO   MEETIC SA                            Q2            
     31-Jul  BE         MELEXIS NV                           Q2            
     31-Jul  GB         MONEYSUPERMARKET.COM GROUP PLC       INTERIM       
     31-Jul  DE   5:00  MORPHOSYS AG                         Q2            
     31-Jul  FR   BMO   NICOX SA                             H1            
     31-Jul  DE   5:00  NEMETSCHEK AG                        Q2            
     31-Jul  NL   AMC   NXP SEMICONDUCTORS NV                Q2            
     31-Jul  FI   6:00  OUTOTEC OYJ                          Q2            
     31-Jul  FR   AMC   OVERLAP GROUPE SA                    Q4            
     31-Jul  FR   5:30  PEUGEOT SA                           H1            
     31-Jul  IT         PARMALAT SPA                         Q2            
     31-Jul  FI   5:00  POHJOLA BANK PLC                     H1            
     31-Jul  IT         RIZZOLI CORRIERE DELLA SERA          Q2            
     31-Jul  ES   BMO   RED ELECTRICA CORPORACION SA         Q2            
     31-Jul  GB         RIGHTMOVE PLC                        INTERIM       
     31-Jul  IT         RISANAMENTO SPA                      Q2            
     31-Jul  ES         LABORATORIOS FARMACEUTICOS ROVI SA   Q2            
     31-Jul  IT         SAES GETTERS SPA                     Q2            
     31-Jul  FR   5:30  SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SA                H1            
     31-Jul  FR         SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT COMPANY SA        H1            
     31-Jul  GB         SEGRO PLC                            H1            
     31-Jul  IT   AMC   FINMECCANICA SPA                     H1            
     31-Jul  GB         ST. JAMES'S PLACE PLC                INTERIM       
     31-Jul  IE   6:00  SMURFIT KAPPA GROUP PLC              Q2            
     31-Jul  IT         SNAI SPA                             Q2            
     31-Jul  IS   11:30 SODASTREAM INTERNATIONAL LTD         Q2            
     31-Jul  GB         STATPRO GROUP PLC                    INTERIM       
     31-Jul  BE   5:30  SOLVAY SA                            Q2            
     31-Jul  PT         SONAE INDUSTRIA SGPS SA              Q2            
     31-Jul  IT   BMO   SNAM SPA                             Q2            
     31-Jul  DE         SYZYGY AG                            Q2            
     31-Jul  FR   BMO   THEOLIA SA                           Q2            
     31-Jul  GB         TULLOW OIL PLC                       H1            
     31-Jul  ES   7:00  TECNICAS REUNIDAS SA                 Q2            
     31-Jul  GB   BMO   TARSUS GROUP PLC                     INTERIM       
     31-Jul  GB         TAYLOR WIMPEY PLC                    INTERIM       
     31-Jul  BE   5:00  U C B SA                             Q2            
     31-Jul  GB   6:00  VEDANTA RESOURCES PLC                Q1 OUTPUT     
     31-Jul  AT   6:00  VERBUND AG                           Q2            
     31-Jul  FR   AMC   VILMORIN & CIE SA                    Q4 SALES      
     31-Jul  IT         VITTORIA ASSICURAZIONI SPA           Q2            
     31-Jul  CH   5:00  VONTOBEL HOLDING AG                  H1            
     31-Jul  DE         VOLKSWAGEN AG                        Q2            
     31-Jul  CH   BMO   WEATHERFORD INTERNATIONAL LTD        Q2            
     31-Jul  NL   6:00  WOLTERS KLUWER NV                    INTERIM       
     31-Jul  GB         XCHANGING PLC                        INTERIM       
     31-Jul  FR         CAST SA                              Q2 SALES      
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     1-Aug   AT         AUSTRIAN AIRLINES AG                 Q2            
     1-Aug   IT         ACSM AGAM SPA                        Q2            
     1-Aug   FI   8:00  AFFECTO PLC                          Q2            
