Exclusive: Morgan Stanley commodities staff spooked by CEO comment

NEW YORK - During Morgan Stanley's public earnings call earlier this month, Chief Executive James Gorman made a remark that hit his commodities staff like a bombshell: the bank plans to further "optimize" its business of owning and trading stuff like oil, natural gas, electricity and metals.


OPEC oil output slips in October, still close to two-year high

LONDON - OPEC's oil supply in October has fallen by 120,000 barrels per day (bpd) due to lower production in Angola and Nigeria, a Reuters survey found, although recovery in Libya and growth in Iraq kept output close to September's two-year high.


Exxon, Chevron results boosted by refining as oil prices slip

- A surge in refining profits boosted quarterly results at Exxon Mobil Corp and Chevron Corp, helping to offset declining oil and gas production and falling crude oil prices.


EIA study removes final barrier to U.S. oil exports: Kemp

LONDON - Gasoline prices in all parts of the United States are tied to Brent rather than the domestic crude oil benchmark WTI, according to a detailed study published on Thursday by the Energy Information Administration (EIA).


Let’s hear it for sorghum, the most sought-after grain by China: Maguire

CHICAGO - Grain growers across the U.S. Midwest and Southern Plains do not have much to smile about lately, with most bracing for a drop in farm revenues due to the lowest crop prices in years and abundant supplies.


Resolution of Thai rice stockpile in sight, risks remain: Russell

--Clyde Russell is a Reuters columnist. The views expressed are his own.--


Slumping oil prices prompt re-think on high-cost Asian energy projects

SINGAPORE - Frontier and deepwater exploration in Asia will be among high-cost energy projects most at risk from an oil price slump that has knocked 25 percent off the top of global crude prices.


Strong Dubai, weak oil demand puts Saudi Arabia in dilemma

SINGAPORE - A strong Dubai price in a weak oil market has created a dilemma for top oil exporter Saudi Arabia as it works out official monthly selling prices for December.


Asia buys less Iran crude, but volumes back above 1 million barrels-per-day

TOKYO - Asian buyers of Iranian crude imported 6.6 percent less in September than a year ago, the first on-year decline since December, but shipments rose back above the 1 million barrels-per-day mark allowed under a deal that eased Western sanctions.


Oil price declines have small-cap shale investors scrambling

NEW YORK - Plummeting oil prices are pushing some of the small-cap companies which flourished as part of the U.S. shale energy boom close to their breaking point, while also prompting some well-known fund managers to aggressively buy energy stocks.

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SILVER 5000 CON1  Nov14 USD 15.88 -0.31 -1.92% 10/31 12:04
HG COPPER CON1  Nov14 USD 3.06 -0.01 -0.36% 10/31 13:06
CORN CON1  Dec14 USC 375.00 +2.75 +0.74% 10/31 14:34
WHEAT CON1  Dec14 USC 532.00 -3.50 -0.65% 10/31 14:37
SOYBEANS CON1  Nov14 USC 1,041.00 +22.25 +2.17% 10/31 14:14
SUGAR 11 CON1  Feb15 USC 16.01 -0.29 -1.78% 10/31 12:59
COFFEE C CON1  Dec14 USC 188.50 +0.90 +0.48% 10/31 13:30
COCOA CON1  Dec14 USD 2,900.00 -46.00 -1.56% 10/31 13:29
FROZEN OJ CON1  Nov14 USC 133.05 -1.40 -1.04% 10/31 13:59
COTTON NO 2 CON1  Dec14 USC 64.40 -0.10 -0.16% 10/31 14:19
LIVE HOGS CON1  Dec14 USC 88.20 +1.00 +1.15% 10/31 14:54
LIVE CATTLE CON1  Oct14 USC 169.75 -1.00 -0.59% 10/31 12:38
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