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Saudi pledges stable oil supply as market confused by data

DUBAI Output or exports? OPEC members have argued for decades over which of the two they should monitor to gauge compliance with oil-output cuts.


State Dept. to approve Keystone pipeline permit: Politico

WASHINGTON The U.S. State Department will approve by Monday the permit needed to proceed with construction of the Canada-to-United States Keystone XL oil pipeline, a project blocked by former President Barack Obama, according to Politico.


As Trump targets energy rules, oil companies downplay their impact

BOSTON President Donald Trump’s White House has said his plans to slash environmental regulations will trigger a new energy boom and help the United States drill its way to independence from foreign oil. | Video


World's top LNG buyers form alliance to push for flexible contracts

SEOUL/TOKYO/MILAN The world's biggest liquefied natural gas (LNG) buyers, all in Asia, are clubbing together to secure more flexible supply contracts in a move which shifts power to importers from producers as oversupply grows.

U.S. National Biodiesel Board petitions against 'illegal' biodiesel imports

The National Biodiesel Board said on Thursday it has filed a petition to the U.S. government to investigate imports from Argentina and Indonesia, saying they have violated trade laws by flooding the U.S. market with dumped, subsidized biodiesel.


Escondida workers to end strike as they opt for old contract

ANTOFAGASTA, Chile The strike at Chile's Escondida, the world's largest copper mine, is ending after workers decided to invoke a rarely used legal provision that allows them to extend their old contract, the union said on Thursday.


Major oil companies open their wallets in Gulf of Mexico bidding

HOUSTON Royal Dutch Shell plc, Chevron Corp and Exxon Mobil Corp signaled the oil industry's return to the Gulf of Mexico's deep waters with high bids in a government auction up 76 percent over a year ago.


Peabody's adversary creditors to appeal bankruptcy exit approval

CHICAGO Rebel creditors of Peabody Energy Corp's reorganization plan have said they intend to appeal a bankruptcy judge's decision to allow the world's largest private sector coal producer to exit Chapter 11 protection.


Iron ore in much-needed correction, China futures have more to drop: Russell

LAUNCESTON, Australia It's taken a while but the iron ore market is finally getting the reality check it needed, although the Chinese part of the market still looks like it requires a bigger dose.


Brazil scandal tests JBS, BRF push for overseas units IPOs

SAO PAULO Brazil's two largest food processors are striving to restore confidence in their quality controls as they pursue plans to list overseas units after a scandal over alleged bribery of health officials that triggered bans on Brazilian meat exports.

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LIGHT CRUDE CON1  Apr17 USD 47.74 -0.30 -0.62% 03/23 14:41
NO 2 HT OIL CON1  Mar17 USD 1.49 -0.00 -0.28% 03/23 14:42
NATURAL GAS CON1  Mar17 USD 3.05 +0.04 +1.20% 03/23 14:43
100 OZ GOLD C2  Mar17 USD 1,244.90 -4.40 -0.35% 03/23 14:34
SILVER 5000 CON1  Mar17 USD 17.58 +0.03 +0.17% 03/23 13:02
HG COPPER CON1  Mar17 USD 2.63 +0.01 +0.29% 03/23 14:14
CORN CON1  May17 USC 356.50 -2.25 -0.63% 03/23 14:19
WHEAT CON1  May17 USC 420.75 -1.50 -0.36% 03/23 14:19
SOYBEANS CON1  May17 USC 990.25 -9.50 -0.95% 03/23 14:30
SUGAR 11 CON1  Apr17 USC 17.64 +0.34 +1.97% 03/23 13:00
COFFEE C CON1  May17 USC 140.35 -1.35 -0.95% 03/23 13:29
COCOA CON1  May17 USD 2,174.00 +9.00 +0.42% 03/23 13:29
FROZEN OJ CON1  May17 USC 182.70 -6.30 -3.33% 03/23 13:59
COTTON NO 2 CON1  May17 USC 77.34 +0.00 +0.00% 03/23 14:19
LIVE HOGS CON1  Apr17 USC 69.43 +1.27 +1.87% 03/23 14:20
LIVE CATTLE CON1  Apr17 USC 121.97 -0.47 -0.39% 03/23 14:20
Data as of2:43pm EDT (Delayed at least 20 minutes).

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