     1-Aug   IT         AEROPORTO DI FIRENZE SPA             Q2            
     1-Aug   GB   BMO   AGGREKO PLC                          INTERIM       
     1-Aug   FR   5:00  ARKEMA SA                            H1            
     1-Aug   IE   6:00  ALLIED IRISH BANKS PLC               INTERIM       
     1-Aug   PT         ALTRI SGPS SA                        Q2            
     1-Aug   IT         ATLANTIA SPA                         H1            
     1-Aug   IT         ASTM SPA                             Q2            
     1-Aug   NL   AMC   AVG TECHNOLOGIES NV                  Q2            
     1-Aug   GB   7:00  ASTRAZENECA PLC                      Q2            
     1-Aug   GB         BAE SYSTEMS PLC                      INTERIM       
     1-Aug   BE   AMC   BEFIMMO SCA                          Q2            
     1-Aug   FR   6:00  SOCIETE B I C SA                     H1            
     1-Aug   DE   BMO   BAYERISCHE MOTOREN WERKE AG          Q2            
     1-Aug   IT         CAIRO COMMUNICATION SPA              Q2            
     1-Aug   IT         CARRARO SPA                          Q2            
     1-Aug   PT         COFINA SGPS SA                       Q2            
     1-Aug   IT         CENTRALE DEL LATTE DI TORINO & C SPA Q2            
     1-Aug   GB         COMMUNISIS PLC                       INTERIM       
     1-Aug   DE         CONTINENTAL AG                       Q2            
     1-Aug   IE   BMO   COVIDIEN PLC                         Q3            
     1-Aug   DE         TEREX MATERIAL HANDLING & PORT       INTERIM       
     1-Aug   DK   6:00  DANSKE BANK A/S                      Q2            
     1-Aug   IT         DIASORIN SPA                         Q2            
     1-Aug   DE         DRAEGERWERK AG & CO KGAA             Q2            
     1-Aug   DE         DUERR AG                             Q2            
     1-Aug   DE         DYCKERHOFF AG                        Q2            
     1-Aug   IT         ENEL SPA                             H1            
     1-Aug   IT   5:45  ENI SPA                              Q2            
     1-Aug   IT   5:30  ASSICURAZIONI GENERALI SPA           H1            
     1-Aug   IT         GENERALE MOBILIARE INTERESSENZE      Q2            
     1-Aug   FR   5:30  CGG SA                               Q2            
     1-Aug   FR         GDF SUEZ SA                          H1            
     1-Aug   GB         INTU PROPERTIES PLC                  INTERIM       
     1-Aug   GB         INVESTEC PLC                         TRADING       
     1-Aug   DE   BMO   ARCELORMITTAL SA                     Q2            
     1-Aug   FR         IT LINK SA                           Q2 SALES      
     1-Aug   GB         JUPITER FUND MANAGEMENT PLC          INTERIM       
     1-Aug   IT         KRENERGY SPA                         Q2            
     1-Aug   FR   5:30  LEGRAND SA                           H1            
     1-Aug   GB   6:00  LLOYDS BANKING GROUP PLC             INTERIM       
     1-Aug   DE         LOEWE AG                             Q2            
     1-Aug   SE   6:00  LOOMIS AB                            Q2            
     1-Aug   GB         LAIRD PLC                            INTERIM       
     1-Aug   DE   5:30  METRO AG                             Q2            
     1-Aug   FI   9:00  METSA BOARD OYJ                      Q2            
     1-Aug   FR         MRM SA                               H1            
     1-Aug   IT         MEDIASET SPA                         H1            
     1-Aug   IT         MAIRE TECNIMONT SPA                  Q2            
     1-Aug   FI         NEO INDUSTRIAL OYJ                   Q2            
     1-Aug   FI   6:00  NESTE OIL CORP                       Q2            
     1-Aug   FI   10:00 NURMINEN LOGISTICS OYJ               Q2            
