Euro, stocks slide as Greek 'No' vote heightens euro exit fears

SYDNEY/TOKYO - The euro and stock prices fell sharply in Asia on Monday after the Greeks had overwhelmingly rejected austerity measures demanded in return for bailout money, putting in doubt its continued place in the single currency.

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Japan policymakers pledge to temper potential market volatility after Greek upset

TOKYO - Japanese policymakers on Monday pledged to work closely to guard against financial market volatility after Greek voters rejected euro zone austerity measures.

Japan, Greece 8:04pm EDT

Zeroing in on empty homes, China throws developers a lifeline

BEIJING - Dismayed by the millions of unsold homes in China's troubled real estate market, the Chinese government is taking matters into its own hands: by buying some properties and turning them into public housing.    Like a white knight riding to the rescue of distressed developers, a handful of local governments are snapping up thousands of empty homes at hefty discounts and re-selling them to the country's poorest households.

China, Housing Market 5:07pm EDT

Britain's banks call on government to phase out industry levy

LONDON - Britain's banks have called upon the government to phase out the bank levy, saying it is damaging the competitiveness of the industry and causing them to lose business to overseas rivals.

7:22pm EDT

Chipotle shares could plunge unless growth revives: Barron's

NEW YORK - Shares of Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc have lost some of their luster recently and unless growth revives at the company, the stock could see a 15 percent to 20 percent plunge, the July 6 edition of Barron's said.

4:01pm EDT


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