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NASA rover drills into its first Martian rock


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At the center of this image released to Reuters on February 9, 2013 from NASA's Curiosity rover is the hole in a rock called ''John Klein'' where the rover conducted its first sample drilling on Mars on February 8, 2013, or Sol 182, Curiosity's 182nd Martian day of operations. The image was obtained by Curiosity's Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) on Sol 182. The sample-collection hole is 0.63 inch (1.6 centimeters) in diameter and 2.5 inches (6.4 centimeters) deep. The ''mini drill'' test hole near it is the same diameter, with a depth of 0.8 inch (2 centimeters). REUTERS/ NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/Handout