     1-Aug   FR   AMC   OSIATIS SA                           H1            
     1-Aug   GB   BMO   PBF ENERGY INC                       Q2            
     1-Aug   NL         PHARMING GROUP NV                    Q2            
     1-Aug   GB         PROMETHEAN WORLD PLC                 INTERIM       <PRWP.L >
     1-Aug   IT         PRYSMIAN SPA                         H1            
     1-Aug   DE   6:00  PROSIEBENSAT 1 MEDIA AG              Q2            
     1-Aug   GB         RATHBONE BROTHERS PLC                INTERIM       
     1-Aug   IT         RENO DE MEDICI SPA                   Q2            
     1-Aug   NL   6:00  ROYAL DUTCH SHELL PLC                Q2            
     1-Aug   PT         REN REDES ENERGETICAS NACIONAIS SGPS Q2            
     1-Aug   IT         REPLY SPA                            Q2            
     1-Aug   GB         RPS GROUP PLC                        INTERIM       
     1-Aug   GB   BMO   RSA INSURANCE GROUP PLC              INTERIM       
     1-Aug   DE         REALTECH AG                          Q2            
     1-Aug   GB         ROBERT WALTERS PLC                   INTERIM       
     1-Aug   FI   5:30  SANOMA OYJ                           Q2            
     1-Aug   IT         SABAF SPA                            Q2            
     1-Aug   FR   5:30  SANOFI SA                            Q2            
     1-Aug   IT         SAVE SPA                             Q2            
     1-Aug   FR   5:30  SCOR SE                              H1            
     1-Aug   IT         SAFILO GROUP SPA                     H1            
     1-Aug   DE         SIEMENS AG                           Q3            
     1-Aug   IT         SOCIETA INIZIATIVE AUTOSTRADALI      Q2            
     1-Aug   GB   6:00  SMITH & NEPHEW PLC                   Q2            
     1-Aug   FR   5:00  SOCIETE GENERALE                     Q2            
     1-Aug   FR   BMO   SOPRA GROUP SA                       INTERIM       
     1-Aug   GB   BMO   SPIRENT COMMUNICATIONS PLC           H1            
     1-Aug   FI   5:30  SRV YHTIOT OYJ                       Q2            
     1-Aug   GB         THOMAS COOK GROUP PLC                TRADING       
     1-Aug   LU   AMC   TENARIS SA                           Q2            
     1-Aug   NO         TGS NOPEC GEOPHYSICAL CO ASA         Q2            
     1-Aug   DE         TELEGATE AG                          Q2            
     1-Aug   IT         TELECOM ITALIA SPA                   Q2            
     1-Aug   GB         TRINITY MIRROR PLC                   INTERIM       
     1-Aug   FI   5:30  TRAINER S HOUSE OYJ                  Q2            
     1-Aug   GR   AMC   TITAN CEMENT COMPANY SA              H1            
     1-Aug   GB         UBM PLC                              INTERIM       
     1-Aug   AT         UPDATE SOFTWARE AG                   Q2            
     1-Aug   FI   6:30  VACON OYJ                            Q2            
     1-Aug   ES         VUELING AIRLINES SA                  Q2            
     1-Aug   NL   BMO   WERELDHAVE NV                        INTERIM       
     1-Aug   BE   BMO   WERELDHAVE BELGIUM CVA               Q2            
     1-Aug   IT         EXPRIVIA SPA                         H1            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     2-Aug   BE   5:30  AGEAS SA                             H1            
     2-Aug   DE   5:00  ALLIANZ SE                           Q2            
     2-Aug   ES   6:00  AMADEUS IT HOLDING SA                Q2            
     2-Aug   AT         AMAG AUSTRIA METALL AG               Q2            
     2-Aug   IT         ASTALDI SPA                          Q2            
     2-Aug   FR   5:00  AXA SA                               H1            
     2-Aug   IT         BANCA FINNAT EURAMERICA SPA          Q2            
     2-Aug   IE         BANK OF IRELAND                      INTERIM       
     2-Aug   IT         BOERO BARTOLOMEO SPA                 Q2            
     2-Aug   FI         BIOTIE THERAPIES OYJ                 Q2            
     2-Aug   IT         BUZZI UNICEM SPA                     Q2            
     2-Aug   DE         CENTROSOLAR GROUP AG                 Q1and Full Yea 
     2-Aug   GB   6:00  DIRECT LINE INSURANCE GROUP PLC      INTERIM       
     2-Aug   FI   5:30  FISKARS OYJ ABP                      Q2            
     2-Aug   DE         FUCHS PETROLUB AG                    Q2            
     2-Aug   DE         FRESENIUS SE & CO KGAA               Q2            
     2-Aug   GB         FIBERWEB PLC                         INTERIM       
     2-Aug   IT   10:00 GEFRAN SPA                           Q2            
     2-Aug   ES   6:00  INTERNATIONAL CONSOLIDATED AIRLINES  H1            
     2-Aug   IT         INTEK GROUP SPA                      Q2            
     2-Aug   AT         IMMOFINANZ AG                        FINAL         
     2-Aug   GB         INCHCAPE PLC                         INTERIM       
     2-Aug   GB   6:00  INMARSAT PLC                         Q2            
     2-Aug   IT         INTESA SANPAOLO SPA                  H1            
     2-Aug   IT         INTERPUMP GROUP SPA                  Q2            
     2-Aug   DE         KULMBACHER BRAUEREI AG               INTERIM       
     2-Aug   DE   5:30  DEUTSCHE LUFTHANSA AG                Q2            
     2-Aug   IT         MARR SPA                             Q2            
     2-Aug   SE         MEDA AB                              Q2            
     2-Aug   DE         AUDI AG                              Q2            
     2-Aug   IT         PININFARINA SPA                      Q2            
     2-Aug   GB   6:00  ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND GROUP PLC     H1            
     2-Aug   BE   5:30  ARSEUS NV                            Q2            
     2-Aug   GB         REXAM PLC                            H1            
     2-Aug   FI   5:30  SPONDA OYJ                           Q2            
     2-Aug   IT         TESMEC SPA                           Q2            
     2-Aug   GR   BMO   TSAKOS ENERGY NAVIGATION LTD         Q2            
     2-Aug   GB   8:00  VESUVIUS PLC                         INTERIM       
     2-Aug   GB   BMO   WILLIAM HILL PLC                     INTERIM       
     2-Aug   IT         VINCENZO ZUCCHI SPA                  Q2            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     5-Aug   GB         ALENT PLC                            INTERIM       
     5-Aug   CH         BANQUE CANTONALE DU JURA SA          H1            
     5-Aug   GB         ESSAR ENERGY PLC                     TRADING       
     5-Aug   ES   BMO   FOMENTO DE CONSTRUCCIONES            Q2            
     5-Aug   IT         GIOVANNI CRESPI SPA                  Q2            
     5-Aug   NL         GRONTMIJ NV                          INTERIM       
     5-Aug   GB   BMO   GW PHARMACEUTICALS PLC               Q3            
     5-Aug   GB   8:15  HSBC HOLDINGS PLC                    INTERIM       
     5-Aug   FI         ILKKA YHTYMA OYJ                     Q2            
     5-Aug   IT         IMPREGILO SPA                        Q2            
     5-Aug   FR   AMC   MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT MFC SA        Q2 SALES      
     5-Aug   GB         MORGAN SINDALL GROUP PLC             INTERIM       
     5-Aug   IT         PIRELLI & C SPA                      H1            
     5-Aug   FI   4:00  POWERFLUTE OYJ                       INTERIM       
     5-Aug   NL         POSTNL NV                            Q2            
     5-Aug   DE         RUECKER AG                           Q2            
     5-Aug   NL         SPYKER NV                            Q2            
     5-Aug   FR   AMC   TESSI SA                             Q2 SALES      
     5-Aug   LU         LOGWIN AG                            Q2            
     5-Aug   GB         ULTRA ELECTRONICS HOLDINGS PLC       INTERIM       
     5-Aug   FR         VEOLIA ENVIRONNEMENT VE SA           H1            
     5-Aug   ES         VUELING AIRLINES SA                  TRAFFIC       
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     6-Aug   GI         888 HOLDINGS PLC                     Q2            
     6-Aug   NL   BMO   AERCAP HOLDINGS N.V.                 Q2            
     6-Aug   FR         ALES GROUPE SA                       Q2 SALES      
     6-Aug   DE         ALSTRIA OFFICE REIT AG               Q2            
     6-Aug   GB         BBA AVIATION PLC                     INTERIM       
     6-Aug   CH         BELIMO HOLDING AG                    H1            
     6-Aug   FR   BMO   BONDUELLE SAS                        Q4 SALES      
     6-Aug   FR   5:00  CREDIT AGRICOLE SA                   Q2            
     6-Aug   FR   15:35 NATIXIS SA                           H1            
     6-Aug   IT         DAVIDE CAMPARI MILANO SPA            Q2            
     6-Aug   IT         UNICREDIT SPA                        H1            
     6-Aug   GB         T CLARKE PLC                         INTERIM       
     6-Aug   CH         CYTOS BIOTECHNOLOGY AG               Q2            
     6-Aug   IE         DRAGON OIL PLC                       INTERIM       
     6-Aug   DE         DEUTSCHE POST AG                     Q2            
     6-Aug   NL   5:15  KONINKLIJKE DSM NV                   Q2            
     6-Aug   FR         EURO DISNEY SCA                      Q3 SALES      
     6-Aug   IT         ENGINEERING INGEGNERIA INFORMATICA   Q2            
     6-Aug   GB         EASYJET PLC                          TRAFFIC       
     6-Aug   DE         FRESENIUS SE & CO KGAA               Q2            
     6-Aug   GB         FRESNILLO PLC                        INTERIM       
     6-Aug   GR   5:30  FRIGOGLASS SA                        Q2            
     6-Aug   GB   BMO   GREGGS PLC                           INTERIM       
     6-Aug   GB         HILL & SMITH HOLDINGS PLC            INTERIM       
     6-Aug   IT   13:00 ISAGRO SPA                           Q2            
     6-Aug   IT         ITALMOBILIARE SPA                    Q2            
     6-Aug   FI   6:00  KESLA OYJ                            Q2            
     6-Aug   FI   5:00  LASSILA & TIKANOJA OYJ               Q2            
     6-Aug   GB         LEGAL & GENERAL GROUP PLC            INTERIM       
     6-Aug   DE         LANXESS AG                           Q2            
     6-Aug   FI         MARTELA OYJ                          Q2            
     6-Aug   GB   BMO   MEGGITT PLC                          INTERIM       
     6-Aug   DE   5:00  MERCK KGAA                           Q2            
     6-Aug   IT         MOLESKINE SPA                        Q2            
     6-Aug   GB         NEW EUROPE PROPERTY INVESTMENTS PLC  Q2            
     6-Aug   GB   BMO   NWF GROUP PLC                        PRELIM        
     6-Aug   DE         XING AG                              Q2            
     6-Aug   CH         OC OERLIKON CORPORATION PFAEFFIKON   H1            
     6-Aug   IT         BANCA PICCOLO CREDITO VALTELLINESE   Q2            
     6-Aug   IT         POLTRONA FRAU SPA                    Q2            
     6-Aug   IT         SEAT PAGINE GIALLE SPA               H1            
     6-Aug   FI         PONSSE PLC                           Q2            
     6-Aug   DE         PORSCHE AUTOMOBIL HOLDING SE         Q2            
     6-Aug   DE   5:30  PFEIFFER VACUUM TECHNOLOGY AG        Q2            
     6-Aug   AT         RHI AG                               Q2            
     6-Aug   GB         ROTORK PLC                           INTERIM       
     6-Aug   GB         SABMILLER PLC                        TRADING       
     6-Aug   AT         S&T AG                               Q2            
     6-Aug   FI         SIEVI CAPITAL OYJ                    Q2            
     6-Aug   FR   AMC   SODIFRANCE SA                        Q2 SALES      
     6-Aug   GB         SDL PLC                              INTERIM       
     6-Aug   GB         SHARE PLC                            INTERIM       
     6-Aug   DE         SKY DEUTSCHLAND AG                   Q2            
     6-Aug   DE         SKY DEUTSCHLAND AG                   PRELIM        
     6-Aug   GB   8:15  STANDARD CHARTERED PLC               INTERIM       
     6-Aug   SE         SWITCHCORE PUBL AB                   Q2            
     6-Aug   IT         TAS TECNOLOGIA AVANZATA DEI SISTEMI  Q2            
     6-Aug   BE   13:00 TEXTAINER GROUP HOLDINGS LTD         Q2            
     6-Aug   DE         TOGNUM AG                            Q2            
     6-Aug   NL   AMC   TORNIER NV                           Q2            
     6-Aug   FI   6:30  UPM-KYMMENE CORPORATION              Q2            
     6-Aug   FR   AMC   VICAT SA                             Q2            
     6-Aug   FR   AMC   VICAT SA                             Q2 SALES      
     6-Aug   DE         VEREINS UND WESTBANK AG              Q2            
     6-Aug   DE         WACKER NEUSON SE                     Q2            
     6-Aug   FI         IXONOS OYJ                           Q2            
     6-Aug   GB         ZOTEFOAMS PLC                        INTERIM       
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------
     7-Aug   IT         FALCK RENEWABLES SPA                 Q2            
     7-Aug   DE         AIR BERLIN PLC                       TRAFFIC       
     7-Aug   SE         ACTIVE BIOTECH AB                    Q2            
     7-Aug   IT         COMPAGNIA DI ASSICURAZIONE DI MILANO Q2            
     7-Aug   IE         AER LINGUS GROUP PLC                 TRAFFIC       
     7-Aug   FI         AHLSTROM OYJ                         Q2            
     7-Aug   FR   6:00  AIR FRANCE KLM SA                    TRAFFIC       
     7-Aug   AT         ANDRITZ AG                           Q2            
     7-Aug   FR   AMC   ARCHOS SA                            Q2            
     7-Aug   DE         BBI BUERGERLICHES BRAUHAUS           Q2            
     7-Aug   DE   6:00  BEIERSDORF AG                        Q2            
     7-Aug   NO         BLOM ASA                             Q2            
     7-Aug   IT         BANCA MONTE DEI PASCHI DI SIENA SPA  H1            
     7-Aug   DE         BRENNTAG AG                          Q2            
     7-Aug   IT         SOCIETA CATTOLICA DI ASSICURAZIONE   Q2            
     7-Aug   FR   AMC   CIELO SA                             Q2            
     7-Aug   GB         CYPROTEX PLC                         INTERIM       
     7-Aug   NL   AMC   CORIO NV                             Q2            
     7-Aug   NL         CSM NV                               INTERIM       
     7-Aug   IS   BMO   CAESARSTONE SDOT-YAM LTD             Q2            
     7-Aug   BE         DEXIA SA                             H1            
     7-Aug   NL   5:30  DELTA LLOYD NV                       INTERIM       
     7-Aug   DE         EPIGENOMICS AG                       Q2            
     7-Aug   DE   AMC   ELMOS SEMICONDUCTOR AG               Q2            
     7-Aug   IT         EMAK SPA                             Q2            
     7-Aug   GB         EURASIAN NATURAL RESOURCES           Q2 OUTPUT     
     7-Aug   IT   6:00  ERG SPA                              Q2            
     7-Aug   DE         FREENET AG                           Q2            
     7-Aug   IT         FONDIARIA SAI SPA                    Q2            
     7-Aug   DE   5:00  FRAPORT FRANKFURT AIRPORT SERVICES   Q2            
     7-Aug   CH         FERREXPO PLC                         INTERIM       
     7-Aug   DK         GREENTECH ENERGY SYSTEMS A/S         Q2            
     7-Aug   DE         GIGASET AG                           Q2            
     7-Aug   DE         GRAMMER AG                           Q2            
     7-Aug   DE         HAWESKO HOLDING AG                   Q2            
     7-Aug   DE   5:30  HANNOVER RUECK SE                    Q2            
     7-Aug   NL         ING GROEP NV                         Q2            
     7-Aug   NL   BMO   INTERXION HOLDING NV                 Q2            
     7-Aug   DE         INTERSHOP COMMUNICATIONS AG          Q2            
     7-Aug   DE         KLOECKNER & CO SE                    Q2            
     7-Aug   DE         KUKA AG                              Q2            
     7-Aug   CH         LEM HOLDING SA                       Q1            
     7-Aug   DK         H LUNDBECK A/S                       Q2            
     7-Aug   SE   6:00  LUNDIN PETROLEUM AB                  Q2            
     7-Aug   FR   AMC   MEDIA 6 SA                           Q3 SALES      
     7-Aug   GR         METAL CONSTRUCTIONS OF GREECE SA     Q2            
     7-Aug   GR         MYTILINEOS HOLDINGS SA               Q2            
     7-Aug   DE         NORMA GROUP SE                       Q2            
     7-Aug   DK         NORTH MEDIA A/S                      Q2            
     7-Aug   GB   BMO   NOVAE GROUP PLC                      INTERIM       
     7-Aug   NO   6:00  NORWEGIAN AIR SHUTTLE ASA            TRAFFIC       
     7-Aug   GB         OLD MUTUAL PLC                       INTERIM       
     7-Aug   DE         PATRIZIA IMMOBILIEN AG               Q2            
     7-Aug   DE         PAION AG                             Q2            
     7-Aug   AT         POLYTEC HOLDING AG                   Q2            
     7-Aug   AT   5:30  OESTERREICHISCHE POST AG             Q2            
     7-Aug   GB         THE QUARTO GROUP INC                 INTERIM       
     7-Aug   DE         RATIONAL AG                          Q2            
     7-Aug   SE   6:30  REDERI TRANSATLANTIC AB              Q2            
     7-Aug   DK         RINGKJOEBING LANDBOBANK A/S          Q2            
     7-Aug   GB   6:00  RANDGOLD RESOURCES LTD               Q2            
     7-Aug   FI         SAMPO OYJ                            Q2            
     7-Aug   SE   9:00  SAS AB                               TRAFFIC       
     7-Aug   NL   5:30  SBM OFFSHORE NV                      H1            
     7-Aug   CH   5:30  SWISSCOM AG                          H1            
     7-Aug   DE         SCHULER AG                           Q3            
     7-Aug   SE   6:00  SECURITAS AB                         Q2            
     7-Aug   DE   5:30  AXEL SPRINGER AG                     Q2            
     7-Aug   DE         SYMRISE AG                           Q2            
     7-Aug   DK   6:00  TDC A/S                              Q2            
     7-Aug   IT         TOD'S SPA                            Q2            
     7-Aug   GB         TUI TRAVEL PLC                       TRADING       
     7-Aug   GB   BMO   TUI TRAVEL PLC                       Q3            
     7-Aug   IT         TXT E SOLUTIONS SPA                  Q2            
     7-Aug   IE   6:00  UNITED DRUG PLC                      TRADING       
     7-Aug   MT   5:30  UNIBET GROUP PLC                     Q2            
     7-Aug   AT         VOESTALPINE AG                       Q1            
     7-Aug   SE         WALLENSTAM AB                        Q2            
     7-Aug   DE         WASHTEC AG                           Q2            
     7-Aug   DE         SECUNET SECURITY NETWORKS AG         Q2            
     ------- ---- ----  -------------------                  ---------     ---------

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